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June / Level Exam

(11th & 12th Grades)
Bu testte 80 soru vardýr. Cevaplama süreniz 120 dakikadýr.


1-20. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1.  Although the …… outcome remains
uncertain, the agreed-upon plan seems to be working out quite well for the time being. A) fortunate C) final B) endless D) obvious E) considerate

5.  Wheat grows so …… in the midwestern
United States that every year a large surplus is produced. A) abundantly B) slightly C) barely D) optionally E) primarily

2.  The town of Dharamsala, located in the

Himalayan foothills, enjoys a …… climate, with extremes of neither heat nor cold. A) dense C) cunning B) mild D) treacherous

E) religious

3.  Having climbed all the way to the top of
the hill in Anadolu Kavaðý, we were disappointed that the …… was so poor that we could not see the Black Sea. A) occurrence B) assistance C) distance D) attitude E) visibility

4.  The …… of German cars has always

B) loyalty D) reliability

languages are native to India, English is also spoken …… there. A) exactly B) exclusively C) extensively D) accidentally E) annually

6.  Though Hindi and dozens of other

7.  Though Turkey did not …… militarily in

World War II, it did provide Germany with raw materials. A) determine B) participate C) contradict D) specify E) compare

8.  The opinions to be found in the letters
section of this newspaper do not necessarily …… the opinions of the editors. A) encounter C) frustrate E) fasten B) reflect D) decide

been superior to that of Japanese cars; they do not break down so much. A) sensitivity C) actuality E) ability

9.  I can't …… with my brother at all; we always argue about something. A) get along B) do over C) break in D) take after E) look out


English Language Studies

 although dietary fibre …… provides no nutrients. A) have been waiting / stepped B) are waiting / will step C) waited / will have stepped D) will be waiting / step E) had waited / were stepping E S L 17. to the candle wax. A) taken in B) broken into C) put aside D) flooded in E) looked through 11. he brought a lot of publicity. …… the rainy season.ELS-$DS 10. The tourists are looking …… holiday souvenirs to take home …… them.  I am filled …… admiration …… those who devote their lives to helping people less fortunate than themselves. I've been looking at the details of our holiday in America again and we could stay …… week for only seven hundred dollars more. Dieticians stress that. Messages of sympathy have absolutely …… since the news of his death was announced. From the beginning of mankind. The charity was overjoyed when a pop star promoted their cause because. A) for / towards B) in / from C) with / for D) up / to E) out / about 12. after this victory. it aids the absorption of ……. …… making a large donation. the southwestern coast of India receives 25 cm of rainfall. A) had accepted / didn't insist B) ought to accept / weren't insisting C) have accepted / won't be insisting D) were accepting / wouldn't insist E) might have accepted / hadn't insisted 20. an ingredient of animal fat. hundreds of supporters …… at the airport to welcome their footballers as they …… off the plane. A) another C) each other E) other B) others D) the others English Language Studies 13 . men …… with each other and this human trait …… both negative and positive consequences. I expect. it is an essential element in a healthy diet. A) its / theirs B) them / it C) their / its D) theirs / themselves E) itself / them 14. In the 19th century chemists …… that candles …… harder by adding stearic acid. A) at / to B) for / with C) across / for D) after / from E) into / through 16. therefore. I …… their offer if they …… on me working on Saturdays as well. A) compete / will be having B) are competing / is having C) have been competing / has had D) were competing / is going to have E) are going to compete / has 13. A) despite C) moreover E) since B) no matter D) besides 19. A) When C) As soon as E) While B) By the time D) During 18.  A) were discovered / were made B) have discovered / had been made C) would be discovered / had to make D) were discovering / must have made E) discovered / could be made 15.

