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PreparedforMr.SethLawless,TownofKnightdale Propertylocation:700North1stAvenue,Knightdale,NC27545 PreparedbyOakleyCollierArchitects,P.A.,109CandlewoodRoad,RockyMount,NC27804 January22,2014


TableofContents I.



ExecutiveSummary a. GeneralDescription b. GeneralCondition c. Estimatedrequiredexpenditures i. Deferredmaintenanceandphysicaldeficiencies d. Recommendations PurposeandScope DescriptionandCondition a. Annotatedphotographs CostEstimatestoRemedydeficiencies Qualifications a. LimitingConditions b. Consultantscertification AnnotatedPhotographs



ExecutiveSummary a. GeneralDescription i. The subject property is located at 700 North 1st Avenue in Knightdale, NC 27545. It is currently an unoccupied space last occupied as a residential dwelling (over 10 years ago). The property was originally constructed in circa 1924. The original building structure is of a wood stud/stick framing atop brick foundation piers. The entire roof material is a 3tab asphalt shingle; not original to the home. The current facility is located within Town limits on the property of a new Parks Project. There are no accessible drives to this property from North 1st Avenue. Standoff steel pipe bollards have been utilized to deter vehicular traffic from North 1st Avenue. The facilitys water and sewer utilities are shut off. There is natural gas available to the property, although currentlynotconnectedtothefacility. b. GeneralCondition i. The general condition of the overall facility appears to be structurally sound yet lacks many of the essentials required to meet the current lifesafety and building code standard(s). There appears to have been lack of overall care and maintenance to some of the systems throughout the facility, additionally the age of some of the systems and theirrespectivecomponentshavepossiblyservedtheanticipatedlifeexpectancy. c. EstimatedRequiredExpenditures i. The estimated required expenditures are further labeled and identified as items; a thru n, under section IV; Cost Estimates to Remedy Deficiencies. These deficiencies are opined as having the most direct impact on structure, or life safety and consideration should be given to remediating these items first and in the short term. The estimated costsoftheseitemscollectivelyare$226,462.


d. Recommendations i. It is the recommendation of the survey team that consideration be given to hiring a licensed exterminator particularly disciplined at identifying termite damage, and potentialfortermiteinfestation. ii. TheexistingReportofIndustrialHygieneServices,asprovidedbyS&ME,datedFebruary 19, 2010 does not specifically address the existing plaster (walls and ceilings), the existing 12x12 acoustical (type) ceiling tile, nor the existing roofing material(s). This may not have been part of S&MEs contracted scope of services. However it is the recommendation of the survey team that consideration be given to contracting a licensed HAZMAT team to investigate the potential of ACMs (in these areas) prior to anydemolition. iii. TheexistingReportofIndustrialHygieneServices,asprovidedbyS&ME,datedFebruary 19,2010doesnotspecificallyaddresstheexistingpaintinsideandoutsideofthehome. This may not have been part of S&MEs contracted scope of services. However it is the recommendation of the survey team that consideration be given to contracting a licensed HAZMAT team to sample and test the existing paint for lead. If lead is found to be present, those areas containing the lead paint will have to be abated by a licensed abatementcontractorpriortodemolition. iv. Several areas within the property showed what could be mold. The existing Report of Industrial Hygiene Services, as provided by S&ME, dated February 19, 2010 does not specifically address the sampling and testing of these areas. This may not have been part of S&MEs contracted scope of services. It is the recommendation of the survey team consideration be given to hiring an independent HAZMAT team to investigate theseareas. PurposeandScope a. Purpose i. On 011314, OCA personnel performed a nonintrusive visual survey of the property, located at 700 North 1st Avenue, Knightdale, North Carolina, to identify noticeable physical defects, deficiencies, items of deferred maintenance, and potential building codeandlifesafetystandarddeficiencies. b. Scope i. OCA personnel arrived on site precisely at 11:00 a.m.; weather conditions were sunny andapproximately55dwithlowhumidity. ii. Upon arrival, the survey began on the exterior of the building. OCAs two person team navigated the building perimeter beginning at the southwest corner; one team member Page4of40


