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Following is the conception of a "parallel world".

This world consists of a parallel President

of the United States, a parallel US Congress, a parallel Trilateral Commission, and a
parallel Bilderberg Group, for example. In other words, for every significant office of
influence upon the course of world history, a parallel office can be created to assess the
officer in question. This provides an answer to the question, "Who will guard the guards?"

The US Congress (among other governmental entities) is hopelessly corrupt. Videoed

testimony of Sibel Edmonds indicates that illegal and questionable operations are common
within the highest offices of US government. America requires a courageous Congress if it
is to address the pivotal issue facing it: the redemption of a monetary system akin to a Ponzi
scheme. But our Congresspeople cannot effectively address this crucial consideration: they
are too mired in blackmail traps, for example, to be able to legislate prudently. They need
citizens' help if they are to rise to the challenge of monetary correction.

Perhaps the most effective way to ensure that each member of Congress works earnestly to
redeem the monetary system is to have a parallel Congressperson for each present person
occupying Congressional office. This parallel Congressperson can be anyone of integrity;
for example, G. Edward Griffin could be a parallel Congressperson for one of the seats in
California, where he lives. Karl Denninger could be a parallel Congressperson in Florida.
Ellen Hodgson Brown, Mish Shedlock and Joan Veon are further examples of upright
citizens of integrity who would be able to effectively guide present congress members
towards useful action.

These parallel congresspeople would relentlessly insist upon meetings with the member of
congress they were representing. These meetings would be filmed for public release. The
central theme that would be hammered upon- with brutal persistence if necessary- in these
meetings would be the correction of the wayward economic operations plaguing the United
States at present. The congresspeople would be informed that they are responsible for the
nation's money supply. They would be educated about the illegal and sociopathic nature of
the Federal Reserve. They would be forgiven for all their questionable decisions and let off
the hook completely for everything they've ever done, provided: they go to work
immediately for America and the world by insisting upon an audit of the Federal Reserve
and, if need be, its abolition.

If a member of congress refuses to meet with a parallel congressperson, copious

documentary video reporting of this slack behavior will be publicly released. Report grades
will be tabulated for each person in congress, with outstanding servants of the nation
receiving "A+" and degenerate individuals being assigned an "F".
As there are 435 members of Congress there will be 435 parallel congresspeople. Each will
be responsible for monitoring one congressperson and helping them to regain control of the
nation's money supply. As parallel congresspeople emerge committed to conducting filmed
interviews with the congressperson they are "paralleling" their names will be noted to
establish a database and standard of excellence.

The parallel world concept provides a vehicle for the diligent engagement of corruption and
ineffectual governance. Without exception, every office and body known to exist in the
world can be "paralleled" by a person or group. For example, a parallel United Nations can
be established to monitor global operations. A parallel Bilderberg Group can assemble once
a year to consider and publicly point out the implications of world leaders meeting
clandestinely. A parallel Trilateral Commission can appear in the United States to address
agendas connected with shadowy governmental infiltration.

According to David Rothkopf, elite rulers of world systems number around 6000 people.
Certainly it may be possible to assemble a similar number of people to operate as "parallel"
leaders. Initially, however, priority can be given to the gradual assemblage of 435 parallel
US congresspeople for the specific purpose of overseeing the rectification of American
monetary considerations.

Worthy potential public stewards capable of being a parallel congressperson can volunteer
for triage of the moribund nation. It is imperative that these people be grounded, profound,
searing and severe. Emphasis will be placed on quality rather than quantity when
assembling such folks. Gradualism builds strength, and patience fosters depth. Still, the
present time frame does not permit dallying and a decisive orientation towards courageous
mobilization is required lest America be hopelessly overrun by private offshore bankers
rapacious for appropriation of the last tent city.