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lls ter1 me eal |e |elea |er elltles |latlt1la

|lles ea1 sllmmers} |t| ae| |er Dree1aetl|s er
e|ler wellers. !le elltle's ealae les |eea
lelal serlte1 ea1 |lalere1 wl|l | |le 1rler,
latlt1la lela l| re|ere1, es |lewe1 ea1 |l||e1
wl|l e lte stjertlerer. !le stjertlerer tea |e
tse1 la ea meemea| jlese |e latreese |le
elltle's sjee1s es slewa |elew. Kell |le 1lte |er
et|re meemea| eetl |lme |le stjertlerer ls
tse1. !le et|re meemea| relle1 1eesa'| lee |e
|e tse1 taless et rell |le metlmtm | ea1 !I
resjet|lel} la wlltl tese |le e11l|leael
meemea| mts| |e tse1tj.
The crew of this vehicle hove
bolted extro protective plotes to
it, forming o secondory loyer of
ormour. A vehicle with oblotive
ormour ignores the first hit which
successful l y penetrotes the
vehicle's ormour. Further hits thot
penetrote count os normol. Hits
from groviton guns ond 5hokk
Attock guns ignore oblotive
ormour. Exposed crewmen ore not
protected by oblotive ormour.
Moy be triggered in the shooting
phose of the vehicle's turn in
oddition to normol firing. The first
g r e n o d e i n t h e s p r e o d
outomoticolly hits o point " owoy
in the forword 0 orc. The other
two grenodes deviote D3" owoy
from the torget point of the first
grenode. When mounted on o
vehicle (including o dreodnought},
this weopon moy fire twice during
the bottle.
The ormour of this vehicle is o
speciol compound thot retoins oll
the protection of normol ormour,
but olso hos incredible heot
resisting quolities. Any shots
from MultiMeltos, Meltoguns or
Melto-bombs divide their ormour
penetrotion rolls in holf. Mote thot
exposed crewmon ore not
protected by ceromite ormour ond
will be offected normolly.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 5 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s 50 Pe|a|s
50Fktkk60 6I k8LkI kkN00k
BI|IA-8A!I0 wIAP0N! 8f HA||
k00-Lk0tk5 tkkNI kkN00k
!|0w !PII0
Ne c|eage +0 +10

8letls LO!
! -! D+1
I' 8les|
I' 8les|
!AVI AkB00k
! !Ik. 0AB. B00. PINI. !PICIA| | |
This cord moy be token by ony vehicles
except those with exposed crew. 8y
running o live electric current through
the hull, this vehicle hos o very simple
defense ogoi nst hond-to-hond
ottocks. Any model which ottocks this
vehicle in hond-to-hond combot must
first see if their ormour protects
them from the shock, by
successfully moking o bosic ormour
soving roll (field soves hove no
effect ogoinst Electro-hulls}. f the
model foils, then he will be thrown
bock 1" ond moy not ottock this turn. f
the model successfully mokes its bosic
soving throw then it moy ottock the
vehicle os normol.
Eoch time o psychic power is used
on o vehicle with o null-shield, roll
the 5cotter Die first ~ on o roll of o
' Hi t , t he ps y c hi c power
penetrotes the 5hield ond works
normolly. f on orrow is rolled,
the power is deflected 2D owoy
in the direction indicoted, possing
over terroin ond obstocles but
offecting the first legol model
(other thon the vehicle whose
Mull-5hield deflected it} in its poth.
f the null-field is within o blost
morker, the 5hield will nullify the
power on o 4+ on D.
The ormour volue for oll locotions
is increosed by +1.
The extro weight hos o negotive
effect on speed; the vehicle's 5low
5peed is reduced by 1, the
Combot 5peed reduced by 2,
ond the Fost 5peed reduced by
4. Dreodnoughts ond Wolkers
hove their Movement reduced by
You moy use the 5eorchlight
during ony Movement Fhose.
Fl oce o 2 bl ost mor ker
onywhere within Line of 5ight of
the vehicle using the 5eorchlight.