. which extends from southern Africa to Turkey....  Not only did 20th-century Irish satirist Brian O’Nolan speak Irish fluently... 26. A) strengths C) infections E) wastes 14 English Language Studies . The Dead Sea receives (23) .. point on the Earth's surface. strokes.. verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz... or no sunburn because the sun's harmful ultraviolet (25) .. Although aspirin is primarily regarded as a simple pain killer... A) as C) even E) just 24........ the Dead Sea is (22) . sorularda. …… .ELS-$DS 21-25. sorularda. 417 m below sea level.... and some forms of cancer C) Hippocrates knew about some of the effects of its ingredients in the 5th century BC D) some people use it to end the discomfort of minor headaches E) Felix Hoffman may not actually have been its inventor as was originally thought A) low enough B) lower C) so low D) as low E) the lowest 23.. It is part of a long depression on the Earth's surface called the Great Rift Valley... 26-31. (21) . 5-10 centimetres of rain a year.. and it is the only place on Earth where people can sunbathe for extended periods with (24) . are filtered out by its unique atmosphere..  …….. A) which is a Celtic language most closely related to Scots Gaelic B) as well as the satirical novel An Béal Bocht C) but he also wrote hundreds of newspaper columns in the language D) nor did he ever publish his great novel The Third Policeman E) and his pen name in The Irish Times was Myles na gCopaleen 28. A) some types can be dissolved in water to make it easier to swallow B) it can also help to prevent heart attacks. A) few C) little E B) like D) for B) several D) none B) shines D) rays S L 27.... but the former is more thoughtful while the latter is quite savage. 21. A) Lying B) To lie C) Having lain D) To have lain E) Lain 22... A) There have been at least four major English translations of the Gilgamesh epic B) There are some similarities between the characters of Gilgamesh and Enkidu C) Since Babylonia combined the two territories of Sumer and Akkad D) First told in the Sumerian language but written down only in Akkadian E) John Gardner’s translation of the Gilgamesh epic was the most poetic E) any 25. aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. …… ..

 or it will go off if it's left out here any longer.M.  It shouldn’t be more than about 10 or 12. I think. wasn’t it? D) How many books is Isaac Asimov supposed to have written? E) Did E. The latter. the streets were flooded and rubbish had blown everywhere. Forster or Aldous Huxley write Point Counter Point? A) As the waves crashed against the cliffs far below B) After three days of non-stop rain and high winds C) As part of the council's new road cleaning policy D) Unexpectedly. sorularda. A) Have you got any idea about the number of people coming tonight? B) That was quite a crowded party. it’s among his best novels. vegetables should be refrigerated even in winter C) During the winter months. who might easily be affected by so much aggression B) however. some people try to apply certain scenes from films to real life C) no matter how many times psychologists warn film producers about aggression D) who wouldn't enjoy the film otherwise E) because it was going to be shown at peak viewing time 31. A) You said John Kennedy Toole only wrote two novels. 32. you can keep your fruit out on the balcony D) Please put that bottle of milk in the fridge E) We bought more food than was really necessary 32-34. A) I’m furious about what my boss said to me the other day! B) What on earth are you doing to that poor dog? C) Have you gotten over your ear infection yet? D) What’s the best remedy for an ear that’s always ringing? E) Basset hounds have the silliest ears. don’t you think? C) There aren’t any more eggs left for breakfast tomorrow. in fact. right? B) Was it in French that Samuel Beckett first wrote Waiting for Godot? C) It was in 1968 that Yasunari Kawabata won the Nobel prize. A) A deep-freeze requires a continuous supply of electricity for the food in it B) In centrally heated houses. E S L 33. an underground pipe suddenly burst E) We switched on the television in time to catch the latest weather forecast English Language Studies 15 . don’t you think? 34.ELS-$DS 29. ……. Calm down—I’m only checking his ears for infection. verilen cümlenin hangi sorunun cevabı olduğunu bulunuz. Some of the violent scenes were not included in the edited version …… . are there? D) Should we get there a couple of hours early or not? E) What time did you say your parents’ flight will be arriving? 30. A) so it is certainly not for children. …….

