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A buyers guide to:

An employee survey

This guide will help you to navigate the survey marketplace and find your ideal partner. Itll enable you to create a checklist of what youre looking for
As engagement experts ourselves, we know the considerations and questions that HR professionals most frequently ask about. This guide will help you establish the things that you need from a survey provider and, equally importantly, those that you dont. As well as ensuring you get a quality survey, it could save you money as you wont pay for services you dont need.

1. Supplier profile
Having a clear idea of the type of survey partner you want for your survey will help you narrow your search. Typical considerations are things like client experience, technical and theoretical skills and know-how.

Service provided
Reputable client list Specialist engagement expertise Dedicated project management support Post-sales support (technical/IT or consultative support)

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Buyers guide: An employee survey

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2. Level of support
Are you looking for a simple employee survey or a wider engagement programme? Consider whether you need an expert provider with consultants to design the survey.

Service provided
A simple piece of technology for you to run your own survey Advice on whats driving engagement for your employees Guidance on how to measure engagement Advice on how to encourage participation (improve response rates) Support for managers to identify actions after the survey Advice on communication with key stakeholder groups Help to present survey results to executives

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3. Creating survey materials

This involves devising the questionnaire, choosing rating scales and question types. You may also want to create a survey brand and pre and post survey communications. Think about what content and materials youll need support from an engagement expert on.

Service provided
Create a new questionnaire from scratch

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Help to devise a single score of the level of engagement (an engagement index)

Review and amend an existing questionnaire Ensure questionnaire links with business strategy Help to translate survey into different languages Design a survey brand/identity for all communications

An employee engagement index is a single score that summarises how engaged a companys employees, or a group of employees, are. Buyers guide: An employee survey Call us today +44 (0)1932 222700 or visit www.etsplc.com

4. Reporting & analysis

You need to know how your organisation will use the survey data in order to inform your requirements. Think about wholl be accessing the data and what formats theyll need it in. Reporting outputs vary between providers so be clear on your reporting needs as an organisation including any different localised needs. Service provided
Online report of results Paper reports An analysis of which questions to focus on to increase engagement

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Custom report design (i.e. designed for managers, admin users, executives)

Internal benchmarking within reports (using historical survey data)

External benchmarking within reports (using other organisations scores)

Data showing how engagement increases sales and customer satisfaction (linkage analysis)

Linkage analysis offers powerful business insights, highlighting the impact increased engagement has on other business metrics. It can also provide you with a tangible (monetary) value of increased employee engagement.

5. Action planning
How bought in to the employee survey are your managers and leaders? And how comfortable are they with data and devising action plans? Answering these questions will inform what the survey provider needs to offer.

Service provided
Guidance for managers/leaders on interpreting survey results Help identifying key action areas at individual, manager and group levels Manager workshops covering data analysis and selecting the best actions

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Buyers guide: An employee survey

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Action toolkits for managers with action plan templates Focus groups

Action planning is all about how you get the business (local managers or group level) to act most effectively on survey results. Aim to agree an appropriate action planning approach before launching an employee survey. This will better enable your organisation to take relevant action on survey results.

6. Technical requirements
You neednt be a technical whizz but you should know the basics to ask from would-be providers. Involve your IT team early on and list any technical or security-related restrictions or preferences. This could include where the survey data is stored and how the system is accessed. Service provided
Self-service questionnaires Host the survey (and all data) externally Host the survey (and all data) internally Survey completion via password entry and secure link Integration with other HR software or a company intranet Thorough security (penetration) testing

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7. Budget
Youll find a large variance in employee survey prices and wed need a better idea of your requirements in order to advise accurately on budget. The best advice is to ensure youre only paying for what you need. Below we offer some guidance on functionality to expect for smaller and bigger budgets.

Under 10,000

Fixed survey approach and questionnaire content. Standard, pre-defined post-survey reports. Low or no involvement from consultants or project managers

Buyers guide: An employee survey

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25,000 50,000

Flexible survey content and tools. Reporting tools allowing for detailed analysis across the organisation. Consultancy support in both design and post-survey interpretation. Project-managed implementation

100,000 & over

Integrated survey programme incorporating self-service questionnaires, pulse surveys. Powerful reporting tools for data analysis including custom reports. Consultancy partnership with support throughout and in all post-survey interpretation, activities and communications. Dedicated project management during implementation.

What should you do next?

Use our checklist and refer back to what you must have, would like to have and dont  need Create your brief using this information Speak with people in your network and get their recommendations Do some research and shortlist 3-5 companies that meet your criteria to invite to talk.

Can we help? If youd like to speak with us about your requirements, please contact us... Call us on +44 (0)1932 222700 Or e-mail us at info@etsplc.com

Buyers guide: An employee survey

Call us today +44 (0)1932 222700 or visit www.etsplc.com