The prophecy begins:

It was a beautiful clear day in the village of Lurethway. Lanna was sitting quietly by a lake, picking some flowers and Eleazar was sitting on the tree next to the lake. They sat quietly, both respecting each others’ silence. A soft breeze continuously blew, bringing clouds over the sun, making it a warm day. “It’s such a beautiful day, right Lanna?” Eleazar said, breaking the silence, “Yes, it is” Lanna replied looking up at him, then the surroundings, the breeze grew a little stronger and Eleazar stood up, “It’s a good day to run” he said, then ran, faster than any athlete could ever, he ran and the wind ran with him, bringing him up as he leaped, Lanna watched from a distance, smiling at the eight year old boy. “Eleazar, you’re showing off again.” She said, jokingly, yet in a way, seriously. Rosabelle was enjoying the beautiful day in her garden, the one she tended to all the time. She was pondering about nothing in particular; she was quiet, not expecting what would happen next… “Boo!!” said a voice; startled she jumped up and screamed “aaaaah!!!” she hid behind a Peach tree, “ahahhahahaha!!!!” laughed the owner of the voice, Rose looked at the laughing figure and fumed with anger “Balthazar!!!! How many times do I have to tell you!?!? Stop scaring me like that!?!?” she yelled at him, “hahhaha!! Ok, ok, I’m sorry, hahhaha, but you should’ve seen your face!! Annoying you is so much fun!!” replied Balthazar, “Ugh!! That’s it!!” yelled Rose before springing at him tickling him “haha!! Now who’s got the upper hand?” she said “hahahha!! Rose!! Ahhaha!! Stop!! Hahahhaha!!!” Balthazar said, wriggling around, laughing, and trying to find a way out. It was getting late, the beautiful day was almost over…*ding ding ding* rang the bells of the temple. Lanna looked up and turned her head in the direction of the temple, she stood up and called out to Eleazar, not looking at him “Eleazar!! We

have to g—*gasp*” she gasped as Eleazar picked her up and started jumped up into the air, “Oh sorry…I startled you didn’t I” Eleazar apologized, Lanna was really startled, her heart was beating fast and she was holding on too tightly to Eleazar, she couldn’t even reply, “I should really warn you before hand next time…” said Eleazar. “You are such a…a…LOSER!!!!” she shouted at him, “As if you’re not! Little girl!!” snapped Balthazar…looks like they were at it…again…their arguments usually lasted hours and this one wasn’t an exception… “I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL!! UGH!! You’re so frustrating!!” she said even louder “If I’m frustrating what are you?” he half yelled “You’re the ugly meanie who started this!!’ she scolded “Meanie? Losing your touch already? You’re such a dumb tree-hugger.” He said in an indifferent way. *ding ding ding* , “What did you say?” she yelled at him “There’s no time to make a come back girlie, let’ go!” he said grabbing her hand and jumping from tree to tree with her at his back, sometimes you could forget they were just 8…”BALTHAZAR!! PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!!!” then again… ○º°º○~~~~~~~~~~~¤°º‫○~~~~~~~~~~♫٭ڇ۞ۺ▒☺☻♣ﷲ‬º°º○

Eleazar landed softly and quietly on the ground in front of the temple and he put Lanna down carefully. “Eleazar, Lanna,” called out a voice to them, it belonged to none other than Master Liam, their trainer and care-taker, “You’re late.” He said sharply, Lanna and Eleazar turned around and faced him “We’re really sorry Master, we lost track of time and well, before we knew it, it was already late.” Said Lanna, looking at the ground now, “See to it his never happens again, understood?” said Master Liam, “Yes Master Liam.” they said in unison, “ Where are Balthazar and Rosabelle?” he asked them, both just kept quiet, “Put me down!! I can run on my own!!” looks like he didn’t need an answer after all “Will you please just shut your mouth, we’re here now anyway,” said Balthazar, “He’s right Rosabelle, now would you care to explain as to why you and Balthazar are late?” said Master Liam with a calm yet angry voice, both of them just looked at their feet.