Fransýz cerrah Ambroise Paré’ýn yaralý askerler için yapay el ve kol yapmaya baþlamasýyla. E S L 38. Bandung is surrounded by rice fields. pirinç tarlalarý. elli sekiz önemli denemenin yazarýdýr. 16. þelaleler ve 2150 metre yüksekliðe kadar ulaþan volkanik daðlarla çevrili Bandung. Batý Java’nýn baþkentidir. protez bilimi doðmuþtur. ciddi konularda elli sekiz deneme yayýmlamýþ olan Francis Bacon'dýr. sorularda. E) Batý Java'nýn baþkenti Bandung. verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz. A)  Coleridge. 16 English Language Studies . D) Batý Java'nýn baþkenti Bandung. 37. The first outstanding English essayist was Francis Bacon. neredeyse 2150 metre yüksekliðe ulaþýr. waterfalls. yüzyýlda. ilk önemli Ýngiliz deneme yazarý olarak bilinir. albatros öldürmenin uðursuzluk getireceði batýl inancýný anlatan "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"dýr. B) Albatros öldürmenin uðursuzluk getireceði batýl inancýna dayanan meþhur þiir "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". yüzyýlda. pirinç tarlalarý ve þelalelerle çevrilidir ve yakýnlarýndaki volkanik daðlar. yüzyýl Fransýz cerrahý Ambroise Paré’ýn yaralý askerler için yapay el ve kol geliþtirmesi. B) Ciddi konularda elli sekiz deneme yayýmlamýþ olan Francis Bacon. The capital of West Java. E)  16. yüzyýldan beri protez bir bilim olarak kabul edilmektedir. albatros öldürmenin uðursuzluk getireceði batýl inancýna dayanýr. bilim olarak protezin baþlangýcý kabul edilmektedir. ciddi konularda elli sekiz deneme yayýmlamýþtýr. who published fiftyeight essays on serious matters. önemli konularda elli sekiz deneme yayýmlamýþ olan Ýngiliz deneme yazarýdýr.150 metres. A) Ýlk önemli Ýngiliz deneme yazarý olarak kabul edilen Francis Bacon. yüzyýl Fransýz cerrahý Ambroise Paré’a atfedilmektedir. and volcanic mountains that rise to a height of nearly 2. þelaleler ve 2150 metre yüksekliðe kadar ulaþan volkanik daðlar vardýr. Coleridge tarafýndan yazýlmýþtýr. D) Fransýz cerrah Ambroise Paré’ýn yaralý askerler için yapay el ve kol yapmaya baþladýðý 16. C) Francis Bacon. The famous poem by Coleridge. "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". 35. C)  16. D) Coleridge'in meþhur þiiri "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". yaralý askerler için yapay el ve kol geliþtiren 16. A)  Pirinç tarlalarý. pirinç tarlalarý. 36. B) Bilim olarak protezin yaratýcýsý kabul edilen Fransýz cerrah Ambroise Paré.ELS-$DS 35-40. þelaleler ve neredeyse 2150 metre yüksekliðe ulaþan volkanik daðlarla çevrilidir. D) Ýlk önemli Ýngiliz deneme yazarý. albatros öldürmenin uðursuzluk getireceði batýl inancýný anlatýr. C)  Coleridge'in en meþhur þiiri.  The origin of prosthetics as a science is attributed to the 16th-century French surgeon Ambroise Paré. yüksekliði 2150 metreyi bulan volkanik daðlar bulunmaktadýr. "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" adlý meþhur þiirinde. E)  "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" Coleridge'in en meþhur þiiridir ve albatros öldürmenin uðursuzluk getireceði batýl inancýný anlatýr. C) Batý Java'nýn pirinç tarlalarý ve þelalelerle çevrili baþkenti Bandung’un yakýnlarýnda. B) Batý Java'nýn baþkenti Bandung’un çevresinde. A)  Bilim olarak protezin baþlangýcý. E)  Ciddi konularda denemeler yayýmlayan ilk Ýngiliz olan Francis Bacon. who devised artificial hands and arms for wounded soldiers. is based on the superstition that killing an albatross brings bad luck. yaralý askerler için yapay el ve kol üretmiþtir.

