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Picture Discribtion;

It is an artificial city park. Science this park is made by human so its known as artificial park instead of Natural Park. This park is situated in an urban area not in country area or rural area because its a part of the city or town so that the citizens can refresh their mind and body rather than their robotic life. This park is ery nice! pompously illumined by the nature! for its feather touch our tiredness "oes out from our body in a trice! teaches us to lo e our nature a"ain. In east and west both side has a "ate. #ut the "ate of west side is for the entrance and the other "ate of the east side is the e$it "ate. #oth sides "ates are made of hard metal because these tow "ates are the best medium to control the security of the park and with other rele ant thin"s. %e find a hut is there &ust after the entrance "ate at west! its situated at the south side. This hut is the residence of the keeper of this park. 'is hut is close to the "ate because he has to obser e and "uards all the thin"s of this park. 'e has to li e in the park! because he has to maintain the total security and sol e if any problem arise. 'e has to know who is comin" in the park. %ho is doin" what( #esides he is "ardener. So he seems like the owner come florist of this park. There are tennis courts &ust behind the keepers hut. )nly who does not come to the park for "ossipin"! roamin" hither and thither or crunchin" pea*nuts they use to practice in the tennis courts. +enerally the youn"sters come here to play tennis. #esides playin" the tennis at the same time we can find some spectator come to see the "ame. ,lthou"h lawn*tennis is not so much popular nonetheless its practice will be seen here. There was a path in the park which leads from the entrance "ate to the e$it "ate. #ut this path looks like some kinds of peculiar because from the ori"in till the end this road is compressed somewhere! somewhere is wide. #ut in the middle of the path it fetched and "i es place for a

band stand. #and sta"e is a wooden sta"e. ,n umbrella is positioned &ust upon the band stand! which ne er can be closed. There are some chairs &ust on the band stand! so that the spectators of the park can en&oy the natural beauty. ,t a time some people come here to picnic and use this band stand. Sometimes people come here to hold important meetin". %ho come at the noon! he can sit on the band stand and can refresh them. Topmost "ettin" out from the mechanism of our society any one can take a Smokey cup of tea and can en&oy the ast beauty of nature. ,t the corner side of the north and east there is a flower bed in the park. The flower bed is surrounded with bamboo fence for its security. -ause this flower bed could be dama"ed by any kind of animal or people. This fence is also arran"ed for! that nobody cant pick any flowers or tears any petals. #esides this flower bed keeps the total side fascinated with its aroma. The aroma "ets spread at the e ery corner throu"h the air. ,fter all flower is one of the elements that directly come from hea en. ,t the northern and southern side of the path there are some bi" trees! which pro ide shadow durin" the sunshine. Sometimes tired people take rest by sittin" under the tree. There is a spacious "rass carpet field at the southern side. This "rass field is totally natural but the "rasses are cut in a same shape! thats why its called +rass carpet. The "rasses are cut so small and clean! so that the soil can be seen. If we look more far to the south! then we will see a stream is flowin" zi"za" in the park. , stream is flowin" body of water with a current! confined within a bed and stream banks. +enerally stream creates from waterfall. This stream is not natural and contains some water. Stream water is so clean and transparent like mirror! what is demanded to drink! it feels like drinkin" or ha in" the water with my hearts content. The park is surrounded by a boundary! which contains tow type of characteristics. The southern boundary is hea ily protected by stone

wall. -ause there is traffic rode &ust a side the stone wall! which contains arious risk of accident. #ut same time the northern boundary is li"htly protected by fence. #ecause the northern side of the park is urban area. Science its urban area so there are no possibilities of any kinds of criminal offence. #eside due the de eloped security of this park has the pleasant en ironment of this park has become ery much en&oyable.