"That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the

consent of the governed. That <b>WHENEVER ANY</b> form of government becomes destructive to these ends, <b>it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it,</b> and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." "If We the People may "alter or abolish" an ENTIRE Government, how much more a President, or ONE measly Senator or Representative? If We the People may "alter or abolish" an ENTIRE Government, then every Lawful action We take to accomplish that end IS Constitutional, by virtue of the very exercise of our Right." Freedoms Voice: Admin @ A Voice of the People <b>AN OPEN LETTER TO OUR GOVERNORS & STATE LEGISLATURES</b> The following letter is based on the Right of the People in the Declaration of Independence, that whenever ANY form of government becomes destructive of the unalienable Rights of the People endowed by their Creator, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to THEM shall seem most likely to effect THEIR Safety and Happiness, not the political safety and happiness of unresponsive Federal elected office holders. We do not want to do away with the United States Constitution as originally intended, and we do not believe America needs to be "remade" either. No, it needs to be RESTORED to a government, "Of, By, and For the People." <a href="http://avoiceofthepeople.com/index.php?blog=9">Quoting: James Wilson, L.L.D. Associate Judge Supreme Court: Signatory to the Declaration of Independence & The Constitution of the United States of America</a> "The Supreme or Sovereign Power of the Society resides with the Citizens at Large," Citizens of Sovereign STATES. "This revolution principle - that, the sovereign power residing in the people, they may change their constitution and government whenever they please -" <b>TO OUR GOVERNORS & STATE LEGISLATURES:</b> We the People, Supreme Sovereigns of the States, just don't get it: We the People, in GOOD FAITH, elect people from our own STATE to represent us in Washington DC. STATES are supposed to be Supreme and Sovereign within their borders, deriving it's Sovereignty by consent of the Sovereign citizens of that State. Just because a person is a Lawmaker, does not make them above the Law. Why then would a Governor or State Legislature allow a citizen of the State, sent to Washington DC to represent that STATE, why do they allow them to pass laws that take away the freedoms and power of the Governor and State Legislature, and thereby the Sovereigns of that State, the People, uncontested??? Okay, don't say they'll withhold highway funds...I know. We want Governors and State Legislators to know that we'd rather have "Potholes for the People", and our freedom, than a smoothly paved highway to ever expanding government domination. Please understand that the People would choose to have a road full of potholes if it also means having freedom. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dkmxG5Ta3N0">Don't Underestimate the Will of the American People</a> and what they are willing to sacrifice to have freedom!

Perhaps just one of you Governors is waiting on the People to get behind you in just such an effort. If so, here we are! Our current membership is over 1,600 strong, representing every state in the Union. That beats 150 doctors representing 50 States any day of the week. So 1,600 may not be an extraordinarily large number right now, but <a href="http://recall.avoiceofthepeople.com">it is growing daily,</a> and we are totally committed to seeing the government returned to it's Constitutional foundations. The people WE send to Washington DC swear an oath, and they should be accountable to the People of their State who sent them, to act according to the Constitution of the United States, respecting State Sovereignty. And they should be accountable to the People WHENEVER, not just during an election year, but as the Declaration of Independence says, WHENEVER they do not adhere to the Constitution, and BREAK FAITH with the People who sent them, breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and supporting laws that infringe on State Sovereignty and Personal Freedom, the People of their State should be able to be remove them from office WHENEVER needed, by a simple majority vote of the People. We the People are sick and tired of unresponsive government, and we're sick and tired of having to wait for the next election cycle while we watch the almost daily erosion of our freedoms, enduring even more thoughts of organizations like ACORN engaging in voter fraud. You get the picture. We've had all we're going to take, and we're determined to get control of this situation for the good of our country, and for all our children who come after us. Once the People vote to Recall a particular Senator or Representative, the Governor and State Legislature would be empowered to enforce the Will of the People. A special election may then be held for their replacement, or the Governor may appoint a temporary replacement, especially in regard to the Senate. We're exploring these avenues for action because we're justly alarmed and have seen that Congress as a whole is NOT responsive to us, nor are they securing our Rights per the Constitution, but are facilitating further erosion of our freedoms. We no longer trust them to act on behalf of the People, especially in light of the hostile comments coming from the leadership of the majority party toward any voice of opposition calling us "Nazis, racists, and fringe" despite the overwhelming numbers beginning to rally. We feel we simply cannot wait until the next election to begin to take action, hence this letter. We're also alarmed when we see the Federal Government FORCE States to pass laws under threat of withholding highway funds, or etc. only to see state legislatures "snap to" and capitulate! If anyone thinks they won't do this in regard to individuals if they control the health care industry in this country, you are worse than naive, you are self-deceived. This is where the "Potholes for the People" comes in again. We'd rather you stand up to them, and have potholes for the people, than a smoothly paved road to further government domination. If you will begin to stand up to the Federal Government and say, "keep your money, we are a Sovereign State, and will do as we please" you would have an uprising of people to support you as never before. There may never be a better time than this to do such a thing. I wonder if the People would be willing to pay an additional retail sales tax if it allows the States to begin to say to the Federal Government, "you keep the money and we'll keep our freedom?" Develop a plan around this idea and take it to

