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Monday, August 11, T969

See Legal Block On Gun Control

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) regulation of a particular The legislature's attempt to activity. e gun control out of local The question arises, however, government bands may not be whether the mere declaration legally effective, according to of an intention to preempt, as City Attorney Thomas M.' in the gun control act. will O'Connor. suffice to invalidate local laws. The Legislature Friday adopt- "The exact question . to be ed a one-sentence bill aimed at asked is whether the Legisla:he San Francisco and Beverly tures act constituted. merely Hills gun registration acts. The words w i t h o u t substance," law reads: "it is the intention O'Connor said Sunday. of the Legislature to occupy the He suggested San Francisco's whole field of regulation of the contention is strengthened by registration or licensing o" the decision of the Supreme commercially manufactured Court last April which upheld firearms as encompassed by the local gun registration the provisions of the Penal ordinance. The court ruled that simply because the state had Code " tews on the subject of guns, -it The state Supreme Court has had not preempted the field. ruled that local laws cannot stand when the state government has preempted the MODERN CENTENARIAN

DIED'lN LOS ANGELES MASSJaURDElT-TCiese are four of the five victims of the'mass murder that took place at the-Bel Air, California, home of Roman Polanski, Polish film director. From left, Stephen

Earl Parent; Sharon Tate, Polariskfs actress-wife; Abigail Folger, coffee heiress, and Jay Sebring, famous hairdresser. ,.,- -u + \ (AP Wirephoto)

