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A business school alliance that spans the globe






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The World Class Partnership

The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA programWhere two outstanding schools come together to offer one remarkable management program. We call it simply The World


The partnership between the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (Kellogg) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technologys School of Business and Management (HKUST) spans two continents and draws on exceptional faculty members from around the globe. On offer is a program that pushes participants to their limits and gives them the insights and skills to transform the business environment around them. Challenging, enriching, transformative: these are all words past participants have used to describe the effect on their lives and careers of joining the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program. Beside the knowledge gained and the skills imparted by the course, the interaction with academic and business leaders is priceless, and the networks built between participants both valuable and enduring.

Taking executives in Asia to the next level

PROFESSOR VIDHAN K. GOYAL Academic Director Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Professor Department of Finance

Directors message
The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program is a premium educational experience devoted to upgrading executives knowledge and management skills in a global context. It is tailor-made for senior executives in Asia who have attained positions of leadership in their organizations. It provides leaders with the best executive education that the US and Asia can offer, to help them meet the global challenges ahead.

A message from our Deans

The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Intellectually vibrant. Innovative. Socially engaged. The Kellogg School of Management has redened management education worldwide through pioneering teaching methodologies and breakthrough research. We have a long-standing passion for collaboration and believe in the power of the team as a force for positive change. We educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.

A solid grounding in the sciences of management and markets combined with our distinctive approach to leadership development denes the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program. Our participants have the intellect, insight and brave thinking required to excel in the 21st century global marketplace. Graduates of our program join a global community of more than 54,000 other Kellogg alumni who set the standard for inspired, responsible leadership worldwide. We welcome those who share our passion and our purpose.

SALLY BLOUNT 92 Dean, Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) was inaugurated in 1991. Unbiased observers regularly note that its School of Business and Management (HKUST Business School) has risen to international prominence in a remarkably short period of time. The HKUST Business School now has around 140 faculty members. The best minds among business academics have assembled in this dynamic arena of research and teaching, sharing its challenging mission and vision. All senior faculty members have extensive teaching experience in the leading business schools.
The synergy between Kellogg School of Management and HKUST Business School offers students a chance to understand the business perspectives of two dynamic and highly-competitive regions of the world. We embrace a real spirit of innovation and a desire to place our high-caliber students at the cutting-edge in terms of management knowledge and skills. Our worldclass faculty encourages and enables our students to think sharply and deeply about the future and the global context in which they operate, just as we do ourselves. The two schools continuing pursuit of excellence has helped to ensure that our program remains a leader in executive education and adds value to our graduates lifelong career development.

LEONARD K. CHENg Dean, HKUST Business School

Dinesh Shahani
Chief Executive Ofcer Sprandi International Ltd. (KH02, 1999-2000) Getting an MBA was unnished business having started my own business at 21. Twelve years thereafter my company suffered tremendously during the Asian and Russian nancial crisis in 1998, I felt the need to not only to learn new skills but to strengthen my condence and enthusiasm. Where better could one do this than the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program which brought in 40 diverse individuals and a multinational and world class faculty? This program has helped me to re-shape & evolve my business and my personal development in ways I could never have imaged.

The world is your classroom

For those looking to propel themselves to the forefront of inuence in todays complex multinational business environment, there is no time like the present. Leaders are needed who have a global understanding of economic trends and concepts, but also a sensitive understanding of local realities. Essential to acquiring such leadership qualities is access to world-class trainers and mentors, delivering knowledge in ways that are relevant, multi-faceted, stimulating and liberating.

The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program offers all this and more. We provide the leaders of today, and of tomorrow, with insights into every aspect of the business universe, harnessing insights into politics, economics, culture and human relationships. The intellectual adventure you will embark on spans six continents and brings with it new challenges, new vision, new friends, and powerful new networks. The outcome is a fresh beginning, and a world of new and unlimited possibilities.

The world is your classroom


In line with the international focus of the Executive MBA program, participants have the option of completing one global elective at Kellogg partner schools abroad for total immersion in cultural diversity. This is an exceptional opportunity to meet and interact with talented fellow-executives and faculty members from every corner of the globe, building profound and dynamic personal networks that will last a lifetime. Uniting all our destinations in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East is a principle that transcends national boundaries: an uncompromising commitment to the best in education and leadership.

Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA Program Schulich School of Business York University Toronto, Canada Global Elective Courses: Enterprise IT Strategy and Governance International Strategy

Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program HKUST Business School Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong, China Global Elective Courses: Building a Powerful Consumer Brand in China Deal Making in China and Asia Understanding Consumers



Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management Vallendar/Frankfurt, Germany Global Elective Courses: Corporate Social Responsibility Luxury Brand Management

Kellogg-Recanati Executive MBA Program Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv, Israel Global Elective Courses: Intellectual Capital Management Security Analysis; Psychological and Organizational Inuences on Financial Decisions Venture Capital



Kellogg Executive MBA Program Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Kellogg Live-in Courses: Negotiations Strategic Challenges in Emerging Markets Strategic Crisis Management Strategic Marketing Decisions

Kellogg-Miami Executive MBA Program Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University Miami, Florida, U.S.A. Global Elective Courses: Entrepreneurial Finance Family Enterprises: Success and Continuity International Finance Management of Organizational Change Managing Price and Value Perceptions Mergers and Acquisitions

Hong Kong
Wendy Gan
Executive Director Pacic Century Premium Developments Ltd. (KH10, 2007-2008) The program offers electives for students to travel to Kellogg partner schools. I spent 2 weeks at the Kellogg schools Miami campus for a course on Wall Street, hedge funds and leveraged buyout issues and International Finance with students from all over the world. Group work together with these students was international to say the least. It was an extremely interesting and amazing experience. The program gives us a good platform to meet people whom we would not regularly meet or get to know in depth.

Jay Mariyappan
Managing Director Sindicatum Sustainable Resources (KH14, 2011-2012) Having worked for the last decade or more in a new but steadily growing market, the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program has been perfect in providing me with the skills to tackle current and future challenges both in my industry and its broader interaction with mainstream markets and nance, as well as enhancing this learning through a high calibre, very experienced, and culturally diverse peer group and network of executives in Asia and beyond.


At the top of the rankings

Ranked No. 1 in the world

by Financial Times for three years in a row (2011, 2010 & 2009)

Celebrating with representatives of the ranked class (KH10, Class of 2007-2008)

The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program has consistently ranked among the worlds top 10 by the Financial Times since debuting on the newspapers annual EMBA rankings in 2003. The worlds top business schools are ranked yearly on criteria such as students increased earning capability after graduation, diversity of the class and seniority of the students. Weve maintained our top position by continuing to bring together the best and the brightest of students and faculty in key global locations. Graduates gain competitive advantage as do their organizations.

Masamichi Ujiie
Regional Vice President FedEx Express, North Pacic Vice President FedEx Supply Chain, Asia Pacic (KH08, 2005-2006)

The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program experience exceeded my expectations. Not only did the lectures help hone critical skills required to succeed in international business, I also gained from the wealth of knowledge that the professors brought to the classroom. The interaction with high caliber fellow executives and professionals sharing practical real-world experience created a dynamic and valuable learning environment that has beneted me in my job.


