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As the global leader in data extraction, we specialize in helping our customers access more of the critical, revenue-driving information that has a direct impact on their top and bottom lines. Access More

A2iA Corp. 24 West 40th Street, 3rd Floor New York, New York 10018 USA +1 (917) 237 0390 Media Contact: Wendi Klein


A2iA, Worldwide Leader in Intelligent Character Recognition, Data Extraction and Intelligent Document Classification .............................................................page 3 Awards & Recognitions ...................................................................................................................page 4 A2iAs Product Suite.........................................................................................................................page 5
A2iA DocumentReader, Intelligent Document Classification and Data Extraction Software A2iA FieldReader, Capturing Handwritten or Machine-Printed Data within Structured Documents and Forms A2iA CheckReader, Processing of Checks and Related Payment Documents A2iA Mobility, A New Way for Mobile Capture

An International Presence through a Worldwide Network of Partners .....................................page 13 A2iAs International Management Team .............................................................................................page 14 Fact Sheet .....................................................................................................................page 15

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Worldwide Leading Developer

A2iA, Worldwide Leader in Intelligent Character Recognition, Data Extraction and Intelligent Document Classification
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is the worldwide leading developer of handwritten and machine printed text recognition, information extraction and intelligent classification of paper documents. We are the experts on complex and unstructured data capture, and allow all types of information to become searchable and reportable. By speeding productivity and enhancing automation with reduced overhead, A2iA delivers a visible ROI. Our Paris, France office houses our research lab -- one of the worlds largest research centers focusing on ways to extract information from everyday paper documents. With a continued investment in R&D, as much as 25% of the companys annual revenue, A2iA is regularly developing new features and enhancements, and now offers four core recognition engines: A2iA DocumentReader, A2iA FieldReader, A2iA CheckReader, A2iA Mobility and A2iA AddressReader.

Founded on the Basis of Research, A2iA brings together more than 40 years of research and development by the late Professor Jean-Claude Simon, a pioneer in handwriting recognition. Professor Simon wanted to transform the results of his team's research into business applications and today, the award-winning A2iA toolkits are used by thousands worldwide, and are available in 24-country versions and 7-languages. A2iA continues to invest in its history of research and development by allocating 25% of its revenue towards technological research in the area of Automatic Document Processing. A2iA also operates the world's largest research center dedicated to handwriting recognition.










In contrast with traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technologies that can only process printed characters or block manuscript, the IWR (Intelligent Word Recognition) technology developed by A2iA reads freeform cursive handwriting by recognizing entire words and strings of words. Regardless of the type of document (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) or writing type (machine printed, cursive handwriting), the A2iA toolkits are able to read any type of writing, locate the information and releases it in digital format.

A2iAs reach: The extension of its field of application

Most will agree that there has been a continual explosion in the volume of information needing to be processed. But the majority of this information is stored in unstructured documents. By extracting more information from any digitized document regardless of its type, A2iAs technology offers companies the ability to gain access to the handwritten unstructured data previously out-of-reach. A2iAs technology turns paper documents into meaningful information that can be integrated into companies information systems.

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Awards & Recognitions

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The A2iA Product Suite

A2iA DocumentReader Complex Data Extraction and Advanced Document Classification

The Only Software Able to Process All-Types of Paper Documents and Workflows
A2iA DocumentReader is a data extraction and document classification toolkit. It is the only software able to process all -types of paper documents and incoming mail, regardless of their structure or contents. Its power is driven by IWR Intelligent Word Recognition and with the ability to extract whole words or keywords despite the way in which they are written machine print, handprint, and even cursive, this toolkit provides the value-add necessary to make your solution stand out.

Sample keyword spotting / data extraction for printed and cursive handwriting:

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A2iA DocumentReaderTM
A2iA DocumentReader
Intelligent Document Classification: A Holistic Approach Based on Layout AND Content

A2iA goes further than traditional recognition engines that are unable to recognize cursive handwriting and other classification engines that use only layout to route a document -- A2iA DocumentReader automates the entire workflow.