navigated clockwise, the other counterclockwise until they met at the original starting point. A second visual survey was performed by OCAs team as they walked (together) beginning at Southwest corner of building working clockwise until returning to original starting point. Photographs were taken while navigating the property using an Apple iPad with 5mp camera. Exterior deficiencies were noted during this portion of the survey. iii. An interior visual survey of the property began at the Southeast corner; kitchen, porch area. The two person team navigated simultaneously clock wise, beginning at the southeast corner. The team navigated the entry/hall area, bedroom areas 1 & 2, living/den area (at front door), dining area and lastly the kitchen area. Photographs of (interior) deficiencies were taken using the same Apple iPad, 5mp camera that was utilized on the exterior of the building. The visual survey concluded at the original Southeast quadrant starting point. The interior survey included navigating the upstairs portionofthehome. DescriptionandCondition a. Site i. Topography andDrainage 1. Description: Mostly flat site with very gentle sheet grading to front ditch (swale) along 1stAvenue,andsoutheast sideof property. Thepropertyappearedto drainverypoorly in places as evidenced by standing residual water, mud, and collected yard debris (typicalwithstanding/poolingwater). a. Observations/Comments: i. Thegradeatthebuildingappearedtoslopetowardthefoundationinseveral places.Standingwaterwasobservedinthecrawlspace. ii. Black (4) corrugated vinyl/plastic piping had been added to the spill boot of some of the downspouts in effort to divert roof water to the better drained portionsoftheyard,andawayfromthefoundation. iii. Periodic standing water has created several washed and dead areas in the lawn. b. Remediationrecommendations: i. Site should be filled and graded to achieve optimal positive drainage away frombuildingstructure(s)andlandscapedareas. ii. There does not appear to be enough fall on the site achieve underground roof water containment system(s). Boot extensions should be considered at locationsofdownspoutsinanefforttodirectroofwaterawayfromstructure foundationandlandscaping. Page5of40


ii. Paving andCurbing 1. Description:Noonsitepavingiscurrentlylocatedonthesubjectproperty iii. Flatwork 1. Description: No on site (concrete) sidewalks or flatwork ramping is currently locatedonthesubjectproperty. 2. Remediation recommendations: New ramping system(s) will be needed to have accessibleroutesintofacilitythatcomplywithNCAccessibilitycode. iv. Landscaping andAppurtenances 1. Description: Several shrubs, of various species, located around subject property, particularly at the front (NE side), and left (North side). Four large pecan trees at the West and Southwest of property. Large Oak at rear (NE) of property. Minimal grasslocatedonsubjectproperty. a. Observations/Comments: i. Someoftheshrubberyappearedovergrownaroundthestructure. ii. The trees located on the property appeared to be healthy, and very mature.Theoakattherearofthepropertyoverhangsthesubjectroofby asubstantialmargin. b. RemediationRecommendations: i. Overgrown shrubbery should be pruned to an acceptable amount to insure; prolonged life and proper drainage from building foundation walls canbeattained. ii. Mature trees should be pruned to an acceptable amount to insure prolonged life. Consideration should also be given to pruning tree limbs that are overhanging current structure. This could prevent potential damagetostructure,andalsohelpinmaintainingacleanroofsurface. iii. With proper grading, and pruning of surrounding trees, more turf grass maybeestablished.Currentlythereisminimalsunlightonalargeportion of the property, particularly the North and west sides. Lack of sunlight, coupled with poor drainage has drastically reduced the amount of turf grass coverage. Also, consider the amount of sunlight and moisture on this property, a different species of grass may be required for adequate coverage. iv. Utilities 1. Description:Itappearednoutilitieswereon/activeatthetimeofthisassessment. Page6of40

a. Observations/Comments: i. WaterCity/Townsuppliedservice ii. ElectricityCity/Townsuppliedservice iii. NaturalGasCity/Townsuppliedservice iv. SanitarySewerCity/Townsuppliedservice v. StormsewerCity/Townlimits b. Remediationrecommendations: i. It is the recommendation of the survey team that all utilities be brought to the facility new from the service orientation/tap(s). This will ensure proper sizing, and function of said utility. It can also prevent shortterm, and long term,maintenance,andsubsequentfailure. b.FrameandEnvelope i. Substructure 1. Description: Solid clay brick pilasters approximately 18 above outside grade, and crawlspace. Noted, crawlspace grading is not uniform, and varies greatly particularly atthecrawlspaceentrancedoor. a. Observations/Comments: i. Theexistingfoundationwasoriginallyconstructedofsolidclaybrickpiers.Itis not likely the piers are sitting atop structural footings that comply with current NCBC. ii. The piers were constructed at a (very) short height which leaves the underside ofthewoodfloorstructureclosetotheexposedcrawlspace. iii. Existing crawl space floor is a roughly graded top soil, exposed. No vapor or moisturebarrierispresent. iv. Standing water was observed in the crawlspace. Mechanical duct work and electricalwiringwerealsoobservedlyinginstandingwater. v. Nofloorinsulationobserved b. Remediationrecommendations: i. It is the opinion of the survey team new structural piers should be installed atop structural footings. The new piers should be more closely arranged/installed to provide better support for the existing floor system, ultimatelypreventingfurthersaggingtoexistingwoodstructure. ii. Consideration should be given to expanding the crawl space vertically; install new piers taller, raise house. This will promote proper ventilation in crawlspace,andalsofacilitatepropergradingofcrawlspacefloor.


