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Eraserhead of course, and perhaps Satyricon Marvin Digs (Short) Liquid Sky IZO ( !!

") #akashi Mike $) %iva &a Muerte ('()!) *ernando +rra,a& (-art of the panic .ove.ent /ith 0odorosky) a&so ,y +rra,a& $$$$ 1$) I /i&& /a&k &ike a cra2y horse ('()1) "$) +r,re de 3uernica L4 aka (#he #ree of 3uernica) ('()5) 5$) *antastic -&anet ('()1) (6ea&&y scre/ed up ani.ated fi&. ,y 6o&and #opar another friend of 0odoro/sky) 7$) L 8r&o ('()!) (6ea&&y strange fi&. ,y #into 9rass director of :a&igu&a) )$) #he 3arden ('((!) Derek 0ar.on (6ea&&y trippy fi&. a,out a gay coup&e crucified &ike :hrist) ;$) L +ge D Or ('(1!) Da&i<9unue& fi&. ($) #error *ir.er ('((() L&oyd =auf.an (6ea&&y disgusting ,i2arre #ro.a fi&. a,out a ki&&er on the set of a 9>Movie) '!$) S/eet Movie ('()1) Dusan Makave?ev ''$) 3reaser4s -a&ace ('()!) 6o,ert Do/ny Sr$ (se.i E& #opo parody and .usica&) ' $) #he 9a,y of Macon ('((1) -eter 3reena/ay '1$) #he Mansion of Madness (+nother fi&. fro. one of 0odoro/sky4s friend) '"$) +&ucarda ('())) (Sa.e directer as a,ove) '5$) #he Devi&s ('()!) =en 6usse& (.asterpiece@) '7$) Sed.ikrasky (aka$ Daisies) ('(77) %era :hyti&ova (+/eso.e psychede&ic fe.inist :2ech fi&.) ')$) *ruit of -aradise ('(7() %era :hyti&ova (+,out the garden of eden) ';$) 9irds Orphans and *oo&s ('(7() 0ura? 0aku,isko '($) *e&&ini Satyricon ('(7() *edirico *e&&ini


!$) #he Ainth :onfiguration ('(;!) Bi&&ia. -eter 9&atty '$) #he 9ed Sitting 6oo. ('(7() 6ichard Lester $) =ytice ( !!!) (6ea&&y +/eso.e surrea& :2ech fi&.) 1$) #he Si&ver 3&o,e ('(;)) +ndre? Zu&a/ski "$) Even D/arves Started S.a&& ('()!) Berner Cer2og 5$) *or,idden Zone ('(;!) (6ea&&y /ierd surrea& .usica& fro. Oingo 9oingo) 7$) Dandy Dust ('((;) (+ &es,ian cy,erpunk eDperi.enta& fi&.E .akes no sense) )$) Liquid Sky ('(;1) ;$) Z,ogu. na dvadesetiot vek (aka$ 3ood,ye !th :entury) ('((;) (Lordy, Lordy@ #his is a strange surrea& Macedonian fi&. that re.inds .e of 0odoro/sky$ +n a/eso.e trip) ($) #he Institute 9en?a.enta ('((5) #he Fuay 9rothers 1!$)Beek end ('(7)) 3odard #he fi&.s of :2ech ani.ator 0an Svank.a?er +&ice (aka$ Aeco Z +&enky) ('(;;) *aust ('((") :onspirators of -&easure ('((7) Litt&e Otik ( !!!) #he :offin 0oe *i&.s #his night I4&& possess your corpse ('(7)) +/akening of the 9east ('()!) 0aco,4s Ladder ('((!) #he favor, the /atch and the very ,ig fish ('(( ) :an Cierony.ous Merkin ever forget Merci Cu.ppe and find true happinessG ('(7()

