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A Book in Every Home

An interpretation based on the properties and characteristics of electromagnetic coils.

A Book in Every Home

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Edward Leedskalnins Quarry Device

- Quarry device components and Quarry device dimensions-

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Greetings, my name is Edward Leedskalnin. I built Coral Castle in Homestead Florida. You may be wondering what this device is standing next to me?

There are presently two opinions that attempt to answer this question; one, my homemade device is a winch, or two, it is a surveying instrument. This interpreter believes otherwise. According to him, I allegedly used the device to cut, carve, weld, electroplate, and reduce the effects of gravity on limestone rock.

The interpreter will show many interesting facts about my device. At first, these facts may seem disconnected to the reader. As the interpretation progresses from topic to topic, the reader will see a clear picture emerge. He is confident the reader will synthesize the following material, and see the underlying intent of why and what I did at Coral Castle.

Coil 1

The interpreter believes the following information will reveal the hidden secrets to my Quarry device. If you look closely at the high lighted regions of the Quarry device, you will see three distinctive electromagnetic coils. Coil number one is the largest of all three coils. It is wound around a long iron shaft. The coil and its shaft are located at the top of the Y shaped tree branch you see in this picture. I carved the left branch about mid way down into the shape of an extended ellipse. Upon this ellipse, I wound coil number two. It has no iron core. It is unusual because a majority of electromagnetic coils have iron cores. Based on transformer theory, coupling two coils without iron is not optional. Henceforth, the interpreter believes my device is not a transformer. Instead it is used to collect, concentrate, and focus the magnetic force to a given location. Coil number three is wound around the lowest part of the tree branch. If you look below the large hole I drilled into the branch, you will see the third coil. This coil is also without an iron core. Its shape appears more rectangular than the other two coils. 5

Mother Coil

Coil names you will need to know them. The interpreter is convinced I personified them in the book I wrote titled, A Book in Every Home. The Mother and Sweet Sixteen names are used extensively in this book. I also mention myself when I describe the affectionate relationship I have for my Sweet Sixteen. The interpreter insists these names are my way of personifying the Quarry device coils. To him these names are not names of persons, but names of electromagnetic coils. Coil number one, at the top, is called the Mother coil. The second coil on the left of the Quarry device is my Sweet Sixteen coil. The lowest of the three coils is the Ed coil. Note: Form this point forward, the reader must assume the interpreter will present his interpretation as if he was speaking through Ed. In later sections, quotes will be used when the material is not a personal interpretation of the interpreter. 6

My Sweet Sixteen Coil

Ed Coil


Expanded Views of the Mother, Sweet Sixteen, and Ed Electromagnetic Coils

In spite of conflicting research data regarding my height, we are going to use my citizenship record for the following.
In my citizenship record, I am five feet seven inches tall. This documented height can be used as a means for creating a scale for approximate measurements. The scale, in turn, can be used for determining component dimensions of my Quarry device.

5 ft. 7in. (67 in.)

Scale Whole number intervals on ruler = 12.76 inches

Certificate of Naturalization

1.3 x 12.76 = 16.59 inches

Here are the approximate horizontal dimensions of each coil. The Mother coil is 16.59 inches. The Sweet Sixteen coil is 3.96 inches. The Ed coil is 7.66 inches.

Left end of the Mother Coil. The coil angles are important. There is a simple reason for their respective angular placements. These angles are an aspect of interacting magnetic forces. The collective magnetic field, produced by the Quarry device coils, is the determining factor for their relative angular positions. One of these angular positions of alignment is the projection of the center of Sweet Sixteens magnetic field. This field projection intersects the end of the mamma coils winding. This projection is portrayed in the picture as a red arrow. The arrow is drawn through the axis of the magnetic center of the Sweet Sixteen coil.

Center axis of the Sweet Sixteen Coil.


Here is the magnetic field projection of the Ed coil. The center of the Ed coils projection intersects near the center of the Mother coil, as shown by the red arrow.

The Ed coil 11

Make a perpendicular line on the opposite end of the Mother coil where Sweet Sixteens field projection intersects. Please note the center of the Ed coil projection is about 8 degrees from that perpendicular.

Note: In another section of this interpretation , the tilt of the Ed coil with respect to the Mother coil (described above) will be used to help identify the Ed coil sculpture at Coral Castle.


Sweet Sixteens center lies on the circumference of a circle.

The mamma coil is a radius of a circle whose circumference contains the center of Sweet Sixteens coil.


The center of Sweet Sixteen has a distance of approximately 1/16 of a sector of the sixteen sectors in a sixteen pointed star (22.5 degrees per sector). It appears to be slightly more than 22.5 degrees. This can be seen if you draw a perpendicular line from the left center end of the Mother coil, and draw another line from the same origin to the center of the Sweet Sixteen coil.

Sixteen pointed rim of the moon fountain


Draw a perpendicular line, beginning at the end of the Mother coil, and project this line to the center of the Ed coil. You will see the distance from the center of the Ed coil to the center of the Mother coil is 5.5 in. x 12.76 in. or 70.18 inches.

Scale Whole number intervals on ruler = 12.76 inches