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Flight Attendant Manual


The Flight Attendant Manual (FAM) has been produced for the use and guidance of ExpressJet Airlines flight, management, and ground personnel as required under 14 CFR Part 121.333.

The FAA accepted manual outlines the duties, responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications of ExpressJet Airlines on all aircraft operated by ExpressJet under 14 CFR Part 91, 14 CFR Part 121, and other pertinent regulations.

ExpressJet Flight Attendants are responsible for complying with all applicable FARs and Company policies outlined in this manual. Each chapter and section in this manual contains instructions and information necessary for ExpressJet Flight Attendants to perform their duties with the highest degree of safety and in compliance with all regulatory documents. In circumstances where a published FAR is more restrictive than a policy contained in this manual, compliance with the FAR shall always take precedence. Company policy shall always take precedence when the policy is more restrictive than the FAR.

ExpressJet Vice President- Inflight Services or his/her designee are the only individuals authorized to direct crewmembers and other personnel to deviate from the procedures in this manual. Deviations from the procedures in this manual must be in accordance with applicable FARs. Persons on board an aircraft operated by ExpressJet are subject to the provisions of this manual. All appropriate Company personnel shall be knowledgeable of the contents of this manual and their employment classification as set forth in this manual and/or other departmental publications.

Manual System
14 CFR Part 121, Subpart G, prescribes requirements for preparing and maintaining manuals by all certificate holders. The FAM is part of the ExpressJet Publications System. The Publication System contains the policies and procedures that govern the operation of all ExpressJet aircraft. The system covers personnel employed by ExpressJet including flight crewmembers, Flight Attendants, ground service personnel, maintenance personnel, OCC personnel and station personnel.

Manual System
ExpressJet publications are the property of the Company and must be returned upon the employee separation from the Company. Manuals are not to be given to or shown to anyone outside of the Company (except FAA). Reproduction of the contents of any manual without written permission is prohibited. Each Flight Attendant is responsible for reading, being knowledgeable of, and adhering to the FAM, revisions, and bulletins. Manuals, or the appropriate portions of a manual, will be available to all areas of responsibility within the Company and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Manual System
Inflight base management is responsible for determining that all personnel under their supervision have read and are familiar with the appropriate parts of the ExpressJet applicable to their duties and responsibilities. The FAM shall be issued, maintained and revised in accordance with Chapter 1 Section 4 of the Corporate Policy Manual.

14 CFR Part 121.137(b) requires that each Flight Attendant keep their assigned manual up-to-date with the changes and additions furnished by the Company and shall have the manual accessible on board any flight they have been assigned duties. Failure to do so may result in a personal fine per leg flown without a current manual being levied against the Flight Attendant by the FAA.

Each Flight Attendant is responsible for ensuring their assigned manual is readily accessible on all assigned flights and during all training assignments, and that the manual is up-to-date, complete, and correct. Manuals are not considered up-to-date unless all revisions and bulletins are inserted in the appropriate order and noted on the Record of Revisions and/or FAM-Bulletin Log page.

Each manual holder is responsible for keeping his or her manual upto-date by: Inserting revisions and bulletins immediately upon receipt. Familiarizing himself or herself with the changes introduced in that publication. Acknowledging receipt of the publication as outlines in the instructions accompanying the publication. Flight Attendants shall check Xjet.com for the most current publications at duty-in to ensure their assigned manual is current prior to their first flight or training event.

Failure to properly maintain an assigned FAM may result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Disciplinary Policy section of the Flight Attendant Handbook. Cabin Line Observation Flight (CLOFT) Evaluators shall spot-check FAMs to ensure they are properly maintained and up-to-date. A charge of $50 is incurred for replacement of a lost or stolen manual (without a police report). Replacement binders and the manual contents may be purchased separately for $25 each. Contact a base management to obtain missing revisions, bulletins, or other manual pages.

Numbering System
The FAM Numbering system includes three (3) numbers. For example, FAM 1-1.3 represents the following:
1. The first number represents the chapter (Chapter 1).
The second number represents the chapter section (Chapter 1, Section 1). The third number (if present) represents the section page number, (Chapter 1, Section 1, Page 3).



