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The benefits of studying music in children The advantage children in playing music.

The most basic is that children can feel the presence of the musical elements. such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and so on. Learning music in children have provided a lot of good influence on children. Therefore, so many parents are encouraging their children to learn music. In studying children's musical abilities rhythmically driven and tone Music Influence on Children In general, we know that children from birth to six years is the period of their gold. The kids are can respond to the music. Even the baby is capable of responding to sound or melody with different fre uencies. In childhood is also the time when they learn about the world through play. They will be a lot of contact with environmental ob!ects and other experiences. "hen the music presented, then this rich musical environment will increase children's experiences on a variety of things. Edwin #ordon found that exposure to music in early childhood as well as their language skills. "hen they were able to express their music then their ability to grow. Learning Children's Music Improve Reading Ability In $cience%aily stated, that there is a research that was published in the &sychology of 'usic. (ccording to the !ournal, children who study music have higher cognitive skills than their friends who are not trained in music. (ccording to )oseph &iro and *amilo +rti,, author of the !ournal, the study to reveal that music has the potential to improve the child's academic ability in speaking and reading. In a study of two elementary schools, the children have better abilities in vocabulary and construct a sentence. -erkembanganya this ability due to the neural response to music. This response rangkauan distributed throughout the brain. In the brain, the musical interpretation and language

processessame. Therefore, this music will intersect pemacuan also on language skills, including reading. Shaping Character Playing Music &laying music was also builds discipline and character of the child. Language of music can help children to discover the characters themselves, and the routines in learning the building their discipline. Especially the music would also relish this will usually be a lifelong hobby. Then the benefits will also be brought down to their future. $o of course a lot of benefits. 'usic is also developing other capabilities kemampun such as linguistic, mathematical , and the ability to space (spatial).
This certainly develop multiple intelligence in children.