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Proposal to Launch an E-MBA in Strategic Leadership Program under NITTE University: A Concept Note.

Draft Initiated by Dr. Babu George, JKSHIM, NITTE Dated: 31/01/2014 Name of the Program: E-MBA in Strategic Leadership Target Group: The NITTE E-MBA is specifically designed for executives in the middle and the upper level management as well as for those who have a critical minimum entrepreneurial experience. Rationale: 1. Businesses are increasingly realizing that their middle and top management should be educationally qualified in order to continue to excel in the leadership roles 2. Traditional MBA programs are tailored for the relatively inexperienced fresh-out-of-college undergraduates willing to commit two more continuous years on campus and do not meet the needs of the above segment 3. Executive MBA option is still very limited in the South Canara region. 4. NITTE-JKSHIM has established leadership role as an institution imparting high quality business education for the traditional segment(s). We have also gained significant competence in imparting tailor made short term programs for the needs of the industry. These competencies can be ported relatively easy to design, develop, and deliver an E-MBA program. 5. This could be our first opportunity to try and test the NITTE University brand in the field of business education. Objectives of the Program: Help the executives develop perspectives that are infused with deep naturalistic-humanistic concerns and practical consequence. Develop thought leadership among practicing managers, as a result of which they would add significant value not only to their profession but to society as a whole. Focus on creating the ability to add to the quality of life today without negatively affecting the ability of future generations to do the same. Program Structure: Four flexible terms, each for 3 months, so that a smart learner can complete the program in one year. New cohorts will begin on July 1, every year. Minimum required credit hours: 36 o 9 credit hours per term 6 core-credit hours and 3 optional credit hours o Credit transfer requests on a course-by-course basis may be considered based on prior graduate level work from accredited institutions

The faculty board reserves the right to accept/decline such requests and to determine the extent of equivalence between courses During each term, cohorts will meet face to face for one week, continuously. o Meets during the beginning of term 1, middle of terms 2&3, end of term 4. Meets during terms 1, 2, &3 will be held on campus. The meet during term 4 will be organized as an international study tour. This field study will compares how business is conducted and how cultures vary in other countries. Those opting out of the study tour component will have the option to undertake a self-guided research project (Capstone Research Project) and submit the report of the same. o Attendance during these residential sessions will be compulsory o Remaining part of the instruction will employ e-learning tools o As long as students complete the residential sessions when these sessions are offered, they are free to complete the remaining portions of the courses at their own pace.

Courses: Term 1 Course Compulsory Management Process Marketing Management Human Resource Management Optional Appreciating Art Philosophy of management Managing Innovations

Credits 2 2 2 3 3 3

Term 2 Course Compulsory Financial Management Business Research Methods Organizational Behavior Optional Sustainable Development Spirituality in Management Project Management

Credits 2 2 2 3 3 3

Term 3 Course Compulsory


International Business Entrepreneurship Business Analytics Optional Critical and Creative Thinking Current Issues in Business Managing Change

2 2 2 3 3 3

Term 4 Course Compulsory Strategic Management Business Leadership E-Business Optional Study Tour Capstone Research Project

Credits 2 2 2 3 3

Admissions: Resume. Submit a current resume Proof of current or past employment that shows at least 3-5 years of supervisory-managerial experience in a legally registered business organization. o The admission board will have discretionary powers to make amendments to this provision in special situations, on a case by case basis. Letters of Recommendation. Submit two current letters of recommendation from among the professional contacts of the applicant Essay: An essay with 500-800 words outlining personal and professional motivations for seeking an E-MBA Undergraduate degree: Proof of holding an undergraduate degree or equivalent Application Deadline: 31 May of each year

Program Fee: Rs.10000 per credit (Rs.360000 in total for the entire program, if the student does not take more than 36 credit hours). o Rs.7500 per credit, if the student has already done graduate work on relevant courses, provided transcripts could be submitted and upon the approval of the credit transfer request by the faculty board. A fee of Rs.15000 on-campus residential session (Rs.45000 per program). This fee includes a weeks accommodation and food. A fee of approximately Rs.100000 for the week-long all-inclusive international study tour.