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What Did Prophet Mohammad Peace be on Him Said?

The Other Side of story A selection from the book


Vol. II !aith Matters"

I#D$% Vol. &II !aith Matters" S. Enjoining Equit T. )"ith ,. )"ith .. Seek Kno/le#ge 4. 5le"nliness 6. 7r" ers 8. 9ight 7r" ers :. )ri#" 7r" ers !H"#ith $ %&%-%&'( !H"#ith $ %&*-%+&( !H"#ith $ %++-%-%( !H"#ith $ %-0 1 %23( !H"#ith $ %2%-%'3( !H"#ith $ %'% -%'+( !H"#ith $ %'--%'*( !H"#ith $ %*3-%*+(


. "! # .$%& %& # $

In the name of Allah; Most Merciful and Most Gracious. I bear witness that there is no deity worth worshipping except Allah and I bear witness that Mohammad, peace be on him, is a messenger of Allah. After that. Internet is a scary place, and its discussion based groups are scarier, especially if you are Muslim and trying to say some thing good about Islam or trying to present its actual teachings. It is true that every one has right to believe whatever he or she thinks fit and every one has freedom to express his views, but there is always a limit and proper way to discuss matters in which you differ. eople who are !on Muslims have right to critici"e Islam and #uestion the authority of its prophet and critici"e or #uestion things they do not agree with. $ut it should be done, in a civil manner and then people should be honest and present the fair picture of Islam and rophet, based on his teachings. %uring me presence of the many threads of &' I(, I noticed that very few people try to be ob)ective and honest in their posts. &hey lack even the basic knowledge about Islam and *uran and their knowledge is based on whatever they pick up from Anti Islamic sites. +hat intrigued me most was that *uran is a fairly large book and our prophet,s life covers almost every sphere of life, but what these people are interested is only fighting and sexual life of our prophet. -ven there, it would be hardly anything wrong, if people analy"e it ob)ectively. $ut to keep balance at least they should also consider prophet,s teachings and instructions about other matters of life. I wanted to post sayings and teachings of our prophet on other spheres of life. .ayings and actions of rophet are technically known as /adith, and there is a vast literature of this in Islam. I have selected the well known book MI./0A& A1 MA.A$I/ 2i.e. A !iche for lamps3, written by Mohammad bin 0/A&I$ Al &A$4I5I, 2died in year 678 A/, 897: ;-3. &A$4I5I ,s work was based on an earlier book written by A11AMA $AG/+I, another Islamic scholar. I would like to mention that MI./0A& is not a <'riginal $ook= on /adith, i.e. in which the scholar narrates any saying of prophet by his own chain of narrators. &hat was the normal position of any book of /adith upto the fourth ;entury A/, when the basic literature was put on paper.

$ut after that time, Islamic .cholars started compiling and indexing and making them into treaties. MI./0A& was such a book in which the 1earned Islamic .cholar selected hadith s from the original books and catalogued them into different heads. ;hain of narrators, which was inseparable part of any /adith was omitted and only the book, name was mentioned, as by that times the authenticity of these books and /adith they contained was well established. 'riginal book of MI./0A& contains more than >,>:: sayings of prophet, $?/, and some selection was re#uired to make it simple for common person. @ortunately I found one such selection titled as <I!&I0/A$ A1 MI./0A& 2I5A1A& A1 +A.A! $I A1@ MI! A1 .?!A!3, done by rofessor Mohammad -I..A of Allahabad, India. &he learned rofessor was not only an Islamic .cholar in traditional sense, but he was also expert in Islamic mysticism. /e was one of the %isciples and 0/A1I@A of MA?1A!A A./4A@ A1I &/A!AI, the well known Islamic .cholar of India of 8BCD:th ;entury ;-. &he original book had more than 8::: of sayings of prophet, covering many spheres of life, out of that I have selected around 7>: for this purpose. &he original work was in Arabic and ?rdu and I have translated it into my broken -nglish. If there are mistakes in translation, or if there is something confusing or something is not clear, it is because of me, because neither the original book nor the selection by our 1earned rofessor had these mistakes. &here were many explanatory notes also in the book, which I did not copy mostly. &his work is primarily intended for !on Muslims and to restore some sort of $alance on threads of &opix. I have divided books into four volumes, this is the second volume dealing with matters of faith and rituals. In the end I seek forgiveness of Allah, for my mistakes as errors, which were not done intentionally and hope /e accepts my little effort as a service in the cause of Islam and to propagate the teachings of our rophet, peace and mercy of Allah be on him. '.(. )*+,a* Eubail, .audi Arabia, March D:87. .F I have used the phrase '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords" at the end of most chapters/ to protect myself from attrib0tin1 any .ron1 .ords to the prophet. This is a standard practice by those in narratin1 Hadith.