iii. Consideration needs to be given to the installation of a quality vapor/moisture barrier within the crawlspace, atop a properly graded base. The base should beofasandymaterialcontainingnoorganicmaterial. Superstructure 1. Description: The subject property is of conventionally wood framed floor joists, wall studs, and roof rafter framing members. Tongue and groove, and/or butt/end joint woodmemberswereutilizedfor theouterwallandroofsheathing.Thismaterialand method was also utilized for flooring substrate. Traditionally, little to no insulation wasutilizedinthistype/eraofconstruction. a. Observations/Comments: i. Existingsuperstructureappearedtobeingoodoverallcondition. ii. Floor joists (first and second floor) as currently installed, exceed maximum allowablespansforloadingasoutlinedinNCBC(NorthCarolinaBuildingCode). iii. Noinsulationwasobservedinthewalls,ceilings,floorsystemorroof. iv. The existing porches have noticeable sagging, and uneven walking surfaces (loosefloordecking). b. Remediationrecommendations: i. It is the opinion of the survey team, existing walls should be further inspected upon any demolition of existing plaster for structural deficiencies or cracking thatwerenototherwisepresentatthetimeofthissurvey. ii. At the time of any renovation work, the superstructure should be investigated byalicensedexterminatorforexistingor,thepotentialof,termiteinfestation. iii. As noted in the substructure remediation section(s), additional piers could be addedtosupplantthelackofstructurespaninexistingjoists.Thesecondfloor however, will need additional support walls, structural beams, and/or additional higher rated joists to span the distances required for carrying ceiling loadingand/orattic/storageloading. iv. Theexistingceilingheight(s)onthesecondflooraretoolowforoccupancyper the current NCBC. Unless specifically requested in the renovation portion of this project, no accounts for remediation on this item have been incorporated intothisreport. v. It is the recommendation of the survey team to have insulation installed in the roof,exteriorwalls,andfloorsystem(ataminimum). vi. New floor decking will need to be installed on porches, specifically at the rear porch to rectify the existing uneven and loose boards. If it is the desire of the owner,asimilarsizeandgrained(wood)productcouldbereinstalled.




Itistherecommendationofthesurveyteamtohaveadditionalstructuralpiers and/or beams installed at porches to prevent sagging and bouncing of floor system. It is the recommendation of the survey team to demolish the existing stair access to attic/second floor and install a new pull down disappearing stair for accesspurposesonly.(NOTFORSTORAGE)



Faade 1. Description:Theexistingfaadewasacombinationofwoodhorizontallapsidingand metal horizontal siding. The existing fascia/boxing system is of a metal, metal wrap, andvented,corrugated,metalsoffitpanels. a. Observations/Comments: i. Theoverallconditionofthewoodsidingwasfairtogood. ii. Multiple layers of paint have been applied to the wood siding over the years, likely sustaining the life expectancy of the product. No apparent rot was visible, however no extensive moisture probe testing was performed to determinehowmuch,ifanymoistureresideswithintheproduct. iii. Theoverallconditionofthemetalsidingwasfairtopoor.Thefinishonsiding wasveryfadedinplaces. iv. The existing boxing and fascia system has noticeable mildew and dirt. Some smallgappingwasobservedinthejointing. b. Remediationrecommendations: i. It is the opinion of the survey team the wood siding could be cleaned of the multiple layers of paint, and salvaged (where possible). At time of paint removal,anyrottedordamagedwoodshouldberemovedandreplaced. ii. IftheOwningagencywishestocompletelydemolishandremovetheexisting wood siding, it is the opinion of the survey team a cementitious lap siding of similarsizeandgrainpatternbeinstalledinitsplace. iii. It is the opinion of the survey team the existing metal siding, while likely weather resistant, lacks uniformity with the existing siding. The existing metaldoesnttakepaintingwellasitpertainstolongtermmaintenance,and attending to the existing fading. Consideration should be given to removing the metal siding, and matching the general size and grain of the wood lap siding. iv. The existing fascia system should be pressure cleaned. Any gaps in the jointingshouldbeaddressedtodeterinsectsfromnesting.



