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(0341) 353798, 320095 Fax. (0341) 353798 Email: surat@smkn4-mlg.sch.id SOAL UJIAN SEKOLAH BAHASA INGGRIS 2012 Part V: Incomplete Sentence 16. Lucy : Your sisters always make cakes in their spare time. Jackie : Yes, ... A. their hobby is making cakes C. they dont like it B. their create cakes D. they hate cooking 17. Tom : Good morning, XYZ Electronics. Can I help you? Herald : Yes, this is Health Green from DFG Co. Can I speak to Mr. Johnson, Frederick Johnson? Tom : Oh, Im sorry. Hes not in his office. ... A. Can you take a message? B. May I talk to him later? C. Do you want him to leave a message? D. May I take a message?

18. Joice : Why didnt you come to Mathematics class yesterday? Erna : ... A. I was late C. Im afraid B. I did late D. I have been late 19. Trias : Are you busy on Friday? Layla : Whats the matter? Trias : Im thinking of asking you for lunch Layla : Im free, but ... A. Id like to come C. There arent many papers to do B. Ill have dinner with someone else on D. Ill be there that day 20. Yuanita : You look nice!... Putri : Thank you A. Thats the worst dress Ive ever seen D. Ive never seen such a beautiful dress B. That dress is bad before C. You must be worried about that 21. George : I found a fly on my soup! Waiter : ... Ill change the soup right away A. Im sorry, sir C. No problem B. Its none of my business D. We didnt put it there, sir 22. Mother : I need the salt over there. Can you ... me the salt? Lusi : Sure. Here you are. A. to pass C. pass B. passing D. passed E. 23. Arian : This math lesson is difficult! I cant understand it Tiara : ... She teaches math. A. Youll fail on the next exam, I guess C. But I know Ill master it B. Why dont you ask aunt Anny? D. Study harder! 24. Hari : We need that document now. But Tino hasnt arrived yet. Vinda : ... A. I wish he were here C. I wish you were here B. I wished he was here D. I wish he are here 25. Reva : He asked me for your cellphone number. I think he likes you Dhea : No way! ... He always plays tricks on me A. I disagree C. I agree with you B. I couldnt agree more D. Im sure about it 26. A stranger : ... Rhino : Go along the street then make a left turn at the second intersection A stranger : Thanks 1

A. Could you tell me the bus to the bank? B. Could you tell me the banks name? C. Could you tell me the way to the bank? 27. Hera : I always wake up at five oclock in the morning Aras : Thats a bit too early for me Hera : What do you mean? Aras : ... A. I wake up earlier than you B. I wake up at that time too 28. Waiter : ... James : Yes, a chicken salad and pasta, please A. Do you want a dessert, sir? B. What drinks would you like 29. Ryan : I graduated with flying colours! Yesti : ... You must be kidding! A. impossible B. Its possible 30. Bayu : ... when the electricity is off? Dewi : We can light a candle Bayu : Good point A. What we can do B. What can we do Part VI: Error Recognition

D. Could you tell me when the bank is opened?

C. I wake up later than you D. I wake up a bit then fall asleep again

C. Are you ready to order? D. Can I get the bill for you?

C. Thats true D. Certainly

C. What do we can D. Can we do what

31. Mr. Brown : Excuse me, Can I meet Mr. Wilson? A Mrs. Anne : There are two Mr. Wilson, The younger or the oldest? B Mr. Brown : He is about 40 years old and wears glasses C Mrs. Anne : I see. His office is the second room on the right D 32. The security : Do you know Mr. Ahmad? A The teacher : Yes, I do. He, the energic and creative teacher who got B C various awards, were promoted to be the principal of our school. D 33. Maia : Dani, are you want a cup of coffee or tea? A B C Dani : I prefer tea to coffee. Thank you D 34. Faura : Its too crowd here. I cant find Gizha A Felia : Hey, look at the girl who has long straight hair and wearing white B C D skirt. I think shes Gizha 35. Risna : Can I eat my food here? A Busway crew : Im sorry, but you cant eat and drink above the busway B C D 36. Teacher : How did you feel about the final test? A Student : It wasnt hard, but some items really made me confusing B C D Part VII: Reading Comprehension Question number 37, 38 and 39 based on this letter 2