Brilliance shared across borders

Kellogg School of Management

Jeanne Brett PhD University of Illinois DeWitt W. Buchanan, Jr., Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations Director of Dispute Resolution Research Center
Research Interests: Cross-cultural, deal making, dispute resolution, mediation, emotions and negotiation, technology and negotiation, negotiating teams, trust and culture, inuence and culture, status and culture, communication and culture

Daniel Diermeier PhD University of Rochester IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice Director of the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship
Research Interests: Political economy, comparative political institutions, legislative politics, explanations in the social sciences, ethics

Professor Sunil Chopra

Timothy Calkins MBA Harvard Business School Clinical Professor of Marketing

Research Interests: Branding, creating strategic marketing plans and marketing in the bio-medical industry

Timothy Feddersen PhD University of Rochester Wendell Hobbs Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Director of Social Enterprise at Kellogg Program
Research Interests: Political economy with a specic interest in democratic institutions and voting systems

Sunil Chopra PhD State University of New York IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems
Research Interests: Operations management, network design, combinational optimization

Adam Galinsky PhD Princeton University Morris and Alice Kaplan Professor of Ethics and Decision in Management
Research Interests: Power and status, negotiation and auctions, multicultural experience and creativity, diversity, intergroup conict, stereotyping, and stigma, counterfactual thinking and decision making

Dean Emeritus Donald Jacobs

James Conley PhD & MBA Northwestern University Clinical Professor of Technology
Research Interests: Sustainable competitive advantage in e-commerce, intellectual capital, intellectual property, product development, product design and engineering management

Julie Hennessy MBA Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University Clinical Professor of Marketing
Expertise: Brand management, consumer products, marketing management, marketing strategy/planning/policy, new product development

Sudhakar Deshmukh PhD University of California, Berkeley Charles E. Morrison Professor of Decision Sciences
Research Interests: Applied probability and stochastic optimization models of decisions involving time and uncertainty, with applications in management science and economics

Donald Jacobs PhD Columbia University Dean Emeritus Gaylord Freeman Professor of Banking
Research Interests: Banking, capital markets, monetary policy, corporate nance, international nance

Brett Saraniti PhD Northwestern University Visiting Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences
Expertise: Managerial economics and decision sciences, economics and quantitative methods, managerial statistics, statistics for business and economics

John Ward PhD Stanford University Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise Director of the Center for Family Enterprises
Research Interests: Family business continuity planning, governance, and strategy; also family ofces and family foundations

Professor Keith Murnighan

Swaminathan Sridharan PhD University of Pittsburgh John and Norma Darling Professor in Accounting Chair of Accounting Information & Management Department
Research Interests: Interaction of different factor markets on characteristics of accounting and information systems of a rm, signicance of disclosing or signaling data related to managerial accounting systems, managerial incentives in the adoption of accounting

Robert Weber PhD Cornell University Frederic E. Nemmers Professor of Decision Sciences
Research Interests: Game theory, auctions and bidding, voting systems

Lakshman Krishnamurthi PhD Stanford University A. Montgomery Ward Professor of Marketing

Research Interests: Impact of price and advertising on consumer purchase decisions, new product strategy, competitive strategy, application of conjoint analysis

Thomas Lys PhD University of Rochester Eric L. Kohler Chair in Accounting Professor of Accounting Information & Management
Research Interests: Stock price consequences of nancial reporting standards, changes in capital structure, money supply, corporate disclosures, risk arbitrage, labor participation in corporate decisions, auditors liability, earnings forecasts

Jeroen Swinkels PhD Princeton University Richard M. Paget Professor in Management Policy
Research Interests: Game theory, auctions and other models of price formation, evolution and learning, jobmarket signaling, corporate compensation, principal-agent models, procurement

Robert Wolcott PhD Northwestern University Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network
Expertise: Corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, globalization, innovation, small business management

Sergio Rebelo PhD University of Rochester Tokai Bank Professor of Finance

Research Interests: Business cycles, economic growth and exchange rates

Edward Zajac PhD University of Pennsylvania James F . Bere Professor of Management & Organizations Co-Chair of the Management & Organizations Department Director of Kelloggs Center for Strategic Alliance Research
Research Interests: Study of strategic management issues, particularly strategic alliances, corporate governance (CEO/ board relations and CEO succession and compensation), and organizational adaptation to changing business environments

Victoria Medvec PhD Cornell University Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management and Organizations Executive Director of the Centre for Executive Women
Research Interests: Judgment and decision-making with a particular emphasis on how people feel about the decisions they have made, research in both independent decision-making and interdependent decisions within the context of negotiations

Steven Rogers MBA Harvard University Gordon and Llura Gund Family Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship
Research Interests: Entrepreneurship and private equity

Keith Murnighan PhD Purdue University Harold H. Hines Jr. Professor of Risk Management
Research Interests: Decision making, negotiations, group dynamics, behavioral game theory, trust, fairness, team building, ethics, emotions

Leigh Thompson PhD Northwestern University J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations Director of Kellogg Team and Group Research Center Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (Courtesy)
Research Interests: Negotiation, group behavior, decision-making, social cognition, and affective evaluations of events, how groups and teams develop shared understanding of problems and behaviors

Professor Leigh Thompson

Frank Shou
Chief Executive Ofcer Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch (KH06, 2003-2004) One of the unique features of the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program is that it really is an international business program. The faculty are from top international business schools and the students are from all over the world. This program gave us an excellent opportunity to have an insight into what international business leaders are thinking and doing, and to share our management experience with our peers. The vision, experience and friendship we earn from this program will be the treasure for our lifetime.

K.T. Li
Chief Counselor Lee & Li, Attorneys at Law (KH05, 2002-2003) The innovative and practical approach of the course designs of the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program encouraged me even at my very advanced age to challenge preconceptions and test new ideas. The program gave such invaluable perspectives, allowing me to look afresh at issues and identify solutions even more effectively. IN both personal and professional development, I continue to draw from the insights and knowledge that I gained from the outstanding professors and a rich network of talented and energetic students in the program.


Brilliance shared across borders

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School

Mark Chen EMBA Kellogg-HKUST Senior Managing Director & Head of GE Equity, Asia Pacic
Expertise: Private equity

Douglas Henck BS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of New York Chief Executive Ofcer of AEGON Asia
Expertise: Corporate governance in Asia

Steven J. DeKrey PhD University of lowa Adjunct Professor Department of Management

Professor DeKreys expertise includes leadership development and personality assessment. He is a frequent speaker on leadership topics and emotional intelligence.