T. S0b2ect3 !aith 454. Prophet P-)H said 'There are more than se6enty t.o branches of faith/ the top one is declaration that There is no one .orthy of .orship e7cept (llah and the least one is remo6in1 hindrances from the path/ 458. Prophet P-)H said 'Tr0e taste of faith shall be for one .ho lo6es (llah and His Messen1er abo6e e6ery thin1/ and one .ho lo6es persons only for the sa9e of (llah/ and .ho hates to re2ect faith as one hates bein1 thro.n into fire:

45;. Prophet P-)H said 'The thin1 .hich ca0ses more people to fall into hell fire is mis0se of their ton10es: 455. Prophet P-)H said 'If any one of yo0 does any 1ood deed/ (llah .ill re.ard it .ith tenfold to se6en h0ndred fold and if some one has done any e6il deed/ it .o0ld be co0nted as one e6il deed.

45<. Prophet P-)H said '-i11est of the bi1 sins are3 a. (ssociatin1 partners .ith (llah and dealin1 in Ma1ic. b. *illin1 so0ls .hich (llah has prohibited/ e7cept .ith d0e process of la.. c. Dealin1 in )s0ry. d. )s0rpin1 the property of Orphans. e. T0rn one=s bac9 from battle field. f. (cc0se innocent .omen of acts on #on chastity. 1. Mistreatin1 one= parents. h. >i6in1 false .itness and ma9in1 false oaths.

45?. Prophet P-)H said 'Si1ns of a Hypocrite are these three3 a. When he spea9s he tells lie. b. If he ma9es a promise/ he does not f0lfill it. c. If he is 1i6en a Tr0st/ he mis0ses it. d. (nd if he has disp0te .ith some one/ he 0ses fo0l and profane lan10a1e. 45@. Prophet P-)H said '$6ery ne. born is born on tr0e nat0re/ then their parents t0rn them into Ae.s or Bhristians or !ire Worshippers:

45C. Prophet P-)H said 'If any one starts any thin1 ne. in reli1ion/ .hich .as not a part of it/ then s0ch thin1s are re2ected s0mmarily: '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"

). S0b2ect3 On !aith Matters 45D. Prophet P-)H said 'The similit0de of yo0 and me is li9e some one .ho 9indled the fire and the flyin1 insects are tryin1 to enter into that fire and he is tryin1 to pre6ent them. Eo0 are tryin1 to enter hell fire and I am tryin1 to p0ll yo0 o0t by 1rabbin1 yo0r bac9s 4<F. Prophet P-)H said '#one of them can ha6e complete faith 0nless their desires are f0lly in line .ith .hat I ha6e bro01ht do.n: 4<4. Prophet P-)H said: If some one starts a 1ood trait/ he .ill 1et the re.ard for all those people .ho

.ill act on it and nothin1 shall be red0ced from the re.ards of those .ho act. '(nd .hosoe6er starts a bad practice/ then he .ill 1et the sin of all those .ho shall act on it and nothin1 shall be red0ced from their p0nishments: 4<8. Prophet P-)H said 'If (llah .ants to do 1ood to someone/ He 1i6es them insi1ht into reli1io0s matters:

4<;. Prophet P-)H said 'When someone dies/ record of his deeds is closed/ b0t there are three thin1s .hose re.ard is added to his deeds e6en after his death: '(nd these are/ if he has made some p0blic .or9s/ or ta01ht some one reli1ion or has left a son or da01hter .ho prey to (llah for him: 4<<. Prophet P-)H said '( person .ith 1ood 9no.led1e of Islam is hea6ier on Satan than one tho0sand of those .ho only .orship: '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"

V. S0b2ect3 On See9in1 *no.led1e 4<<. Prophet P-)H said 'To see9 9no.led1e is obli1atory on e6en M0slim male and female/ and to teach 9no.led1e to some one .ho is not its .orth is li9e thro.in1 yo0r pearls before a s.ine: 4<?. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one see9s 9no.led1e only to debate and ar10e .ith other people/ and only to sho. himself / (llah .ill enter s0ch a person into the hell fire.