Fast and accurate indexing or classification is critical for business processes. Able to index documents by layout and content, similarly to the way a human would, A2iAs advanced technology automatically routes individual documents, or entire batches of records as one, with little to no manual intervention. A2iA DocumentReader can also realize that a group of documents together can have a different meaning than a single document on its own.

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A2iA DocumentReaderTM

A2iA DocumentReader

Complex Data Extraction: Columnar Data

A2iA DocumentReader can locate and extract rubber-banded information and allow an operator to perform a quick and interactive recognition on complex documents with minimal effort.

By locating and extracting data from a list based on defined columnheaders, as well as by performing Automated Assisted Keying, AAK, on the selected column or columns from documents, manual processes and data entry time and costs are reduced. Data can be in printed or handwritten format, and can be found in applications such as Explanation of Benefits (EOB) processing, Lockbox Banking and Invoice Processing, to name a few. A2iA DocumentKeyer, the tool within A2iA DocumentReader, allows for Automated Assisted Keying. Users simply click and highlight the information in the column they want captured and the tool reads and extracts the data. Simple calculations also allow for the data to be summed, for example, ensuring the invoice or document balances and reconciles correctly.

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A2iA FieldReaderTM

A2iA FieldReader Capturing Handwritten and Machine-Printed Data from Structured Documents and Forms
Innovative Software for Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) Although a wide range of software engines are available on the market for structured documents (forms, administrative documents, order forms etc.), their capabilities are often restricted to the simple recognition of constrained, typed or block fields although many forms contain freeform handwritten text. By combining OCR, ICR and IWR (Intelligent Word Recognition) technologies, all proprietary to A2iA, A2iA FieldReader reads all writing formats from the simplest (machine printed or block characters) to the most complex (freeform cursive handwriting). It automatically recognizes all fields, whether constrained or unconstrained: comb, box fields, alphabetic, digital, cursive fields, OMR, dates, numbers, etc. A2iA FieldReader is well adapted to processing forms, administrative documents, order forms, questionnaires and supplier invoices and is applicable to all business sectors (administrations, banks, insurance, health, transportation, distribution, office services, etc.). Character Recognition: From the Simplest to the Most Complex A2iA FieldReader can be seamlessly integrated into an ADR application and considerably extends their capabilities by reading all types of writing, including handwritten data. OCR/ICR: Recognition of Machine-Printed Information and Block Characters To read constrained fields, A2iA FieldReader depends on a combination of four different proprietary OCR/ICR engines, which provide a confidence score for each of the words read. The capability to link to a user-defined dictionary further improves recognition performance. A2iAs experience in the reading of cursive handwriting is an additional advantage in the segmentation of capital letters and character recognition. IWR: Intelligent Word Recognition Rather than recognizing individual characters like OCR and ICR, A2iA is the worldwide leading developer of Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR). Just as a human would, A2iAs IWR recognizes whole words instead of letters, allowing for a more accurate result from both machine printed and cursive handwriting.

A2iAFieldReader Features
Address Recognition A2iA FieldReader locates and recognizes address fields in structured documents. The software interfaces with the main postal directories on the market (USPS, Mediapost) in order to optimize the results for recognition of the postal codes, towns, street names and street number fields. Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) A2iA FieldReader identifies and indexes all types of structured documents in the same processing flow. A2iA FieldReader has its own recognition rules, which enable it to classify and then process each document associated with the fields to be recognized (date, address block, check box, etc.) whether they are machine printed, block or cursive handwritten fields.

