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ADJECTIVES Definition: An adjective is describing word.

It is used to tell something more about objects, people or animals (Noun) Examples : 1. Words used to describe people: Tall, short, kind, fair, ugly, fat

2. Words used to describe objects: Long, black, white, hard, square, soft

3. Words used to describe animals: Wild, tame, fierce, small, fast, huge

Exercise 1 Circle the correct answer 1- Mrs. Yong is a ____________ woman. She owns five houses. A B C D busy rich poor sad

2- Ahmad is wearing a _______________ shirt. A B C D friendly clumsy helpful new

3- The _____________ girl made her mother very angry. A sad


happy old rude

4- Our school will build a _______________ canteen next year. A B C D tall fierce new happy

5- Suzy had a very ________________ fever. A B C D tall high sad heavy

6- Fahim is very ______________. He always donates money to the orphanages. A B C D generous tall short huge

7- It is going to rain because the sky is ________________. A B C D dark bright clear warm

8- The school field is __________________ because there is no rain. A B C D neat dry small wild

9- You are such a ________________ boy, Puan Alia said to Bala. A B C good best better

10- Faris listens to his parents. He is polite and ________________. A B C D talkative naughty obedient rude

Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with suitable answers. handsome beautiful poor clear rough friendly easy fat expensive huge

1- The _________________ woman lives in a small house.

2- The __________________ girl could not run fast.

3- The parrot is a _________________ bird.

4- Puan Zakiah wore an _______________ necklace.

5- The __________________ boy spoke to everyone at the party.

6- You can see many stars on a ________________ night.

7- One must drive carefully on a __________________ road.

8- This sum is _________________.

9- Anis brother is __________________.

10. An elephant is a _________________ animal.

Exercise 3 Construct sentences by adding adjectives. Examples : car - road Simple sentences Compound sentences Complex sentences : The old car is on the road. : The old and small car is on the road. : The old blue and small car which was parked by the road belongs to Mr. Shabby.


I - ate - fried rice

2- Faris searched - keys

3- They sat - porch

4- Doctor cleaned - wounds

5- Syiffa parked - bicycle

6- Fahim washed - car

7- plumber repaired - pipe

8- Mary wrote - letter

9- We went - movie

10- The deer jumped water