(If you find a copy) #he -assion of Dark&y Aoon ('((5) Ma&pertuis ('()') 8nderground ('((5) E.ir =usterica 8n :hien +nda&ou ('( () Da&i<9unue& .asterpiece :arefu& ('(( ) 3uy Madden #he Saddest .usic in the /or&d ( !!1) 3uy Madden -erdita Durango ('(()) +&eD de &a Ing&esia +ccion Mutante ('((1) +&eD de &a Ing&esia Day of the 9east ('((5) +&eD de &a Ing&esia Desecration ('((() (Cas a rea& &o/ ,udget, ,ut so.e creepy re&igious i.ages) #he 9east (aka$ La 9ete) ('()5) (6ea&&y scre/ed up adu&t 9eauty and the 9east) Zardo2 ('()") 0ohn 9oor.an +ny of the short fi&.s fro. the 9rothers Fuay (Like Svak.a?er, ,ut s&ight&y /ierder) 6ef&ections of Evi& ( !! ) #ro.eo H 0u&iet ('((7) (#ro.a4s take on the c&asic storyE given a punk rock t/ist to it) #hro/ a/ay your ,ooks, ra&&y in the streets ('()') Shu?i #eraya.a Lis2to.ania ('()5) (+nother =en 6usse& .asterpiece) It cou&dn4t happen here ('(;)) (6ea&&y trippy .usica& fro. the pet shop ,oys) Cappiness of the =atikuris ( !!') #akeshi Miike(+/eso.e 0apanese Corror .usica&) #he Secret +dventures of #o. #hu., (:ra2y stop .otion .ovie) #he :re.aster :yc&e +&.ost any fi&. ,y -eter 3reena/ay

+ Zed H t/o noughts ('(;5) Dro/ning ,y Au.,ers ('(;;) #he :ook the thief his /ife and her &over ('(;() #he -i&&o/,ook ('((7) #he #u&se Luper Suitcases ( !!1) -rospero4s 9ooks ('((') *irecracker ( !!")(Si.i&ar to Santa Sangre and #/in -eaks) + 0ourney into 9&iss ( !!") Bhat is itG ( !!5) :rispen 3&over Songs fro. the second *&oor (,i2arre S/edish fi&.) 6oy +nderson Su,conscious :rue&ty ('((() (If you can sto.ach it$$$ rea&&y distur,ing) David Lynch4s #he 3rand.other ('()!) (Short fi&. that4s even stranger than Eraserhead) Aaked Lunch (I .ight of &isted this a&&ready) -aso&ini4s +ra,ian Aights ('()") #he *ourth Man ('(;1) -au& %erhoeven (+ surrea& dutch fi&. fro. the director of 6o,ocop and 9asic Instinct) Ao/here ('(()) 3reg +raki (#rippy teen angst /ith .ore sty&e than su,stance, ,ut a gui&ty p&easure) -ersona ('(77) Ing.ar 9erg.an (+ c&assic) #he 9&ood of a -oet ('(1!) 0ean :octeau (+n artist enters a .irror /hich takes hi. to an a&ternate rea&ity) +&phavi&&e ('(7)) (+ 3odard :&assic) Leo&o ('(( ) (6ea&&y odd co.ing of age *rench :anadian .ovie$ 0ust your average story of a young ,oy convinced that his .other /as i.pregnated ,y a se.en covered #o.ato i.ported fro. Ita&y)(Ao honest to 3od, I4. not .aking this up@) 9ad 9oy 9u,,y ('((1) (+ hi&arious cu&t c&assic fro. do/n under)


3otoI Is&and of Love ('(7;) (#his one is a .ust see) Desperate Living ('())) 0ohn Baters (One of 0ohn Bater4s sickest and funniest) Save the 3reen -&anet ( !!1) (Backey =orean end of the /or&d satire) 9ara no Soretsu ('(7() (aka$ *unera& -arade of 6oses) (0apanese Drag Fueens, one of Stan&y =u,ric4s favorites) Spa&ovac Mtrvo& ('(7;) (aka$ #he :re.ator) (:2ech Ae/ Bave Corror<Dark :o.edy 0igoku ('(7!) (aka$ Ce&&<#he sinners) (+ 0apanese .ovie a,out he&&$ 6ea&&y freaky) #etsuoI the Iron .an ('(;;) (I4. an idiot$ Co/ cou&d I forget tetsuoG) 9&ue,erry (aka 6enegades) ( !!") (6ea&&y strange /estern /ith 0u&iet Le/is) 3reen Snake ('((1) #sui Cark (fro. the director of 9&ack Mask /ith 0et LiE One of 0odoro/sky4s recent favorite directors) Mago ( !! ) (6ea&&y .essed up ,ut ,eautifu& =orean arthouse fi&. #he 6apture ('((') (#his .ovie /ith Mi.i 6ogers starts out nor.a&E It4s a,out a s/inger /ho finds 0esus, ,ut then it ,eco.es very surrea&) Drea.s that .oney can ,uy ('(")) -ink *&oyds #he Ba&& ('(;1) (9ut of course$$$$) Mr$ *reedo. ('(7() -eter 3reena/ay #akeshi Miike *ernando +rra,a& *ederico *e&&ini Shinya #suka.oto 0an Svank.a?er