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Customer Case Studies

Customers Case Studies: Solving Some of the Toughest Challenges in Content Management
French Military of Defense - Within the Ministry of the Defense, the Direction of the National Service (DSN) maintains and administers 29million files, which must be retained by the head office of military records (BCAAM) through the end of 2012. To respond to increasing requests, the DSN modernized its current Electronic Document Management (EDM) System. Designed by EURIWARE and incorporating A2iAs recognition technology, it is capable of automatically handling the thousands of letters received daily, requesting co pies of records. This system also helped to accelerate the digitization of documents maintained by the BCAAM. Department of Public Housing, City of Tours, France The city of Tours, France, utilizes A2iA DocumentReader to process information from their public housing files. Integrated by ACS, the application is licensed for more than 120,000 files per year, creating faster processing times and a solution to their backlog of paper documents. Coutot-Roehrig A2iA DocumentReader automatically indexed and extracted first and last name of individuals, as well as their family relationship, from over 350,000 tables from Frances census and civic records dating from pre -1908. It was the only software able to overcome the complexity of the project, which included handwritten documents, old-fashioned writing styles, mixed formats and poor quality. By alleviating manual processes, A2iA saved Coutot-Roehrig money, sped processing times, and ensured the accuracy of the data being recognized. If these manual processes were not able to be automated, the project was estimated to have required several dozen years of work and was extremely error-prone. Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History Specimens in the Yale University Herbarium Collection date back as far as 160 years, making it an important national historical collection. Yale required a solution that would make 350,000 specimen labels searchable by scientists and educators at a global level, without incurring vast amounts of manual labor to key the historical data. By com bining A2iAs advanced classification and recognition technologies to mimic a human speed-reader, A2iA DocumentReader quickly sorts unstructured documents and searches handwritten content, making it possible to mine data previously unavailable in electronic form for scientists, researchers and educators worldwide. World-Leading Telecom Operator -- This telecom provider is a customer of a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, who provides scanning and industrial document management solutions. The telecom providers incoming mail amounts to nearly 15,00 0 letters a day, or 11-million pages per year, of which over 60 percent is handwritten. Prior to implementing A2iA DocumentReader, incoming mail was processed manually. The new workflow automatically classifies 80 percent of the incoming mail and reduces manual data-entry by 80 percent. A2iA DocumentReader automatically extracts the cursive handwritten data (telephone numbers, first and last names, account numbers, etc.) and classifies the letters according to their business area (internet, mobile phone, etc.) and subject (change of address, complaint, etc.). Large International Service Provider A large service provider with offices in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, specializing in document management and incoming mail processing, utilizes A2iA DocumentReader to classify each piece of incoming mail and identify the customer and the appropriate transaction type. Utilizing A2iA DocumentReader to process more than 100-million pages annually, transactions are automatically distributed to 75-different business areas after the mail is opened and digitized. A2iA has successfully improved the distribution of mail and increased the workflow within this international service bureau. Socit Gnrale The corporate branch of Socit Gnrale, one of the largest commercial banks in Europe, included A2iA DocumentReader in its proprietary application, SIROCCO. This application digitizes and automates the processing of market-trade confirmations of the banks daily buy and sell transactions. A2iA DocumentReader locates and extracts the customers identifying information indicated on the confirmations, received in the form of faxes or telexes, totaling more than 1.2 million pages per year. Arvato Services, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann This business process outsourcing firm licensed A2iA DocumentReader to automatically process incoming correspondences received by SFR, the French mobile telephone provider. A2iA DocumentReader automates the document sorting contained in these mail items and extracts the customers mobile telephone number to reduce the lapse in response time.

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A2iA CheckreaderTM
A2iA CheckReader Processing of Checks and Related Payment Documents
A2iA CheckReader is a set of advanced image analysis and intelligent recognition engines that enables software applications to capture handwritten and machine printed information from all areas of checks, and capture handwritten or machine-printed amounts from money orders, deposit slips, remittance coupons and other related documents. Using its own proprietary, advanced neural network and artificial intelligence, A2iA CheckReader locates, cleans, de-slants and segments writing into words, numerals and characters. A2iA has developed several individual recognition engines (OCR, OMR, ICR and IWR - Intelligent Word Recognition) that are precision-engineered to work together to provide extremely high read-rates and unparalleled accuracy, while still leaving computer resources available for other applications and operations such as teller software and ATM functions. A2iA CheckReader not only provides recognition on all fields on a check, but also provides information about check image quality, usability and negotiability in one simple call, providing a comprehensive and efficient use of computer resources.

