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At the end of the period, the students should be able to: a. draw prediction about the text; b. compare Muslim tradition to other religious traditions; c. demonstrate appreciation of the story by connecting it to their personal experiences.


Topic: Feast of the Dead By: Cevdret Kudret Gems in Afro Asian Literature 2 Pages 213-216 Power Point Presentation Visual Aids Pictures Music Video (Time of Your Life by Martin Nieverra) Faith, Hard work, Charity




A. Pre- Listening 1. ROUTINE a. Prayer b. Classroom Management c. Checking of Attendance



Task 1 Arrange the jumbled letters to give the correct meaning of the italicized words in the sentences.

1. Ghost stories are among the grimmer programs in television. NGIFTRHNREG = ______________ 2. The speaker can hold the audiences attention because he has a resonant voice. OMOEULDSI = _________________

1. Frightening

2. Melodious

3. The charwoman does a hard days work just to earn money. AALNDYUMROWN = _______________ 4. Not all children with shabby clothes are beggar. DOL= ________

3. Laundrywoman

4. Old

5. The iciness of the December air is biting to the skin. SESCODLN = _______________

5. Coldness

3.MOTIVATION Task 2 Directions: Play a music video showing a message to someone who passed away with the back ground music Time of your Life by Martin Nieverra and respond to the following instructions: * Teacher asks students to think of their relatives or special someone who passed away and the grief and the sadness they feel during that sad moment of their life and before the song ends, the teacher asks students to reflect on the follow- up questions. Have you ever experienced loosing someone you love because of death? How did you cope up with your grief? How this experienced did affect your life? If you would be given a chance to see and to talk again to that someone you love who passed away already, what will you tell them? 4.LESSON PROPER *Teacher presents the story through a video presentation.

5.COMPREHENSION CHECK 1. Who are the characters in the story? 2. How did Durson Agha died? 3. What Moslem tradition was shown in the story? 4. What was Gulnaz job? Why did Gulnaz stop doing her job? 5. How did Gulnaz used to cheat to his husband? 6. What was the reaction of Gulnaz when she heard the death of his husband? 7. What character did Gulnaz possessed? 8. How many days did Gulnazs family received food? Why did the food stop coming? 9. Why did Gulnaz refused to borrow some bread from the passing bread man?

10. Why did the grocer, Bodos, did not let the older son borrowed some food? 11. Was the older son in the story died? 12.As a mother with two children to feed, what should Gulnaz have done so that they would not starve? 13.Contrast the idleness on Gulnaz household, the busy activity of neighbors in the outside. What do you think is the authors purpose in showing the contrast? 14.What do you think will happen to Gulnaz and her sons? Give your own ending of the story. 15.Which of the following is the theme of the story? a. Man does not live by bread alone b. He who does not work will not eat c. Gods mercy is upon everyone 16. What values have you learned from the story?

SUMMARIZATION Activity A. The family lives on hand to mouth existence *Holding a picture, 8 students from the class will arrange the chain of events B.The father, the bread winner, dies. leading to the death of the boy in the story. C. Gulnaz, the mother, hated laundering because it reminds her of her husband. She does not find other means to earn money. D. The donation of food from the neighbors stop. E. Gulnaz, too ashamed to borrow bread from the passing bread man, watches her starving boys. F. She sends the elder boy to the baker to borrow bread, baker refuses him. Boy goes home weaker than before. G. Boy lies in bed chilling, trembling, and with fever, no food arrives yet. H. Younger boy asks is mother if his

brother is going to die

Task 4 *Teacher divides the class into 4 groups. Each group performs their given task. I. ACTORS GROUP Task: Choose a part in the story that shows the character of Gulnaz as a mother. II. SINGERS GROUP Task: Think of a song that could best represent the theme of the story. Sing it in front and explain your reason upon choosing that song. III. WRITERS GROUP Task: Write a short poem about hard work and perseverance. IV. ARTISTS GROUP Task: the setting of the story by drawing it.

Write on a one whole sheet of intermediate pad paper an essay on the topic: A dream doesnt become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.