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Boeing 767 Checklist

IRS Mode Selectors Yaw Dumper Switches ECC Hydraulic Panel Overhead Cautions Evacuation Signal Panel HF Radio Baterry Switch Stand by Power Selector Electrical Panel APU As required Cocpit Voice Recorder Emergency Light Passenger Oxygen Switch Ram Air Turbine Switch Ignition Switch Engine Start Selectors Fuel Jettison Panel Fuel Panel Fuel Quantity and Balance Engine and Wings Anti Ice Exterior Lights Cargo Heat Window Heat HF Radio Passenger Signs Pressurization Panel Equipment Cooling Switch Temperature Control Knobs Trim Air Switch Recirc Fan Switches Pack Control Selectors Isolation Switches Engines Bleeds Switches APU Bleed Switch FMC AFDS Panel Nav On On Check Check Check Off On Auto Check Test Armed Blank Blank Set Auto Off Set Check Off As Required Off On Off As Required Set Auto As Required On On As Required On On On Program Set Enter FMC POS INIT

Primary engine On other Off Guarded Off and EVAC test

All switches should be On Start Apu or Ext Power

1 - odd, 2 - even days, BOTH - cold weather Switches blank All Off

Landing ALT, AUTO 1-2---odd-even, Auto rate

If APU - AUTO, if Ext.pwr - Off

Flight Instruments


Warning Annunciators Stand by Engine Gauges Autobrakes

Check Auto Auto

NAV1 man or AUTO FD ON A/T Off IAS/MACH Set V2 from FMC HDG ALT Disengage bar UP NAV2 man or Auto ISS - Norm Airspeed - Check and Set bugs for TO RMI - Set pointer controls and verify heading EADI - Check EHSI - Check - range and display mode ASA - Blank Altimeter - Set VSI - Indicated 0 Clock - Set Stand by Instrument - Set All Off



TRP Flap Indicator Alternate Flap Selector Landing Gear Alternate Gear Switch GND PROX Override Switches Parking Brake Stabilizer Trim Stab Trim Cutout Switches Spoilers Throttles Fuel Control Switches Flaps Engine and APU Fire Panel Cargo Fire Panel Transporder Comm Panel Audio Panel ILS Frequency Aileron and Ruder Trim

Set Set 0 Norm Down Green Guarded OFF Off Set Set Norm Down Closed Cut Off UP Normal Normal Set Set Set As required Set 0

Check CAS Messages for abnormal sit. Check Engine gauges for normal indications Check Status Page Set Lower EICAS for Engine Data TO and Derate ALTN not displayed in LE, TE switches

Set Green, 4 is normal

No handle is put or turned

Set Radios as required Set to PARK or ILS frequency for departure

Before Starting Engines

Hydraulics Panel Fuel Panel Red Anti-Collision Lights Pack Switches Stabilizer Trim Flight Controls On Set On Off Confirm Check On primary electric pump, all demand AUTO ON all tanks with fuel

In green Display STATUS page and confirm correct mov

Start Engines
L or R Start Selector L or R Fuel Control Switch At 50% N2 Confirm Start Selector Repeat procedure for sec. engine GND Run Auto Right engine start first When N2 reaches min 18% Abort start if temp EGT >750 during start

After Starting Engines

Pack Switches Isolation Switches Cargo Heat Switches Engine Ani-Ice APU Switch Autobrake Selector EICAS Ground Equipment Auto Off On As Required Off RTO Recall and Check Disconnect

Use if Temp is below 10C

Check for CAS messages

Before Takeoff
Parking Brake Flaps Takeoff Briefing Accomplish Released Set for TO 5 or 15 Verify performance and Nav data in FMC

Exterior Lights Transporder Throttles A/T Verify 80 knots Monitor Air speed for V1 and VR Positive Rate of Climb At 400' AT 1000' Flaps Set TA-RA Advance Arm N1 mode Landing, white anti-collision 70% N1 Verify THR HOLD mode at V1 establish 15 pich and follow FD Gear UP LNAV or HDG VNAV or FL CH Retract

Climb thrust


Set speed to 250 Vref30 + 20 ---- 5 Vref30 + 40 ---- 1 Vref30 + 60 ---- UP After Flaps UP maintain a min speed Vref30+80 Norm is 250 until 10 000' then accel. 300 knots Verify set CLB, CLB1, or CLB2

Climb and Cruise

Above 10 000' Above 18 000' Fuel Panel Landing lights OFF Altimeter STD 29.92 Monitor Monitor Balance

Below 18 000' Below 10 000' Verify FMC arrival and approach Flight Instruments and Radio Airspeed Bugs Autobrakes Aproach Briefing Altimeter Landing Lights On Set Set As required Complete Set Local

Flaps Extend Vref30 + 80 ---- 1 Vref30 + 60 ---- 5 Vref30 + 40 ---- 15/20 Vref30 + 20 ---- 25/30 Flaps 5 and speed 180 Gear Down flaps 20 Flaps 25 or 30

On Downwind Glideslope alive or 1500' Speed brakes Glideslope capture or 1000' Set Missed Approach Altitude Monitor aproach progress Upon Touchdown



Disconnect AP and autobrakes Use reversers and brakes

After Landing
Exterior Lights FD Autobrakes Speed Brakes Flaps Transporder APU As required Off Off Down UP Off As required

Parking Brake APU or External Power Engine Anti-Ice Isolation Switches Fuel Control Switches Seat Belt Sign Hydraulic Panel Fuel Pump Switches Red Anti-Collision Lights Set Establish Off On Cut Off Off Set Off Off

Turn Off primary electr. Pumps and all demand pumps except primary engine

Complete Shutdown
IRS Mode Selectors Emergency Lights Window Heat Switches Cargo Heat Switches Pack Switches APU or External Power Stand-by Power Selector Battery Switch Off Off Off Off Off Deselect Off Off