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A2iA CheckreaderTM

A2iA CheckReader Applications A2iA CheckReader is a proven solution for banking applications, including:
ATM (Automated Teller Machine Check Deposits) A2iA CheckReader can be integrated into applications that allow checks to be deposited directly into terminals, into recognition engine of cash-for-check-exchange terminals and check deposit terminals. Centralized and Decentralized Check Processing A2iA CheckReader automatically reads the courtesy and legal amounts on all bank payment forms: checks, deposit slips, bank details etc. and converts them into digital data. The software can also be used in centralized and decentralized locations (both in front-office and backoffice operations).

Remittance Processing A2iA CheckReader recognizes courtesy and legal amounts on checks provided with a deposit slip. The software uses the information provided on the documents to validate the courtesy and legal amounts of the check. Corporate / Merchant Banking (Check processing for large remitters) A2iA CheckReader enables large remitters to digitize and recognize their checks within the company. The digital data and images obtained are then sent to the bank, allowing remittance processing and check-clearing processes to be completed faster. Consistency Control and Fraud Detection A2iA CheckReader checks that the required fields have been completed: courtesy and legal amounts, date, payee name, and signature. It also verifies that the courtesy and legal amounts match and are the same amount. Money Laundering Detection A2iAs technology makes it possible to automate fraud detection and comply with essential conditions to fight money launderin g. For example, A2iA CheckReader checks that the required fields are completed, that the courtesy and legal amounts correspond, and if the payee has a poor credit record by checking it against various blacklists. Check Mining (Customer Relationship Management) Because it recognizes all the information fields on a check, including the address block, A2iA CheckReader is used by organizations to enrich their databases for applications such as data mining and CRM applications.

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A2iA MobilityTM
A2iA Mobility A New Way for Mobile Capture No Server Required. Everything Performed Locally.

A2iA Mobility delivers the latest capabilities to the mobile document and check-processing markets and allows for new, innovative mobile recognition solutions. With a Global footprint, all image quality analysis / image usability analysis and data extraction is performed directly on the phone or tablet. No server connection is required for recognition, uncovering new opportunities for users looking to capture information in remote locations. Patent-pending, A2iA Mobility allows for a more seamless and simpler user experience. Available for Android and iOS, A2iA takes your mobile document processing and mobile remote deposit capture (RDC) applications steps further.

Why A2iA Mobility?

A proven name around the world with more than 22 years of experience in the Global payment systems market, including North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Technology backed by an award-winning R&D team. Quicker, more seamless user experience no manual data-entry, with immediate data recognition results. Image analysis, clean-up and recognition performed on the device - no server connection required. Locate, extract and recognize key data points from checks, IDs, or other types of documents.

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An International Presence through a Worldwide Network of Partners

The A2iA toolkits are available to service bureaus and other software developers for integration into various applications worldwide. With a reseller channel of over 220 distributor partners throughout the world, A2iA has more than 15,000 customers in 24 countries.

Localized Adaptations
A2iAs recognition technology is trained to know the difference between the varying handwriting styles found throught the world. For example, A2iA can distinguish between an American 6 and a seemingly similar looking French 4.

British 7s
Additionally, A2iA CheckReader is adapted to the local check-styles found throughout the world, such as:

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An International Management Team

Jean-Louis Fages, CEO of A2iA S.A. and Chairman of the Board & CEO of A2iA Corp. Co-founder of A2iA S.A.
Jean-Louis Fages initiated A2iA's American subsidiary in 1999 and is actively involved in the company's international expansion. He received a diploma in engineering from the ESICI in Bordeaux and worked for 10 years as a business engineer at Unisys, in the banking finance sector. While at Unisys, he launched some of the very first ICR projects.

Olivier Baret, General Manager for A2iA S.A. and Senior Vice President R & D for A2iA Corp.
Olivier Baret received a degree in engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique and a Ph.D. from the University Paris 6 in Paris. In 1991 he co-founded A2iA S.A. where he currently oversees product design, research, development, maintenance of A2iA product lines and a R&D team of 23 individuals.

Nikolai Gorski, R&D Manager

After graduating from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in 1976, Nikolai Gorski received a Ph.D. in Engineering Cybernetics in 1981 from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. In 1989, he was awarded a Doctor of Science degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences. He joined A2iA in 1992.

