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Morpheus Jaxen is an American house music project created in 2012 in Washington, DC one of several such projects by music producer-dj

and technician LaRonn Fryar. Fryar created the project while experimenting with electronic and house music in some of the best studios on the east cost and his home studio after work. He currently works for one of the world's largest technology companies. Morpheus Jaxen started to develop a distinct sound and a compact following on the music social networking site SoundCloud, like many musicians who achieved success in the early 2010s, before starting his own boutique music label Raw File Recs in 2014. Growing up in New Jersey, where house music originated along with Chicago, Detroit, and New York, its no wonder Morpheus Jaxen was exposed to the genre early on. Since then, hes developed into a tastemaker to the modern house music community thanks to his popular podcast Ear Anatomy and recorded live mix series entitled Party Of Dreams. Both named after albums produced under one of his aliases _jtp. The Morpheus Jaxen sound is one which has constantly veered from dense, layered and abstract to stripped down, electro infused and pulsing. Instead of having full verses and choruses, he picks out vocal phrases and plays them like an instrument, using sampling technology, a method seminally inuenced by an early house music producer from his home state of New Jersey. House music is a way of life and it runs deep. His sonic palette is one that draws on a wide array of inuences and reaches far outside the connes of the studio and into an otherworld entirely. One lled with a cool, chilled out happiness.

Some days it feels like a hobby you know the bedroom dj or producer, then there are days when I feel real condent and I believe I can become even more gifted global superstar. Who knows? I just like to make technology and creating music then sharing it with the world. I enjoying promoting the end product. Designing the cover art. Mixing the songs. Writing the press release. Creating a podcast. Playing the keyboard. regions of his vast musical universe. I like making and playing weird music for weird people - those WTF tracks that stick in your head as a sound from another dimension says the man whose close association to techno bastion Minus has earned him a deserved and revered reputation during the years since rst emerging. Looking ahead though, it will be for his own label, Items & Things (co-run with friends Magda and Marc Houle) that he is most known.

Whilst the rejuvenated label will aim to break new talent and continue its run of underground and intimate Down & Out parties, Troy will also work on his own music: in collaborative e!ort with his new label mates, on a solo EP on I&T, but also some fresh material from his much-lauded Louderbach alias.

Despite an already impressive list of accolades to his name, Troy Pierce isnt one to sit still. Keen as ever to confound your expectations, Items & Things, new Louderbach music and a number of exciting collaborations are sure to do just that as he enters the