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________________________________________ Following the charging of 4 suspects connected to the nakumatt west gate terror attacks: the matter came up for further hearing this week. State Counsel from ODPP lead a total of nine prosecution witnesses who gave their accounts of the incident. Amongst the witnesses were victims and law enforcement officers. The following is a HIGHLIGHT of the accounts given by the prosecution witnesses. One of the first witnesses to testify was a police officer from the anti-terrorism police unit who gave evidence linking the attackers to some phone numbers revealed from sim-card holders recovered from the scene of the crime. The second witness was a casual worker at a childrens cooking competition event that was taking place during the attack. He gave his account on how one of the attackers hurled something at him suspected to be a grenade which upon explosion led to the stuttering of his left leg and loss of toes on the same. The explosion also led to injury on his arm and shoulder. The casual worker also gave his account on the hurling of a second suspected grenade which lead to the explosion of gas cylinders and on how a man of Asian descent was shot dead after he confronted the attacker hurling the explosives. The third witness was a driver from a vegetable supplier. The driver gave his account on how he narrowly escaped death after leaning on the steering wheel of the vehicle he drove. This he did after hearing gun shots. The attackers fired shots that hit the headrest of his car sit. The sixth witness was a worker for a company that offers entertainment services. This company was contracted to offer its services at the childrens cooking competition that was taking place at the mall on the day of the attack. He gave his account on how two of the attackers randomly shot at the people standing and hurled a suspected grenade at a tent that was put up for the childrens cooking

competition event. He also gave his account on how he was shot-at severally which lead to injuries on the left part of his chest, hips and a fracture on his lower right leg. They were also two individuals from an insurance agency based in the Nairobi Eastleigh area. The agency had insured one of the vehicles used by the attackers. They testified as to the identity of the policy holder and how the cover was only for a months time. The last witness for the week was a police officer from the antiterrorism police unit who gave his account on how he went round the hospitals taking the account from various victims about the terror attacks. He also gave his account on how he took the records of those injured and those who succumbed to the injuries. The trial proceeds on 10th, 22nd and 23rd of April 2014. 7th March 2014.