Roger King AMP Harvard, PhD HKUST Adjunct Professor Department of Finance
Research Interests: Capital structure, corporate nance with emphasis on family businesses, entrepreneurship, corporate governance

Professor Larry Franklin

Ian Fenwick PhD University of London Adjunct Faculty Advisor Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Expertise: Management, marketing and branding

Ron McEachern MBA York University, Toronto Adjunct Professor Department of Marketing
Expertise: Advising companies on market entries, consumer brand building, corporate social responsibility and leadership development

Professor Ron McEachern

Larry Franklin MBA, JD Stanford University Adjunct Professor Department of Finance

Teaching Interests: Investments, venture capital, investment banking, China and business law

Vidhan Goyal PhD University of Pittsburgh Professor Department of Finance

Research Interests: Valuation, capital structure, corporate restructuring, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and debt contracts

Professor Milind Rao


Milind Rao PhD Columbia University Adjunct Associate Professor Department of Economics
Research Interests: International macroeconomics, international nance, international trade, international ows of capital and labor, hedge fund strategies, management and assessment, design of optimal investment strategies and portfolios

Olivier Tabatoni PhD New York University Professor of Finance IAE Aix-en-Provence Management School
Research Interests: Protable Growth, Real Options, Value Creation, Strategic Flexibility and Change management. More generally it focuses on the interactions between Strategy, Finance and Leadership

Professor Jaideep Sengupta

James Root MBA London Business School Adjunct Faculty Director of Bain & Company
Expertise: Corporate transformations involving strategy, cost reduction, operational improvement and organizational effectiveness, telecommunications and technology

David Zweig PhD University of Michigan Chair Professor Division of Social Science
Research Interests: Mainlanders with overseas education, Hong Kongs role in Chinas modernization and Chinas resource-based foreign policy

Jaideep Sengupta PhD University of California, Los Angeles Chair Professor Department of Marketing
Research Interests: Consumer information processing, persuasion and attitude strength, effects of marketing communications, impulsivity and selfcontrol

Professor Kay Stice

Kay Stice PhD Cornell University PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor of Accounting Brigham Young University
Research Interests: Use of alternative accounting methods and nancial markets research

Professor Olivier Tabatoni

Rehan Khan
Business Development Director The Coca-Cola Company (KH12, 2009-2010) Having spent more than 17 years with one company, I started to worry, if I had become a frog in a well . How could I nd out what I had been missing, without having to leave a great organization? It was that curiosity, together with the mindset of never settling for anything but the very best that got me to the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program. In this program, you learn from the best, both professors and fellow classmates. I not only learnt a lot, but was also able to apply what I learned almost immediately. As a result of this learning experience, Im a more condent leader and have a diverse network of friends and fellow alums from all over the world.


High proles for high impact

Lectures by highly successful leaders from a wide array of backgrounds and industries emphasize the practical application of all we teach. The following guests were invited in recent years to speak to our students.

Mrs. Anson Chan

Mr. Paul Cheng

Dr. William Fung

Dr. Aron Harilela

Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen

Mr. Jim Thompson

Mr. Joseph Yam


Mrs. Anson Chan Former Chief Secretary for Administration The Hong Kong SAR Governement, China
Mrs. Anson Chan retired in 2001 after nearly 40 years service. She headed the 190,000 civil service and was the rst woman and the rst Chinese to hold the post of Chief Secretary after 150 years of British predecessors. In recent years, Mrs. Chan has taken a prominent role in the campaign for full universal suffrage for election of Hong Kongs Chief Executive and all members of the Legislature.

Dr. William Fung Executive Deputy Chairman Li & Fung Limited

Li & Fung Limited is a multinational group and recognized as the worlds leader in consumer goods design, development, sourcing and distribution. Dr. William Fung is also a non-executive director and Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, an independent non-executive director of Shui On Land Ltd, Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Ltd and VTech Holdings Ltd and an independent director of Singapore Airlines Ltd.

Mr. Jim Thompson Founder and Chairman Crown Worldwide Group

The Crown Worldwide Group of companies is a logistics company performing various types of warehousing and transportation services throughout the world. The Crown Group is the largest privately owned company in the eld of international removal with over 250 worldwide locations in 55 countries around the world. Mr. Thompson also serves as the Chairman of HKTDC Logistics Services Advisory Committee, a non-executive director of the Board of the Wharf (Holdings) Ltd.

Mr. Paul Cheng Deputy Chairman Esprit Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Paul Cheng is currently active in private equity and serves as an independent non-executive director on the board of several companies. He is also the Chairman of the China High Growth Fund, Vietnam Infrastructure Ltd., an independent director on the boards of Global Logistic Properties Ltd. He was Chairman of the Link Management Ltd. from 2005 to 2007 . The company manages a portfolio of government-owned retail and car parking assets valued at over HK$30 billion. The privatization in 2005 was the worlds largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) IPO at that time.

Dr. Aron Harilela Director Harilela Hotels Ltd.

Dr. Aron Harilela is responsible for overseeing operations in six hotels within S.E. Asia, Europe and Australia. He is also in charge of acquisitions for the Harilela Group. Dr. Harilela joined the group at its London ofce in 1994 and subsequestly joined the Hong Kong headquarters in 1996.

Mr. Joseph Yam Former Chief Executive Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Mr Joseph Yam was the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) from 1993 to 2009. In that capacity, Mr. Yam has over the years been honored with a series of awards for his constributions to domestic and regional monetary and nancial developments, and for piloting Hong Kong through Asian nancial turmoil.

Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen Chairman Jebsen & Co, Ltd.

Under his leadership, the company has developed into a major corporation employing over 1,300 staff and actively engaged in business activities in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Mr. Jebsen is a well-respected leader in commerce, with numerous commercial crossappointments. He serves as a Board member with Hysan Development Co. Ltd. and Wharf Holdings Ltd. Mr. Jebsen has received honours from the German, Danish and the Hong Kong SAR Governments.

Mr. Richard Eu CEO Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yang Sang International Ltd. is a leading integrated healthcare and wellness company with strong foundation in tradition Chinese medicine. In 1993, Mr. Eu organised a management buyout of the business and in 1996 it was merged with the Eu Yan Sang business in Hong Kong, forming the Eu Yan Sang International Group, as it is today.


Diversity and dynamism

Overview - Classes 1998-2012 (KH01 KH15)

Total number of participants 750 Men 76% Women 24% Average age 37 years Average work experience 14 years Average annual total compensation US$256,355

Company sponsorship
Full sponsorship Partial sponsorship 41% 59%

Participants come from a wide range of industries, from manufacturing, nance, technology, property, transportation and energy to non-prot organizations. They are the new generation of leaders, each with a minimum of ten years experience. Their richly diverse backgrounds and nationalities create the experience and the network that make up The World Class.

Hong Kong 14% Mainland China 9% 22% Other parts of Asia Non-Asia 55%
Origins outside Hong Kong, Macau and China include: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Turkey, The United State and Vietnam

Ofce locations
Hong Kong Mainland China
Cities include: Beijing, Changshu, Fujian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hsinchu, Kuming, Macau, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen, Zhejiang, Zhongshan and Zhuhai

55% 16%

Other parts of Asia and beyond

Cities include: Amsterdam, Azerbaijan, Bangkok, Basra, Cainta, Chicago, Dhaka, Gurgaon, Hanoi, Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh City, Honolulu, Hsinchu (Taiwan), Hyderabad (India), Iloilo City, Incheon, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Manila, Mexico City, Milton Keynes, Makati, Milwaukee, Moscow, Mumbai, New Delhi, New Jersey, New York, Osaka, Palo Alto, Pasig City, Pattaya, Pune (India), Seattle, Selangor, Seoul, Singapore, Taichung (Taiwan), Taipei, Tokyo and Ulsan



Participants proles - Classes 1998-2012 (KH01-KH15)

Mainland China 9%

Other parts of Asia 22%

Non-Asia 55% Hong Kong 14%

Chairman/ CEO/ President 12%

Vice President 14%

Managing/ Executive Director 18%

General Manager 8% Head of Department 7% Owner/ Partner 4%

Director 23%

Controller/ CFO 4% Others 10%

KH15, Class of 2012-2013

Eun-Joo Chae
Senior Client Partner Korn/Ferry International (KH14, 2011-2012) Kellogg and HKUST, two globally recognized names. Its well-designed curriculum and great location are just two of the things that attracted me to the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program. Throughout the program, my expectations were supported by my experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Interacting with world-class faculty and classmates from truly professional, diverse and international backgrounds was truly inspirational. The program has been both intellectually stimulating and thought provoking. At the same time, it has helped me to build genuine friendships and networks throughout Asia and beyond. The world of business, which is currently experiencing signicant uncertainty, requires the leadership competencies of condence, vision, entrepreneurship and passion. The energy, enthusiasm and commitment you see during the program convinced me of the potential and power of this program.


