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Message of the Most Ven.Dr.

Phong Samaleuk

First of all, I pay homage to the Triple Gems-the victory flag of Buddhism and express my wholeheartedly compassion to the chairmen, the organizing committees of the profoundly meaning conference and I humbly agree with the previous reports other delegates. I myself would like to express my humble ideas in contribution to this auspicious conference in order to bring its highest fruitful results as follows: 10 years ago, after the World Religious Conference in New York, the United States of America. In the conference, most of the participants were scientists who initiated and convened the conference under the main theme of: the Path to peace. At that time, the method of searching for peace, the great gatherings of various world religious adherents were convened; the conference selected a representative from each religion to point out the highest goal of ones religion. At first, a representative from the Christianity was selected from the host country, from New York, and representatives from other religions, at the end from Buddhism. At that time, even though there were many participants from many Buddhist countries, but Most Ven.Dr.Phramaha Vichit Singharaj, the Late President of Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization- a representative from Laos was chosen on behalf of Buddhism to propose the way to world peace. As being appointed by the conference, he expressed his sincere manner to the conference and he humbly applied the Buddhas teachings pointing that: Human beings are city beings not wild animals; it means that human beings live together in group not live in isolation. However, we as human beings have different point of views. Therefore, to coexist with others, it needs to have rules and regulations to put into practice. These are the regulated rules leading to calmness- the path to peace. The fundamental rules to peace are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Human beings should not do any harm when coexisting, Human beings should not steal other peoples belongings, Human beings should not do any sexual misconduct, Human beings should not tell lies, Human beings should not take any intoxicants.


The 5 rules mentioned above should be put into action and lay a strict punishment for those who break them. Those who break the rule for the first and second time should be advised, educated and reminded and if for the third time should put the life penalty or put in exile, or confiscate them. For the rule number 5, should be forbidden to produce, import any kind of intoxicants and for those who breach will be punished the same as in other rules. The rules as mentioned above were unanimously adopted and signed by all representatives from each country as the path to peace in Buddhist way by officially recognizing and adopting the Day of Vesak, the full moon of the sixth lunar month as the day of world peace, and the day off to do activities, and have strictly implemented the mentioned rules since 1999(B.E.2542). Until now, it has been for 10 years, as we observe the implementation from the countries adopted the rules, if we superficially examine them, it seems that there is no result, but if we carefully scrutinize it, we will find that there are remarkably effective results. It is seen that after the conference, there is a decreasing of competition of being super powers. Therefore, our conference should divert to the above mentioned path which will bring us good result. Because as we examine the implementation of the rules that we have adopted, and we have not yet issued any concrete and absolute measure and there is no plan to exalt those countries who implement and arrange activities each year by viewing their summary reports and select them as lessons to learn and improve. In fact, it is rarely seen and it is like we do just to do, not to do to find a solution. For example, the rule number 5, which should be easily practiced, but it is abandoned and challenged. Now, we have to look back to review the success of the conference in order to understand that the conference was not initiated and organized by our religious people, but it was convened by scientists who are intelligent and unanimously signed and adopted but they have neglected and let the religious side to implement. Not only they do not put it into action but they also do not challenge, for instance, as in the rule number 5: human being who coexist with others should not take any intoxicants, but they do not cooperate with us. They have not issued any strictly legal action as the punishment for those who break the rule will be executed or put them in exile and confiscate their properties. In brief, generally speaking, we do not need to say: Do not drink alcohol and drive,

just not allowed to have any alcohol or any intoxicants in the world. Specifically, let all of the countries eliminate all sources of the production of any intoxicants, for instance, the brewery factories-wine and so on. We substitute by producing other products and if any factories have violated against the rules, the government should take any legal action (order to close down the factory, remove the authorized licenses and transfer the factory to be owned by the government. For the individual person will be proceeded lawsuit in the country accordingly. In the foreign relations, if we are the inviter, we should notify in the invitation letter that our country is free of any intoxicants. The door to meeting room and in the room should be put the free intoxicant signs. During the meeting, if we find that there is a representative from a country who is seemingly drunk, or if we investigate that there is any intoxicant brought by delegates from a certain country, we will not invite them next time, and if they invite us, we will not accept the invitation by reasoning that we cannot live any intoxicants. If we can practice as the mentioned above proposal, I strongly believe that peace will prevail undoubtedly. Now I would like to end my proposal here. At the end, I would like to bless the conference to achieve a great success. Thank you very much!