Any hidden enemy models ot leost
portiolly covered by the morker
ore (if they ore in or behind
soft cover}. Enemy models hidden
in or behind hord cover become
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 0 Pe|a|s &5 Pe|a|s 0 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s
Ltk0-0LL 0LL-5IL0
AkB00k VA|0I INCkIA!I0 8f +
kIf0kt0 kkN00k 5kktLI6
The Vortex Detonotor pro[ects o
field over o lorge oreo which
con detect the tiny worp drives
within Vortex grenodes ond
couse them to detonote
premoturely. f ony model
ottempts to use o Vortex
grenode they will be detected by
the Vortex Detonotor, ond the
grenode wi l l outomoti col l y
explode in the model's hond. Floce
the blost morker over the model os
if it hod hit itself with the Vortex
The vehicle hos its kom Volue
upgroded t o 510, D20
domoge, ond o ~ sove
modifier. n oddition, ony
model wishing to ottock the
vehicle in hond-to-hond
combot must roll equol to or
under their nitiotive on D
( olwoys foils}. f this roll is
foiled, then the model sustoins
o hit equivolent to the vehicle's
Additionol combi-weopons
moy be mounted on o Choos
vehicle ot ony locotion. The
weopons moy be fired be
crewmen inside, or by models
tronsported by the vehicle.
5poce Morines moy ropid fire
with the combi-bolters if the
vehicle is stotionory or moving
ot 5low 5peed.
Any psychic power used ogoinst the
vehicle or o model within 3 of it will be
nullified on o 4+ on D. On o roll of ,
not only is the power nullified, but its
owner must discord it for the rest of
the gome. f the vehicle is ottocked in
close combot, it will inflict D hits with
o 5trength of 4+D divided omong the
models in bose-to-bose contoct with
it. Moke o single roll for the 5trength
of oll the hits; eoch hit inflicts 1
Wound with o soving throw modifier
of ~1 for eoch point of 5trength obove
3. 5urviving enemy models moy then
ottock os normol.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 50 Pe|a|s 15 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s/weepea 15 Pe|a|s
0kI 00k0k 05k07k
t0N8I-80Lk t0k05tkI6 wkkF fLkN
Moy only be chosen if your ormy
includes ot leost one squod of
Moise Morines ond moy only be
fitted to Lond koiders, Fredotors,
ond khinos. The closer o creoture
comes to the worp omp, the
horder it is for it to mointoin
discipline ond conscious thought.
Enemy models within 18 of the
worp omp suffer o ~1 penolty
to their Leodership score when
toking 8reok or psychology
tests. Within 12, the penolty
increoses to ~2, ond within it
increoses to ~3.
Moy only be chosen for fully-
e n c l o s e d v e h i c l e s o n d
Dreodnoughts. The vehicle hos no
crew ~ it is 'monned insteod by o
doemon. ts hotches ore oll welded
shut; if the vehicle hod troop-corrying
obility, it con no longer corry ony
troops. The Doemon controls the
vehicle ond con fire oll of its guns
using its 85 of 5. f the vehicle is o
Dreodnought it fights with o W5 of 5
os well. Any domoge results thot
indicote the crew ore killed hove
obsolutely no effect. The vehicle
couses . f your ormy loses oll its
chompions beoring o Mork of Choos,
then the doemon inside the vehicle will
be bonished, disobling the vehicle.
The ormour volue of oll locotions is
increosed by 1 point. n oddition, ony
model who ottocks the vehicle in
hond-to-hond combot must first fight
the Murglings ond woving limbs which
cling to the vehicle; the vehicle gets 2
Attocks with o W5 of 3. f the vehicle
wins the combot, it works out hits os
normol; the infestotion counts os
hoving o 5trength of 3. f the ottocker
wins, it moy moke o single ottock
ogoinst the vehicle in the normol
monner. Do not count ony bonuses for
multiple ottockers fighting o Murgle-
infested vehicle.
You moy opply o Crystolline Web to port or
oll of o vehicle os desired. f on ormour
locotion beoring o Crystolline Web is
penetroted, your opponent should roll on
the following toble insteod of the normol
domoge toble.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 15 Pe|a|s +15%e| re||c|e's re|ce 10 Pe|a|s 15 Pe|a|s/|ece||ea
wkkF kNF 0kN0It F05555I0
N0k0|I VIHIC|I! 0N|f !|AANI!H VIHIC|I! 0N|f
0k6L If5kI0 tk75kLLI w8

The vehicle is completely unoffected

Any weopons ossocioted with the
penetroted locotion moy not fire
during your next turn. Mo further effects.
koll o D3 on the penetroted locotion's
domoge toble. The Web protecting the
locotion is destroyed.
koll o D on the penetroted locotion's
domoge toble; the Web protecting the
locotion is destroyed.
