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chinmaynewyork@ mail!com chinmayo"i#ha@hotmail!com

$%& '%$($ %)*(+($,-%,.Result oriented computer-professional with more than 4 years of IT experience and more than 3.6 years of SAP ASIS experience.

3! years of experience as an SAP ASIS Administrator. "xtensi#e experience of SAP R$3 % "&& ASIS Administration includin' SAP System Installation and (aintenance. "xtensi#e experience of analy)in' and sol#in' day-to-day Production issues. *ood at handlin' +racle data,ase. "xpertise in -indows +S. *ood client facin' s.ills. *ood communication and interpersonal s.ills.

$kill $et 1 En2ironment

"RP / SAP "&& 6.01 2etwea#er 3.04 R5 (S / +racle 40' 6 8an'ua'es / &1 &!! +$S/ -indows Ser#er 7003

&-./E$$(.+%0 E3&E-(E+CE

.r ani4ation SPS *roup of &ompany STA2&" S+;T-AR" PRI<AT" 8I(IT"5. *amut Info-systems 8td.

0ocation 9ol.ata

/rom :uly1 7040

,o Present



;e,1 700= April1 700?



;e,1 700=


$&$ 5ro67 o8 Com7any

since July, 2010

A,out the company/ - SPS *roup is one of the leadin' manufacturers of a full ran'e of iron and steel products in India. The &ompany1 with its resilience % resol#e throu'h the last decade1 has entrenched itself as a stron' and relia,le player in the Indian iron and steel mar.et. "8"*A2T@1 the ,rand name used ,y the company to promote its AST ,ars % structural1 has come to ,e reco'ni)ed amon' en'ineers and architects as a sym,ol of relia,ility1 international Buality1 and #alue for money. The IS+ =004/ 7004 &ompany is re'arded one of the most successful in its sector1 with a 'roup turno#er of nearly I2R 4000 crore. -ith multiple manufacturin' units in 5ur'apur C-est en'alD and ilaspur CEimachal PradeshD1 the *roup is all set to meet the demands and exceed the expectations of its clients in the years ahead.

&ro9ect : *;
&lient "n#ironment +S 5ata,ase / (/ "&& 6.01 2etwea#er 3.04 / -indows Ser#er 7003 / +racle 40' 6

$677ort acti2itie# in $%&:

5aily (onitorin'. &lient Administration. ac.'round Fo,s (onitorin' and Schedulin'. (aintenance and confi'uration of R;&. (aintenance of profile parameters. A AP run time error analysis. System lo' analysis. +ld loc. analysis. (aintenance of authori)ation profiles. Trou,leshootin' of day-to-day issues. SAP System Installation. Transport (ana'ement System 6 T(S. Support Pac. $ SPS >pdate in A AP Stac.. 9ernel >p'rades. System Refreshes. Eealth &hec.s - Performance monitorin'. Ta,le space administration. ac.up % Restore. Installation of 8an'ua'e pac.s1 Add-ons. Spool Administration. 5ata,ase (onitorin'. Role % Tcode (aintain CSecurityD.

$,%+CE $./,;%-E &-(<%,E 0(*(,E)!

February 2009- July 2010

+,Fecti#e/ - To position Stance Software P#t. 8td. as the *lo,al (ar.et 8eader in definin' a solution or implementin' a ,usiness application for e#ery domain1 in de#elopin' % deli#erin' strate'ic IT products1 &onsultancy Ser#ices % Trainin' and the most ad#anced inno#ation and technolo'y1 throu'h careful thou'ht process and leadership ideas1 which 'oes ,ehind the customerGs needs and wants1 analy)in' and understandin' the reBuirements of the ,usiness process and finally ,rin'in' down the ,est of solutions throu'h continuous research and de#elopment1 which ena,les the ,usiness to mo#e forward and meet its +,Fecti#e .