After a few minutes of lecturing, Master Liam sighed and rubbed his forehead. He started to speak “today, I wanted to tell you about why you’re here,” he said and looked up to see the 4 children’s confused faces, “you are all here, because you have been chosen by fate, to….complete a very important…task…” he paused and looked them all straight in the eye and took out 4 stones, and raised up the first one, it was oval and was a sort of pale blue and it shone, and he spoke up “does this look familiar to u Eleazar?” he asked, Eleazar looked at it like he was drawn to it, “yes…but…I’ve never seen it before…why…” he asked in wonder, Master Liam smiled and handed the stone to him and raised up another stone, it was triangular in shape and was bright red, he raised it up to Balthazar and looked at him with a questioning look and Balthazar understood “yes…it is familiar, but … I’ve never seen anything like this before….” He said and Master Liam dropped the stone in his hand and moved on to the nest stone it was oval yet more circular than Eleazar’s stone, it was dark green and he gave it to Rose, she felt it in her hand, “it so…it makes me feel…I don’t know…but I feel like I know this from somewhere…” she said, and he moved on to the last stone, it was different, it had metal designs, and was blue like the lake, when he held it up to Lanna she touched it and felt its smooth surface and Master Liam dropped it in her hands “It’s as if I…have seen this before” she said with wonder. “Of course they look familiar to you, these were your in a past life” Master Liam said with a small smirk, he was content with the shocked faces in front of him “What do you mean Master Liam?” asked Eleazar “Well you see Eleazar, a long time ago, back when ancient creatures like the phoenix and the falcon roamed our skies and alchemy and witchcraft were all but myth, there was an evil, an evil that was indestructible and unstoppable, it was called The Darkness, it roamed the land, sea and sky and caused calamites” he paused “It was…the ultimate evil, but to everything there is an opposite, but it was hard to match up to that power, so powers had to be combined, 4 individuals, all powerful and strong wielded the powers of the elements, all were your ancestors, but none of them by blood, which means, you and them, are alike, in what way, I do not know, but I know what powers you are all granted with” “wait” he was cut off by Rosabelle “What powers?” she asked “Well Rose, I just said it, they wielded the powers of the 4 elements, meaning they all could control and use the elements according to their own will, in your cases, it resembles the color of your stone and your personalities, like you Rose, you are granted the power of Earth, “ he paused as Rosabelle replied “Oh I see, green for earth, I guess it’s no wonder I love gardening so much!” she said as she flashed a smile “So, if the color of your stone resembles the power you are to be granted with…then…I guess I would get the power of Air, Balthazar would get Fire, and Lanna would get Water” said Eleazar, Master Liam smiled and patted Eleazar’s head, “You are wise indeed Eleazar, for you are correct,” he stood up and the breeze blew “starting today, things will become harder, I know it’s hard to take this all in, in one day, but…if it’s you guys, I know you can do it” he smiled and then jumped into the trees and vanished…



○º°º○~~~~~~~~~~~¤°º‫○~~~~~~~~~~♫٭ڇ۞ۺ▒☺☻♣ﷲ‬º°º○ (A/N) Okay so…I know you guys have been waiting a long time and this is pretty short so I know you’re thinking “this is all we get after such a long wait?!”, well, I’m really sorry… I’ve been really busy with projects, homework, and my mother just gave birth so I had to help take care of my sisters, have I mentioned we’re like 5 girls in this family, 7 if you include my parents? It’s been so hectic lately, so I beg you to forgive me, and if you can’t do that, I hope the sneak peek after this will! --J.M. Tio


Chapter 2 sneak peeks…

“It was that day, after four years…the day this all began, the day our powers were granted to us, the day we learned of our “special” existence, the day…the day that sparked our curiosity , the curiosity that made us strive to learn more about our whole truth…”thought Balthazar as he was walking through the lighted streets of the town square, it was one of the rare times

