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generally used for scalping and intraday only before entering a trade, view current spread.

[11 pips] so scalping 16 pips not worthwhile, though idea is right, u must consider spread[quick order] so u were going to do 15 pips for 15 pips not worth it. !hen looking to uptrend, why a sudden reversal, are there any news?

Trading 105 hedging part 1

a master of hedging will not lose over time hedging comes from the stock market, where a sell order[short is a sell in stocks] can be opened while the original buy order remains in essence the buy and sell cancel each other. "or every pip the buy is losing money, the sell is winning the amount lost [and the other way] the idea of hedging is simply an insurance policy in case things go against the trade you make. #o if you buy and the rate went down, you would hedge with a sell and u minimise any further losses since each pip movement cancels out in us. $ cannot hedge practice hedging on demo. % imagine a clear understanding of the dynamic of the market financial institutions use hedging on a regular basis to minimise risk and stabilise portfolios timing of closing one side of the hedge is most important aspect when time properly hedging can produce better results binary profits are possible its all about timing and money management lower risk breakout spikes and falling knives yield profits in most cases one side hits the stop loss while this is the profit the cancelled profits are only those until the breakout tpsl the tighter you profit stop loss ratio, the more money u make hedging only way to remain in positive hedging should compound wins over time against losses to a substantial margin. &ake sure instrument provides volatility to at least one direction triangles breakous support resistance formation and indicators by timing trades properly u can minimise original stops and dramatically cut the losses buy two lots of e'u 1(( pips [)*1 +,'#-] sell 1 lot of e'u' 1(( pips [)*1 tp'sl] in ranges you can hedge and win of spikes on both ends. .ntry is the mid point of the range [allow for actual trend] . /an win if there is a breakout [due to good tp'sl] signal services does not give a time frame and strategy behind signal. %t is long term.

Forex trading strategies profit chaser basics and setup

,rofit chaser is when u have a stop loss then as we go up always remain within the boundary of the pip difference. #tart 01 and for every 1( pips, and get closer to that new high by one pip . +railing stop 02. 01 we want profit chaser to chase new high. .very 1( pips go up, the trailing stop will become higher and higher. 3oes 04. is 2(( pips worth. !e capture 1 pip for every 1( pip movement,. 5r u can can command that the stop does not go within 2( pips from the price position