Fsycho-5onic 5creomers moy only be
fitted to Folcons ond Vypers. The
vehicle is fitted with o series of vones,
thot resonote os the vehicle flies
through the oir. These ore fed into
psycho-sonic omplifiers similor to
those used by the Howling 8onshee
Aspect Worriors creoting o bow wove
of psycho-sonic energy in front of the
vehicle. The resulting psychic screom
con induce terrible feor in enemy units
ond couse them to ponic, fleeing for
cover. A vehicle fitted with this cord
couses os described in the
psychology section of the Worhommer
The Folcon con find itself vulneroble to
ottock ot close quorters. To counter this the
Eldor con fit Tolons to their vehicles. Tolons
consist of o series of pods thot ore positioned
on the vehicle's hull. Fsychic nodes linked to
the pilot's helmet con unleosh o greot hoil of
tiny psycho-conductive crystols, like tiny
needles only o few millimeters longs. The
Tolons shoot outomoticolly before close
combot ottocks ogoinst the vehicle ore
worked out. koll o D for eoch model in
hond to hond combot with the vehicle. On o
D roll of 4 or more it is hit. f o hit is scored
roll o D. f the score is equol to or more
thon the torget's Toughness then it suffers
one wound with o -2 soving throw modifier.
Tolons con be fitted to wolkers, like
Dreodnoughts ond Wor Wolkers but ot
double the normol points cost.
The weopon systems of this
vehicle hove o speciol torgeting
orroy similor to thot used by Dork
keoper Aspect Worriors. 5peciol
crystol sensor orroys on the
vehicle trock ond spot potentiol
torgets. This informotion is then
fed directly to the weopons ond
the gunner's helmet. A vehicle
fitted with o torgeting motrix moy
ignore oll to hit modifiers for firing
ot fost moving torgets.
The vehicle is fitted with o holo-
field, similor to those used by the
deodly Eldor Horlequins. The
holo-field is o progrommoble
hologrom field thot breoks up the
outline of the vehicles os it moves,
creoting o tiny cloud of multi-
colored frogments. When the
vehicle stops, its imoge coolesces
bock together into o solid form.
As log os the vehicle is moving, oll
shots fires ot it suffer on odditionol
-1 to hit. f the vehicle comes to o
holt or mokes o pop up ottock then
it does not benefit from its holo-
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 10 Pe|a|s &0 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s &5 Pe|a|s
F57t0-50It 5tkkNk5 kL05
I|0Ak VIHIC|I! 0N|f I|0Ak VIHIC|I! 0N|f
I0N0kI PINA|III! |0k |IkIN0
tk75kL kk6I6 NkkII 0L0-fIL0
The vehicle hos o spirit stone thot
contoins the soul of o deod Eldor worrior.
This protects the vehicle ogoinst psychic
ottocks ond in times of greot need con be
colled upon to toke over the role of one of
the crew. f the vehicle is ossoulted
psychicolly, then the ottock will be
nullified on o D roll of . n oddition, if
one of the crew is killed by ony meons,
then the spirit stone will toke over with
exoctly the some profile os on Eldor
Guordion. f the deod crew member is
hit ogoin, then the spirit stone is hit
insteod. t hos Toughness 4 ond 1
Wound. A vehicle moy only corry one
spirit stone ond dreodnoughts con't use
them ot oll.
The hull of the vehicle is
covered with tiny outlets,
ollowing the vehicle to releose
o goseous substonce thot
interferes with the wovelength
of loser energy, cousing the
energy of loser shots to
dissipote. f the vehicle is hit by
o loser weopon, the Eldor
ployer rolls o D ond subtrocts
the score from the ormor
penetrotion dice roll.
The [et engines of this vehicle hove o
highly odvonced system of vectored
control plones thot ollow it to commit
breothtoking feots of oerobotics, even
ot high speeds. This enhonced
monoeuverobility ollows the vehicle to
negotiote through tight terroin,
swinging oround to bring its weoponry
to beor on mony torgets. t is common
for the cockpits of vehicles fitted with
these engines to be upgroded so thot
the crew con cope with the excessive
G-forces coused by these moneuvers.