Tailored for business executives

The class schedule is uniquely designed around weekend blocks to allow participants to continue their careers while they study

Classes are held on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays. The program starts with one live-in week at HKUST, followed by monthly live-in weekends for modules 1 6, then two live-in weeks at the Kellogg School and concludes with additional monthly live-in weekends for modules 7 11. Live-in weeks important components of the program The rst is held at HKUST in January of the rst academic year, and the second at the Kellogg Schools Allen Center in Chicago, Illinois in August. Live-in weekends Modules 1 to 11 Participants meet twice every month on the HKUST campus and stay in the University Center, which is specially furnished for executives. Living-in is critical for the optimum development of class identity and the formation of study groups, while expanding business contacts and allowing friendships to develop. Live-in week in HKUST

Module 1 6

Live-in weeks in Kellogg

Module 7 11

Optional: Global Electives

Sample Schedule
Time Friday Time
8:30am 11:45am 11:45am 1:00pm 3:00pm 6:15pm Evening Afternoon Class Group Discussion/ Special Sessions 1:00pm 4:15pm Evening

Morning Class Group Lunch Afternoon Class Group Discussion/ Special Sessions

8:30am 11:45am 11:45am 12:30pm 12:30pm 3:45pm

Morning Class Group Lunch Afternoon Class


Opening up new business understanding

Participants are required to complete 28 courses. Half of these are taught by faculty members from the Kellogg School and half by those from HKUST Business School. Each course requires 15 contact hours. Sample Curriculum Live-in week at HKUST
Analysis of Uncertainty in Management Decisions Operating Strategies for General Manager

Live-in weeks at Kellogg

Negotiations Strategic Challenges in Emerging Markets Strategic Crisis Management Strategic Marketing Decisions

Module 1
Marketing Management Statistical Decision Analysis

Module 7
Family Business and Entrepreneurship Organizational Design

Module 2
Corporate Governance Individual & Group Behavior in the Organization

Module 8
Contemporary Issues in Chinese Politics Private Equity in Asia Pacic Strategic Financial Management

Module 3
Financial Reporting Systems Innovation Strategy & Management

Module 9
Building a Powerful Consumer Brand in China Deal Making in China and Asia Understanding Consumers

Module 4

Module 10 Managerial Finance Operations Management Digimarketing International Growth Module 5 Strategic Management Foundations Global Macroeconomics Module 11 Law and Corporate Manager Executive Ethical Leadership Module 6 Learning from Leaders
Financial Information for Management Planning and Control Strategic Decision Making
Attendance of courses is required. Methods of assessment for each course, including examinations, individual assignments and group projects, vary according to the needs of individual courses. Faculty generally assigns High Pass (HP), Pass (P), Low Pass (LP) or Unsatisfactory (U) grades. Participants are required to pass all 28 courses to graduate.

Milo Chao
Head of Strategic Planning Doyle Dane Bernbach (KH14, 2011-2012) There are many executive MBA programs, but the Kellogg-HKUST was my rst choice. At this level of education, one expects to learn as much from the professors as from the students. The program is well-known for bringing together high-caliber executives from a range of industries. The Kellogg-HKUST program selected 60 people, half of whom ew in, and who originated from 22 nations, to live and work together for 18 months. The diversity, rigor and yet openness of thinking amongst the students made my experience remarkably rich and rewarding. Today, I have 59 incredible friends and advisors there for me and me for them.


Topics that underpin success

Course Descriptions
Analysis of Uncertainty in Management Decisions introduces elementary probability theory as a tool for modeling uncertainty in business, with illustrations from decision-theory and statistics. Building a Powerful Consumer Brand in China approaches the challenge of establishing a strong consumer brand in China from the perspective of the General Manager of a multinational corporation, outlining the practical steps that one needs to take when scoping the opportunity, tailoring the product and marketing mix and measuring success. Contemporary Issues in Chinese Politics familiarizes students with PRC political structures, the continuing importance of the Communist Party, how political elites attempt to control the political system and how citizens try to get the leaders to respond to their interests. The course also looks at Chinas external ties and how Chinas thirst for energy is inuencing current foreign policy. Scenarios for Chinas future will be built. Corporate Governance exposes participants to, and gets them actively involved in discussions about the most recent concepts, tools, and best practices regarding corporate governance. The analysis is aimed at investors as well as top management and directors. Deal Making in China and Asia offers participants a comprehensive overview of the markets and the opportunity to strategize and be the decision maker in practical, real world business situations from the Asia Pacic region. Digimarketing develops participants understanding of the nature, challenges, and importance of digital marketing. The aim is to understand the principles involved, and emerging best practice. Executive Ethical Leadership examines the role of the CEO and other top leaders in modern organizations, highlighting their ethical challenges and exploring the implications of a variety of ethical frameworks to facilitate more effective complex organizational decision making in a rapidly changing business environment. Family Business and Entrepreneurship looks into the characteristics of both, and analyzes the key differences between the two with emphasis on the management and capital structure, governance, board structure and selection as well as nance performance. The course also discusses what causes the success or failure of a family business, and the different roles played by the family council and nonfamily executives. Financial Information for Management Planning and Control covers the use of nancial information in management decision-making. Topics include protability and performance measurement issues, and activity-based management. Financial Reporting Systems introduces generally accepted accounting principles and concepts along with the preparation and analysis of nancial statements. Global Macroeconomics provides a framework for addressing issues about the global economic environment. It will then apply the framework to understanding the global economy. It will introduce important insights in the labor, money and foreign exchange markets. Individual and Group Behavior in the Organization focuses on how to organize and motivate human capital of a rm, execute strategic change through knowledge of competitive decision-making, reward system design, social network analysis and team building. Innovation Strategy and Management explores a broader, more inclusive view of innovation, enabling the manager to employ innovation as a more effective competitive weapon, leading to an understanding of state-of-the-art Innovation Process Management within and between rms, and across geographies. International Growth analyzes the why and the how of corporate international growth. In a world xated by globalization , the most fundamental questions for companies planning and managing their overseas growth will be examined. Successes and failures will be discussed in order to understand what management teams must do to get international growth right.

