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OSCE system

biggest thing for OSCE is to have a system and NEVER skip steps, while keeping an eye on the time. The system I had is the following (you can use this system, or alter it according to your comfort... but never skip steps in your own system). For example, if the patient is pregnant, and you forget to ask, she could be on an ACE inhibitor etc. 1. confirm the patient's name 2. are they pregnant if they are a woman between 20-40. do they have allergies. 3. do they have any medical conditions 4. are they on any medicines 5. are they on any OTC or herbal items then i would look at their prescription, make sure nothing interacts and the dosings are fine then counselling: A. what the medication is used for (i.e. asthma) B. how they use the puffer/what dose do they have to take (i.e. you need to take one tablet three times a day) also how long they need to take it for (if antibiotic) C. any side effects they could experience (just list one or two main ones) D. lifestyle advice E. ASK IF THEY HAVE ANY QUESTIONS F. if no questions, confirm whether they can come for a followup ___ days or ___ weeks time/or ask whether you can call them in ____ time, depending on what the medication is for