3uy Maddin Luis 9unue& and I think they carry the :offin 0oe fi&.sG I haven4t had Aetf&iD in a /hi&eG Other fi&.s I forgot to .ention 9egotten ('((') (Aot a huge favorite of .ine, ,ut it4s eDtre.e&y ,i2arre) +&so, Bhen it co.es to strange cine.a 0apan is /here it4s at$$$$$$$$$$$ =/aidan ('(7") (9eautifu& 0apanese Corror fi&.$ %ery ,oring at ti.es, on&y reco..ended for very patient vie/ers) 82u.aki ( !!!) (Insane 0apanese horror fi&. a,out spira&s, a .ust see) -isto& Opera ( !!') (Cigh&y surrea& fo&&o/ up to J9randed to =i&&J) 3o 3o Second #i.e %irgin ('(7() (Aot to ,e confused /ith 3o 3o -o/er 6angers@) Suicide :irc&e (aka$ Suicide :&u,) ( !! ) (It starts out your regu&ar horror fi&. /here 0apanese schoo& gir&s in a hypnotic trance thro/ the.se&ves ritua&istica&&y in front of a train$ #hen it gets stranger) #he 5!!! fingers of Dr$ # ('(51) (6ea&&y /ackey Dr$ Seuss fi&.E fun for the /ho&e fa.i&y) B6I Mysteries of the Organis. ('()') Dusan Makave?ev (-art docu.entary, -art po&itica& surrea&ist seD co.edy) -ig ('((;) 6o22 Bi&&ia.s H Aico 9$ (*or so.e reason, this rea&&y odd short fi&. is not &isted on i.d,$ #hey have it on +.a2on$ It4s rea&&y distur,ing &ike *ando H Lis .eets I Stand +&one /ith SHM)(Out of print and hard to find) (vie/ at your o/n risk) #he #enant ('()7) 6o.an -o&anski (+nother .ust see) Ice fro. the Sun ('((() Eric Stan2e (6ea&&y chee2y 9>.ovie /ith +.a2ing #etsuo and Aatura& 9orn =i&&ers sty&e i.ages) (+ sha.efu& gui&ty p&easure) Aatura& 9orn =i&&ers ('((") O&iver Stone

(Aot .any peop&e rea&i2e this, ,ut the guy /ho p&ays +Don in the Co&y Mountain, /ith his infa.ous cha.,er of '!!! testes /ent on to produce .any O&iver Stone .ovies inc&uding co>/riting the screenp&ay for Aatura& 9orn =i&&ers) (It4s a s.a&& /or&d@) So I .arried a strange person ('(()) 9i&& -&y.pton (9i&& -&y.pton used to do strange cartoons for &iquid te&evision on M#%) (#his has to ,e one of the strangest ani.ated fi&.s I have ever seen) Si.on of the Desert ('(75) Luis 9unue& (+nother great short fi&. fro. 9unue&, si.i&ar to E& #opo) (Bhy hasn4t :riterion re&eased this yetG) Machines of Love and Cate ( !!1) 0oseph -arda (Lo/ ,udget, ,ut interesting$ %ery si.i&ar to David Lynch) Ku.e (aka$ =urosa/a4s Drea.s) ('((!) (Si.p&y a.a2ing and co&orfu&, =urosa/a puts seven of his drea.s into fi&.) 6eturn to LightI + spiritua& Oddesy ( !!") 3regory -earce (*or so.e reason this fi&. is not &isted on i.d,)Kou can get a copy at ///$cine.aseekers$co. -ossession ('(;') +ndr2e? Zu&a/ski (Like Lost Cigh/ay .eets #he 9rood) Space is the -&ace ('()") Sun 6a (Ever /onder /hat it /ou&d ,e &ike if 0odoro/sky /ere to of .ade a ,&aDp&oitation sci>fi fi&. /ith acid ?a22G) 9eyond the %a&&ey of the Do&&s ('()!) (Kou got to &ove 6uss Meyer) #a&es fro. the 3i.&i Cospita& ('(;;) 3uy Maddin (Eraserhead .eets E6) +ku.u&ator ' ('((") (9i2arre :2ech fi&. a,out an a&ternate #% rea&ity) Erendira ('(;1) (*e&&iniesque sty&e .agic rea&is. fro. MeDico) *ah ta&ai ?one (aka$ #ears of the 9&ack #iger) ( !!!) (+.a2ing #hai /estern) Cead ('(7;) 9o, 6afe&son (-sychade&ic .usica& co.edy /ith the Monkees) Ca =ochav Cakacho& (aka$ -&anet 9&ue) ('((5) (Israi&i stoner co.edy) Cugo -oo& ('(()) 6o,ert Do/ney Sr$ Motora.a ('((') #he #rip ('(7)) 6oger :or.an