Statistical Decision Analysis explores the use of sample data for purposes of estimating, predicting, forecasting, and decisionmaking. Strategic Challenges in Emerging Markets integrates numerous business examples with insights from the latest economics, business strategy, and political science research to provide the international business manager with a cutting-edge, integrated perspective on globalization and a set of strategic solutions to manage the most prevalent business risks in emerging markets. Law and Corporate Manager studies the legal environment in which business organizations operate. Topics include rights of shareholders; directors and ofcers liability; mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers; and securities regulation. Managerial Finance explores the strategic decision that an organization makes leading to capital spending. The risk element in nancial decision-making and the nancial instruments that have evolved to reallocate risk in the economy are discussed. Marketing Management addresses the importance of companies being market-driven and customer-focused and presents current theories and practices of marketing management. Negotiations develops negotiation and dispute resolution skills through simulations set in groups, and multilateral contexts within and between organizations. Operations Management examines some of the basic principles of managing the production of goods or services and studies some useful tools. The course emphasizes tools and principles that are equally useful in service and manufacturing sectors. Operating Strategies for General Managers explores economic principles of business strategy and develops an analytic framework for identifying and evaluating alternative strategies. Organizational Design focuses on the selection of appropriate organizational structures for strategy implementation. Private Equity in Asia Pacic provides an overview of private equity in the region, underwriting methods and various details in structuring. Strategic Crisis Management discusses the dynamics of crisis and its impact on strategy and system, and nally leads to an appreciation of the possible threats and opportunities. Strategic Decision Making develops participants intuitions to help them make these decisions using formal models, role playing, case studies, and class discussion. Specic topics covered include strategic thinking, exibility, commitment, pricing, auctions, wars of attrition, and common biases in strategic decision making. Strategic Financial Management examines important concepts and principles of nancial management using both a review of theory and cases. The course emphasizes valuation skills as a means to bring together cost of capital, nancing, and operating issues faced by rms. Strategic Management Foundations views strategy as a limited set of general manager decisions that if consistently executed will drive an organization to achieve its longer-term objectives or vision. These decisions are developed and illustrated in substantial detail. Recent trends in strategic decisions are also discussed with contemporary examples provided. Strategic Marketing Decisions examines strategies over the product lifecycle including growth strategies, strategies for mature and declining markets, and defensive strategies. Understanding Consumers gives participants an appreciation of how getting inside the mind of the consumer enables the marketing manager to design better effective marketing strategies, with a particular emphasis on effective communication tactics. This course provides both micro and macro perspectives on the factors inuencing a customer.


Unlocking global secrets

Typical Global Elective Courses
Tel Aviv: Kellogg-Recanati Intellectual Capital Management covers the broad agenda of using intellectual capital for competitive advantage. A Lifecycle approach will be adopted for the pro-active management of intellectual assets. This lifecycle covers the creation of the intellectual asset, its codication in the form of intellectual property, its valuation and leveraging to realize sustainable competitive advantage. Security Analysis; Psychological and Organizational Inuences on Financial Decisions offers the unique opportunity to combine nancial analysis with a more behavioral emphasis on decision making. The objective of the course is to combine an understanding of the economic and psychological inuences on nancial decision making. Venture Capital (VC) industry, the players and their respective roles will be presented and discussed. Participants will experience the life cycle of an investment decision and will learn the VC game plan and best practices of the industry. Miami: Kellogg-Miami Entrepreneurial Finance teaches prospective entrepreneurs the fundamentals of entrepreneurship with a focus on nance. Topics include pro-forma development and review, business valuation models, cash ow analysis and raising capital. Family Enterprises: Success and Continuity is intended for those from business-owning families, whether they work in the family business or not. Topics range from succession and family dynamics to continuity planning and strategic performance. The course is also appropriate for those who have family foundations, family investment companies and/or family ofce. International Finance studies international nancial instruments, markets and institutions. Topics include the nature of foreignexchange risk, determination of exchange and interest rates, management of foreign-exchange risk with forwards and options, evaluation of international investments, exchange rate forecasting, the anatomy of currency crises, and current issues in international nance. Management of Organizational Change focuses on the key tasks of leading the strategic change process in organizations. Those leadership tasks include creating a shared urgent need for change, creating a shared understating of the reality of change issues, creating a shared changed vision, creating a

belief that change is possible and leading the strategic change transition process. Managing Price and Value Perceptions introduces the principles of pricing that have been adopted by the best-in-class rms. A core component of the course is a theoretical, normative framework of value. Tools and techniques for pricing optimization and the importance of managing price perceptions would be discussed. Mergers and Acquisitions prepares participants for the Mergers and Acquisitions eld. It familiarizes one with different paradigms and perspectives, integrates the accounting, economic, nancial and legal aspects. Toronto: Kellogg-Schulich Enterprise IT Strategy and Governance is designed for all executives who participate in decision making that affects the IT function, or who have an interest in strategic IT issues. The orientation of this course is organizational and strategic. It deals with the effective management of capabilities generated from IT, rather than the systems themselves. International Strategy endeavors to delve into the frameworks, explore the tools, and identify the methods and skills that managers need to deploy in order to help their rms develop effective international strategies for competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Vallendar: Kellogg-WHU Corporate Social Responsibility addresses the changing roles and relationships between business, government and civil society. Relevance of business systems in different countries and the way they shape Corporate Social Responsibility will be analyzed. Luxury Brand Management contrasts the specicities of luxury brand management with traditional marketing approaches. The differences in techniques and procedures used when marketing luxury brands comparing with mass-market brands will be analyzed. The course is designed to deepen ones knowledge in the eld of marketing. The Business Environment in Europe introduces the main aspects of trade integration and monetary unication that are relevant for rms involved in international transactions with Europe. It emphasizes that international business needs to understand the implications of integration issues if it aims at making optimal decisions and avoiding crucial mistakes.

Tom Young
Principal Group 70 International (KH04, 2001-2002) When I applied to MBA programs, I was looking for a different perspective than what I could get in Hawaii. The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program had an international viewpoint and really delivered an innovative curriculum offering some of the best marketing and nance courses available in the world. As an architect and marketing director, the broader viewpoint expands the range of consultation services to resort and hotel developers. I commuted from Hawaii to attend this program and made some sacrices. However, in the long run, it was very much worth it all.

Jake Sims
Chief Architect Cathay Pacic Airways (KH15, 2012-2013) When I selected an EMBA program, I prioritized diversity of the student body, both cultural and professional, as a core requirement. Having worked on four continents, I realized the value in understanding, appreciating and leveraging the unique perspectives of different cultures and backgrounds. In fact, being able to understand and work within a multicultural environment is critical to our success in todays business world, especially here in Asia. From Moscow to Manila and from executives to entrepreneurs, the Kellogg-HKUST programs diversity creates a truly unique learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom. I have no doubt that the experience will benet us for years to come.


Perfect learning environments

Kellogg School of Management

Leaders understand the importance of having the optimum environment in which to think, plan, and study. For those taking part in the Kellogg-HKUST program, the working environment could hardly be better. Both universities boast tranquil, attractive campuses which provide ideal contexts for the vigorous intellectual exchanges that are hosted there. Participants will nd themselves inspired by the place, and invigorated by the company.

Tranquil lakeside facilities James Allen Center, Kellogg School of Management, Chicago, USA

Residential facilities The James L. Allen Center, which overlooks Lake Michigan, is home to the Kellogg Executive MBA programs. In addition to its many dining rooms, lounges, recreation areas and study rooms, the facility contains 150 bedrooms and is staffed 24 hours a day. Teaching facilities The Kellogg teaching facilities are in the Allen Centers instructional space, with several large classrooms, a 250-seat, two-tiered amphitheater, and numerous smaller rooms for workshops and group seminars.


Perfect learning environments

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School

Spectacular Clear Water Bay Campus The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Residential facilities Participants reside in apartments in the University Center. Two participants share one serviced apartment with separate bedrooms. Participants have access to catering, sports and recreation facilities. Teaching facilities The facilities, designed for the Executive MBA students, include the executive training oor with ve lecture theaters, resources room, lounge area and breakout rooms. Starting from Spring of 2013, the business school will relocate to The Lee Shau Kee Campus which is located atop of the HKUST main campus. It occupies an area of about 10 hectares, representing about 15% of the total area of the main campus. We provide everything so that you may focus entirely on the intellectual adventure of the program. The program fees cover everything from faculty teaching, books and course materials, accommodation for live-in weekends and weeks, as well as all meals. Each participant will receive an iPad; to facilitate the learning process, participants can obtain up-to-date course information and materials through an KH EMBA App .

