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Dealin# $ith Di%%icult People & Di%%erent Personalities

Understanding Behavior and Characteristics of difficult people. Describe the various component parts of customer complain and conflict Demonstrate handling difficult customer through skillful Techniques Tools for Dealing with complaints and difficult people Understand the cause and symptom of customer and services problems Demonstrate effective technique used in problems solving skills

Course objectives

understanding conflict# *anaging your anger& Dealing with criticism& 'ole negotiation and techniques& *anaging you own Type % behavior& *anaging the difficult behavior of your boss or colleague& Dealing with the aggressive personality& + effective steps to handling with difficult customer roblem solving

Trainer Pro%ile C'r (ul )an is a trainer# coach and

consultant for management# sales and marketing C"ince $77># he has provided training and consulting to individuals and Ccompanies# to assist them in achieving their personal# career and business obDectives easier# faster and at less cost. CEe has attended the following international training courses3 CDiploma of rofessional Trainer of trade from world trade organi(ation# Canada. C%dvance Training of Trainers# !orld Trade ,rgani(ation /!T,1# Developed cases study# %sian 5nstitute of *anagement /%5*1# hilippine# Aegotiation for *arket %ccess# Fakarta# 5ndonesia# Developed the negotiation strategies and process. CEe is a graduate from CE%'40" "TU'T UA5G0'"5TH /%ustralia1 *B% rogram. C$77> to present# he has conducted a series of training courses for international and local companies and "*0s CEe has now served as an associate consultant and a freelance corporate trainer to several training providers in Cambodia.

Who should attend

,ur goal is to develop e-ecutive. level leaders. %s such# the target audience for this seminar is typically for those managers who are one step away from a leadership position.

Course contents
1. Dealing with Difficult eople in the !orkplace "cope# $. The %brasive ersonality Characteristics of the abrasive personality& Consequences of the abrasive personality in the workplace 3. The Type A StressProne Personality 'ecogni(ing the Type % "tress rone& Consequences of Type % behavior in the workplace ). Coping with Difficult eople in the !orkplace %nger and conflict management&

$ days

Course Fee
USD !" /0-clude any ta-es1 The 2ee includes3 4unch# 'efreshments# Training *aterials and Certificate of articipation

Date* +!-+, -une )enue* .otel/0estaurant 1Phno2 Penh3 Ti2e* 4 a2- ! p2 5an#ua#e* 6h2er

2or more information# please feel free to contact us3 0ducational Development 5nstitute /0D51 %ddress3 678# "t.9:1# "angkat Chbar %mpov 1# ;han *eanchey# hnom enh Tel3 7$9 8:: 8:<= 71> <$+ 1$9= 71< 9$< $7<= 71> <$8 1$9=71$ $:7 :): 0mail3 director?edi.cambodia.org = info?edi.cambodia.org !ebsite3 www.edi.cambodia.org "0%T" %'0 45*5T0D. 40%"0 '0@5"T0' A,!B