Dear Sir, I have recently returned from your Dewanta Oriental Tour DT65/05, and I have a number of comments I would like to make. Generally, the food was extremely poor, and the restaurant service was very slow. In one hotel there was a problem of overbooking. After a long and tiring journey, we discovered that this hotel had no accommodation for us. We were transferred to another hotel on the outskirt of the city. In your advertisement, you stated that all hotels were located in the city centre. In addition, I think your staff should have handled these problems in a better way. Some of them were rather rude when complaint were made. Because of these problems, I think your company should consider appropriate refunds Truly yours, Anna Sadewa 37. To whom does Anna Sadewa complain? A. the hotel company C. the staff B. Dewanta Oriental tour D. the restaurant 38. Why did Miss. Sadewa complain about the accommodation? A. the hotel was too small D. the hotel was located far from the city B. the hotel service was slow centre C. the hotel facility was poor 39. What kind of letter is this? A. an application letter C. a complain letter B. an ordering letter D. an inquiry letter Questions number 40 and 41 based on this table FREEDONIA ISLAND Average temperature (Fahrenheit) JANUARY JULY HIGH LOW HIGH LOW 32 18 75 51 70 55 85 61 57 32 75 58


40. What is the coldest temperature in the mountain region? A. 18 C. B. 32 D. 41. Choose the correct statement based on the table above! A. Coast is colder than mountain region D. B. Coast is the warmest in this island C. Capital city is colder than mountain region in January Questions number 42, 43 and 44 based on this information

51 55 Mountain region is as warm as capital city in July

Darta K. Wise received her B.A. degree from Arizona State University in 1980 and her doctorate of Jurisprudence from Harvard University in 1987. She represented self-insured employers in Central New York for five years before joining the law firm of Corman, Hagan, Wallis and White, where she has been a principal since 1990. Her practice emphasizes the representation of corporate interests in libel suits. Ms. Wise is a member of the New York Bar Association and the New York Trial Lawyers Association. This continuing education foundation of the New York Bar Association is pleased to have Ms. Wise speak to us today. 42. What does Darla do for a living? A. Shes a professor C. Shes an employee of the New York Bar B. Shes a lawyer Association D. Shes a bar and restaurant manager 3

43. What is her highest educational achievement? A. A bachelors degree B. A certificate from the New York Trial Lawyers Association 44. What is her main focus in her work? A. Personal injury B. divorce Question number 45, 46 and 47 based on this procedure

C. A masters degree D. A doctorate

C. corporate defense D. education

A. B. C. D. E.

5 STEPS TO FOLLOW IN GIVING A GOOD SPEECH Get prepared. Think about what you want to say. What is your message? Organize your message in a logical order. Choose your words and phrases carefully. Visualize your speech and visualize yourself giving your speech. Deliver your speech with grace and dignity.

45. What does the instruction about? A. How to choose a good speech. B. How to prepare a good speech. 46. What should you do after you know what to say? A. Organize your message. B. Select your words. 47. In short, what should we do before giving a speech? A. Follow the rules. B. Get prepared. Question number 48, 49 and 50 based on this description

C. How to give a good speech. D. How to write a good speech C. Visualize yourself. D. Deliver your speech. C. Mind your steps D. Take a time.

Jagatnatha temple is a Hindu temple. It is located at the East of Taman Puputan Square on Major Wisnu Street. This temple is close to museum Bali which is a part of the City Tour attractions. The high structure of the Padmasana is the unique shrine of the temple. like other big temples, Jagatnatha is very busy on big religious days such as Galungan, Kuningan and Saraswati. the regular religious ceremonies are conducted when there is a new or full moon, and shadow puppet shows are normally performed. This place is accessible within 30 minutes from Sanur 48. How long does it take from Sanur to Jagatnatha? A. 30 kilo metres B. Half an hour 49. This place . ( last sentence) refers to .. A. Jagatnatha temple B. Taman Puputan Square 50. What are the big religious days from Hindu people? A. Galungan, Puputan, Saraswati B. Galungan, Kuningan, Padmasana

C. 30 times D. 30 hours

C. Museum Bali D. Other big temples

C. Galungan, Puputan, Padmasana D. Galungan, Kuningan, Saraswati

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