Samantha Law
Director of Operations Finance Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. (KH14, 2011-2012) The width and depth of the perspectives, thought processes and ideas behind all the global executives are amplied further by each individuals own unique and diverse professional and personal background. The multiplier effect is much more than what the number of languages and nationalities that the class statistics can speak for. I joined the Kellogg-HKUST program knowing that it offers insights into business dynamics worldwide but I have departed to embark on a new course of lifelong connections with a worldwide web of evolving intelligence offered by my fellow classmates, professors and alums.

Hiroyuki Kaihoko
Manager Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. (KH14, 2011-2012) I was attracted to Kellogg-HKUST EMBA and had high expectations for the program because of its strong academic reputation, the deep experience and diversity of the student body, and its location in booming Asia. The program exceeded my expectations. I learned valuable insights from my classmates and developed personal and professional relationships that I expect will continue beyond retirement. I am 100% convinced that my training at Kellogg-HKUST and relationships with my fellow classmates have prepared me to be not only a well-rounded manager but also a leader who can motivate and inspire my colleagues to achieve ambitious goals.


A new window for NPO leaders

There are many qualied leaders in non-prot organizations (NPO), and non-governmental (NGO) organizations that need the kind of education the Kellogg-HKUST program can provide.
These senior managers can bring valuable sharing and perspective into our classroom. These organizations often lack the nancial means to support a world class EMBA yet we know the difference it could make for their organizations. To recruit the cream of leadership talent, the NPO Tuition Award aims to provide support for the NPO participants in the worldclass program. The Award will be up to 25% of the programs tuition fee. A generous donation of HK$1.1 million has been made by Prof. Larry Franklin, a professor who has taught the program for the past decade, towards the setting up of the Award. His donation is matched by the HKUST Business School. Alumni have also been contributing to this fund. The Award will be given to an admitted participant who has a strong background and interest in NPO work. The candidate will be required to remain within the non-prot charitable sector for an agreed period of time after graduation.

Thomas Chan, Honorary President, World Vision China Board Member, World Vision Hong Kong (KH03, 2000-2001) I decided to take the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program because I felt I needed to learn management techniques and the best practices of industries from other international executives. The program taught me how to ren our management in the areas of nance, marketing, fund-raising and human resources. One of my biggest challenges is nding ways to inspire and motivate staff. They work with us because of a shared vision not for the salary. From the program I learned how to manage expectations and to align vision with achievable goals.

Senior executives of the following NGOs were recipients of the scholarship in the past:
Bless China International Clinton Foundation Greenpeace International Hong Kong Education City Ltd. The Nesbitt Centre Ofce of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


Admission requirements

Applicants for admission to the Executive MBA program must:

Possess a bachelors degree from a recognized university or an approved institution, or possess recognized professional qualications equivalent to a degree; Have at least 10 years of signicant full-time work experience after obtaining their bachelors degree or professional qualications; and Have company sponsorship and support. Results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for applicants who were educated at institutions where the primary language of instruction was not English and whose native language is not English.

In addition to an academic background, the candidates should be able to demonstrate that: Their organization sponsor considers they are outstanding and have potential within the organization; They are holding, or will soon hold, positions of executive responsibility that make the program of value in furthering their career; and They have both the time and the motivation to make the commitment to attend classes and prepare assignments. Each Executive MBA participant is required to have his or her own portable personal computer. Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with word processing, email and spreadsheet analysis on PCs prior to the beginning of coursework. They must also maintain personal email accounts to facilitate communication with the Executive MBA program ofce, the faculty and other Executive MBA participants. The target size for each Executive MBA class is 50-60 students.


How to apply

An application packet is included in this brochure. In order to apply for entry into the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program, the following documents should be submitted:


The completed application forms;


Two letters of recommendation;


A letter of sponsorship from the appropriate ofcer in the applicants organization that describes the organizations understanding of its commitment to nancial support and time requirements (a sample letter is enclosed);


(i) Original sealed copies of ofcial transcripts with grades from all universities attended, and / or (ii) Original copies of ofcial proof for professional qualications;


An application fee of HK$1,500 or US$200 (a check payable to HKUST);


Results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for applicants who were educated at institutions where the primary language of instruction was not English and whose native language is not English; and


One business card.


A world of support

Armstrong World Industries (China) Arrow Asia Pac. Ltd Arthur Andersen (Shanghai) Business Consulting arvato services China Asahi Breweries, Ltd. ASAT Ltd. Asia Alliance, Charter Century Group and Do Thanh Viet Asiaplast Industries Tbk Asiaworks Askey Computer Corp. Astec, Emerson Network Power Atlantis Investment Management (HK) Ltd. Atos Origin ATR-Kim Eng Securities Autodesk Far East Ltd. Avnet Technology Solutions Bagua Group Ltd.

China Equity International Holding Company Ltd. China Hewlett-Packard Co. China International Capital Corporation Ltd. China Motion Telecom International Ltd. China Overseas Holdings Ltd. Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd. CIBC World Markets Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco-Linksys China Citibank Singapore Ltd. Citibank, N.A. Citigroup Citilog Asia Pacic Ltd. Citrix Systems Hong Kong Ltd. City Telecom (HK) Ltd. Clean Focus Corporation Clinton Foundation Clorox CLP Group CNN, Turner International Asia Pacic, Ltd. Coca-Cola China Coca-Cola Southeast & West Asia Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd. ConAgra International (HK) CORE Solutions Ltd. Corning (China) Ltd. Credit Suisse CRH Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CSR plc Cummins Corp. CXC Consulting Ltd. D&S Products Manufactory Ltd. DAC Financial Management (China) Ltd. Dai-ichi Life International (AsiaPacic) Ltd. Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. Dallas Semiconductor Corporation Taiwan Damco Hong Kong Ltd. Datacraft Asia Ltd. Datascope Corp. DBS Kwong On Bank DDB Worldwide Deere & Company Dell B. V. Taiwan Branch Dell Computer Co. (China) Dell, Inc. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hong Kong Delta Electronics, Inc. Deutsche Bank AG Deutsche Securities Asia Ltd. DG Bank Dimension-All Formworks and Scaffolding Inc. DIYR Communications Ltd. Dole Asia Duraville Realty and Development Corporation Duuri Oy Eagle Ottawa China EDS Electronic Data Systems (HK) Educomp Solutions Ltd. Ekman Pulp and Paper Ltd. Electrolux Construction Products (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. element14.com Elite Industrial Holdings Ltd.