FenestrationSystems 1. Description: The windows within this property are of wood sash type, with wooden divedlitemuntinbars.Theexteriordoorsaresolidwoodinwoodframes. a. Observations/Comments: i. Thewindowsanddoorsarecoveredinmultiplelayersofpaint. ii. Theexteriorframesofthewindowsarewrappedin(break)metal. iii. Stormwindowsareinplaceonallwindows. b. Remediationrecommendations i. Remove existing storm windows and paint, and evaluate window sash and muntinsforrot. ii. Existing doors stick excessively. Remove existing paint, check frames for plumb, and rehang door. Doors could be slightly swollen, and need to be planed. v. Roofing 1. Description: The existing roof material is a 3tab shingle over a butt/end joint wood substrate. a. Observations/Comments: i. Theshinglesinplacearenotoriginaltothestructure. ii. It is not known that the roof actively leaks. There was evidence in the attic, andupstairsofleaking,particularlyaroundthechimneys. b. Remediationrecommendations: i. It is the opinion of the survey team the roof shingles have served the life expectancy and should be removed, new felt underlayment and shingle installed. ii. Itistheopinionofthesurveyteamthatallflashingsinvalleys,andcricketed areasshouldbereworkedtoprovidemaximumcoverageandprotection. c. InteriorElements i. Floors 1. Description: The majority of the flooring is of T&G Oak species hardwood, approximately23/4inwidth.TheKitchenareacontainsasheetgoodsproduct. a. Observations/Comments: i. Theexistinghardwoodsappeartobeinverygoodconditionconsideringthe age of the property. With proper protection during any construction or renovation,thesefloorscouldberefinished. ii. The sheet goods flooring in the kitchen is an asbestos containing material, pertheHAZMATreportprovidedbyS&ME/Owner. Page10of40

b. Remediationrecommendations: i. The ACM flooring in kitchen should be abated by a licensed abatement/HAZMATteam. ii. Protect existing hardwood during construction/renovation and have a qualifiedhardwoodinstaller/finisherrefinish. ii. Walls&Ceilings 1. Description: The existing walls contain wood lath and (horse hair type) plaster throughout the interior (first and second floors). The plaster has been painted throughout. The first floor ceilings contain a 12x12 (approx.) acoustical (type) tile, stapled in place to an existing beaded T&G board. The second floor ceilings are plasteroverwoodsubstrate. a. Observations/Comments: i. Theexistingplasterwallshavemultipleareasthroughoutthathavecracked. These areas would require patching if the intent of the Owner would be to keeptheplaster. ii. There are some areas within the home where the 12x12 ceiling tile has beendamagedorremoved(fallenawayfromsubstrate). b. Remediationrecommendations: i. The existing plaster may be an ACM. If this is proven to be fact, consideration should be given to either covering the existing plaster with drywall(encapsulatedACM),orhavetheACMabatedfully. ii. If the Owner desires to reuse, or keep the existing plaster, selective abatement may be required to patch several of the broken and cracked areasthroughout. iii. Theexistingplasteronallexteriorwallswillhavetobedemolishedtoinstall athermalproductthatcomplieswithcurrentNCEnergyCode. iv. The existing 12x12 acoustical (type) ceiling tile may be an ACM. If this is proven to be fact, consideration should be given to either covering the existing tiles with drywall (encapsulated ACM), or have the ACM abated fully. v. It is the opinion of the survey team, the 12x12 is adhered/stapled to an existing (original) T&G bead board. If the Owner desires to reuse the existing bead board, the 12x12 will need to be sampled, tested and classifiedasACM/NonACMpriortodemolition.