E) Whereas summers are long and dry. winters are short and wet. hardly ever drops below zero. D) Müziğin sakinleştirici özelliği. B) Winters in Adelaide.  A) Aktif volkanları gözleyen bilim insanları. B) Gözlemleri sonucu elde ettikleri bilgiler. yazlar ise uzun ve kuraktır. while summers are long and dry.ELS-$DS 39. the questions in a survey must be in logical order and easily comprehensible to individuals of different educational levels. 40. Scientists observe active volcanoes to obtain information that might help predict the timing and intensity of the eruptions. E)  In public opinion polls. where the temperature only falls below zero on rare occasions. Sıcaklığın nadiren sıfırın altına düştüğü Adelaide'de. C)  Public opinion surveys have questions that are designed so as to conform to a logical order and be readily comprehensible to individuals of different educational levels. sorularda. where winters are short and wet and summers are long and dry. E) Sinirlerinin yatışması. B)  The questions in surveys of public opinion are logically arranged and easy to understand for persons of differing levels of education. dertlerini unutup hemen uykuya dalmasında çok etkili oluyordu. D) Tahmin edilen zamandan önce şiddetli patlamalar olabilir olasılığıyla. anketteki sorular mantýklý bir sýrada ve çeþitli eðitim düzeyindeki bireyler için kolayca anlaþýlabilir olmalýdýr.  A) The summers in Adelaide are dry and last for a long time. D)  A logical order and the ability to be easily understood by persons of differing educational levels are the requirements for the questions in a survey of public opinion. D) In Adelaide. aktif volkanları gözleyerek edindikleri bilgilerin yardımıyla. A) Müziğin sakinleştirici etkisiyle çok geçmeden bütün endişelerini unuttu ve derin bir uykuya daldı. survey questions ought to be arranged logically. C) Bilim insanları. 41-46. E S L 42. C) The temperature in Adelaide. kışlar kısa ve yağışlı. are short and wet. patlamaların zamanını ve şiddetini tahmin etmeye yardımcı olabilecek bilgiyi toplamak için aktif volkanları gözlerler. B) Müzik o kadar sakinleştiriciydi ki kısa sürede tüm sıkıntılarından uzaklaşıp derin bir uykuya daldı. verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz. English Language Studies 17 . 41. the temperature in Adelaide seldom drops below zero in the short and wet winters there. as well as being readily comprehensible for individuals with different educational levels. while summers are usually long and dry. With the soothing effect of the music. patlamaların şiddetinden volkanın bir daha ne zaman püsküreceğine ilişkin bilgileri elde ederler. bilim insanları aktif volkanları gözlem altında tutarlar. aktif bir volkanın püsküreceği anı ve patlamaların şiddetini tahmin etme konusunda bilim insanlarına yardımcı olmaktadır. E) Bilim insanları.  A)  According to public opinion polls. where the temperature seldom drops below zero. kaygılarını unutup derin bir uykuya dalması için en etkili yöntem müzik dinlemekti. Kamuoyu yoklamalarýnda. whereas the winters are short and wet with temperatures rarely falling below zero. C) Müzik dinlemek sinirlerini yatıştırıyor ve kolayca uykuya dalmasını sağlıyordu. she soon forgot all her worries and fell into a deep sleep. patlamanın olacağı anı ve şiddetini tahmin edebilmektedirler.

the school library must contain more. from time to time. there are no active volcanoes in Turkey. D) In order to respond to the needs of the students. owing to the sense of fear that fills them and symbolizes the confusion and uncertainty of the modern world. yet violent earthquakes happen now and again in the country owing to the fact that the country is geologically unstable. E)  Pointing out that Eric Ambler's stories are pervaded with a sense of fear that symbolizes the confusion and uncertainty of the modern world. E S L 46.ELS-$DS 43. nor are they of high enough quality to meet the students' requirements. C) The geological instability. B)  According to the critics who have described Eric Ambler's stories as fables of our times. removes the rich topsoil. D)  The feeling of fear that pervades Eric Ambler's stories. E) Although there are no active volcanoes in Turkey. fabllarý olarak tanýmlayan eleþtirmenlere göre. yıllar boyu bitki çürümesi yoluyla oluşmuş olan verimli üst toprağı yok etmektedir. Eric Ambler'in öykülerini günümüzün 45. B) Deforestation causes rich topsoil. which has been formed through vegetative decay over the years. gives rise to severe earthquakes from time to time. B) There are no active volcanoes in Turkey. the sense of fear pervading them symbolizes the confusion and uncertainty of the modern world. violent earthquakes. which is the result of many years of vegetative decay. 44. A) Soil erosion. B) In terms of the number and the quality of the books it contains. A)  What symbolizes the confusion and uncertainty of the modern world in Eric Ambler's stories is the feeling of fear pervading them. our school library is not adequate to meet the students' requirements. içerdiği kitapların sayısı ve niteliği bakımından öğrencilerin ihtiyaçlarını karşılayacak yeterlilikte değildir. a result of poor agricultural practices. E) By removing the rich topsoil. formed over the years through vegetative decay. but the country has no active volcanoes. which is a feature of large areas of Turkey. A) Though large areas of the country are geologically unstable and there are. Türkiye'de aktif volkan bulunmadığı halde. C) Our school library should be enlarged so that it can meet the requirements of the students. which means the removal of the rich topsoil. onlarda hakim olan korku duygusu modern dünyanýn karmaþasýný ve belirsizliðini sembolize etmektedir. ülkenin büyük bir bölümü jeolojik olarak istikrarsızdır ve zaman zaman şiddetli depremler olmaktadır. critics have described them as fables of our times. making a large section of the country geologically unstable. Kötü tarım uygulamalarının bir sonucu olan toprak erozyonu. cause earthquakes. soil erosion leaves the area agriculturally poor. and severe earthquakes occur from time to time. which has been formed over the years. which has led critics to dub them fables of our times. A) The books in our school library are so low both in number and in quality that it doesn't respond to the needs of the students. to erode. C) When the rich topsoil is eroded. is what makes some critics call them fables of our times. D) Poor agricultural practices lead to soil erosion. thus symbolizing the confusion and uncertainty of the modern world. D) Although the volcanoes in Turkey are not active. they do. C)  Fables of our times is how critics describe Eric Ambler's stories. as a result of man's mishandling of the environment. E) There are not enough books in our school library. at times. Okul kütüphanemiz. a large part of the country is geologically unstable. 18 English Language Studies . better quality books. the soil becomes too poor to have any agricultural value.