Causu ('())) (6ea&&y /ierd, and I .ean /ierd 0apanese haunted house .ovie) +ri2ona Drea. ('((1) E.ir =usturica (0ohnny Depp, 0erry Le/is, %incent 3a&&o, *aye Duna/ayE an a&& star cast in a /ackey surrea& co.edy fro. the Kugos&avian director of 8nderground) Bho are you -o&&y MagooG ('(77) Bi&&ia. =&ien Lost Cigh/ay ('(()) David Lynch (#his fi&. gre/ on .e after a second vie/ing) Ciroku the 3o,&en ('((!) Shinya #suka.oto #okyo *ist ('((5) Shinya #suka.oto #he Seventh Sea& ('(5)) Ing.ar 9erg.an *reaks ('(1 ) #odd 9ro/ning (One of 0odoro/sky4s favorite fi&.s) %era ( !!1) *rancisco +thie SeD.ission ('(;)) (Ci&arious -o&ish Sci>fi) -oison ('((') #odd Caynes -aroDis.us (aka$ 0ess *ranco4s %enus in *urs) ('(7() Le.onade 0oe ('(7") O&drich Lipsky (:2ech .usica& /estern) Dinner for +de&e ('())) O&drich Lipsky #he Last #e.ptation of :hrist ('(;;) Martin Scorsese E.porer #o.ato =etchup ('()') Shu?i #eraya.a =usa>Meikyu (aka$ 3rass La,rynth) ('(;1) Shu?i #eraya.a Our Lady of the #urks ('(7;) :ar.e&o 9ene Sa&o.e ('() ) :ar.e&o 9ene (#his .ovie is rea&&y /acked out$ Like *e&&ini Satyricon cut into pieces ,y 0odoro/sky and sp&iced ,ack together) -ost :oitu. ( !!") 0ura? 0aku,isko (6ea&&y fun *e&&ini &ike seD :2ech co.edy) #o -rosopo tis Mudusas ('(77) Aikos =oundouros

#he 6ef&ecting Skin ('((!) -hi&ip 6id&ey (Co/ cou&d I forget this creepy co.ing of age cu&t favorite) La 6ose de *er ('()1) 0ean 6o&&ins Sitco. ('((;) *rancois O2on Static ('(;5) Mark 6o.anek (*ro. the director of AIA c&oser video and One Cour -hoto) Suspiria ('())) Dario +rgento Inferno ('(;!) Dario +rgento !!'I + Space Oddesy ('(7;) Stan&ey =u,rick (Co/ cou&d I forget thisG) Sta&ker ('()() +ndrei #arkovsky Bho /ants to ki&& 0esseG ('(77) 6asho.on ('(5!) +kira =urosa/a 0ohnny got his gun ('()') Dust ( !!') Mi&cho Manchevski (6ea&&y interesting Macedonian /estern) Last Kear at Marien,ad ('(7!) +&ain 6esnais (-eter 3reena/ay4s favorite fi&.) +nge& De *uego ('(( ) -utney S/ope ('(7() 6o,ert Do/ney Sr$ #hrone of 9&ood ('(5)) =urosa/a 6epu&sion ('(75) 6o.an -o&anski +&so check out 6o.an -o&anski4s short fi&.s on the :riterion D%D of =nife in Bater@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 0u,i&ee ('())) Derek 0ar.on 9&ack Aarcissus ('(")) (Aot strange, ,ut very ,right and co&orfu&$ 9eautifu& technico&or &andscapes$ Auns ,ack sta, each other and have dou,ts a,out their profession$ Bhat4s not to &oveG)