The entire Flight Attendant Manual may be periodically reissued at the discretion of the Company. Changes incorporated in a reissued manual will be outlined in the instruction page accompanying the reissue.

Each manual holder must familiarize himself or herself with the changes as outlined in the instruction page.
Revision bars will not be used in a reissued manual.

Revisions to the FAM as required by changes to the regulations or operations shall be issued in accordance with Chapter 1 Section 4 of the Corporate Policy Manual. A vertical bar (revision bar) in the margin indicates a change, addition, or deletion in the adjacent text for the current revision of that page only. The change bar is dropped at the next revision of that page.
(An example of the change bars is illustrated on the right.)

Revisions are numbered sequentially. Each page of the new revision will contain the date the revision was issued along with the revision number.

Bulletins are temporary supplements or amendments to the FAM that contain mandatory policies and/or procedural changes that must be relayed to applicable personnel immediately.

Bulletins provide additional information or reiteration of existing policies and are issued by ExpressJet Inflight Publications when operational or regulatory changes dictate.

Each bulletin is assigned a unique reference number. Bulletins remain in effect and maintained in the manual until superseded or incorporated into the manual through revision or reissue.
The Bulletin Log page will list the number and the date of all current bulletins that shall be in the manual. Bulletins not listed in the Bulletin Log shall not be in the manual.

Missing FAM
Should a Flight Attendant lose possession of his/her FAM, the Flight Attendant must immediately notify base management upon discovery that the FAM is unavailable/missing, and follow instructions.

Missing FAM
Away from Domicile Should a Flight Attendant lose possession of his/her FAM, he/she must: Immediately notify Captain (PIC) upon discovery that FAM is unavailable/missing.

Immediately notify base management upon discovery that FAM is unavailable/missing and follow instructions.

Approved FAM Stowage Locations

To meet the requirement that manuals be readily accessible on all assigned flights, Flight Attendants should keep their manuals in a location on the aircraft which affords easy access.

List of Effective Pages

The List of Effective Pages is found in the manual and is used as guidance for manual compliance. This is the most current information contained in the manual.

List of Effective Pages: Worksheet Instructions

This worksheet is a base reference to ensure your Flight Attendant Manual has all of the current pages. Instruction on using this reference:
1. Insert the revision in your Flight Attendant Manual using the instructions provided. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO USING THIS REFERENCE Go through your Flight Attendant Manual page by page.


List of Effective Pages: Instructions

3. Ensure each page has the date that is listed in the List of Effective Pages located in the LOEP chapter of your Flight Attendant Manual.
*If the page and date are correct in your manual, place a check mark or your initials next to the page and date on the worksheet.

4. If the page and date are incorrect or if you are missing a page in your manual, leave the page and date blank or highlight it on this worksheet, so it can be easily reference later.
Note: To use this reference tool for manual compliance, Flight Attendants can complete the FAM current LOEP Worksheet available on Xjet.com via Inflight Documents > Manuals > Flight Attendant Manual > FAM current Worksheet

List of Effective Pages: Instructions

5. Once you have gone through the entire Flight Attendant Manual, make a list of pages that are incorrect or missing. For example:
Page 6-3.1 dated 4/01/12 missing Page 6-3.3 dated 6/7/10 incorrect- should be 4/01/12

6. Send a request for the correct pages via email to your base management The email should include:
Your name The pages needed with the appropriate date (can be found in the List of Effective Pages)

Note: Bulletins will not be listed in the LOEP as they are temporary additions or updates to the Flight Attendant Manual. For a list of effective bulletins, Flight Attendants can complete the FAM current Bulletin Worksheet available on Xjet.com via Inflight Documents > Manuals > Flight Attendant Manual > FAM current Bulletin Worksheet

Manual Pockets
The inside pocket of the manual should only contain:
Passport Liquor fund Pen and/or Pencil Flashlight

NOTE: Your Flight Attendant Certificate may also be placed in the clear pocket of the manual.

You now have the knowledge and tools to ensure manual compliance. You may refer to this course as often as you like to refresh your memory. Should you still have questions, please contact your base management or the Methods and Standards department.