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466 Pharmacy


The pharmacokinetic method assess the bi oavailability of drugs on the basis of A) the plasma data B) the pharmacologic effect C) the clinical response D) the toxicologic effect Salicylates increase the action of methotrexate by A) inhibition of absorption B) inhibition of metabolism C) stipulation of metabolism D) alteration of its renal clearance The reference standard used in bioequivalence studies should be available in A) a solution or suspension form B) capsules C) delayed release form D) aerosol form




The therapeutic plasma conc. of carbamazepine is A) 4-12 mg/L B) 5-8 mg/L C) 3-10mg/L D) 0.8-2g/L


The most common class of antibiotics that have been reported to increase digoxin concentrations are A) fluoroquinolones B) macrolides C) glycopeptides D) aminoglycosides Aminoglycosides can cause serious toxic effects like A) blurred vision B) drowsiness C) ototoxicity D) ataxia


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At steady state the rate of drug administration is A) equal to the rate of drug elimination B) more than the rate of drug elimination C) less than the rate of drug elimination D) not linked with the rate of drug elimination The reference formulation for bioequivalence studies is A) new drug molecules B) original manufactures product C) least bioavailable formulation D) All of the above The drug injected into the deltoid muscle is more rapidly absorbed than a drug injected into the gluteus maximus due to A) B) C) D) better blood flow in the former better location of the muscles better movement of the muscles more fat in the area surrounding the muscle




Inadequate therapeutic response of dosage regimen indicates the requirement of A) lower dose B) higher dose C) addition of more new drugs D) less frequency of administration Larger digoxin loading dose would be expected to require for A) B) C) D) Hyperthyroid patients Hypothyroid patients CHF-patients Anephric patients



The apparent volume of distribution of water soluble drug decrease slightly with age whereas that of lipid soluble drugs may be large in elder patients due to A) B) C) D) Decreased body fat Increased lean body mass Increased body fat None of the above

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2957. Which one of the following symptom is associated with migraine?

A. B. C. D.

Localized pain around orbital, unilateral and dull Pain as tightness on generalized but non throbbing Short lived unilateral pain in cheek, jaws and lips Acute attack of pain lasting for days with nausea and vomiting.

2958. Which one of the following medicines can cause rebound nasal congestion with over use? C

A. B. C. D.

Pseudoephedrine Guaifenesin Oxymetazoline Chlorpheniramine B

2959. The safer product for an peptic ulcer patient suffering from moderate pain due to ankle

sprain is: A. Ibuprofen B. Paracetamol C. Ketoprofen D. Aspirin

2960. Non sedative antihistamine available as OTC medicine.

A. B. C. D.

Chlorpheniraminehydrochloride Loratadine Triprolidine Diphenhydramine D

2961. Which one of the following condition does not show signs and symptoms of nausea and


A. B. C. D.

migraine Motion sickness Gastroenteritis Sinusitis


2962. Gingivitis is associated with one the followings

A. B. C. D.

Excess build up of plaques on teeth. Inflammation of the gum Ulcer on the oral cavity Periodontitis

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Which condition should be referred to GP with patient has headache problem? A. B. C. D. Daily with the same pattern of headache Headache in children over 12 years Headache associated with fever Headache in children under 12 with stiff neck or skin rash


Which of the following symptoms associated with sinusitis: A. Dull, diffuse bilateral pain that often eases on bendingdown B. Pain is described as throbbing C. Pain is worsened on bendingdown D. Dull pain localised unilateral that often eases on bendingdown


Which one of the following is useful fora four months old baby having teething problem? C A. Mycostatin B. Hydrocortisone sodium succinate C. Choline salicylate D. Povidine -iodine Effective OTC product in the management of pediculosisis: A. Benzyl benzoate B. Permethrin C. DEET D. Hydrocortisone All the following symptoms are associated with athletes foot except ? A. Itch B. Redness C. Involvement between toes D. Scaling Which one of the antibiotics is included in the topical products for wound dressing? A. B. C. D. Choramphenicol Polymyxin B Miconazole Amoxicillin B




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2969. Which one of the following drugs is used for treatment of minor burn?

A. B. C. D.

Silver sulfadiazine Silver nitrate pencil Sulfamethoxazole Sulfacetamide B

For complete eradication of head lice the patient should apply the medication----------days after the initial treatment : A. 9 B. 7 C. 5 D. 3 following symptoms would indicate the need for direct referral to the general practitioner. A. B. C. D. Dark brown colored vomit Feeling of impending vomiting Loss of appetite over the last 24 hrs. Epigastric pain over the last 24hrs.