Here are some of the companies which have provided tremendous support to our participants during their studies:
698 Capital A-1 Shipbuilder & Ship Repair Corporation Abacus Seychellers Ltd. ABS-CBN Corporation Accenture Achieve Global (HK) Ltd. Shanghai Ofce Advanced Digital Broadcast SA. Advanced Technology Materials Inc. AgustaWestland S.p.A. AIG Investment Corporation (Asia) AIPTEK International Inc. Air Products Asia, Inc. Akzo Nobel Cross-linking Peroxides (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Alberto Culver (HK) Ltd. Alcatel-Lucent Alcoa International Asia Ltd. Alibaba Allergan AllGreen Group Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Hong Kong) Ltd. Alstom American International Assurance (AIA) Company, Ltd. American President Lines Ample Sources Industries Ltd. Analog Corporate Services (HK) Ltd. Analog Devices (HK) Angelo, Gordon Asia Ltd. Anheuser-Busch InBev (China) Ant Global Patners HK Ltd. APO Cement Corporation Apps Associates Pvt. Ltd. Architects Hawaii Arco Global Energy

Baker & McKenzie Baleno Holdings Banco Central Hispanoamericano, S.A. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bank of Communications, Hong Kong Branch Barclays Capital Barclays Global Investors Southeast Asia Ltd. Barco Ltd. Barons & Company Bekaert Specialty Wire Products Hong Kong Ltd. Belton Holdings Ltd. BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Ltd. Bloomberg L.P . Boase Cohen & Collins, Solicitors & Notaries BOC (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. BOC Gases Bossini International Holdings Ltd. Boutique Asset Management Ltd. (A Thakral Land Company) BP Amoco Oil BP Zhuhai Chemical Co. Ltd. Briggs & Stratton Corporation British American Tobacco Asia-Pacic Region Ltd. BRS Nike Taiwan Plc BT Professional Services Burson-Marsteller C. Melchers GmbH & Co. KG Cadence Design Systems Calyon Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Cape International Management Ltd. Capgemini Business Services (Asia) Ltd. Cargill Philippines, Inc. Carlo Gavazzi Holding AG Catalyst Innovation Group Ltd. Catalyst Semiconductor Corp. Cathay Pacic Airways Cathay Pacic Steel Corporation Cavite Apparel Corporation CCL Industrial Motor Ltd. CDC Venture Investment Cebal Zhongshan Cemex Strategic Philippines Inc. Cherrypicks (ideaCulture (H.K.) Ltd.) Chevron Chemical Company

Elpine Technologies Ltd. EMC Environmental Systems Products Holdings, Inc. Ericsson Ericsson Taiwan Ltd. Ernst & Young Euro RSCG Partnership Eurocell International Ltd. Evergreen International Airlines Evergreen International Holdings Ltd. Excelligence (Ningbo) Warehousing Co., Ltd. & Excelligence Learning Corp. HK Ltd. Exist Extreme Networks Inc. Fabio Perini China FactSet Hong Kong, Ltd. Federal Express Corporation Ferrero Asia Ltd. Ferro Corporation FESCO Co. Fidelity Investments Securities (Taiwan) Ltd. Fiducia Management Consultants Financial Times (Japan) Ltd. Fineso Limited Firmenich Asia Private Ltd. Fitch IBCA Flextronics Manufacturing (HK) Ltd. Forney Corporation / Fireye Inc. Fortune Cement Fortune Tobacco Corp. Fossil (East) Ltd. Franke Foodservice Systems Asia Fresenius Medical Care Gammon Skanska Ltd. Gartner Group Gartner Japan GDS Capital Advisors Inc. GE Capital, Korea GE Capital Greater China GE Equity Asia Pacic GE Japan Corporation GE Plastics GE Transportation Systems Gemartrans Asia General Accident Insurance Asia Pacic General Enterprise Management Services (HK) Ltd. General Motors Genesis Global Strategies Genimex Group Genius Link International Ltd. GFI Securities HK LLC Glass Solution Sdn Bhd Global Logistic Properties Investment Management (China) Co., Ltd. Global Sources Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. Google Inc. Grandtag Financial group Great Ocean Investment Co. Ltd. Green Cross Vaccine Corp. Green Valley Landll Greenpeace International Greenseld Development Corporation Grey Group Grey Hong Kong Guang Dong Esquel Textiles Co., Ltd. Guangzhou OTIS Elevator Co. GuardTime Gucci Group (Hong Kong) Ltd. Hagemeyer Commerce and Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hang Lung Properties Hang Seng Bank Ltd. Hewitt Associate Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Hewlett-Packard (China) Co. Hewlett-Packard Asia-Pacic Pte. Ltd. Hitachi Data Systems Ltd. HKR International HKUST Biotechnology Research Institute Honeywell Hong Kong Education City Ltd. Hong Kong International Theme Park Ltd. (Hong Kong Disneyland) Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange Hong Kong Monetary Authority Hong Kong Sports Institute Hony Capital Ltd. HSBC HT Media Ltd. HuaAn Asset Management (Hong Kong) Ltd. Huawei Tech. Investment Co., Ltd. HUD Group Hyatt International Hotels IBL Imports (H.K.) Ltd. IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd. IBM Global Services, Greater China Group IC Resource Pte Ltd. ICON Health & Fitness ICON Technology IJM Corporation Berhad Imerys S.A. Indosino Group Inneon Technologies Hong Kong Ltd. ING Bank N.V. ING Financial Planning Ltd. ING Investment Management Asia Pacic Ltd. Integro International Incorporations Intel Intel Microelectronics Asia, Ltd. Taiwan Branch Intelligent Strategy Group Interasia Lines Ltd. International Paper Shorewood Co., Ltd. Ionics EMS, Inc. J.P . Morgan J.V. Fitness Ltd. Jacky Maeder (HK) Jardine Matheson Ltd. Jardine Shipping Services Jean M. Wong School of Ballet Jidou Limited and Asiacity Business Limited Jimho International Ltd. Jimlar Corporation Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson Electric Manufacturing Johnson Polymer Jointgain Industrial Ltd. Joyce Boutique Holdings Ltd. JP Morgan Chase JPMorgan Funds (Asia) Ltd. JTI (China) K Corporate Services Ltd. K.C. Ho & Fong, Solicitors & Notaries K.P . Cheng & Co. and Weinberg & Company Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Corporation Kalaw Sy Selva & Campos Law Firm KGL Investment Company K.S.C. Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong Knoll, Inc. Kodak (Far East) Kodak (Hong Kong) Ltd. Kohler Asia Pacic Kolon International Corp Vietnam Korn/Ferry International L.T. Property Consultants Lai Fung Holdings Ltd Langham Hospitality Group Learning Curve International Ltd. Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law Legend Holdings Lei Shing Hong Property (China) Ltd. Level 3 Communications Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Asia Ltd. Lotus Tours Ltd. Lufthansa Service Asia Ltd. LVMH Fashion M.M Marketing Communications Consulting Co. Ltd. Macquarie Bank Macsteel International Far East Ltd., Hong Kong Maersk (China) Shipping Co. Ltd., Agents of Maersk Line Maersk Hong Kong Ltd., Agents of Maersk Line Manulife Business Processing Services Marriott International MasterCard Worldwide Maunsell AECOM Group McDonalds China Development Company McDonalds Fujian Medtronic International Ltd. (Hong Kong) Meespierson Fortis Bank Asia HK Meiya Power Company Ltd. Melco International Development Ltd. MERALCO (Manila Electric Company) Mercer Human Resources Consulting Guangzhong Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacic) Ltd. Merrill Lynch Alternative Investments LLC Microsoft Microsoft Operation Pte Ltd., Singapore Miele Mindray Medical International Ltd. Ministry of Health, Singapore Mirabilis Design Inc. Mirant Asia Pacic Mizuho Securities Asia Ltd. Modern Terminals Moen MOL (Asia) Ltd. Molten Monopoly Design Moodys Analytics Moodys KMV Morgan Guaranty Trust Morgan Stanley Motorola Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd. MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd. Msisensors (China) Co., Ltd. MTD (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. MTR Corporation Ltd. NAI Asia Pacic Properties Nam Fung Printing Co. Ltd. NeoPhotonics Corporation NetApp (Hong Kong) Ltd. Network Hardware Resale, LLC Nevis Networks Ltd. Newbridge Asia NF Smith & Associates, LP NICE APAC Ltd. Nike Sports (China) Co. Ltd. Ningbo Hualian Group Co. Ltd. Niscom, Inc. NobelOil Noble Group Ltd. Nokia Taiwan Co. Ltd. Nortel Networks (China) Ltd. Nortel Networks Asia Nutriasia, Inc. Oakeld Ltd. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Oberthur Card Systems Asia Pte Ltd. Ofce of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Ogilvy & Mather Advertising OLS Group OneGate Capital

