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Direct and Indirect Way of Communication

Goldie Salamah Intifada


Introduction to direct and indirect communication The advantages and disadvantages Analysis and personal opinion about direct and indirect speech in business communication

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Goldie Salamah Intifada / IGTC MM-SC 2

1. Introduction to direct and indirect communication

A direct style of communication is which the meaning of what is said is found primarily in the words spoken In an indirect style of communication! the meaning is more often deri"ed from factors other than what is said! such as the sender#s status relati"e to the recei"er! the conte$t of the situation! and %ody language In my opinion! direct communication is like & reading the headlines& and indirect communication is like &reading between the lines & 'ere is the direct comparison %etween direct and indirect communication style

Direct Communication
(eople say what they mean and mean what they say) words are the primary means of con"ersation *on"er%al cues are not the key to understanding The truth is more important than sparing someone+s feelings ,ace less important The task is separated from the person) the goal is accomplishing the task

Indirect Communication
(eople imply/suggest what they mean) the spoken word is not the primary means *on"er%al cues and the conte$t are the key what is not said may %e the message The truth! if it hurts! should %e tempered ,ace is key The task and the person can+t %e separated) the goal is -more. to %uild relationship

/irect communication can %e found in America and 0urope! American and 0uropean people are mostly use direct communication in their daily communication Indirect communication mostly found in Asia countries Asian people are more comforta%le using this style of communication The characteristic %etween 0uropean and Asian communication is really different There are some factors that influence the differences in way of communicating These factors can %e from (olitics! Ideology 1eligion 'istory

Goldie Salamah Intifada / IGTC MM-SC 2

Culture Social %ackground! age! gender! education Technology! geographical issues! etc These are some e$amples how different 0uropean and Asian do their communication
European Communication
So called single society Indi"idualistic thinking! egocentrism /efinition o"er achie"ement 'ori2ontal hierarchy

Asian Communication
Collecti"e thinking Group -people. orientation /efinition through society 3ertical hierarchy

3. The advantages and disadvantages

The ad"antages and disad"antages of these two ways of communication are depending on the communicator+s point of "iew The differences %etween direct and indirect style can lead misunderstanding %etween two parties That+s why we need to understand what does our opposite think a%out our communication style

Goldie Salamah Intifada / IGTC MM-SC 2

Indi"iduals who "alue indirect communication may percei"e the actions of those who "alue direct communication as rude! demanding and/or a challenge to their authority! while "iewing their own style as polite! face-sa"ing and considerate %eha"ior 5n the other hand! indi"iduals who "alue direct communication may percei"e the %eha"ior of those who "alue indirect communication as wishy-washy -indecisi"e.! not to-the-point! suspicious! and/or superficial! while "iewing their own direct style as honest and to the point ,rom the e$planation a%o"e! we can make the ad"antages disad"antages list a%out direct and indirect communication and

Direct Communication
Advantages Disadvantages

Goldie Salamah Intifada / IGTC MM-SC 2

Clear information 0ffecti"e 0fficient ,ast feed%ack

Can %e considered to %e rude Can cause %ad feeling

Indirect Communication
Advantages Disadvantages

More polite Create good atmosphere

Can create misunderstanding *ot to-the-point

(eople -using the same indirect Takes longer time style. feel more comforta%le

4. Analysis and ersonal o inion a!out direct and indirect s eech in !usiness communication
A person who tends to communicate in a direct style will freely share his or her opinion -positi"e or negati"e. toward something! like point out a mistake made %y others! gi"e orders! gi"e comments towards something they don+t like! or ask another for help (eople who tend to communicate in an indirect style would not generally do these things! at least not in a way that a person who is used to a direct communication style could understand They may gi"e little or no information as a way of e$pressing a negati"e opinion Asking for help or pointing out an error may %e communicated %y story a%out a friend in a similar situation! or communicated "ia an intermediary In %usiness! direct and indirect communication has different style of completing the task 'ere are the differences %etween direct and indirect communication related to %usiness accomplishment

Goldie Salamah Intifada / IGTC MM-SC 2

Direct ,ollowing priority 8usiness person Focus on the essence of a subject Discussion to find best solution (to argue is an art) Objective

Indirect 9npleasant in the end (erson %usiness :o"e details Aim to search an agreement that e"ery%ody happy with Su%;ecti"e

In my opinion! direct communication is more suita%le for %usiness acti"ity 8y using direct communication! we can sa"e more time! we can find %etter solution! and the chance of ha"ing misunderstanding is more minimum This style of communication is "ery suita%le on %usiness meeting! making agreement! gi"ing instruction! or may %e gi"ing punishment Indirect communication also possi%le to %e used! %ut it will %e less efficient 5ne thing we should remem%er! we cannot use whether direct or indirect in any situation! we M9ST consider whom we talking to (ro%lems may occur when we are not a%le to deli"er a suita%le way of communication 'ow to o"ercome this< =e should prepare our self as well as possi%le! we can do it %y> (ractice =illing to learn 8e open-minded 8eing tolerance Speak and/or write clearly! etc The key to ha"e a good communication is %y ha"ing good attitude! keep gi"ing respect to your counterparts! and inform yourself %efore you meet them

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Goldie Salamah Intifada / IGTC MM-SC 2