iii. InteriorDoorsandHardware 1. Description: The existing doors are solid wood 5 panel doors, and appear to be original to the property. The hardware is knob type, brass handles that appear to beoriginaltotheproperty. a. Observations/Comments: i. The interior doors appear to be in good shape and could possibly be reused.Alldoorshavebeenpainted. ii. The existing hardware appears to be in fair condition cosmetically, but maynotfunctionfully/properly. b. Remediationrecommendations: i. It is the opinion of the survey team the interior doors may be reused in some locations. Should renovation take place, consideration will have to be given to accessibility and total width of openings where doors are currentlylocated. ii. It is the opinion of the survey team the existing hardware should be removedandreplaced,shouldthispropertyberenovated d. Plumbing i. Fixtures 1. Description: There are currently no toilet fixtures within this property. The existing kitchenhasanexistingwaterheateranddoublesink,withHW/CWfaucet. a. Observations/Comments:N/A b. Remediationrecommendations: i. Allplumbingonthispropertywillneedtobeadded/upgradedtocomply with current NCBC and NC Plumbing Code. Consideration should be given to an addition to the existing structure to house the necessary plumbing and toilet fixtures required to comply with all applicable codes. e. Mechanical i. EquipmentandDuctwork 1. Description: There appears to be one existing gas fired package unit on the property (Trane). a. Observations/Comments: i. Itwasobservedtheexistingductworkwassubmergedinstandingwater incrawlspace. ii. Itappearedthemajorityoftheductworkwasofaflextype. b. Remediationrecommendations:


i. It is the recommendation of the survey team to demolish all existing equipment and ductwork and replace with new high efficiency equipment,hardduct,andprogrammablethermostat(s). f. Electrical i. PanelsandWiring 1. Description:Thereisanexistingsinglepanellocatedontherearporchwithglasstype screwinfuses.Thecapacityoftheexistingpanelisnotknown. a. Observations/Comments:N/A b. Remediationrecommendations: i. Thecurrentelectricalsystem(intotal)doesnotmeettheNCBCorNational Electrical Code. As such, it is the opinion of the survey team, all devices, wiring, and panels will have to be upgraded to comply with all current applicablecodes. ii. Itistheopinionofthesurveyteamtheelectricalservice,tothehousefrom the transformer, may be inadequate. This will need to be examined furthershouldthefacilityberenovated.



CostEstimatestoremedyDeficiencies a. Siteregradearoundentirebuildingtoinsure positivedrainage,prunetrees b. Structureraisehouse,newstructuralpiers, newinsulation,newairbarrier, regradingofcrawlspace,reframeporches c. Faadecleanexistingboxingsystem,replace metalsiding,repairexistingwoodsiding d. Requiedrampingforaccesstobuilding e. Repair/replaceexterior&interior Doorsandhardware f. Roofingremoveold,installnewshingles andflashing g. Floorsrefinishhardwoods,installnew atKitchen h. Wallsinstallnewdrywall,insulationat exteriorwalls,repairinteriorwalls(plaster) i. Newatticinsulation j. Paintinginteriorandexterior k. Demolisholdstair,installnewdisappearingstair l. Plumbingnewadditionforplumbing/toilets m. Mechanicaldemolishallexisting mechanicalequipment,installnew n. Electricalinstallallnewelectrical,serviceand Totalestimate: ContractorInsurance/P.OH./Bonds X35% Subtotal OwnerContingency X10% GrandTotal Page14of40

$5,000 $20,000

$8,000 $5,000 $7,000 $10,000 $7,000 $7,000 $4,500 $8,500 $2,500 $40,000 $8,000 $20,000 $152,500 $53,375 $205,875 $20,587 $226,462

V. Qualifications a. Limitingconditions i. Allinformationgatheredduringthesurveyforthisreportwasobtainedduringadryand day.Assuchanyroofleakingwouldnothavebeenevidentonthisparticularday. ii. Nocostinformationhasbeenprovidedwithinthisreporttocoveranytestingor abatementofACMorleadpaint,oranyotherknown,orfuturediscoveredHAZMAT. iii. Nocostinformationhasbeenprovidedwithinthisreporttocoveranyabatementor testingofareasthatmaycontainmold. iv. Nocostinformationhasbeenprovidedwithinthisreporttocoverparkinglots/spaces, drives,oraccommodationsforvehiculartraffic.Itispresumedtheadjacentparkinglots willsuffice,andbeutilizedforthispropertyaswell. b. Consultantscertification i. Nooutsideorthirdpartyconsultantswereutilizedorcontractedforthissurvey.All informationobtainedanddocumentedinthisreportwasgatheredandrecordedby OakleyCollierArchitects,P.A.ofRockyMount,NC