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CONLIFT1 and CONLIFT2 are pre-assembled lifting stations made for condensate removal. The units operate automatically when the condensate enters the collection tank. CONLIFT1 and CONLIFT2 are supplied with an integrated NC/ NO contact and cable so that if the overow switch detects a high water level this can be used to switch off the boiler. CONLIFT2 also includes an acoustic alarm in case of a high water condition. It also has a selector switch with the following two options. Position 1: The pump is started, the condensate source (boiler) is switched off and an acoustic alarm is generated. Position 0: The condensate source (boiler) is switched off and an acoustic alarm is generated.

CONLIFT2 pH+ is the CONLIFT2 but with an additional neutralisation unit supplied for those applications where condensate has a pH value below 2.5. The granulate supplied will raise the acid condensate to a more neutral level. This will reduce the risk of acid corrosion of the underground drainage pipe work within the property. All units can be installed as either oor standing or for wall mounting. Units are supplied with
6 m discharge hose. Connector for drain pipes from boilers up to 40 mm dia.  Adaptor for discharge hose connections to 21.5 mm and

40 mm drain pipes.

The CONLIFT2 pH+ also includes

 Connectors for the neutralisation unit (if it is placed next

to the condensate pump as illustrated).

1.2 kg neutralisation granulate. pH tester for monitoring purposes.



Electrical Power supply 1 x 230 V + -6%, 50 Hz Power 75 W Nominal current 0.65 A Supply cable 1.7 m Size L x H x W Conlift 1, 2 Conlift 2 pH+ Inlets/size Discharge hose Weight Conlift 1, 2 Conlift 2 pH+ Volume Tank volume Effective volume Operating Parameters Max head/max ow Max starts per hour Max. media temp. Ambient temperature Noise level Noise level alarm 258 x 183 x 165 258 x 293 x 165 4 x 28 mm 10(8) mm/6 m/PVC 3.1 kg 4.3 kg 2.65 L 0.9 L 5.7 m/588 l/h 60 50 C 90 C for 5 min. 5-50 C <47 dB(A) 80 dB(A) (Conlift 2) To shutdown the condensate source (i.e. condensing boiler) the auxiliary contact switch can be utilised. COM1 and NO3 terminals of the overow switch should be connected in series with the low-voltage thermostat circuit of the boiler. It could also be used to isolate the boiler Live connection providing the current load is no greater than 5 A. Auxiliary Alarm Contact Contacts Alarm cable 240 V, 5 A 1.7 m