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Available Books of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

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Title A concise course in reporting for newspaper, magazines, Radio & TV A history of narrative film A new psychology of woman gender culture and ethnicity Advertising promotion and new media An introduction to journalism Analyzing media texts Basic data structures: a guide to programming Basic media writing Basic news writing Basic radio journalism Basic television and video systems Beginning radio-tv news writing: a self-instructional learning experience Best newspaper writing Big media, little media: tools and technologies for instruction Breaking news: the craft and technology of online journalism Communication in Bangladesh: media response and campaign strategy Communication in group Communication matters Communication perspective: cultural diffusion: dynamics and challenges Communication research: asking questions, finding answers Communication theories: perspectives, processes, and contexts Communication theory Communications Counterclockwise : perspectives on communication Democracy and media Development communication Development communication: theory and practice Editing Editing in the electronic era Editing the days news Editing today Essentials of sociology Ethical Journalism: a guide for students, practitioners, and consumers Ethical reporting on and for children Experiencing intercultural communication Film art: an introduction Fundamentals of human communication

Author Ahuja, B. N., Chhabra, S. S. Cook, David A. Lips, Hilary M. Stafford, Marla R Bond, F. Fraser. Burn, Andrew Mursalin, Tamnun E. Mencher, Melvin. Mencher, Melvin. Chantler, Paul Grob, Bernard Wulfemeyer, K. Tim. Fry, Don Schramm, Wilbur. Saxena, Sunil. Rahman, M. Golam. Adams, Katherine Mccutcheon, Randall Narula, Uma. Keyton, Joann. Miller, Katherine. Griffin, Em. Ahuja, B. N Smythe, Dallas Kem, Deepak. Ahuja, B. N Narula, Uma. Ahuja, B. N. Gibson, Martin L. Bastian, George C. Smith, Ron F Giddens, Anthony Meyer, Philip. Unicef Martin, Judith N Bordwell, David King, Robert G.

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Humanitarian crises and intervention : Improving news writing: the best of the bulletin of the American Society of Newspaper Editors Interpersonal communication Interpretative reporting Introduction to film Introduction to journalism and mass communication Introduction to mass communication Introduction to mass communication: media literacy and culture Journalism in modern India Journalism online Journalism: principles and practice Journalists under fire : information war and journalistic practices Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Kellogg on advertising & media : Key concepts journalism studies Knowledge shared Labour & industrial laws of Bangladesh Language, communication and culture Leaders & the leadership process: reading, self-assessments & applications Mass communication theory Mass communication in India: a sociological perspective Mass communication technology: new perspectives Mass communication theory: foundations, ferment, and future Mass media Mass media and society Mass media communication Mass media in a changing world: history industry controversy Mass media law Media center discovery Media communication Media debates: issues in mass communication Media management Media management in the age of giants: business dynamics of journalism Media mass communication Media/theory : thinking about media and communications Minorities and media Multimedia communications applications networks protocols and standards Multimedia in practice technology and practice Multimedia in practice: technology and applications Multimedia making it work Multimedia: making it work Muslims and media images : news versus views

Soderlund, Walter C. Ghiglione, Loren Peason, Judy Cornelia. MacDougall, Curtis Daniel. Lacey, Nick. Chaudhary, J. C. Baran, Stanley J. Baran, Stanley J. Wolseley, Roland E. Ward, Mike. Harcup,Tony. Webster, Frank Elloway, David Calder, Bobby J. Franklin, Bob., Hamer Jackson, Edward T Dhar, Nirmalendu Korzenny, Felipe,. Pierce, Jon L Mcquail, Denis. Vilanilam, J. V. Narula, Uma. Davis, Dennis K Gorham, Joan. Curran, Ed. James Ojha, Narendra. Rodman, George. Pember, Don R. Hamm, Barbara R. Watson, James. Dennis, Everette E Yadav, K. P. Herrick, Dennis F. Nayyar, Deepak. Moores, Shaun. Gutierrez, Felix Halsall, Fred. Jeffcoate, Judith. Jeffcoate, Judith. Vaughan, Tay. Vaughan, Tay. Farouqui, Ather.