Valeri Anissimov, R&D Manager

After graduating from the Leningrad State University in 1984, Valeri Anissimov received a Ph.D. from the Institute for Informatics and Automation at the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1993. From 1987 to 1993, he worked for this Institute in the field of Pattern Recognition, and joined A2iA in 1993.

Stphane Matringe, EMEA & Asia Pacific Product Director and Support & Maintenance Director
Stphane Matringe heads the Support & Maintenance team and is in charge of the development and integration of A2iA software. He received a French Master's in Project Management from HEC and SUPAERO (National Aerospace Engineering School) in Paris, and joined A2iA in 1997.

Yuriy Okrugin, Americas, Pre-Sales, Support and Maintenance Director

Yuriy Okrugin heads the Pre-Sales, Support and Maintenance Department for North and Latin Americas. Prior to joining A2iA in 2000, Yuriy held senior software engineering and technical director roles in Saint Petersburg, Russia, as well as a scientific/research position at The Institute for Informatics and Automation at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Yuriy holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) State University.

Venceslas Cartier, Marketing & Business Development Director, EMEA & India
Venceslas Cartier defines business development, manages partner relations network and monitors operations within EMEA and India. Venceslas graduated in 1999 from the Graduate School of Business in Bordeaux where he specialized in Marketing and Communications. He joined A2iA in January 2000 to set up and manage the Marketing Department.

Wendi Klein, Marketing & Business Development Director, North America

Wendi Klein heads the North American Marketing & Communications Department for A2iA Corp, and leads efforts in North America around A2iA Mobility. She earned a Bachelors degree in Interactive Communication with a concentration in Marketing from The Ohio State U niversity, and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management from New York University. Wendi joined A2iA in 2007 after serving in various marketing roles within the document imaging and financial services industries, and currently holds CDIA+ and ECMp industry certifications. Ati Azemoun, Sales Director, North America Ati Azemoun is responsible for sales activity within the United States and Canada and leads the North American Sales Team. Prior to joining A2iA in 2008, Ati worked in the United Kingdom with mailflow, print-to-post solutions and the telecommunications industries. After moving to the US, he focused on business development and account management within the document services industry. Ati graduated from the University of Brighton, Sussex with a BSc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences.

Jeremy Benattar, Sales Director, EMEA & India

Jeremy Benattar is responsible for Sales within EMEA and India, and joined A2iA in 2012 with experience in Sales and Business Development roles, including his most recent position at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). With expertise in outsourcing, application development and infrastructure / security consulting, Jeremy holds an MBA-DESS in Enterprise Management from Universit Panthon Assas (Paris II).

Stphanie De Luca, Corporate Administrative Director

Stphanie is responsible for both A2iA SA and A2iA Corp administrative departments. She manages outsourced departments including accounting and legal services, and coordinates relations between A2iA's executive management and A2iA's shareholders. She received a master's degree in Modern Literature and graduated from a BTS of Personal Assistant. Stphanie joined A2iA in 1999.

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Press Fact Sheet

Headquarters - Americas A2iA Corp. th rd 24 West 40 Street, 3 Floor New York, New York 10018 USA Tel: +1 (917) 237 0390 Fax: +1 (917) 237 0391 WebSite www.a2ia.com Media Contact: Wendi Klein Headquarters EMEA / Asia Pacific A2iA S.A. 39 rue de la Bienfaisance 75008 Paris France Tel: +33 (0)1 44 42 00 80 Fax: +33 (0)1 44 42 00 81 WebSite www.a2ia.com Media Contact: Venceslas Cartier

General Information
Company Name: A2iA Corporation Year Founded: 1999 Headquarters: New York Parent Company: Year Founded: Headquarters: A2iA S.A. 1991 Paris

Target Markets: Banking / Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Government Federal / Military / Defense, and State / Local, Business Process
Outsourcing Firms / Service Bureaus, Archives, Other Paper-Intensive Industries

Company Overview
A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is the worldwide leading developer of handwritten and machine printed text recognition, information extraction and intelligent document classification toolkits. By enhancing solutions from systems integrators and independent software vendors, A2iA allows complex and cursive data from all types of forms, documents and checks, including unstructured handwritten letters, to become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexib ility as printed or digital data. The companys proprietary OCR, ICR and IWR toolkits do not contain any third-party technology and are available in 23-country versions and 6-languages. Proven to reduce costs and nearly eliminate data-entry and manual document processing, A2iAs technology has been improving business process automation and providing a visible ROI for nearly 20 years as it enhances forms-processing, transaction-processing, content management, document management, and knowledge management systems worldwide.