4<@. Prophet P-)H said 'Disco0rses are 1i6en by three people/ the head of comm0nity and to one .hom he appoints and by some one .ho .ants to sho. off: 4<C. Prophet P-)H said 'One ho0r spent in learnin1 is better than .hole ni1ht spent in prayers: 4<D. Prophet P-)H said 'There are t.o 1reedy people .ho ne6er 1et satisfied/ one .ho has thirst of 9no.led1e and the other .ho see9s the .ealth of this .orld. (nd they are same in the eyes of (llah/ the one .ho see9s 9no.led1e is lo6ed by (llah more and more and the other increases the an1er of (llah:

4?F. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one ma9es hereafter his only aim/ (llah .ill ta9e care of his s0stenance/ and one .ho spends all his efforts for this .orld/ (llah does not care in .hich 6alley he is lost: 4?4. Prophet P-)H said 'The .orst in the si1ht of (llah in the hereafter .o0ld be one .hose 9no.led1e earn him no profit: '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"

W. S0b2ect3 On Bleanliness T(H(G(" and W)D) $tc. 4?8. Prophet P-)H said 'Bleanliness is e6en 0pto half the faith: 4?;. Prophet P-)H said 'Shall I not tell yo0 thin1s by .hich (llah shall for1i6e yo0r sins and raise yo0r 1rades: The companions said 'Ees O messen1er of (llah:. The prophet P-)H said 'To perform W)D) in diffic0lt climate/ to .al9 0pto mosH0es for re10lar prayers and to .ait for ne7t prayer after performin1 one:

4?5. Prophet P-)H said 'My follo.ers shall ha6e shinin1 to the le6el .ater to0ched their parts d0rin1 W)D). So let one 1et as far as shinin1 as one can: 4?<. Prophet P-)H said '#o one preser6es his W)D) e7cept a Tr0e -elie6er: 4??. Prophet P-)H said 'When yo0 1o for call of nat0re/ then yo0 sho0ld not face the direction of *aaba/ nor yo0r bac9 sho0ld be in that direction. 4?@. Prophet P-)H said 'Do not e7ecrate on .al9.ays and shades/ beca0se s0ch people are c0rsed:

4?C. Prophet P-)H said ')sin1 MISW(* tooth stic9" cleans teeth and earns the >race of (llah: 4?D. Prophet P-)H said '(llah li9es modesty/ if anyone of yo0 ta9es bath/ he sho0ld shade himself:

4@F. Prophet P-)H said '!i6e daily prayers/ one !riday till ne7t/ !rom One Gamadan to ne7t/ they pro6ide for1i6eness of one=s sins if he stays a.ay from ma2or sins.: Prophet P-)H said 'If some one of yo0 has a ri6er flo.in1 at his doorstep and he ta9es bath in it fi6e times e6ery day/ .ill there be left any dirt on his body? The companions said '#o:. The Prophet P-)H said 'The same is the case .ith fi6e daily prayers. (llah for1i6es sins beca0se of them: '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"

%. S0b2ect3 On Prayers and their re10larity 4@4. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one misses (fternoon prayers/ it is as if he lost his .ealth and family: 4@8. Prophet P-)H said 'Sleep is not called missin1 one= prayers/ missin1 is one .hen one is a.a9e. So if yo0 .a9e 0p/ offer the prayer .hen yo0 .a9e 0p or remember/ beca0se (llah said 'Offer prayer for my remembrance:

4@;. Prophet P-)H said 'There are three thin1s in .hich delay is not ad6ised/ Prayers .hen its times comes/ b0rial ser6ices and marria1e for .ido.s .hen a s0itable proposal is a6ailable: 4@5. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one prays ni1ht prayer .ith con1re1ation/ it is as if he prayed first half of ni1ht and .ho also offered mornin1 prayer .ith con1re1ation it is as if he prayed the .hole ni1ht

4@<. Prophet P-)H said 'Bome to prayer .ith 1race and not r0nnin1. Whiche6er portion yo0 1et .ith con1re1ation do it and .hate6er is left o6er complete it after.ards. 4@?. Prophet P-)H said 'Whosoe6er b0ilds a mosH0e for the sa9e of (llah/ (llah shall ma9e a castle for him in Paradise: 4@@. Prophet P-)H said '!i7 some portions of yo0r prayers for yo0r ho0ses also and do not ma9e them li9e 1ra6es.:

4@C. Prophet P-)H said '#ations before yo0 too9 the 1ra6es of their prophets as places of .orship/ yo0 sho0ld not do the same: 4@D. Prophet P-)H said 'Those .ho 1o to mosH0es d0rin1 the dar9ness of ni1ht/ .ill be 1i6en eno01h li1ht on the last day: 4CF. Prophet P-)H said 'The .orst thief is one .ho steals from the prayers. Bompanions as9ed 'Ho. can one steal from Prayers:? Prophet P-)H said 'To not complete bendin1 and prostration is theft from prayers:

4C4. Prophet P-)H said 'One .ho leads the prayers sho0ld be caref0l abo0t people behind him/ beca0se there are .omen and boys and those .ho ha6e pendin1 .or9s: 4C8. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one is h0n1ry and food is ready and the time of con1re1ational prayer comes/ he sho0ld first eat before 1oin1 for prayers: 4C;. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one prays for forty consec0ti6e days not missin1 the Startin1/ he .ill be 1i6en t.o certificates/ one is freedom from hypocricy and freedom from hell fire:

4C5. M)>H(IG( -I# SHO)-( Bompanion of prophet narrated that 'Prophet P-)H stayed so lon1 d0rin1 ni1ht prayers that his feet .o0ld s.allo.. Bompanions said 'Why yo0 ma9e so m0ch efforts .hen (llah has for1i6en all yo0r shortcomin1s?: Prophet P-)H said 'Shall then I not be a than9f0l ser6ant:? '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"

E. S0b2ect3 T(H(AA)D"




4C<. Prophet P-)H said 'The best ni1ht prayer in the si1ht of (llah is that oh prophet Da6id P-)H/ .ho 0sed to sleep first half of ni1ht and stand in prayer for the other half: I(nd the best fast in the si1ht of (llah is the fastin1 of prophet Da6id P-)H/ .ho 0sed to fast one day and do not fast the ne7t day:

4C?. Prophet P-)H said 'Eo0 sho0ld ma9e it a habit to pray in the ni1ht/ beca0se it .as a habit of ri1hteo0s people before yo0 and shall brin1 yo0 closer to yo0r ,ord and shall res0lt in for1i6eness of yo0r sins: 4C@. Prophet P-)H said 'The closes one 1ets to (llah is one .ho prays late in the ni1ht/ so if be possible for yo0/ yo0 sho0ld pray d0rin1 that time: 4CC. Prophet P-)H said '(fter con1re1ational prayers/ best are late ni1ht prayers:

4CD. Prophet P-)H said '-est amon1st my follo.ers are .ho act on +0ran and those .ho offer late ni1ht prayers: '() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"

J. S0b2ect3 On !riday Prayers 4DF. Prophet P-)H said '!riday is the leader of all days of .ee9 in si1ht of (llah: 4D4. Prophet P-)H said 'Eo0 sho0ld send sal0tations on me more of !ridays/ beca0se yo0r sal0tations are presented to me: Bompanions as9ed 'Ho. o0r sal0tations shall be presented to yo0 after yo0r death?. Prophet P-)H said '(llah has prohibited on earth to eat the bodies of prophets of >od:

4D8. Prophet P-)H said 'One .ho misses !riday prayers .itho0t any 6alid reason/ his name is recorded as hypocrite in a boo9 that cannot be erased or chan1ed. 4D;. Prophet P-)H said 'If some one ta9es bath on !riday and cleans himself and 0ses sent on his body and 1oes for prayers and does not dist0rb people already sittin1/ and offers prayers and listens silently to sermon/ his sins bet.een last !riday to this !riday are for1i6en: 4D5. Prophet P-)H said ' Shortenin1 of sermon and increasin1 the len1th of prayer is a si1n of proper 0nderstandin1 of Islam:

4D<. Prophet P-)H said 'People .ho attend !riday prayers are of three 9ind: 'One .ho is en1a1ed in 6ain tal9s and deeds/ he does not 1et any re.ard from his prayers: 'One .ho is b0sy in prayin1 to (llah d0rin1 sermon time/ it is for (llah to accept his prayers or re2ect it: 'One is .ho does not dist0rb others and listens to sermon and performs prayer/ for s0ch one there is for1i6eness of sins from one !riday to ne7t and e6en more/ beca0se (llah says '!or 1ood deeds re.ard is ten fold:

'() *(M( +((, (,(IHI (, S(,(T W( S(,((M Prophet P-)H said these or similar .ords"