2971. When questioning a client seeking advice for nausea and gastrointestinal upset, which of the A


Which one of the following medicines is Non Natural Contraceptive can be used for daily planning? A. B. C. D. Basal body temperature Lactation Calendar method Vaginal spermicides


Oral thrush is due to:

A. B. C. D. Infection caused by Lactobacillus Infection caused by Candida albicans Infection caused by human papilloma virus Infection caused by herpes simplex


A Calluses is dermatological abnormal due to: A. B. C. D. Friction and pressure against bony of the feet Viral infection of the skin Infection by direct contact from person- to- person Indirect exposure to public shower

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Which one of the following medications is used for mouth ulceration due to Herpes simplex ? A. B. C. D. Chlorohexidin Daktarin Triamcinolone acetonide orabase Acyclovir


Symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) usually begin: A. B. C. D. Before menstruation Before ovulation At the start of ovulation At the start of menstruation


Which one of the following medicines can cause rebound nasal congestion with over use? C A. Pseudoephedrine B. Guaifenesin C. Oxymetazoline D. Chlorpheniramine


In the treatment of constipation which one of the following is true? A. B. C. D. Senna tablets should be avoided in nursing mothers Fybogelis not suitable for patient with coeliac disease. Lactulose cannot be taken by diabetic patient Liquid paraffin has been linked with causing lipid pneumonia


Patient with Asthma should be advised not to take: A. B. C. D. Adrenergic agonist Analgesic like Ibuprofen Analgesics like paracetamol Antacids like Gaviscon

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What is the advantageof antacid combination having aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. A. The constipation produced by magnesiumsalt is counter acted by aluminum salt B. The constipation produced by aluminum hydroxide is counteracted by magnesium salt C. Synergisticeffect of two components D. Inhibit gases production


Aspirin is not recommended to children under 16 yearsof old because: A. It causes severe constipation B. It may cause Reyes syndrome. C. It causes renal toxicity D. It may cause lactose intolerance A Lady 30 year old with soft tissue injury (ankle) having severe pain over 3 days should be referred to the orthopedic unit because? A. Only RICE suitable for children B. OTC medication is contraindicated C. More prone to have malignancy D. May have fracture Which one of the following is an antitussive agent? A. B. C. D. Ammoniumchloride Codeine Bromhexine Quaiphenesin




Ispaghula husk granules are: A. Bulk forming laxative B. Stimulant laxative C. Osmotic laxative D. Stool softener


Which one of the following conditions predisposes to the oral thrush? A. Heart failure B. Asthma C. Diabetes mellitus D. Hyperlipidemia

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In the treatment of constipation which one of the following is true? A. Senna tablets should be avoided in nursing mothers B. Fybogelis not suitable for patient with coeliac disease. C. Lactulose cannot be taken by diabetic patient D. Liquid paraffin has been linked with causing lipid pneumonia A. B. C. D. 3 5 7 14

2987. Sympathomimetic eye drops should be limited to how many days of treatment?


Zolmitriptan is a drug used for : A. Heart failure B. Vomiting C. Migraine D. Ordinary headache

2989. Reason for a child to feel perineal itching especially at night is:

A. Due to deposit of sticky eggs by female pin worms at night

B. Migration of female pin worms into perianal region C. Presence of male pin worms in the perianal region D. Presence of larvae migrated from ileo- cecal region
2990. Which one is not an expectorant used as an OTC product?

A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D.

Ammonuimchloride Ipecacuanha Potassium iodide Dextromethorphan B Dyclonine HCL Triprolidine Phenolate sodium Hexyl resercinol A

2991. Which one is not an ingredient in OTC product for sore throat?

2992. Allyamines derivative - Terbinafine is used to manage one of the following conditions:

A. B. A. D.

Tinea infection Mouth ulcer Oral thrush Corns

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A patient with pancreatic disease complains of difficulty driving at night because of vision B problems. Ulceration of the cornea is detected on ophthalmic examination. Which of the following should be recommended? (A) Supplementation with vitamin B complex (B) Supplementation with vitamin A (C) Decreased intake of vitamin A (D) Supplementation of diet with more red meat A patient comes into the clinic for a pregnancy test. It is positive. Which of the following B should be recommended? (A) A multivitamin without iron (B) A multivitamin with iron (C) A diet rich in carrots (D) No vitamin supplement Capillary fragility, malaise, and abnormal bone and tooth development decribe a deficiency of which vitamin? (A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B6 (C) Vitamin C (D) Riboflavin Which vitamin can mask the symptoms of pernicious anemia by alleviating the anemia but not preventing the neurological damage? (A) Vitamin B12 (B) Niacin (C) Folic acid (D) Vitamin C An epileptic who is taking phenytoin and lamotrigine to control her seizures is in the first month of pregnancy and definitely wants to have the baby. Which vitamin supplement would be essential? (A) Vitamin B6 (B) Vitamin D (C) Vitamin C (D) Folic Acid The main reason metform in should not be used in patients with renal failure is that (A) It increases the risk of lactic acidosis (B) It increases the risk of ketoacidosis (C) It causes development of congestive heart failure. (D) It causes hepatic necrosis. Hypoglycemia is rarely seen with these drugs when used as monotherapy EXCEPT: (A) Metformin (B) Rosiglitazone (C) Miglitol (D) Glibenclamide







All of the following are true statement about the thiazolidinediones EXCEPT D (A) Thiazolidinediones may be hepatotoxic in some individuals (B) Thiazolidinediones increase the number of insulin receptors on the cell memberane surface (C) Thiazolidinediones bind a nuclear receptor in tissue termed PPAT-y, which augments the expression of insulin-regulated genes. (D) Thiazolidinediones take many days to weeks to begin exerting a blood glucose-lowering effect in diabetics.