They're just like people.. .. It is clear from the passage that in the Iliad .. Alexander the Great's official historian was a professional flatterer who knew how to please his arrogant king. 50. . soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. This time he quoted the Iliad— against him: "A better man than you by far was Patroclus. however. A) are best planted in soil from the garden B) live longer in water which contains a little soil C) only keep well in the house if they are a strong variety D) die if she changes the water every week E) live for a week. According to the historian Curtius. ... There's a lot I've learnt about flowers.. but only if they're taken out of the ground by hand English Language Studies 19 . Callisthenes was then tortured and crucified. being the son of a god should make a man a god E S L A) flowers have a lot to teach the human race about society B) certain flowers affect the nervous systems of people and animals C) flowers will fade if there are too many people in a room D) people and flowers resemble each other in many ways E) many people prefer the company of flowers to that of people 51. Alexander allowed himself to be worshipped as a god by some of his Asian subjects. and they survive.. Do you know that some people think it's kind to change the water every day? Dreadful! You can hear the flowers dying if you do that. I change the water once a week. you get what appears to be a form of class distinction.. The point of Callisthenes' quote was to tell Alexander that . A) the water in the vase should be changed as often as possible B) flowers are healthier when they are planted in earth C) changing the water in a vase too frequently will kill the flowers D) a bunch of flowers consisting of various types looks much better E) the person who is kind to people is also kind to flowers 52.. The author claims that ." Alexander was enraged and had Callisthenes connected to an assassination plot that had recently been discovered..ELS-$DS 47-49. The author believes that . they get on each other's nerves and start to fade. When. . and found him guilty. and put a handful of earth in it.. of course.. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.. 49. the water is so important. And.. If you put too many together in one vase.. A) the gods are not immortal B) Achilles is a heroic figure C) Achilles and Patroclus are companions D) Patroclus loses his life E) Achilles is the son of Zeus 48. the Iliad.. He called him the new Achilles. Callisthenes thought this went too far. but still death did not spare him.. though he was innocent.. A) the assassination plot was made up in order to put Callisthenes to death B) Alexander was angered that not all of his subjects worshipped him as a god C) Alexander replaced Callisthenes as the official historian with Curtius D) Callisthenes got the punishment that he deserved E) to Callisthenes.. He accepted Alexander's claim to be the son of the Greek god Zeus.... If you mix some kinds together.. .. from Alexander's favourite hero in his favourite book.. The author finds that flowers .. We can understand from the passage that ... 47. A) Zeus wasn't his father B) Patroclus was a better king than him C) he wasn't a god D) Patroclus died young E) the Iliad was a great book 50-52... .

