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I was splashing my hands blindly and pointlessly in the ocean. I tried screaming for help but in vain. Salt water gushed into my nostrils and mouth choking me towards death. I was seeing a few spaceships flying above me and far away I heard long loud beeps........ My nightmare ended as my alarm began ringing. This was something that I had been experiencing from the past many days and always sent a chill down my spine. I always felt that this had something more to it and spent most of my time thinking about it. By the way, my name is Nishchith and I am working as an earth science scientist under the Ministry of Earth Sciences. I quickly got ready, packed my bag and rushed with a sandwich in my hand as I was late for work. But when I reached the office, I didnt see the regular wide and big smile on my co-worker Raghavs face. But instead he gave me a letter and was looking quite nervous. What sup Raghav? You are looking quite troubled today. Did you fight with somebody? I asked winking. Its a letter from the boss. He says that it is very serious. I have no idea about the whole issue. He was calling you to his cabin. You better go there right now. I rushed towards Mr.Karunakarans cabin. He was the principle scientist of our department. A smart favoured man who was an ideal boss. He had PhD degree from the worlds most reputed institution. Even then he never tried to be the boss and was a very modest and self-effacing man. It had to be some important and serious issue for which he was tensed. When I entered his room after seeking his permission, I saw him staring outside the

window. I waited for him to speak. He finally spoke after the long silence. Open the envelope he said. I slowly removed the letter and saw the recent statistics about the farming in India. I noticed a steep downfall in the production and it was something that I was aware of. The scientific tests and soil treatment reports declared the soil to be healthy and fertile. The uncertain apprehension was about the reason of why this was happening. The earth science reports show the perfect stability of the soil and water table of the land. But even then it looks like this can prove as catastrophe for all of us. Karunakaran said. Sir but this is supposed to be taken care by the agriculture science department. I dont see what we can do anything about this. I think they have to improve the present pesticides and fertilizers. I replied. Twenty seven years ago, when I was working hard on my PhD, I had gone through many historical documents about earth sciences. Dr. Karunakaran said as he interrupted me. It was then when I had come across a few interesting documents from original runic manuscript of an Icelandic saga written by Sroupi Stinter. He had proposed many theories about life deep below the crust. But his studies were proved against the laws of life and considered to be against the gods wishes and was publically beheaded. So nobody after him dared to research on the topic and was slowly forgotten. But once again in 1863, a professor from France developed his interest in this topic and he risked his life to practically prove the theories true by going deep down the Earths crust. He successfully completed his endeavour and came back with many observations and theories.

He said that he saw highly developed organisms and were better than humans in many ways. He also proposed the second set of eukaryotic organisms which have the ability to evolve very fast. But sadly, he was also considered as a clown and his theories slowly faded away. I didnt know what to say and let the huge lump to pass down my throat. I cleared my throat and looked at him. He was expecting a reply from me and I kept staring at him. OK sir! I have understood what you wanted to say. I will work hard to research on this topic. We must bring these problems with proper proof to the international notice. This could be the commencement of a disaster and we have to remove the seed before it grows into a tree. I said after thinking for a few seconds. The next few days went on in sanctioning the research equipments and the man power. On the 3rd July of 2014, we began our process of visiting the various farms affected from these droughts. The project was declared as an emergency and the teams all over the county were working on every small and big proof and clues about the deadly droughts. After a week of observations, we found that the cracks in the ground were growing larger every day. But on the night of 13th July, we found few chips and very small and highly sophisticated electronic gadgets on the farms and the land throughout the country. This was something that daunted me and Karunakaran. We immediately exhibited these gadgets to the various countries of the world and scientists from all over the world were trying to figure out the functions of these. I began to doubt the humans as the most intelligent species on earth and every nights sleep was killing me with the same nightmare haunting my thoughts. I tried to decode the actual meaning of the dream with respect to the happenings but all I

could do is to forget the dream and work towards something productive. But on the night of 26th July, the guards in the protected areas detected water gushing out in small quantities from these cracks. I rushed to the site and tested the water. The water turned out to be saline and looked as if it was from the seas and was one of the most surprising observations in the past month. This news was passed on to the different parts of the country and we found out that even they were experiencing such events. We also tried to trace the origins of this phenomenon but out technology could not lead us far. On the other hand, Indian Ocean waters level was notices to decrease rapidly. Karunakaran and I felt that we will have to experience the worst expected. The teams from all over the worlds suggested many methods of controlling the gushing of sea water. But all our equipments turned out to be useless in water and we saw the malfunctioning of many devices in water. All that I could say is that the foremen had planned very well and were fully fledged for an attack. On the 29th of July, we noticed uncontrollable flow of water and it flooded throughout the country. We were facing a dangerous disaster which engulfs thousands of lives in the country. We also noticed the most horrifying and the most path breaking scene of what mankind had ever seen till today. The cracks kept on growing bigger and bigger each day uncontrollably that I saw a whole new world emerging out from below the earth. They broke through the crust and emerged out from there without any warning given for us and we had to face the most dangerous consequences as they came out fully equipped with their army, weapons and vehicles. The foremen were recklessly destroying all our efforts that had been made from centuries together. The army, navy and military forces from all the countries throughout the world were

called for this emergency situation and all of them reacted and fought back bravely with all of them. I saw my nightmare approaching me very fast. I knew that I was helpless and my fear of water would not allow me do anything. Then from behind, I saw a huge tide of water about to crash over me and finish everything. I began to run aimlessly and began to remember everything that had happened in the dream. The water wall overtook me and I was splashing pointlessly in the huge mass of water. I could see the spaceships above me and felt a felt a gentle push from below. By luck, I found a wooden tree trunk below me and I was hanging on it to save me myself from the water fury. I heard the loud beep and saw thousands of foremen emerging from the waters. . By the stroke of luck I remembered something that I was never able to. In the narrow path between life and death, my brain worked heavily and before I could react better to the situation. I realised that what we had as the essential elements for life can prove toxic to them. I remained afloat for three days and on the fourth day, I found a few men of my own kind who saved me from the floods and I could join the army and told them exactly what to do. We understood that Beneath the Earth's crust lays the mantle which is heated by the radioactive decay of heavy metals. So we exposed them to conditions that are completely opposite to their home conditions and we would be able to kill them. The scientists executed the cloud seeding and also lowered the temperature. We forcefully pumped more oxygen in the atmosphere which would make these anaerobic organisms crumble to their death. On the 5th August we successfully executed the plan and eradicated the foremen from earth crust with the help of liquid nitrogen guns, antibiotic grenades, oxygen bombs etc. But at the end of it almost half of the population was killed and the remaining were homeless and helpless. We had nothing to build

back the society in which we lived. But we were united and the whole world helped us to earn a future that we always deserved and with the hope, enthusiasm zeal and manpower, I am sure that we will surely build a better and a happier world.

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