&ro9ect : 0(+C
8inc ,elie#es that writin' instruments form an inte'ral part of education. And1 ,ein' responsi,le corporate citi)ens1 we ma.e hum,le contri,ution to the society where literacy seems to ,e a maFor issue. 8inc Pen has recei#ed the "mer'in' India Awards for ,est S("s CSmall and (edium "nterprisesD in ;(&* cate'ory1 or'ani)ed ,y &2 & T<4? CHth (ay 700HD. &lient / 8I2& "n#ironment / "&& 6.01 2etwa#er 3.04 +S / I ( - AII H.3 5ata,ase / +racle 40' - Team Si)e$Role / 47$SAP ASIS Administrator

$677ort acti2itie# in $%&:

System restarts. Trou,leshootin' SAP startup pro,lems. Performin' local$remote client copies for re'ular refresh. Re'ular System$ atch :o, Administration and (onitorin'. SAP Support pac.a'e installation. (aintainin' profile parameters % license installation. Performance tunin' for A AP systems. Performin' #arious SAP (ar.et place acti#ities li.e software downloads1 connection maintenance1 co ordination with SAP with #arious SAP C+SSD messa'es.

5am6t (n8o:#y#tem# 0t"= >olkata

April 2008 February 2009

A,out the company/ - *amut is one of the premier solution pro#iders of India. The companyGs ,usiness interests #ary into a wide 'amut of acti#ities ran'in' from "RP Solutions1 "m,edded Software Solutions1 -ired and -ireless Protocols1 Simulation Software1 Ei-end *raphics1 -e, 5e#elopment1 Shrin.-wrapped pac.a'es to e-,usiness consultin'. Amon' its re'ular ser#ices1 the company also pro#ides Supply &hain (ana'ement1 &ustomer Relation (ana'ement for #ertical industry sectors li.e financial ser#ices1 insurance1 retail1 telecommunications and fast mo#in' consumer 'oods C;(&*D.
E-& (m7lementation 1 $677ort

Installation of -indows Ser#er. Installation of +racle Ser#er % &lient. Installation of "RP Ser#er C(asterD % &lient Setup. "RP Support Pac. >pdate. (aterial (ana'ement C((D. &onsumption % Production. Sales % 5istri,ution CS5D.

E)?C%,(.+%0 C-E)E+,(%0$

MCAMASTER F C M!"TER A!!#$CAT$ % 2011 &!ursuin'- 2n( )ear *+in' +n, PunFa, Technical >ni#ersity A(-ance .ipl+/a in C+/pu0er Applica0i+n. The Institute of &omputer "n'ineerin' India with 44J 1AC2#E R F ARTS CERT$F$CAT$ % 20083 >t.al >ni#ersity1 +rissa with 46J 2$*2ER SEC %.AR) CERT$F$CAT$ % 2004 Re'ional &olle'e Ram,a'1 +rissa oard with 44J SEC %.AR) CERT$F$CAT$ % 2005 Swami <i#e.ananda Ei'h School1 +rissa oard with 60.4J

,echnical Com7etencie#

!ac6a'es %e07+r6in' Sys0e/ S6ills pera0in' Sys0e/ &$ns0alla0i+n8 C+n9i'ura0i+n, C+/pu0er 2ar(7are

(S-ord1 (S "xcel1 (S PowerPoint ad (S Access -indows 7000 Ser#er1 -indows 7003 Ser#er1 Ser#er Installation1 &onfi'uration1 2etwor.in' % Administration (S5+S -indows =H1 =?1 IP1 <ista1 -indows 7000 Professional1 -indows 31 -indows 7003 Ser#er1 8inux RE8 H 1 EP->I- 44.3 Assem,lin' and 5isassem,lin' of P& &onfi'uration of #arious P& Eardware1 Peripherals1 Installin' and &onfi'urin' of +S. Application Software Installation and &onfi'uration.

C6rrent %""re##: :

33 1 Pur,o Penchano *ram <IA- <ipna'ar 3rd ;loor 9ol.ata 6 300400 2ear Sciencity
&ermanent %""re##: :

AT- 9uturia1 P+- :ayantara1<IA- 5asarathapur 5IST- :aFpur1 STAT"-+5ISEA PI2- 3HH006 5ate of irth/ (arch 4Hth1 4=?? 8an'ua'es 9nown/ "n'lish1 Eindi1 +riya and en'ali. References/ A#aila,le on ReBuest