#he +dventures of 3od ( !!!) 9ad Lieutenant ('(( ) +,e& *errara (Carvey =iete& is a.a2ing, p&us so.e rea&&y distur,ing re&igious i.ages) #he Aine Lives of #ho.as =at2 ( !!!) #he Bi2ard of Speed and #i.e ('(;() Mike 0itt&ov (*un trippy kids .ovie) La 0etee ('(7 ) :hris Marker Sans So&ei& ('(;1) :hris Marker Donnie Darko ( !!') (/orth .entioning) #/e&ve Monkeys ('((5) J#hro/ +/ay Kour 9ooks, 6a&&y in the Streets > Shu?i #eraya.aJ +guirreI #he Brath of 3od ('() ) Berner Cer2og So&yaris ('() ) :ite des en fants perdus (aka$ :ity of &ost :hi&dren) ('((5) #he :a,inet of Dr$ :a&igari ('('() 9ra2i& ('(;5) #erry 3i&&ia. *ear and Loathing in Las %egas ('((;) #erry 3i&&ia. Monty -ython4s Life of 9rian ('()() 9arton *ink ('((') 0oe& and Ethan :oen #he 9ig La,o/ski ('((;) +nother :oen 9rothers c&assic (*or the drea. sequence /ith the ,o/&ing pin gir&s) +&&egro non #ropo ('())) (+/eso.e Ita&ian take on fantasia) #he -assion of 0oan of +rc ('( ;) Metropo&is ('( )) *rit2 Lang So&yaris ('() ) De&icatessen ('((')


=raftverk 1)'" ( !!5) (9i2arre no ,udget S/edish fi&.) 9&ack Moon ('()5) Louis Ma&&e Baking Life ( !!') 6ichard Link&ater (another trippy ani.ated fi&.) + :&ock/ork Orange ('()') (.ust &ove =u,rick) *reedo. Deep ('((;) (kind of cheesy ,ut visua&&y interesting aussie eDperi.enta& fi&.) Irreversi,&e ( !! ) (More distrur,ing than anything) I Stand +&one ('((;) (another :asper Aoe .asterpiece) :&ean Shaven ('((") (#akes you in the .ind of a schi2o) %isua& #raining ('(7() #he Descreet :har. of the 9orgeoisie ('() ) Luis 9unue& #he E&e.ent of :ri.e ('(;") Lars %an #rier Dancer in the Dark ( !!!) Lars %an #rier #he *reak.aker ('()") *e.a&e #rou,&e ('()") 0ohn Baters #he Lickerish Fuartet ('()!) Dr$ :a&igari ('(;() (Cas nothing to do /ith the si&ent c&assic, ,ut an interesting fi&.) %argti..en (aka$ Cour of the Bo&f) ('(7;) 3othic ('(;7) =en 6usse& 9read and :ircus ( !!1) +ny short fi&. ,y =enneth +nger (director of Scorpio 6ising) Breck.ister Car.onies ( !!!) +&tered States ('(;!)


Zu Barriors of the Magic Mountain ('(;1) 9oDer4s O.en ('(;1) Bi&d at Ceart ('((!) #/in -eaksI *ire Ba&k /ith .e ('(( ) (Or anything ,y David Lynch) *e&&ini4s :ity of Bo.en Meshes of the +fternoon ('("1) Maya Deren #uva&u ('((() Liquid Sky (S&ava #suker.an)(Might have ,een .entionned a&ready$ Sorry) L -&ayti.e (0acques #ati) L 9uffet *roid (9ertrand 9&ier) L 6okugatsu no he,i (a$k$a$ + Snake Of 0une)(Shinya #suka.oto) L Even D/arfs Started S.a&& (Berner Cer2og)(+ cast co.posed entire&y of d/arfs$)(+ Must See) L *oo&y :oo&y (=a2uya #suru.aki) L -igeon Bithin (E.i&y Cu,&ey) L 6un Lo&a 6un (#o. #yk/er) LDead Leaves ( !!") (Ciroyuki I.aishi) #he -hanto. of the -aradiseJ ru&es@ (Like 6ocky Corror -icture Sho/ ,ut ,etter@ Cere4s so.e .ore fi&.s I forgot@ Fue %iva MeDico ('()() Sergei Esenstein (Cad a significant inf&uence on 0odoro/sky and +rra,a&) 9aDter ('((') 0ero.e 9oivin (Dark co.edy a,out the thoughts of a dog) #he +.erican +stronaut ( !!') 9ye 9ye 9ra2i& ('(;!) :ar&os Diegues #he 8.,re&&as of :her,ourg ('(7") 0acques De.y