.. Legions of fat children will become legions of fat adults. However..... in France. and as he entered. How have French people eaten all that fat over the years and still stayed trim and healthy? Nutritionists call it ''the French paradox''... .. until recently. A) ten years ago fewer than half as many children as today were overweight B) obesity is no longer a problem among young people C) the number of slim people has risen by 100 % in the last ten years D) children are very careful about the number of calories they take in E) children begin to care about their weight after the age of 14 55. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.. . . fat parents have fat children D) children who become fat in their early years remain so in later life E) most French children become fat after the age of 14 20 English Language Studies .. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. While Timothy listened to the music coming from the radio.. .. at that time. . He had run straight into Colonel Sherrington. Calm and almost cheerful. who was. ''It all gets played out before the age of 14'' said a doctor at the National Institute of Medical Research.. They had arrived at the house towards dusk.. and children are leading the way. Studies show that.. A) there were more fat children in France than there were fat adults B) French people were slim and healthy because they ate almost no fat C) there were no fat children in France D) nutritionists in France couldn't find the reasons for obesity E) the French did not get ill or obese even though they ate fattening food 54. the young boy had heard the most exquisite piano music being played by a beautiful girl. Recent studies reveal that the number of overweight children has more than doubled in the last decade.. E S L A) had been composed by his wife when young B) was very popular when he was younger C) reminded him of an event in his childhood D) made him remember his first love. The music Timothy was listening to  .. It is mentioned in the passage that Timothy . 56. The picture was quite clear in his mind: he was running through a wood carrying a bag of stolen apples. 53.. A) wanted Timothy to become friends with his daughter B) didn't seem angry with Timothy about the theft C) had established a fruit-farm in his retirement D) had taught his daughter how to play the piano E) had given Timothy permission to pick his apples 58. Experts believe that .. he saw himself as a child again.. but the tune had remained his secret love ever since. A) fell in love with the composer of the piano music B) had never been able to forget his first love C) had always been afraid of the Colonel D) later married the girl in the Colonel's house E) had stolen fruit from the Colonel's orchard many times A) future generations will be slimmer than today's people B) fat children are those who are less energetic C) very often. . ... a new trend indicates its disappearance.. ... 56-58.ELS-$DS 53-55. Obesity is on the rise in the land of the slim. the owner of the land on which the fruit had grown. We understand from the passage that Colonel Sherrington .. whom he'd always kept secret E) was the piece he'd composed for his wife 57. experts say. It is clear from the passage that.... the Colonel had taken him back to his house when he discovered his own apples in Timothy's bag. That girl was now his wife.

. was the only daughter of famed feminist.. .. It is stated in the passage that Frankenstein .. and writer Mary Wollstonecraft. or The Modern Prometheus. Mary Shelley. Moreover. 60... Frankenstein is in some ways allegorical.. was completed in May 1816. and was conceived and written during an early phase of the Industrial Revolution. We can understand from the passage that Mary Shelley .. at a time of dramatic change. Shelley created an amazing piece of literature C) Mary Shelley wrote her novel as a criticism of capitalism D) the Industrial Revolution helped society to improve E) Shelley came from a working class family English Language Studies 21 . born on 30 August 1797. Dr. in London.ELS-$DS 59-61. .. . England... A) may have questioned society as her parents had done before her B) pleased her mother by becoming a writer C) didn't have any brothers or sisters D) had a father who disagreed with journalism E) wrote only one successful novel in her life E S L 61. Frankenstein's experiments can be taken as symbolic of the unchained forces of capitalism. A) criticizes working class people for causing unrest B) gives details of a new form of capitalism C) is named after the monster in the novel D) was mainly read by the new bourgeoisie E) can be read as more than just a story 59.. with their basic disregard for human dignity.. and the equally famous liberal philosopher and anarchistic journalist William Godwin. educator. the creation rebels against its creator: a mirror of the growing unrest among the working class with the conditions created by the new bourgeoisie. Her greatest work.. The author of the passage implies that . who died at her birth. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. Frankenstein. A) William Godwin was more famous than his wife B) although very young..

. attending the Australian School of Film and Television.. The Piano... in her film The Piano. we can say that Jane Campion ... she created three fictional characters—Ada. A) has never left her native country B) has conducted many studies of tribesmen in New Zealand C) quit her university education for the sake of film-making D) makes films... The writer tells us that. though she studied a different subject at university E) worked as a professional anthropologist until 1975 E S L 64. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız. Having graduated with a degree in Anthropology in 1975. Stewart and Baines—and set them in the powerful landscape of New Zealand a hundred years ago. 62....  63. New Zealand. From the passage. she began film-making in the early 1980s. New Zealand. Campion found that she was drawn back to the colonial past of her country of birth. Her feature film. A) New Zealand's landscape has deteriorated a lot in the last century B) Campion was particularly interested in life in New Zealand in previous centuries C) Campion discovered a lot about her family's heritage while filming The Piano D) the emotions of New Zealanders are quite different from other cultures E) Campion had difficulty finding sufficient material in modern society to use in her film 22 English Language Studies . .. and now lives in Sydney. won the 1993 Palme D'Or at Cannes. She wanted to explore the way emotions and situations might have been experienced in another century. . .. It is clear from the passage that .. Campion . Thus.ELS-$DS 62-64.. A) dealt with factual events rather than fictional ones B) attempted to illustrate how her homeland was colonised C) reflected the dramatic changes in New Zealand's scenery over the last century D) tried to visualise life in New Zealand a century ago E) couldn't help being emotional in certain situations Jane Campion was born in Wellington. Australia.