LOS ANGELES (UPI) the ghetto area of Watts and opened a hair styling salon last When Mrs. Marian Hobbs cele' May in.partnership with -public also labored in Thomas ~ Bradbraed her 100th birthday she ley's losing mayoralty cam- relations executive Art Blum. gave much of the credit for her paign a few months ago. ' Blum, who said he was in a long life to modern science. pretty heiress' slain in a 'With her family's approval,1 state of "stupor" from the "Vitamins, minerals and-food mysterious weekend massacre she invested- money, in Che chain tragedy, denied -reports characsupplements are important to a of salons operated by male hair terizing.- the five persons slain, at Bel Air. person's health," Mrs. Hobbs stylist Jay Sebring, 35, also as."rich hippies." Miss Folger, 26, was, ihe said. daughter of Peter Folger of killed in the weekend slaughter. Blum said Sebring was 'not Woodside, chairman of the J. Other backers included actors even much of a swinger. His A. Folger & Co."coffee firm. Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, ambition was to become a Friends described her as a Warren Beaity and Peter millionaire." When .Sebring came to -the SUSPECT William Esrestless young woman interest' Lawford. ed in liberal causes. Through Sebring, she met and Bay Area, he .would usually ton Garretson. 19, is takvisit Lt. -Col. Paul J. Tate. NEW B E D F O R D , Mass. worker to the late Senator Rab- She was an honor student 'at mingled with many of Holly- Tate, father of slain -actress en to West Los Angeles police station yesterday Radcli-ffe and had worked in a wood's most famous names. ert F. Kennedy, have said they (UPI) Dist. Atty. Edmund S. New York bookstore and an art But she had -the misfortune to Sharon Tate, 27, is near-ing and booked on suspicion Dinis plans to petition Pennsyl- would fight any attempt to con- museum at the University of be at -the wrong place at the retirement as assistant chief of of murder in the slayings staff for intelligence at the of five persons, including vania authorities this week for duct an autopsy on their daugh- California at Berkeley before wrong time last weekend. -Region Army Air Defense actress Sharon Tate. permission to exhume the body ter who is buried in Larksville, becoming a social worker and Sebring was also well known Sixth Command at Fort Baker here: in the Bay Area where he (AP Wirephoto) going to the southern California of Mary Joe Kopechne as part Pa. area. of his investigation into the fatal car wreck involving Sen. Ed- "I am not the authority in tie She worked for some time in matter," Dinis s a i d Sunday. ward M. Kennedy. "The Pennsylvania court will Dinis, whose district includes make the decision about it." Martha's Vineyard and the site of the fatal crash following a Dinis said he has not spoken cookout July 18, announced to Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Koplans tor a judicial inquest last pechne of Berkeley Heights, week. District Judge James A. N.J. "I wouldn't bother them. Boyle of Edgartown Friday set They have, enough trouble," he said. : the kquest date as Sept. 3. CINCINNATI (UPI) This were a-young woman and two PALMDALE CUPD-An auThe Kopechnes' have been sons, found by firemen early topsy on the body of Darline city's first tornado in more than The parents of Miss Koa half-century left behind a ?7 Sunday. But the Red Cross said Marie Smelcer, 15, Palmdale pechne, 28, a former campaign critical of Massachusetts authorities for not having asked everyone^in -the. path of_, -the whose nude body.jyas discov:; ..VIENTIANE, Laos (AP)".- million swath of- destruction -miles long, .four person's storm had'been accounted for. ered' last-'week 'in'arfield, has -their opinion. Vietnamese diplomat Nguyen nine .,..., and - _ j 460 ,** families r.-i:... homeless. i..~i,,,, the girl died of Thg dead wgre Mrs_ Carolyn revealed dead Miss Kopechne drowned when Son Hai went shopping SaturBorde, 21, of Cincinnati, her strangulation. a car driven by Kennedy ran off day. His car collided with anoth- Some 700 Ohio N a t i o n a l De sons Delbert, 5, and Rodney, 3, .The girl was reported missing Guardsmen patrolled the devaser vehicle and investigating poa narrow, wooden, humpback and Mrs. Zelphia Taylor, 45, of. Friday night after she disapSUBSCRIPT RATES tated areas in Northern Cincinke found defense plans for U.S. bridge on Chappaquiddick Ispeared while baby-sitting two fclCirriir Williamsburg, Ohio. nati and nearby suburbs to preand Laotian operations centers. By Mill fiyjHl CuirUity land just off Martha's Vineyard. blocks from where her body mhkinci vent looting today while officials j M ^ Taylor died Sunday eve r Kennedy escaped and said he Now Laos is expelling Hai and By Cimtr, was found. Sgt. Bob Wood, ol iniwil i Uunct .......... . ..... JZ7frjtir made several dives to rescue :ive companions on charges of appealed for federal disaster as- ning of head injuries suffered the homicide division of the Los Saturday night when her hussistance. ?>) his passenger but was unsuc- spying. Angeles County Sheriff's Office, .Echamchanh Pradith, direc- Gov. James A. Rhodes, who band's car. was blown back onto said, "We -have not linked this Fild it Sir. MitH cessful. tor of the Laotian information toured 'the area early Sunday the highway and flipped over with any other crimes. Also, we ministry, said Hai, second sec- with Mayor Eugene Ruehlmann several times by high winds aft- don't have any clues to link this retary of the embassy, had just and other officials, called the er had pulled off the road. Jim Thomas, an off-duty Cin- with any specific suspect." received the plans from ah em- damage "devastating." cinnati policeman who was one The girl's body, which ssary believed to be one of Many of the homeless were of the first to spot .the storm, deputies said was virtually those arrested in the accident. among" some 400 families evacuunmarked, .was found by The plans were for the de- ated from the lake shore apart- reported seeing an auto flipped woman who Kves near the field. fense of a Laotian headquarters ments in nearby R e a d i n g , over and a man and woman Detectives said It was not at Long Chien and for the center where Mrs. Joanne Lee said, "I thrown from it, but it was not immediately determined wheor special American operations saw trees and pieces of lumber certain if this had been the Tay- ther- the victim was sexually from the sides of the building lor car.. in northeast Laos. "Uprooted trees were moving molested. "In view of the flagrant viola- flying through the air." across the road," said Thomas, The..girl's clothes were.-found ion and act.against the security The Red Cross reported that Who at the .time still-was dad in m a weed-covered lot near her of the kingdom of Laos,".Pra- 25 homes were destroyed and 85 body. dith announced, "the delegate of others suffered major damage, a bathing suit after an' after- Deputies said the girl_ was he ministry of foreign affairs l e a v i n g them uninhabitable. noon outing on the Ohio-River. caring, for two small children informed- -North 'Vietnamese Some 350 apartment units also "A guy's car started flipping when she disappeared. through the air and just kept Charge d'Affaires Nguyen were destroyed. ' Chanh-1hat- the royal govern- Most of -those- forced from turning over and over:" ment of Laos has declared per- their homes found space with The twister touched down earsona non grata the second sec- friends and relatives, but 29 ly Saturday night in the comretary of the North- Vietnamese members of six families spent munity of Hartwell, just within embassy and his companions as' Sunday night in a temporary Cincinnati's northern city limundesirables. These people will shelter at a school. Over 100 its. It was there that the two top NEW YORK (AP) - Rebe expelled on the first plane to persons stayed there Saturday floors were torn off Mrs.--De seardiers begin today asking -Borde's apartment house. Hanoi." night-' pedestrians to blow into rubber Sylvester Del Cprso, Ohio s It moved through Reading, bags and answer questions in a National Guard adjutant gener- Carthage and Silverton, just URBANIZATION al, who estimated the damages, outside the city limits, and Am- study aimed at finding out how DBS MOINES <UPI) - Dur- said the troopspatrolling and berly Village and Madeira about much odorless, invisible, poisoning the 1950s the population _ of directing traffic would re- five miles away. Within a mat- ous carbon monoxide gas the average New Yorker breathes Iowa shifted so that a majority main on duty as.long as they ter of minutes it was over. beside heavy traffic. of the, persons in the state now were needed. The,clean-up al- The storm affected an area walking ready was well under way Sun- about a city block wide, bound- "Operation Life and Breath" live in urban communities. ing from town to town and caus-. is sponsored by the New York In the 1940 census, 47.7 per day. Tuberculosis and Health Assocent of the population was clas- .At. first it was feared many ing most of 'its damage in the ciation and the city's Departsified as urban. In 1950, 53 per persons might be trapped be- business district of each com- ment of Air Resources. neath the rubble of buildings as munity. :errt of .the state was -urban

TATE AND POLANSKISlain actress Sharon Tate is shown here with her husband, Polish producer Roman Polanski, when they arrived at the Festival Palace at the French Riviera resort of Cannes to attend the 1968 Cannes Film Festival. Polanski arSAN FRANCISCO (UPI)rived-in Los Angeles Sunday but quickly \yent into San Francisco society circles seclusion. It is believed he will be questioned by still were in shock today over jpolice shortly. (AP Wirephoto) the death of Abigail Folger, *he

Abigail Folger's Murder Shocks S.F. Society Circles

Seeks to Exhume Body j . of Mary * Jo


Babysitter Cincinnati Reels Collision In Strangled In Laos Reveals After Big Tornado Abduction

Spy Network

N.Y. Trying Breath Test

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