the People. What's the worst that could happen? They'd say no? If so, we'd be no worse off than we are now! Governors: you have the bully pulpit of your state. Go to the People. Ask them what they are willing to sacrifice in order to begin to roll back the tide of domination by the Federal Government. Lay it on the line for them. I think you'll be surprised. Surely you've been watching the People on the move. Harness that energy for the good of the entire country and seize this moment to roll back the power of the Federal government. NOW is the time! Call on the People to help you. They'll respond! Do you think the government would withhold Medicare or Social Security payments if you do this? NO! Watch Seniors stand up in anger against the Federal government if they threaten to do that! Just look at how many angry Senior Citizens there were in the Town Hall meetings! They'd have your back on this too! Come on! Stand up for us, won't you? And what if the Fed did threaten to withhold benefits? It would only be their unmasking for all to see! Ever since FDR they've sought to make us more dependent on THEM so that they can control us by threatening to withdraw benefits if WE don't do what THEY say. You can force them out into the open on this issue by doing as we're requesting. The vast majority of People will see them for what they truly are, and we can begin to restore freedoms to the People. This is a war on individual freedom, make no mistake. At A Voice of the People, we're a comparatively small but dedicated group of People who are working to gather signatures nation-wide to eventually put ballot initiatives in every State for voters of each state to decide whether they would like to have the ability to Recall their Federally elected officials, both Senate and Representatives, and to allow for a nationwide recall of the President, and not just for today, but for any time in the future when elected officials overstep their LIMITED, ENUMERATED Constitutional Authority. Why are we asking for your help? Because we are exploring every avenue possible to achieve this goal for the People as quickly as possible. And as you are well aware, the Petition process for the Ballot Initiative & Referendum varies from state to state, and not all States allow them. The process of gathering signatures can also be a very long process, and is always contested. You however, as the Governors and State Legislatures have the ability to write legislation any time you please. We the People are asking you, if ANY one of you would be willing to write such legislation, giving We the People the ability to Recall our elected officials of our own State, when they over-step their Constitutional Authority and either sponsor, support, or write legislation that infringes on State Sovereignty, or the Liberty of the People of that state. If just one state allows this Recall, I believe the rest of the People of the country would want the same ability to hold their Federally elected officials accountable WHENEVER they over-step their Constitutional authority. This action would also allow for the Restoration of the original intent of the Constitution in regard to State Sovereignty. We could then begin to turn back the tide of erroneous interpretations of the Constitution, and laws taking away our freedoms, based on those erroneous decisions. We're waiting on you to step up and lead us. Do so, and you can count on the gratitude of a great many more people than just the people of your state. So, who is going to step up and lead the way? Please let us know.

Thank you, If you're reading this and you are one of "The People" please sign this open letter petition, and then leave a brief comment of support for our Governors and State Legislators, including your state of residence, if you are in agreement with this letter. Thank you! Freedoms Voice: Admin @ <a href="http://www.avoiceofthepeople.com">A Voice of the People</a> on behalf of the growing membership. October 2, 2009

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