he, and his friends were allowed to attend such festivities in a public place. It was the Festival of Elements, the day that was finally vanquished and the land Lurethway was set free. Balthazar was roaming the streets in hope of finding a familiar face, but, so far, he wasn’t having that such luck… before he knew it, he found himself at the centre of the town, where, in front of him stood a giant growth and it was lit with orange and blue lights and him, the prideful fire user gape in awe. He stood there looking at it for a while until a flash of green caught his eye, he turned his head in its direction and saw something he didn’t expect, or should I say, someone. There he saw a girl with long blonde hair that touched her hips and curled at the ends, she was wearing light green and brown hair accessories that matched the color of her hazel-colored eyes. She wore a green dress that stopped just above her knees and it had sleeves that touched her elbows, and she wore a necklace with a green circular pendant, other than that she was plain, the only thing that stood out about her was that she was so…green, so you can assume her favorite colors were earthy ones…so I guess by know you would know it was Rosabelle. He was surprised, he’d thought she wasn’t one that liked public gatherings, just then he realized she was looking at the tree he was just looking at and made his assumption as to why she was here, and the next thing he knew, he was standing next to her. “Oh hi Balthazar, fancy meeting you here!” said Rose with a smile, a smile that made him feel the same way until now, no matter how long they’ve been together, his heart would pound and he would forget how to act…so… “Well look who’s here, it’s little miss tree-hugger..” he blurted out “Excuse me? I just said “hi” and you insult me? What’s your problem hot-head?” she snapped back at him “Oooh, looks like ugly is mad,” he said as he turned around so his back was facing her

Arguing…arguing…(I will put everything here in the real thing) “What is your problem with me Balthazar? Every time I try to be nice you insult me! It’s like all I am is someone you can insult! Like all we can ever be are enemies…” she said while looking to the ground as she felt tears forming in her eyes, that last line struck Balthazar hard as he felt a pain in his chest, “Do you hate me?” Rose blurted out with a shaky voice as her tears finally fell, she raised her head to look at him straight in the eye and when he saw her, he couldn’t ‘t say anything, she looked so..so…he was struggling to find the word as he remembered all the times she was so mad at him, the times she never cried and always fought back, she’s had it now and she looked so…vulnerable…


He was walking on a beach after a long day, it was a cold night but it was bright as the sky shone with stars, he looked up at the full moon as a breeze blew and felt good against his cheek. He took a long breath enjoying the night’s air. He walked up to the sea and felt the sand between his toes as his bare feet sunk into the sand, he walked forward and dipped his feet into the water as the wind blew again, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He looked up and stared at the stars, he stood there for quite a while until he felt he had to leave. He walked along shore back to the temple, but he saw something unexpected, he saw a girl with very long brown hair that flowed behind her as the wind continued blowing; she had pale skin and aquamarine-colored eyes that glowed in the moonlight and she was staring at the stars with a dreamy look in her eyes, she wasn’t far from shore but the water touched 4 inches under her knees and she was wearing a silver night gown that touched her knees and he couldn’t help but think how much it framed her slender figure. “Lanna? What is she doing here?” he thoughtas he was mystified, “She looks so beautiful” he whispered to himself as he continued slowly moving, staring at her. He was getting close to her as he saw the water around her rise and surround her, she raised her hands to guide the water around her while she smiled, the moment she smiled, his cheeks turned red and his heart beat got faster and louder, she was so beautiful, so mysterious, so fragile, he felt like all he wanted to do at that point was protect her… she then spotted him where he was standing, she caught him staring at her…and she let the water drop, she smiled at him and got out of the water “Good evening Eleazar,” sounded the voice of an angel “Good evening Lanna” Eleazar replied, they stood there, though far from each other, they seemed so close. They were just smiling at each other, perfectly comfortable with the distance and silence. Just then Lanna felt a pain in her chest and she stumbled to the ground coughing, “LANNA!!” shouted Eleazar as he ran over to her side, it has always been like this ever since that day 4 years ago, that day which was today, she has always been so sickly, back then it was never like this, he hated seeing her like this… she was so…FRAGILE…

○º°º○~~~~~~~~~~~¤°º‫○~~~~~~~~~~♫٭ڇ۞ۺ▒☺☻♣ﷲ‬º°º○ Please note that some things are subjected to change As you can see the next chapter/s are about love stories between the 4 chosen ones so I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks. Oh and, I must apologize again for any grammatical or spelling errors, I’m twelve, this was rushed, I’m no professional and I don’t have an editor so Thank you for reading!!! --J.M. Tio

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