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Technological Thought- its not about technology, but seeing problems. For example, when you see a person, you dont go this person is _________. But this persons purpose is to _________. Enframing- seeing something to be used Standing Reserve- something that is used and abused Ontology- the study of being Epistemology- the study of knowledge Posit- Base something on the truth of (a particular assumption) Dasein- Being Meditative Thinking- to take a step back from our daily lives of calculability and take in everything around us Calculative Thought- thought that is centered on measurement and is oriented toward manipulation and control, striving to attain certainty and security. Ontological Damnation- no one having any ontological relation with anyone else Value to Life- Lifes value, its the question of lifes meaning being meaningful. A life with value may be considered life in which one goes to work, gets paid, etc. (This can be easily argued) It's quite literally the value of life. How much is life worth? There are different arguments as to why it outweighs extinction, an obvious one would be what does extinction mean if life itself is irrelevant? Etymology- the origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning

Technik Mindset is NOT Technology

We cannot stress enough. We don't care about technology. It rules. It rocks. You love it. We want to have sex with it. We want to bring it to our house, make love to it and be there in the morning to cook it breakfast and drive it to work. We concede technology rocks, in the sort of way that we want to rock it all night long. We are kritiking the technological mindset, not technology. There is a large difference. The technological mindset is ordering things about and making things standing reserves. Technology is not that. We kritik technik not technology. We can't stress this enough.

Short Heidegger Explanation

Heidegger is concerned primarily with the way we humans position our "being" towards nature. In his essay "The Question Concerning Technology" Heidegger criticizes what he calls a "technological understanding of being". According to Heidegger the very calculative and quantitative logic that pervades Western thought is always constructing problems and forming solutions to those problems. What this means is that for every situation we come up with, or every circumstance we are given, we reduce the concepts involved to a state in which they can be mapped and quantified as per the process of logic and rationality that we have been taught to apply. Our individual social positions help in these constructions. For example, if some hot chick is jacking my dick, and I want her number but my phone is dead, I have a problem. My thought process to solve this problem may include reducing things to what could serve as a pen. I may use a marker, a piece of chalk, my own blood, or some other item to serve me in this situation. If I find a marker, my hand may become stationary. In this way I reduce items to their immediate value to me. If for some reason i cannot write the girl's number on my hand, I may write it on my tie in desperation. The point is, I stop seeing my hand as a sweet tool to hold pens or give my friends high-fives with, but as a possible solution to my problem. I see my tie, not as a dress accessory, but as a way to record the girl's number. The nature of my surroundings change based on the problem and things being revealing themselves not as they intrinsically are, but as potential solutions to my problems. In Heidegger's words, these things become "standing reserve" for how they could value me. The problem Heidegger sees with this is that some things have intrinsic value that shouldn't be lost. Ecology is a good example. An Alaskan native may see his or her surroundings as a part of life, a glorious state of nature, and as home to his or her family. That same area of land may reveal itself to an Exxon executive as a reserve of oil, thus fundamentally excluding the culture of the Alaskan, the lives of the polar bears that reside on the area, or the blissful, serene atmosphere that may be felt at night by a researcher in the area. Similarly, the girl whose number I got, may be reduced to a "standing reserve" of pussy with which I should get my dick wet, fundamentally excluding her humanity or any qualities she may possess outside of being able to satisfy me sexually.