Onfem Holdings Optical Electronic Holding ROSS Oracle (China) Oracle Systems Hong Kong Ltd. Orbit Irrigation Products Inc. Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. Orion Associates Our Lady of Fatima University Owens Corning Pacic Bulk Logistics Ltd. Pacic Century Insurance Pacic Century Premium Developments Ltd. Pacic Sunrise Pacic Textiles Ltd. Pama Group Inc. Parfums Christian Dior (China) PCCW Ltd. PeopleSupport, Inc. Pepsi Co. Inc. Perception Digital & Innite Financial Solutions Pzer Pharmaceuticals Korea Ltd. Philip Morris (Thailand) Philips Electronics Hong Kong Ltd. Philsteel Holdings Corporation PineBridge Investments PLDT Global Corporation PMA Global Ltd. Prada Asia Pacic Ltd. Preciosa Intl (HK) Ltd. PricewaterhouseCoopers Prociency Industrial Products Ltd. ProLogis ProLogis Korea Protiviti Hong Kong Co., Ltd. PSA International Pte Ltd. PT Arghajata Capital Advisory RAM Consulting Inc. Ram Pacic Ltd. Rayfam Enterprises PVT. Ltd. RBS-Global Banking & Markets Reemtsma International Asia Services Ltd. Reemtsma International China Republic National Bank of New York Reuters Group Ltd. Ricetek Systems Inc. RNA Holdings Rockwell Automation Asia Pacic Ltd. Rouse & Co. International (Shanghai) Ltd. Royal Bank of Scotland plc Rumailia Operating Organization S.C Johnson Shanghai Ltd. Salo Far East Ltd. Saint Honore Holdings Ltd. Sallmanns (China) Ltd. Sallmanns (Far East) Ltd. Sammart Fashion Co., Ltd. Samson Paper Holdings Saurer Group - Barmag Ltd Schneider Electric Schwarz Pharma (HK) Scitex Vision Hong Kong Ltd. (HP) SDV China Ltd. Seagull Dredging Pvt Ltd. Senrigan Capital Group Ltd. Serica Corporation Sewco International Holdings Ltd. Shanghai Aonan Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai City Link Information Technology Co. Ltd. Shanghai Givaudan Ltd. Shanghai Johnson Shanghai Korn/Ferry Human Capital Consulting Company Ltd. Shanghai Peggy Foods Co. Ltd. Shanghai Schindler Elevator Technology Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Wei-Chuan Food Ind Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Sullair Asia Industrial Siegling Asia-Pacic Siemens Ltd., China Signum Tree Silicon Graphics Silk Road Group, Inc. Simplot Australia Pty Ltd. Sindicatum Carbon Capital Sinomax Group Sir Elly Kadoorie & Sons Ltd. SKD Pacic Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (HK) Sony Music (Asia) Inc. Southco Asia Ltd. Spin Master Toys Far East Ltd. Sprandi International Ltd. Sprint International SRAM Corporation SRS Investment Advisors (India) Private Ltd. STACI Ltd. Stanadyne Changshu Corporation Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank China Ltd. Star Oil, Inc. Start Technology Company Ltd. STMicroelectronics Ltd. Strategic Systems Solution (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. Sun Hung Kai Investment Services Ltd. Sunniwell Holdings Sunrise Fluid Power Inc. Swiss Re Asset Management (Asia) Ltd. SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. Synovate Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd. T-Capital Ltd. Tech Mahindra Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. TeleTech International Tencent Holdings Ltd. Tesoros Group of Companies Texaco Texas Instrument Israel Ltd. Texas Instruments Taiwan The Bank of Bermuda Ltd. The Boeing Company The Capital Group Companies The East Asiatic (Thailand) Public Company Ltd. The Gap International Sourcing Ltd. The Hong Kong Academy Educational Foundation Ltd. The Hong Kong Jockey Club The Nesbitt Centre The Royal Bank of Scotland plc The Smart Cube (Hong Kong) Ltd. The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Studios Asia Pacic Company Thomson Financial ThyssenKrupp AG Timeplex Group TMC HongKong Ltd. TNS TNT Asia Pacic Top Glory International Holdings Ltd. TPG Capital Ltd. Tricon Global Restaurants Triumph International Overseas Tsar & Tsai Law Firm Tsinghua Yuanxing Bio-pharm Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Turner Broadcasting Sales Southeast Asia Inc. Turner International Asia Pacic UBS AG United Engine Corporation United Technologies Automotive Unitex Metal & Plastic Accessories (Zhejiang) Ltd. Unysis China UOP Processes International Inc. Vaillant Verbatim (Hong Kong) Ltd. ViewSonic International Corporation Viholding/Vimetco Group Vivendi Water VTech Telecommunications Ltd. Wachovia Bank, NA, Hong Kong Wah Yuet (Ngs) Group Holdings Co. Ltd. Warner Shui Hing Ltd. Watson Wyatt Hong Kong Ltd. WeKIDS Children School/ WeKIDS Education Foundation, Taiwan Whitehead Mann Ltd. Winbo Industries (H.K.) Ltd. Wing Lung Bank Ltd. Wison Group Holding Ltd. Wonders Information Co., Ltd. Woori Global Markets Asia Ltd. World Sport Group Ltd. World Vision World Wide Fund For Nature World-Check Wuhan Langold Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Wybridge Holdings Ltd. Yahoo! Hong Kong Ltd. Yahoo! Inc. Yanlord Land Group Ltd. Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. Yum! Restaurants China Zenith Media

Akihiko Katayama
Head of Retail Risk Analytics, Asia-Pacic HSBC (KH07 , 2004-2005) The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA has helped me appreciate the business I am in, know how to manage it effectively and fell comfortable that I can provide leadership to my organization. By leveraging the 500 years of people experience that I found within my classroom, I was able to simulate a lot of team changes with my classmates and understand the impact of my decision on staff and customers before initiating changes at work. There was something in the classroom that I cannot account for the spirit of classroom learning lives on within us and the relationship I have built during the program continue to grow stronger. I am amazed how much we continue to explore each others passion at work and at home and the nurturing that goes on to channel this passion into something that my company, friends and family can enjoy. Thank you for connecting me to my wonderful friends students and professors, and the capabilities I now have to support a business.


Program administration

Judy Au Head Eva Wong Assistant Director Korie Law Program Ofcer Grace Yu Program Ofcer Cherry Chim Program Ofcer Evelyn Loo Program Ofcer Anthony Yeung Program Assistant

Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program Office Room 6549, 6/F , Annex Building The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Clear Water Bay, Kowloon Hong Kong www.bm.ust.hk/khemba