A2iA Products
A2iA DocumentReader locates and extracts data from unstructured, semi-structured and structured documents (including cursive handwriting and columnar data), enables keyword searching on this information, and performs advanced, transaction-level classification. A2iA FieldReader locates and captures data from semi-structured documents and forms, reducing data entry for paper-intensive businesses. A2iA CheckReader recognizes all fields on checks and payment documents, whether written in machine print or cursive handwriting. A2iA Mobility performs all image cleanup and data extraction directly on the local device, without a server. A2iA AddressReader locates and reads handwritten addresses from mail pieces for automatic sorting.

The A2iA Advantage

A technology company with deep roots in research and development - A2iA operates the world's largest research center dedicated to automatic document processing and unstructured content. The only company that develops, maintains and continues to improve its core, proprietary engines, without any third-party components. Available in 24-country versions and 7-languages, with Arabic in development. Provides structure to unstructured content by allowing it to become part of a structured database -- making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexibility as printed or digital data. Credited with several industry firsts, including full check and unstructured document recognition, and advanced, transaction-level classification. Accuracy and reliability in product performance, designed to improve overall business operations. Trusted by thousands of end-users around the globe to process hundreds-of-millions of documents daily.

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Press Fact Sheet

Key Dates 1991: 1995: A2iA S.A. founded by Professor Jean-Claude Simon Release of A2iA CheckReader for payment systems - First reference for automatic amount recognition with Cofinoga (France). Inception of A2iA Corp, the American subsidiary of A2iA S.A. Bank of Scotland (UK) becomes the first European reference for A2iA CheckReader and Grainger becomes the first in the USA. Release of A2iA FieldReader for automatic forms processing. First reference in Asia for A2iA CheckReader with HSBC Hong Kong First reference in France for A2iA FieldReader with the French Ministry of Defense. First European reference in the mail processing industry with UK Royal Mail. Release of A2iA AddressReader a mail-sorting technology for recognizing handwritten address blocks on envelopes and flat mail pieces - First reference in France for the sorting of internal and incoming mail with BNPParibas. Release of A2iA DocumentReader for automatic sorting and recognition of incoming mail (mailroom) and handwritten records Acquisition of the company by President and CEO Jean-Louis Fages, Chief Technology Officer Olivier Baret and A2iAs management team, together with French venture capital firms Dveloppement & Partenariat and XAnge Capital A2iA completes their secondary Leveraged Management Buy-Out (LMBO). Jean-Louis Fages, President and CEO, Olivier Baret, Chief Technology Officer, and A2iA's 7 shareholders now hold the majority of the company's capital. Large bank references for A2iA CheckReader in Brazil. Worldwide Agreements with large worldwide integrators for A2iA DocumentReader. Arabic recognition development and awards on these efforts have been won. A2iA DocumentKeyer functionality also further developed, allowing for Automated Assisted Keying on complex columnar data, such as EOBs, invoices and lockbox documents. A2iA CheckReader reported to outperform others in accuracy by a third-party paper on the auto-processing of handwritten checks. A2iA DocumentReader recognized for its capabilities within the historic document conversion market and awarded again for Arabic handwriting extraction developments. Within North America, A2iA signed key references within the Healthcare sector, at a BPO to process incoming clinical documentation, as well as with two clinical laboratories, one of which is the largest in the world, to process incoming laboratory requisition forms. A2iA also signed with Kofax and ReadSoft for Customer Correspondence for the Banking Sector in the UK, with Santander UK and Nationwide. Additionally, A2iA signed a Frame Agreement with Tessi, one of the largest BPO in France. Release of A2iA Mobility for Android and iOS devices. and Thai Farmers Bank

1999: 2000: 2001: 2002:

2003: 2004:

2005: 2006:







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