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Status as on 05 Mar 2014 Registration Number Name Of Complainant Date of Receipt Received by Forwarded to Contact Address : DOPAT/E/2013/01011 : Smt

Sharda Kadyan : 04 Sep 2013 : Department of Personnel and Training : ADMINISTRATIVE VIGILANCE DIVISON-I : NORTH BLOCK NEW DELHI 110001 Contact Number : 01123092158

Complaint against biased working of senior IAS officers in Haryana like Yudhvir Singh Malik, Principal Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Department of Industries along with all Chief Executive officers of Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board for not performing their official duties and present system is compelling my husband Shri Naresh Kadyan, leading activist with International reputation, either to resign or to get suicide because his pay and allowances are with held under instructions of Yudhvir Singh Malik, IAS, baseless charge sheet needs attention, to be quashed and inquiry against responsible IAS officers, needs to be punished, who with held pay and allowances,not granting annual increment due as on 1-4-1995, not crossed efficiency bars, not granting second Grievance ACP, regular annual increments to Naresh Kadyan, Technical Supervisor : Description (Leather) Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, revoke Naresh Kadyan suspension, after 90 days no charges are framed against Naresh Kadyan to justify the suspension, double standard in Haryana one TS to head office but another one TS in field?, where as TS and DKVIO at part with equal pay scale, all baseless charge sheets needs to be dropped with counter action against baseless charges frame by the tainted IAS responsible for mental torture and unnecessary harassment, suspension be revoked. My husband junior officials are getting much higher pay scale and basic pay in Khadi Board, where as my husband is well qualified then existed staff of the Board. If anything happen to my husband Naresh Kadyan then Yudhvir Singh Malik, IAS along with all CE of Khadi Board, Haryana will be responsible. Current Status : CASE CLOSED Date of : 20 Feb 2014 Action Details : Submitted in file No.104/41/2014-AVD.I on 20.02.2014

Status as on 05 Mar 2014 Registration : DOPAT/E/2013/01078 Number Name Of : Smt Sharda Kadyan Complainant Date of : 18 Sep 2013 Receipt

Received by : Department of Personnel and Training Forwarded to : ADMINISTRATIVE VIGILANCE DIVISON-I Contact : NORTH BLOCK Address NEW DELHI 110001 Contact : 01123092158 Number Complaint against Shri Yudhvir Singh Malik, IAS working as Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Haryana (Department of Industries) holding this position since long, besides this position he had been Chairman, Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board, during his stay as Chairman he managed illegal appointment of Shri R.K. Sharma in Haryana KVIB as Member Secretary in addition to his position as Consultant in another Department, it would be pertinent to mention here that R.K. Sharma was retired from Industries Department itself, after retirement then Director Sh. T.L. Satparkash, IAS holding position as Chief Executive, Haryana KVIB along with the MD, Haryana Small Industries and Export Corporation in addition and R.K. Sharma was reappointed as Consultant in Export Corporation, other side as CE, KVIB asked Export Corporation to appoint R.K. Sharma as Member Secretary, Haryana KVIB, only to do favoritism of R.K. Sharma, this melafide activities needs attention. On December 20, 2012 Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board meeting was held under Chairmanship of Yudhvir Singh Malik, in this meeting most competent, result oriented and well qualified Naresh Kadyan, who was holding 7 positions as District Khadi and Village Industries Officer at Faridabad, Palwal, Mewat, Gurgaon, Rewari, Narnaul along with the Incharge Grievance : Consignment Agency, Faridabad was placed to Head Office at Panchkula being Description an original post as Technical Supervisor (Leather), where as another Technical Supervisor (HMP) left unattended in the field offices as DKVIO in many District, it was totally biased decision of KVIB under pressure of Yudhvir Malik to harass Naresh Kadyan, double standard applied by Yudhvir Malik, IAS, these kinds of biased action can not be expected from a senior IAS officer. Hon'ble Chief Minister of Haryana passed order to cancel the transfer orders of Naresh Kadyan from Faridabad to Panchkula but Yudhvir Singh Malik managed this order to suspension of Naresh Kadyan misrepresenting and twisted the facts before the CM Office, till date no charge sheet has been issued, baseless charge sheets has been issued, two annual increments stopped, many annual increments with held along with 1-4-1995 annual increment, second ACP was not yet granted, efficiency bar not yet crossed, Naresh Kadyan junior officials are getting more basic pay and pay scale then senior Naresh Kadyan, who has been compelled to move voluntarily retirement from service, with out any reason, many time pay and suspension allowances are with held for a long period, applied Medical leave rejected by the CE of KVIB under pressure of Yudhvir Malik. Hence a senior level officer may kindly be deputed to inquire all the points, harassment and double standard applied in Haryana Khadi and Village

Industries Board, during inquiry Yudhvir Singh Malik, IAS may kindly be posted in Delhi instead of Haryana for natural justice because as PS to Govt. of Haryana (Department of Industries) I can not expect any justice because he can managed the investigation. Current Status : CASE CLOSED Date of : 20 Feb 2014 Action Details : Submitted in file No.104/41/2014-AVD.I on 20.02.2014