A) Charlotte and Helen went in Monica's car to the beach instead of taking their own. D) We knew what the special effects would be.  A) After the accident. sorularda. E) Although the story was exciting. the special effects were rather poor. but those who did said that they hated the play. B) Charlotte and Helen couldn't get to the beach in their car. E) Of the people questioned. A) There was nobody who enjoyed the play. not from the predictable plot. so we especially liked the ending of the film. D) Few people actually gave an opinion. The special effects prevented the film from becoming a boring one with a conventional storyline. E S L 68. Except that she had a slight limp when she walked. B) People didn't realise she had had an accident because the way she walked had always been strange. A) The film's strength came from the special effects. Charlotte and Helen took a lift to the beach with Monica. 65. B) When discussing it. C) Had we known the ending in advance. Charlotte and Helen went with her. she only had a small wound which nobody noticed.  Rather than driving their own car. 66. they got a ride with Monica. C) As Monica had space in her car when she went to the beach. D) Because she hid the signs very well. verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz. English Language Studies 23 . Just about everybody who was asked thought that the play was terrible.ELS-$DS 65-68. we wouldn't have watched such a slow film. C) Quite a few people told us that they thought the play was awful. B) What made the film interesting was the story rather than the techniques used. so Monica had to give them a lift. they all agreed that the play was dreadful. E) It was only because of her careless way of walking that she had had an accident. 67. no one would have known she'd had a serious accident. C) The only thing indicating that she had been in a major accident was the small difficulty she had in walking. they went along as passengers in Monica's. D) Although Charlotte and Helen wanted to go to the beach in their car. nobody ever knew about the serious accident she’d been in. virtually all of them had a very poor opinion of the play. E) Because Charlotte and Helen didn't want to drive that day.

 . depending on the skill of the players.ELS-$DS 69-71. you’ll see there are a number of wellpreserved beauty spots 24 English Language Studies . E S L A) Turn all the letters upside down on the board and mix them B) No letter may be moved after it has been played C) Any words found in a standard dictionary are allowed. . a vast and spectacular picture unfolds before you.... 69.. except proper names D) At the end of a game.. A) A number of climbers regularly camp near the summit B) Travellers usually take a packed lunch with them C) However. A) Thai dances are very popular with the many tourists who visit Thailand each year B) Most performances of this dance solely feature episodes from the Thai national epic. stories may be original... . sorularda.. most photographers prefer to take their own equipment D) With careful observation.. . and include singing.. lakhon and likay. one cannot help but be affected by the impressive surroundings.... Lakhon features a wider range of stories than khon. by using his or her letters in combinations or locations that take best advantage of letter values on the board.. Driving alone through the scenic countryside of Southern France. . “Scrabble” is a word game for 2 to 4 players. each player's score is reduced by the amount of his or her unplayed letters E) Each player competes for a high score 71. Khon is the most stylized form of Thai dance. Thai dance can be divided into three main categories: khon. From the top of a mountain on a clear day. by including folk tales and Jataka stories.... Ramakien C) Thai dances usually tell a story about the area where they are performed D) Each Thai dance is accompanied by a special orchestra of Thai musical instruments E) The word khon in Thai can be used to identify the origin of a person when combined with another noun 70.. it is even possible to glimpse the blue of the Mediterranean E) As you go further up the road.. comedy... and overacting. The game consists of making words on the playing board using letter pieces with various score values. boş bırakılan yere parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi bulunuz. The combined total score of a game may range from about 500 to 700 points or more. Likay is even more varied than lakhon or khon. In this dance.

you've got a letter from your Auntie Rita! She has some gossip for you! D) I'm sorry. you say to the travel agent: 73. B) I can't wait to find out what happens to the girl.ELS-$DS 72-74. You are at the cinema with your friend and the film is quite boring. E S L A) If it wasn't for the pay rise that my boss is going to give me. but you have been promised a large pay rise on your monthly salary. to borrow against that for your holiday. You have very little money at the moment. B) Sorry. but then just couldn't resist reading the whole letter. sorularda. English Language Studies 25 . there would be no way I could pay for my vacation. 72. I opened it accidentally. E) I didn't know that your nickname was “Mickey”! 74. I'm sure there are plenty of cafés still open. C) Shall I ask the man in front of us to swap seats? D) I wish this cinema had a smoking section. C) Hey. when you give it to him. You open your flatmate's letter by accident but stop reading it as soon as you realise it's addressed to him. You are in need of a holiday. E) This will be a good one for the collection when it comes out on DVD. E) I was thinking of travelling to Bali. B) You must make a fair bit running a place like this—can you lend me some money? C) Is it possible for me to take a holiday and pay for it in installments? D) My boss is really nice—she's giving me a big pay rise soon. verilen duruma uygun düşen cümleyi bulunuz. you say: A) I think you'd better read this right away as it sounds important. but I'm not sure I'll be able to afford it. you suggest: A) We can leave now if you like. in effect. Wanting. which will come into effect after your holiday period. I mistook the name on the envelope for mine—I didn't read it. In the break. Knowing he likes his privacy. though.