(Aot ,i2arre, ,ut super ,right co&ors in this .usica& /here every /ord is sung$ #here4s not a sing&e spoken /ord that4s not sung$) Donkey Skin ('()!) 0acques De.y (+nother great De.y .usica&) Ao rest for the ,rave ( !!1) (%ery s&o/ ,ut intersting fi&. a,out a kid /ho doesn4t kno/ if he4s a/ake or drea.ing) Mon Onc&e ('(5;) 0acques #ati 3o2u ( !!1) #akashi Miike 6epo Man ('(;") +&eD :oD -a&indro.es ( !!") #odd So&ond2 (; actresses p&ay the sa.e character) +poca&ypse Ao/ ('()() *rancis *ord :oppo&a #he #e.ptation of a Monk (aka$Kou Seng) ('((1) :&ara La/ 6equie. for a Drea. ( !!!) 9att&e 6oya&e ( !!!) #ro.a4s Bar ('(;;) (#his .ay not ,e&ong on the &ist, ,ut it4s a favorite gui&ty p&easure of .ine$ #ro.a4s parody of over&y patriotic ;!4s /ar .ovies) Siesta ('(;)) #ough 3uys Don4t Dance ('(;)) Aor.an Mai&er Macunai.a ('(7() (Like a 9ra2i&ian E& #opoE rea&&y hard to find) #he Shout ('();) 0er2y Sko&i.o/ski *unny Man ('((") Si.on Sprack&ing Corror ( !! ) Ca,it ('(()) %ideodro.e ('(;1) David :ronen,erg (Must &ove :ronen,erg) #he Deca.eron ('()') -ier -ao&o -aso&ini


6oadki&& ('(;() 9ruce Mcdona&d CE6E4S #O-O@ 96+ZILI+A BES#E6AS #C+# C+D + C83E IA*L8EA:E OA EL

9&ack 3od Bhite Devi& ('(7") 3&au,er 6ocha +nonio Das Mortes ('(7() 3&au,er 6ocha (#he fo&&o/ up to 9&ack 3od Bhite Devi&) 3u..o ('(()) Car.ony =orine 0u&ien Donkey 9oy ('((() Car.ony =orine +L6E+DK MEA#IOAED 98# BO6#C MEA#IOAIA3 +3+IA@ #he Courg&ass Sanitoriu. ('()1) %a&erie and her /eek of Bonders ('()!) Meet the *ee,&es ('(;() -ete 0ackson -E6*O6M+A:E (directed Dona&d :a..e&&<Aic 6oeg) Like a heteroseDua& =enneth +nger fi&. packed /ith references to :ro/&ey, 9orges, drugs, .ysticis. etc$) :a..e&&4s other fi&.s &ike BCI#E O* #CE EKE are /orth a &ook too$ MOOA:CILD > not ,ased on the :ro/&ey nove& ,ut a rea&&y ,i2arre independent +.erican fi&. /ith the &ate great %ictor 9uono$ B+L=+9O8# and other Aic 6oeg fi&.s, and :or.an4s M+SF8E O* #CE 6ED DE+#C /hich 6oeg photographed$ Orson Be&&es4 :CIMES +# MIDAI3C# and his DOA F8IMO#E fi&. (4reconstructed4 ,y 0esus *ranco@) #erry 3i&&ia.4s #CE #IME 9+ADI#S$ SO-CIE4S BO6LD > phi&osophica& kids4 fi&. ,ased on Danish ,estse&&er$ =urosa/a4s #CE CIDDEA *O6#6ESS (/hich inf&uenced S#+6 B+6S$) Louis Ma&&e4s Z+ZIE D+AS LE ME#6O ,ased on 6ay.ond Fueneau4s surrea&ist nove&$ #CE S+6+3OSSO M+A8S:6I-# > epic -o&ish fantasy /ith :y,u&ski as a /andering ';th century .ercenary encountering de.ons, .agicians and succu,i$ #/o features fro. +.erican :onrad 6ooks > :happaqua ('(77) and Siddhartha ('() ) are very si.i&ar in .ystica& questing spirit to 0odoro/sky$


