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r. Shankar, EX Direct Marketing Manager. CASE FACTS : Introduced newly into the Indian Market A fully automated dishwasher called as Maharani Blueline Unveiled 3 years ago by Maharani International Ltd Suitable to Indian Conditions Ability to tackle hard water roblems Si! washing rogrammes " minutes cold re#wash to an hour warm wash Starting rice at $s %%%%&# Advertising targets U er Income 'rou ( Sales )romotion used to im rove short term sales Achieved maturity stage in its life cycle and thereby goes to declining stage *egative feedback from customers(

SWOT ANALYSIS :STRENGTHS : Successful entered into the Indian market for the first time( +ackle hard water roblems WEAKNESS : Lack of Strategic lanning as they were not able to target the markets and the outcome was negative feedback from customers Machine ca acity was low and couldn,t meet the customer needs( )rice was subse-uently increased from $s %%%%&# to $s .....&# and res onse from customers was low( OPPORTUNITIES: U gradation of technology as well as the ca acity of the dishwasher( /!tension of its brand to maintain its brand image(

*o com etitors THREATS : Scarcity of water resources 0igh riced raw material Being out of the market due to less sales and customer feedback( HOOK QUESTIONS ? 1hat ha ens to the roduct after entering into the new market 2

Can the roduct hold its osition in the long run in the market 2 1hat to be done in order to increase the sales of the com any 2 MAJOR ISSUES : +he roduct should be tested whether it can co e u with the Indian Conditions( U gradation of technology in the roduct( Sales )romotions( ANALYSE ISSUES : Analysin !"# Ma$%#! an& '(s!)*#$ $#+(i$#*#n!s )ros3 Understanding the demand and the needs of customer and market( Cons: +ime can become a hindrance for survey of the roduct( P$)&('! &#,#l)-*#n!al a'!i,i!i#s .y R/0 Pros: Increase in sale of roduct by roviding efficient customer satisfaction( Cons: Involving huge cost in the develo ment of roduct(

0is')(n!s an& -)$!1)li) 'an .# a&&#& (Pros: Increase the sales as e! ected with marginal rofit Cons: 4nly other line roduct can be sold com ared to roduct already has declined in s ite of discount(

SUGGESTION POINTS :As mentioned above by the u gradation of new technology the roduct can hold its osition in the market( And as well as by $56 it can also hel in increase in sales efficiently in the market(

REASONS: +he roduct has reached the declining stage( +he customer had lost interest on the roduct and the reason to buy7 so instead of making the sales romotion or ortfolio( Also consider develo ing the roduct as there is no dishwasher market in India7 which can be develo ed by right roduct(


NPD Distribution Channel Pricing Segmentation Advertisement Extended Product line PLC Sales Promotion


CONNECTIVITY :CONTEXT : *ew )roduct 6evelo ment Introduction of the roduct 8ancy ricing $s %%%%&# $s.....&# Use of marketing techni-ues( U er class 0ousewives 8ive stages of )LC 3 Introduction7 'rowth7 Maturity7 Saturation and 6ecline( Im rove sales romotions Introduction of the roduct newly into the market Methods to follow the distribution flow to end users 8ancy & attractive numbers would affect the sychological behavior of the customer Advertisements targeted only to 0igher Income grou s only( After attaining maturity stage roduct goes down to the decline stage( All roducts goes through the " stages in its whole life cycle( 6ecline in sales can be im roved by sales romos(


.9 )hili :otler7 'ary Armstrong7 )rafulla ;(Agnihotri 5 /hsan ulha-ue <=>.>9 )rinci les 4f Marketing( .3th ed( India3 )earson(

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