but I haven't got a sleeping bag. I've been dying to try out my new sleeping bag. Amy: - ………. or Pride and Prejudice. sorularda. A) Mansfield Park doesn't have. C) She wrote most of them in the 19th century. as I need to go myself? B) I'm getting headaches when I read these days. Henry: - Why don't we go camping this weekend? Lisa: . good. Eustacia: - Why do all of Jane Austen's books have repetitive-sounding titles? Clym: - You mean like Sense and Sensibility? Eustacia: - ………. E) I thought you wrote something similar. A) Oh. B) I'd like to. but I can stop by and make an appointment for you.ELS-$DS 75-77.. B) Yes. Where did you buy it? E) I feel awful. D) Great idea. 75.. I haven't been camping for ages. karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz. Do you know where I can find one? D) That's a really nice dress. E S L Amy: - Could you? Any afternoon would be okay. Henry: - Neither have I. D) And those are not the only ones.. It will feel really good to get out of the city. Where did you have it done. 77. 26 English Language Studies . Do you know of any good doctors? Lucy: - There is a new place that just opened near my house. 76. C) To be quite honest.  Lisa: - I can't wait... Clym: - I haven't any idea.. Do you know of a good optician? C) I'm looking for a good vet for my cat. I've never liked camping. A) Your hair looks fantastic.. Are they expensive? Lucy: - I'm afraid so. E) I don't think that sounds like a good idea... but they make you look so good I think they are worth it. I haven't got the number.. I've never been camping in my life.

the frighteningly effective stories of murder and madness which Poe created bear a close resemblance to his own life. 78. except when they are looking for armed criminals. which is a slang word for “to catch”. (I) Sir Robert (Bobby) Peel organized the first London police. the policemen in England were called bobbies after him. (III) Today people often call a policeman a copper. (V) It was also due to him being the first provisional president of the Republic of China in 1912. (II) He suffered the death of his wife. (II) He is considered by many to be the "Father of Modern China". cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz. A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 79. (IV) The tales are always full of suspense and sinister events and are very realistic. (V) What is more. (I) Sun Yixian was a Chinese revolutionary leader and statesman. A) I B) II GOOD LUCK English Language Studies 27 . (IV) This comes from the verb “to cop”. Lu Muzhen. (II) For a long time. (III) He fathered a son and two daughters with his first wife. sorularda.ELS-$DS 78-80. (I) One of the most influential writers and critics of recent times in America is Edgar Allen Poe. early in the 19th century. (III) He is best known for writing short stories in which psychological problems are features of most of his characters. (IV) This was because he played a significant role in the establishment of the Republic of China. and de facto leader from 1923 to 1925. E C) III D) IV E) V S L A) I B) II C) III D) IV E) V 80. (V) Modern coppers still carry no guns. child and family.

75. 49. 21. D A E C D E D B English Language Studies 39 . C C B A E C A D 7. 69. 45. 46. 54. 74. 58. C E A B E C C E 2. 72. 60. 62. 48. 51. 14.ELS-$DS ELS 2010-2011 1. 63. 32. 31. 25. 38. 37. 19. 41. B C E A D B D B 3. 12. 20. 15. A E D A A A B C 10. 34. 52. 23. 71. 53. 29. 56. 44. 24. 42. 28. 77. 64. 36. 67. 55. D E C E B A B C 5. 43. 11. 16. 35. 70. 59. 18. 26. 50. 40. 39. 17. 78. 61. 57. B D B E C D C E 9. 76. A B D D B D A B 6. 33. E D E B A E D A June / Level Exam (11th & 12th Grades) 4. 80. 68. 65. 30. B D C D B B E A 8. 22. 13. 73. 27. 66. 47. 79.