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New survey of journalism News reporters and news sources: accomplices in shaping and misshaping the news News reporting and writing. Newspaper layout & design: a team approach Newspaper organization and management News writing and reporting Perspectives in business ethics Planning for a new century the regional agenda Postmodernism: a beginner's guide Press in Pakistan Principles and techniques of journalism Problems of governance in South Asia Readings in intercultural communication Reshaping the media: mass communication in an information age Sports media : planning, production, and reporting Taking sides: clashing view on controversial environmental issues Taking sides: clashing views on controversial issues in mass media and society Television field production and reporting The art of editing The Associated Press guide to news writing The basics of speech: learning to be a competent communicator The basics of speech: learning to be a competent communicator The case for Europe: unity, diversity, and democracy in the European union The creative spirit : The dynamics of human communication: a laboratory approach The dynamics of mass communication The greatest communicator : what Ronald Reagan taught me about politics, leadership, and life The internet handbook for writers, researchers, and journalists The last dance The mass media The menace of the corporate newspaper: fact or fiction? The Murdoch mission: the digital transformation of a media empire The news writers handbook: an introduction to journalism The process of writing news The search: information gathering for the mass media The world wide web: a mass communication perspective Themes and foundations of art Theory and practice of journalism Understanding interpersonal communication: making choices in changing times Understanding journalism

Mott, George Fox. Strentz, Herbert. Mencher, Melvin. Moen, Daryl R. Williams, Herbert Lee. Neal, James M Hartman, Laura P. Barnett, Jonathan. Hart, Kevin. Feroze, S. M. A. Ahuja, B. N Panandiker Pai, V. A. Martin, Judith N Dennis, Everette E. Schultz, Brad. Goldfarb, Theodore D. Alexander, Alison Shook, Fred. Brooks, Brian S Cappon, Rene J. Galvin, Kathleen M Galvin, Kathleen M Schoutheete, Philippe De. Arnold, Stephanie. Myers, Gail E Dominick, Joseph R. Wirthlin, Richard B others, Mary McGuire and. Despelder, Lynne Ann Bernards, Neal. Demers, David Pearce. Rohm, Wendy Goldman. Stein, M. L Berner, R. Thomas. Kessler, Lauren Kaye, Barbara K Katz, Elizabeth L Ahuja, B. N. Turner, Lynn H Burns, Lynette Sheridan.

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Understanding the media War and the media Women image and realities: a multicultural anthology World broadcasting system: a comparative analysis World journalism today World Broadcasting systems: a comparative analysis Writing and production television news Writing for broadcast journalists Writing for print and digital media Writing the news: a guide for print journalists Public relations : concepts, practice and critique Intercultural communication : a contextual approach Inter/cultural communication : representation and construction of culture International and development communication : a 21st-century perspective Discourse studies :a multidisciplinary introduction The art of video production Introducing intercultural communication : global cultures and contexts Media and terrorism : Media ethics : key principles for responsible practice Classical social theory : a contemporary approach Gender communication theories & analyses : from silence to performance Media, culture and society : an introduction Advertising creative : strategy, copy + design Media/society : industries, images, and audiences The political economy of communication The Oxford guide to film studies

Devereux, Eoin. Thussu, Daya Kishan Kesselman, Amy Head, Sydney W. Bahuguna, Akhil. Hiami, Sydney W. Gormly, Eric K. Thompson, Rick. Ryan, Michael Fox, Walter. Jacquie L'Etang. James W. Neuliep. Anastacia Kurylo Mody, Bella. Dijk, Teun Adrianus van, Shyles, Leonard, Gallois, Cynthia. Freedman, Des, Plaisance, Patrick Lee. Tucker, Kenneth H. Krolkke, Charlotte. Hodkinson, Paul. Altstiel, Tom. Croteau, David. Mosco, Vincent. Hill, John

All the news unfit to print : a history of how things were-- and how they were reported Adobe After Effects CS5 digital classroom

Eric Burns. Jerron Smith

Introduction to sociology

Anthony Giddens