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Apply 5S procedures in a competitive manufacturing organisation

Level Credits Purpose 3 5 This standard comprises this cover sheet and Australian unit of competency MCMT2 0A! People credited "ith this standard are a#le to sort needed from unneeded$ set the "or%place in order$ shine the "or% area$ standardise activities$ and sustain the 5& system in a competitive manufacturing organisation! This standard covers the %no"ledge and s%ills needed for an employee to apply 5& procedures 'a structured approach to house%eeping( to their o"n )o# and "or% area! Subfield Domain Status Status date Date version published Planned review date Entry information eplacement information Accreditation Manufacturing &%ills Competitive Manufacturing *egistered 2+ &eptem#er 2005 20 ,une 20030 &eptem#er 200+ .pen! This unit standard replaced unit standard 18/33! 0valuation of documentation and visit #y 123A and industry! Competen4 0188

Standard setting body !SS"#

Accreditation and $oderation Action Plan !A$AP# reference

This AMAP can #e accessed at http566"""!n47a!govt!n46frame"or%6search6inde8!do!

1e" 2ealand 3ualifications Authority 201

21508 version 3 Page 2 of 3 Australian %ualifications &ramewor' Details (nit of Competency Code (nit of Competency )ame Developer Special notes 1 The Australian unit of competency can #e accessed using this lin%5 MCMT2 0A Apply 5S procedures in a manufacturing environment ! The MCM0 Competitive Manufacturing Training Pac%age can #e do"nloaded from the 1ational Training :nformation &ervice! This standard has #een registered on 1e" 2ealand<s 1ational 3ualifications =rame"or% '13=( as part of the Mutual *ecognition of >ocational 0ducation and Training 3ualifications #et"een Australia and 1e" 2ealand9 and has #een endorsed #y the Competitive Manufacturing Consortium in 1e" 2ealand9 esta#lished #y Competen4! Memorandum of ?nderstanding The Manufacturing9 0ngineering and *elated &ervices :ndustry Training Advisory ;ody 'M0*&:TA;( acts as the secretariat for the Competitive Manufacturing :nitiative 'CM:(! CM: is a colla#orative response from Australia@s Manufacturing :ndustries Training Advisory ;odies ':TA;s(9 the developers of the CM: Training Pac%age! A memorandum of understanding has #een esta#lished #et"een C.MP0T0129 on #ehalf of the Competitive Manufacturing :T. Consortium in 1e" 2ealand9 and the M0*&:TA;! The memorandum of understanding outlines5 the agreement #et"een C.MP0T012 and M0*&:TA; on moderation in 1e" 2ealand9 the accreditation of providers in 1e" 2ealand9 and the provision for participation of the 1e" 2ealand industry in the revie" of this competency standard in the future! =urther information relating to accreditation and moderation of this standard is outlined in AMAP 0188! All "or%place practices must meet recognised codes of practice9 and documented "or%place health9 safety and environmental procedures '"here these e8ceed the code( for personal9 product* "or%place health9 safety9 and environmental matters9 and the o#ligations re7uired under current la" including the Aealth and &afety in 0mployment Act 1//29 *esource Management Act 1//19 and their su#se7uent amendments! Befinition Competitive Manufacturing is used to descri#e the range of systematic manufacturing practice concepts and approaches! :t covers #ut is not limited to5 lean manufacturing$ agile manufacturing$ monitoring and data gathering systems such as &ystems Control and Bata Ac7uisition '&CABA( soft"are9 0nterprise *esource Planning '0*P( systems9 Manufacturing *esource Planning 'M*P(9 and proprietary systems such as &AP etc$ statistical process control systems such as si8 sigma and three sigma$ )ust in time9 %an#an and other pull related manufacturing control systems$ supply9 value9 and demand chain monitoring and analysis$ and other continuous improvement systems! MCMT2 0A Apply 5& procedures in a manufacturing environment The Manufacturing9 0ngineering and *elated &ervices :ndustry Training Advisory ;ody 'M0*&:TA;(

1e" 2ealand 3ualifications Authority 201

21508 version 3 Page 3 of 3 Competitive Manufacturing should #e interpreted to ta%e into account the stage of implementation of competitive manufacturing approaches9 the enterprise@s si4e and "or% organisation9 culture9 regulatory environment and manufacturing sector! Please note Providers must #e accredited #y the 3ualifications Authority9 or an interCinstitutional #ody "ith delegated authority for 7uality assurance9 #efore they can report credits from assessment against unit standards or deliver courses of study leading to that assessment! :ndustry Training .rganisations must #e accredited #y the 3ualifications Authority #efore they can register credits from assessment against unit standards! Accredited providers and :ndustry Training .rganisations assessing against standards must engage "ith the moderation system that applies to those standards! Accreditation re7uirements and an outline of the moderation system that applies to this standard are outlined in the Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan 'AMAP(! The AMAP also includes useful information a#out special re7uirements for organisations "ishing to develop education and training programmes9 such as minimum 7ualifications for tutors and assessors9 and special resource re7uirements! Comments on this unit standard Please contact the Competen4 at infoDcompeten4!org!n4 if you "ish to suggest changes to the content of this standard!

1e" 2ealand 3ualifications Authority 201

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