+ny short fi&.s ,y Ed E.sh/i&&er, especia&&y his c&assic '(77 1;>.inute 6EL+#I%I#KI 4E.sh/i&&er .ade this fi&. on a *ord *oundation grant, and in his origina& proposa& to the *ord *oundation, he out&ined the fi&. as Jso.ething that dea&s /ith su,?ective rea&ity, the e.otiona& sense of /hat one4s perception of the tota& environ.ent is >> seDua&, physica&, socia&, ti.e, space, &ife, death$J4 Michae& -o/e&&s4s + M+##E6 O* LI*E +AD DE+#C, + :+A#E6986K #+LE, LI*E +AD DE+#C O* :OLOAEL 9LIM-, #CE 6ED SCOES, -EE-IA3 #OM and others$ #he Separation ( !!1) L Monsters ( !!") +fter the presentation of that, /e had the chance to see a short of %ac&av Svank.a?er (Kes the son of 0an@) in Aorth +.erican pre.iNre$ L #he #orch,earer ( !!5) Other strange short fi&.sI L -erpetua& Motion in the Land of Mi&k and Coney ( !!7) (+ rea&&y surrea&</eird 7.in$ short fi&.$ One of .y favorite) L Le 9aiser ( !!5) L 6u,,er 0ohnny ( !!5) L #he Ee& ( !!5) L 3et #he 6a,,it 9ack ( !!5) I have seen a&& of the a,ove at the *antasia festiva& (a festiva& of fantastic, horror, ani.ation, surrea&, strange .ovies$)$ If you4re interested ,y this type of cine.a and you4re near .ontrea&, you got to .ake the trip$ It4s one of the ,iggest festiva& of this kind in Aorth +.erica$ ///$fantasiafest$co. for .ore infor.ation$ L 6upture (0ean DetheuD)( !!5)(1) L Mes quatre derniNres vo&ontOs ('((;) L Dahucapra rupidahu ( !!") L OPo ( !!1) 9&o/up ('(77) Miche&ange&o +ntonioni


De.on&over ( !! ) (Starts out fair&y nor.a& and then goes cra2y) #he +dventures of 9aron Munchausan ('(;;) #erry 3i&&ia. #rack ( ('(;7) Aico&as 6oeg 3ir& S&aves of Morgana &e *ay ('()') 9runo 3anti&&on 3host Bor&d ( !!') #erry Z/igoff (One of .y persona& favorites) 9etty 9&ue ('(;7) 0ean>0acques 9eineiD (+ 1 hour s&apstick ro.antic decent into .adness /ith seDy 9eatrice Da&&e) #he Fuiet Earth ('(;5) 9eing 0ohn Ma&kovich ('((() (Mainstrea. or not, this fi&. is a he&& of a &ot of fun) :ra2y Love ('(;)) (%ery s/eet and sy.pathetic necro.antic fi&. fro. 9e&giu.) -heno.ena ('(;5) Dario +rgento (Aot to ,e confused /ith the crappy 0ohn #ravo&ta .ovie) Orpheus ('(5!) 0ean :octeau Z,ehovia a -utnici (aka$ #he Deserter and the Ao.ads) ('(7;) 0ura? 0aku,isko (8nfortunat&y tracking do/n a copy of this fi&. is da.n near i.possi,&e) +n +.,iguous 6eport a,out the end of the Bor&d ('(()) 0ura? 0aku,isko =oyaanisqatsi ('(;1) (Co&y co/, I think I forgot to .ention this .asterpiece) -o/aqqatsi ('(;;) *ast :heap H Out of :ontro& ('(()) Erro& Morris (#his is one of the /ierdest docu.entaries I4ve ever seen) SuperviDens ('()5) 6uss Meyer (Lots of fun@) Bind fro. Byo.ing ('((") #he I..ora& Mr$ #eas ('(5() Lorna ('(7") *aster -ussycat@ =i&&@ =i&&@ ('(75)