A vehicle fitted with vectored engines
moy toke double the number of turns it
is normolly ollowed to moke.
ea lmjerlel elltles ere |l||e1 wl|l s|erm
|el|ers meta|e1 es ettlller weejeas. 8etetse
|le lee ea emjle stjjl e| emmtal|lea |lese
elltle-meta|e1 s|erm |el|ers ere less jreae |e
jemmla se rerell ea jems relle1 ea |le sts|elae1
|lre 1lte. /a mem|er e| |le trew tea |lre ea
ettlller s|erm|el|er |t| l| le 1ees se le me ae|
jer|erm lls tstel |esl |l.e. |lr ells weejea l| e
taaer er 1rle |le elltle l| e 1rler}.
/l|erae|lel, |reejers |rem ste1s |ela
|reasjer|e1 me |lre ettlller s|erm |el|ers
las|ee1 e| |lrla |lelr ewa weejeas |lretl
le|tles er |lrla sll|s. e1els |lrla s|erm |el|ers
me ae| |e |ere|e1sejere|el | |le eaem.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 5 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s 15 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s per weepea
5FIkI 50 5FtkkL 5IL0
I|0Ak VIHIC|I! 0N|f I|0Ak VIHIC|I! 0N|f I|0Ak !KIBBIk! 0N|f IBPIkIA| VIHIC|I! 0N|f
t0k0 6I5 50kN 80Lk5
This vehicle cord moy be fitted to o
vehicle's heovy bolter. The heovy
bolter hos been fitted with on
ommo feed. The ommo feed
reduces the chonces of the
weopon [omming. A heovy bolter
equipped with on ommo feed moy
ignore the first [om rolled on the
sustoined fire dice eoch turn. This
meons o heovy bolter with on
ommo feed will only [om if two
[oms ore rolled together. A twin-
linked heovy bolter moy only hove
o single ommo feed.
Heovy bolters ore often
reploced with heovy flomers
on mperiol vehicles fighting in
built-up oreos or [ungles to
give superior close-in defense
ogoinst infontry ossoults. This
cord ollows you to upgrode
heovy bolters to heovy flomers
on o vehicle for on extro 10
points per weopon upgroded.
Twin linked heovy bolters moy
be upgroded to o single heovy
flomer for free.
This cord moy only be token for vehicles
(excluding bikes ond skimmers}, it moy not
be token for Dreodnoughts. Hunter-killer
missiles ore one shot weopons for use
ogoinst heovily ormored torgets. The
missile is fitted with o robot broin so it is self-
guiding ond doesn't require o crewmon to
fire it. The missile moy only be fired ot
vehicles, Dreodnoughts, buildings or similor
torgets. t olwoys hits its torget on o roll of
3+ regordless of ronge ond to hit modifiers
for torget size, speed, cover etc. if the
missile hits work out domoge using the
profile given below. Discord this cord once
the missile hos been fired.
!lls ter1 me eal |e |elea |er elltles |ettlt1la
|lles ea1 sllmmers}, l| me ae| |e |elea |er
Dree1aetl|s er e|ler wellers. !le 1eter |le1e
latreeses |le !|rea|l e| |le elltle's remelte |
+! ea1 e11s +!1 |e |le rem1emee l| la|llt|s.
!lls ls la e11l|lea |e |le +D rem |eats eelas|
|tll1las retele1 | elltles wl|l e rem|er ae|e1
la |le erlemmer 11,111 rtle|eel. la e11l|lea
|e |lls, ea sle|s wlltl ll| |le |rea| e| |le elltle's
ltll wlll ll| |le |le1e eaerell e| 1, er eae1. l|
l| ls ll| |le 1eter |le1e e11s +D |e |le elltle's
|rea| ltll ermer elte |er |le| sle| eal. l| |le
elltle's ltll st||ers e jeae|re|la ll| |rem |le
|rea| |le |tll1eter |le1e ls et|eme|ltell wretle1
ea1|lls ter1ls 1lster1e1.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 5 Pe|a|s per weepea 0 Pe|a|s per weepea &0 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s
kNN0 f0 k7 fLkNk 0k-kILLk NI55IL 80LL00Ik 8Lk0
!|reag|| 0emege !ere Be4. Armecr Peae|re||ea
ID!1 - ID!1+D+
This vehicle cord moy only be fitted to
5poce Morine vehicles thot hove o
chorocter riding in or on them. The
vehicle is equipped with o commond
comm-link, enobling it ot guide o
5poce Morine ottock. This ollows o
chorocter to give orders ond commond
the rest of the force while leoding from
o forword position -perfect for
lightning roids ond ossoults. when
rolling to see which side goes first, o
5poce Morine force thot includes this
vehicle moy roll two D ond odd their
strotegy roting to the best result.
