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A Reminder of Why You are Here: Here is what you will gain if you keep your commitment to working

with the tools and skills I am teaching you here. 1. You can experience a sense of eternity within this present moment. You can e here now. !. Along with this sense of eternity is the sense that you WA"# to pay attention to what is happening around you in this moment. When you reali$e that you are in the midst of eternity you relish the present moment as the only place you want to e. %. You can feel a constant sense of newness. "& matter how many times you ha'e done something efore( it will feel as if it)s the first time today. *. You can feel that ama$ing sense of total peace in your life( a total relaxation( the end of worry and fear. You can attain a 'ery real and deep sense of well eing ranging from calm +oy to ecstatic liss. ,. You can put your focus on e'erything around you( rather than on your own drama. -. You can feel that e'erything in the uni'erse is right and proceeding +ust fine. You can experience unconditional acceptance and a sense of eing in the right place in this uni'erse. .. #hought remo'es us from the experience of the now moment. /utting an experience into words is not the experience. 0y representing an experience in 'er al form( we remo'e oursel'es from the actual experience and use words to portray what happened. #his is how we ha'e caused our past experiences to ecome monster ghosts in our reality. "ow we can simply 01 and ha'e direct experiences in this eautiful reality without creating monsters to lurk after us. 2. 0y honing your inner senses you can ecome more complete within the core of your own eing( more sure of yourself( more sta le( more confident. 3. 0y honing your inner senses you can ecome aware that there are millions of other things to percei'e in this uni'erse that you ha'e not yet percei'ed. 4o you can reali$e that your reality is ased on only a small num er of these things that you ha'e so far een a le to percei'e and so is changea le and incomplete as yet. 1'erything is not set in stone. 0eliefs can and should e changed. 15. You can feel meaning in your life as you recogni$e that you are uni6ue. You can find your self7 worth( your 'alue here y knowing that you are totally uni6ue( there is no one else like you here. #his can gi'e you a sense of your purpose here. 11. 0y gaining awareness you can learn you are not attached to the words( feelings( actions of others or yourself. You can take that eagle 'iew of yourself and of life and reali$e the

igger picture doesn)t re6uire you to create drama. You can see the larger drama created y 8reator here and how eautiful that is: 9other 1arth 1!. You can reali$e that you are not tied to the expectations of others. 1%. You can feel alanced. Your physical four ody system and your energetic four ody system can work in alance with each other and allow you to reach skills and a ilities not a'aila le to the ordinary person. 1*. You can reach a harmonious relationship with 8reator. You can grow here enough to reach that point where 8reator can in'ite you to participate in manifesting the intentions of 8reator. #his is shamanic work ut you can only e in'ited to participate( you cannot force your way into this position. You ha'e to gi'e up your own expectations( desires( preferences( first. 1,. You can ecome aware of multi le'els of experience occurring simultaneously. Without necessarily discerning each specific le'el( you intuit that many processes are going on within you. 0ecause you ha'e chosen to honor your commitment here to yourself and to work acti'ely with these lessons you can reach a state of eing( learning( application and inno'ation. You can find yourself generating creati'e solutions without the usual effort of the ordinary man ecause of the intimate relationship you ha'e forged with your own guides. #hese are some of the states of 01I": a 4haman /ractitioner. I know you ha'e not achie'ed all of these yet. 0ut continue your work and these can all e yours( and much( much more.