8p@ ('()7) (One of 6uss Meyer4s /ierdest and raunchiest) Ear&y 0ess *ranco has a very surrea& fee& to it, ,efore he /ent a&& s&ea2y$ Aecrono.icon>3etrau.te Suden (aka$ Succu,us) ('(7;) 0ess *ranco Singapore S&ing ('((!) (+ 3reek fi&. noir .urder .ystery$ Like -eter 3reena/ay .eets 0ohn Baters) + -aty 0e2dec ?e Strach (aka$ #he fifth rider is fear) ('(7") =ingsa?2 ('(;;) 0ancio Bodnik ('((1) S2egeny&egenyek (aka$ #he 6ound>8p) Mik&os 0ancso ('(75) Meg =er a Aep (aka$ 6ed -sa&.) Mik&os 0ancso ('() ) Steppen/o&f ('()")*red Caines #he Bicker Man ('()1) 6o,in Cardy (#here is on&y one Bicker Man, forget a,out the suck ass Co&&y/ood -3>'1 re.ake ,y Aei& La -uke er I .ean La 9ute$ #his .asterpiece shou&dn4t ,e touched /ith a ten foot po&e@ It4s a&ready perfect@@@@@@@@) +ny of the Short *i&.s ,y 0an Svank.a?er (+&ready .entioned ,ut /orth repeating) #itus ('((() 0u&ie #ay.or Myra 9reckinridge ('()!) Michae& Sarne =andahar ( !!') Mohsen Makh.a&,af BOODK +LLEA :L+SSI:S #C+# +6E +9S86D *8A Everything you +&/ays Banted to =no/ a,out SeD , 9ut Bere +fraid to +sk$ ('() ) Boody +&&en S&eeper ('()1) Boody +&&en -ernicky na Dne (aka$ -ear&s of the Deep) ('(75) #rans ('((;) 0u&ian 3o&d,erger 9e&&e et a ,ete, La ('("7) 0ean :octeau


*unny 3a.es ('(()) Michae& Caneke Bings of Desire ('(;)) Bi. Benders Ceavy #raffic ('()1) 6a&ph 9akshi *atty Drives the 9us ('((() Aick Aapier Sa&o, o &e ' ! 3iornate di soda.a ('()5) -ier -ao&o -aso&ini (I can4t ,e&ieve this /asn4t .entioned yet, for strong sto.achs on&y) -orci&e ('(7() -ier -ao&o -aso&ini #he 3ospe& +ccording to St$ Matthe/ ('(7") -ier -ao&o -aso&ini Spe&&,ound ('("5) +&fred Citchcock (Cas a drea. sequence created ,y Sa&vador Da&i) #he Devi&4s 9ack,one ( !!') 3ui&&er.o De& #oro #he #oy 9oD ('()') 6ona&d %ictor 3arcia %e&vet 3o&d.ine ('((;) #odd Caynes Montenegro ('(;') Dusan Makave?ev Cigh/ay 7' ('((') 9ruce Mcdona&d +no Mariano ( !!!) #/in #o/n ('(()) =evin +&&en 9uffa&o 77 ('((;) %incent 3a&&o (Aot to ,i2arre, ,ut a persona& favorite) D?ango, =i&& if you &ive, Shoot@ ('(7)) 3ui&o Fuesto #he #e&ephone 9ook ('()') Ae&son Lyon Ca,&e con E&&a ( !! ) -edro +&.odovar :ri.es of -assion ('(;") =en 6usse& -erfect 9&ue ('((;) Satoshi =on (+.a2ing ani.e, /hat .ight happen if David Lynch .ade an ani.ated fi&.) MO%IES #C+# I C+%E KE# #O SEE 98# +6E OA MK M8S# B+#:C LIS#@


I..ora& #a&es ('()") Ba&erian 9oro/c2yk Ce&&avator (aka$ 3usha no 9indu.e)( !!") (7" -innochio ('((') #he +cid Couse ('((;) *ata Morgana ('()') Berner Cer2og -unish.ent -ark ('()') -eter Batkins Bhat have I done to deserve thisG ('(;") -edro +&.odovar +&& +,out .y Mother ('((() -edro +&.odovar :assandra :at ('(71) %o?tech 0asny #he Muti&ation Man ('((;) (pretty cheesy and snuff &ike, ,ut has so.e strange i.ages) #he #in Dru. ('()() %o&ker Scho&ondorff (a c&assic) Le Aain 6ouge (aka$ #he 6ed D/arf)('((;) (+/eso.e 9e&giu. arthouse .ovie a,out a d/arf /ho scre/s +nita Eck,urg, ki&&s her, craps on his ,oss4s desk and ?oins the circus)(Aot sure in /hich order) -hotographoi,Oi (aka$ #he -hotographers) ('((;) Aikos =oundouros =a.ika2e 3ir&s ( !!")#etsuya Aakashi.a 9eyond Drea.s Door ('(;() (EDtre.e&y cheesy, ,ut .akes up for it /ith a.a2ing creativity and surrea& inventiveness) Dark Baters ('((") Mariano 9aino (:reepy 8kraine horror f&ick /ith nuns@) %isions of Suffering ( !!7) Couse /ith the Laughing Bindo/s ('()7) -upi +vati +fter Cours ('(;5) Martin Scorsese


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