Further vehicles with o commond
comm-link will not confer ony
This cord moy only be token by Ork
Worbikes. The rider of this Worbike
hos o foithful Gretchin ossistont who
rides on the bock of the Worbike.
These reckless Gretchin ore known os
5krobblos. Following the shouted
orders of the rider, they scrobble
oround the bock, throwing their
weight oround to help eose the heovy
Worbike into skid turns. A Worbike
rider with o skrobblo moy odd +2 to
his dice rolls on the skid turn chort.
The skrobblo is extremely ogile ond
connot be hit by enemy fire.
!lls elltle ter1 me eal |e |elea |er !jete
erlae e||etl |lles. !le et|re terrla tejetl|
eer e s|ea1er1 |lle ellews |lem |e |e etljje1
|er ea ealeate1 reteaaelsseate rele, tsla |lelr
sjee1 ea1 meaeetere|lll| |e stet| elee1 e| |le
mela |erte. !le tellet|e1 1e|e ls |reasml||e1 le
tjllal |etl |e temmea1 NO. / |erte wlltl
latlt1es |lls elltle elas teasl1ere|le s|re|elt
e1ea|ee. |le !jete erlae jleer me e11 ! |e
lls s|re|e re|la. la e11l|lea, ea e D rell e| 1+
et me |erte etr ejjeaea| |e 1lster1 eae e| lls
!|re|e ter1s. Ftr|ler elltles wl|l e retea jetl
wlll ae| tea|er ea et|re|eatses.
This cord moy only be token by
Ork Worbikes. The Worbike hos
greot big knobby tires ond speciol
spiky trocks so thot it con cope
with oll types of terroin. The
Worbike con trovel up to
combot speed ocross difficult
ground. n oddition, the Worbike
moy ottempt to cross lineor
obstocles thot ore no toller then
the front wheel. koll o D. on o 4+
the obstocle is successfully
crossed; otherwise, the Worbike
collides os normol.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I &0 Pe|a|s 0 Pe|a|s 10 Pe|a|s 0 Pe|a|s
t0NNk0 t0NN-LIk 5kkk88Lk kt0 Fktk N00-I
!PACI BAkINI VIHIC|I! 0N|f 0kK wAk8IKI! 0N|f !PACI BAkINI VIHIC|I! 0N|f 0kK wAk8IKI! 0N|f
Mo y n o t b e u s e d b y
Dreodnoughts. Moy be used ot
the end of the vehicle's
movement phose, ond mokes
it move forword onother 3D
in o stroight line immediotely.
f the roll for distonce is 15 or
more the vehicle storts to rottle
oport ~ move the vehicle, then
roll o D on the Hull Domoge
Whenever the vehicle is hit, roll
D ond deduct the result from
the 5trength of the incoming
shot. On o result of o , the
hit is stopped completely
but the Force Field is
burned out ond destroyed,
inflicting on 54 hit on o
rondomly-selected crewmon.
This cord moy only be token for
Ork Worbikes. The owner of this
Worbike hos fitted his bike with
obsolutely immense exhoust pipes.
The 'Oooge Xhousts ore speciolly
customized to moke os much noise
os possible. The thumping noise they
produce sounds like o dozen bottle
connons ripping the eorth oport,
fooling the enemy into thinking they
ore under ottock! Any enemy units on
Overwotch thot ore within 12" of the
Worbike must poss o Leodership test or
lose Overwotch, [ust os if they hod
been shot ot.
VIHIC|I VIHIC|I VIHIC|I 0 Pe|a|s 10 Pe|a|s 5 Pe|a|s
500I66 f0L It0k k050N f0kt fIL0 '0006 Ik055
0kK wAk8IKI! 0N|f 0kK wAk8IKI! 0N|f 0kK VIHIC|I! 0N|f