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Project Report on Research Methodology

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Research Methodology
Why BSNL is not having the highest market share DAVANGERE, Karnataka? EXECUTIVE SUMMARY There is a survey conducted by me taking questionnaire on the topic Why BSNL is not having highest market share in the DAVANGERE, Karnataka? This is a major research done on GOVT owned mobile service provider CellOne (BSNL MOBILE). BSNL was the first to start mobile service in state after that other companies like Airtel, Hutch (Now Vodafone) and others come to existence. It has largest network coverage in Karnataka. Airtel has touched that level of coverage to far extent in the state. But BSNL is not the preferred service provider in DAVANGERE. Various reasons behind this will found out through this research study.

INTRODUCTION CellOne now BSNL Mobile is a mobile phone service provider provided by the Indian public enterprise BSNL. It provides both pre-paid and post-paid mobile services as well as many value added services. CellOne has pan-India presence with presence in all the 21 telecommunication cellular circles in India. CellOne provides all of India with roaming access, including Delhi and Mumbai, and International roaming access to more than 300 networks across the world. Many private Telecom Operators have entered in Indian market and acquired many customers and have given stiff competition to Cellone in recent years. The major private players are Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Tata Communications, Aircel and many more. CellOne started their GPRS/EDGE service on 2005 and has coverage major cities and towns and more places are being covered.



State-owned enterprise




October 2000


New Delhi, India

Area served



Mobile Network Broadband


$$ 8 billion (2010)

Operating income

$2.313 billion (2010)


$2.26 billion (2010)

Total assets

$14.37 billion (2010)


2,81,635 (December 2010)


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited



OBJECTIVE OF RESEARCH To know the current market share of BSNL Finding the factors behind this Detail analysis of the factors Recommendations on this for improvement of service

REVIEW OF LITERATURE For making this research I have taken three variables for this. These three variables specify the basic needs of the customer why he/she is using mobile. Three variables are Call rate Network quality Customer service Call Rate Call rate is a major factor which creates popularity among Karnataka. Sometimes people prefer cheaper call rate to the service quality. It is a decision making factor for those people who make compromise on call rate to service standard. Network Quality Today due to huge growth of mobile subscribers in Karnataka more number of customers service providers with good network quality. Network quality can be measured by coverage area and also congestion free network which provides same standard of service in throughout the day. It can be better defined by some customers face of network busy during evening hours from 6-9pm. Customer Service Customer service department is most vital element of any mobile operator. If any customer faces any problem he first contacts customer care centre. Due to bad customer service after launch of MNP some of company loosed huge number of customer s. There is a benchmark standard created by TRAI to address various

grievances of a customer. Still a large no service providers are lacking these standard far behind. PROBLEM Why BSNL is not having the highest market share DAVANGERE, Karnataka?

HYPOTHESIS I) Null Hypothesis Call rate does not affect the market share of the BSNL. Alternate Hypothesis Call rate does affect the market share of the BSNL. II) Null Hypothesis Network quality does not affect the market share of BSNL. Alternate Hypothesis Network quality does affect the market share of BSNL. III) Null Hypothesis Customer care does not affect the market share of BSNL. Alternate Hypothesis Customer care does affect the market share of BSNL.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND TYPE It is well known fact that the most important step in marketing research process is to define the problem. Choose for investigation because a problem well defined is half solved. That was the reason that at most care was taken while defining various parameters of the problem. After giving through brain storming session, objectives were selected and the set on the base of these objectives. A questionnaire was designed major emphasis of which was gathering new ideas or insight so as to determine and bind out solution to the problems. DATA SOURCE Research included gathering both primary and secondary data. Primary data is the first hand data, which are selected a fresh and thus happen to be original in character. Primary Data was crucial to know various customers and past consumer views about bikes and to calculate the market share of this brand in regards to other brands. Secondary data are those which have been collected by someone else and which already have been passed through statistical process. Secondary data has been taken from internet, newspaper, magazines and companies web sites. RESEARCH APPROACH The research approach was used survey method which is a widely used methodfor data collection and best suited for descriptive type of research survey in cludesresearch instrument like questionnaire which can be structured and unstructured. Target population is well identified and various methods like personal interviews and telephone interviews are employed. SAMPLING UNIT It gives the target population that will be sampled. This research was carried In Harihar (Dist DAVANGERE). There were 30 respondents.

DATA COMPLETION AND ANALYSIS After the data has been collected, it was tabulated and findings of the project were presented followed by analysis and interpretation to reach certain conclusions. SCOPE A questionnaire survey was conducted taking account of the above stated variable factors such as call rate, customer care, network quality among 30 people of DAVANGERE district Karnataka.


Research work was carried out in one Dist of Karnataka (DEVANGERE) only the finding may not be applicable to the other parts of the country because of social and cultural differences. Shortage of time was major factor conducting the research. The view of the people is biased so it may not reflect the true picture.







Which is 19 your current mobile operator

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Airtel BSNL Reliance vodafone Series 1 Column1 Column2

Low Rate your 5 current operator on customer service

Average 8

Good 15


Best 2

Customer Service Rating

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 low average good best Customer Service Rating






Rate current operator on NETWORK quality

Network Quality
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Low Average Good Better Best

Network Quality

Cheapest Rate your 2 current operator on call RATE

Cheap 4

Normal 14

Costly 8

Costliest 2

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Cheapest Cheap Normal Costly Costliest Rate on Call Rate Column1 Column2

Questionnaire 1. Which mobile operator comes to your mind when you think of mobile phone? A) Airtel b) BSNL c) Reliance d) Vodafone e) IDEA 2. How do you rate your current mobile operator on customer service? A) Low b) Average c) Good d) Better e) Best

3. Which mobile operator you are currently using? A) Airtel b) Reliance c) Vodafone d) Tata e) BSNL 4. Rate your current operator in terms of network quality? A) Low b) Average c) Good d) Better e) Best 5. How do you rate operator in terms of call rate? A) Cheapest b) Cheap c) Normal d) Costly e) Costliest 6. What is the overall level of satisfaction from your current service provider? A) Low b) Average c) Good d) Not Satisfied e) Full Satisfied 7. If you want to switch your service provider through then which operator you will? A) BSNL b) Tata Docomo c) Vodafone d) Reliance e) IDEA

Airtel has highest market share followed by reliance. Vodafone and BSNL have same market share. Most of the people satisfied by customer service provided by their service provider. Most people satisfied with the network quality offered by Airtel and Reliance. Call cost of these operator are normal. BSNL has least market share due to bad customer service.

BSNL should follow aggressive marketing strategy to capture the market. Its customer service needs to be improved. BSNL should follow tailor made strategy for each customer on cheap call rate. Network standard needs to be improved for BSNL steps to be taken to make it congestion free.

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