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ASAnalyticApps : BI Apps ODI Patch Apply

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BI Apps ODI Patching Links

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This methodology can be used to APPLY a patch containing ODI updates that have been made since the PS1 BIAPPS-SHIPHOME delivery.

How to Apply ODI Patch

Orchestration tool will be leveraged to support ODI patches.

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We should get ODI DB details either from credential store / through user input

ODI - Pre apply phase:

ODI API should take take a back up of all patched mapping files

ODI - Apply Phase :

Post binary patches merge, Orchestration tool calls ODI Apply API, based on ODI API error code , if Success (Zero) continue otherwise throw exception

ODI - Post Apply Phase

If we encounter any problems with the above steps then we will: Use Opatch to rollback ALL successfully applied patches and then call ODI roll back API. TODO Tasks 1) Orchestration tools supports rollback of successfully applied patches , does ODI support same ? 2) Is there conflict detection phase in ODI

ApplyPatch : Detailed steps

Copy ODI patch zip in deployment machine Create the properties file that will have details for apply of the patch gedit apply-patch.properties & update the values for following properties
# JDBC URL - jdbc:oracle:thin:@host:port/serviceName odi.master.url=<JDBC_URL_FOR_ODI_REPO> # ODI repository schema user odi.repo.user=<schema_user> odi.repo.password=<ODI_REPO_PASSWORD> # work dir for logs and backup work.dir=<WORK_DIRECTORY> # OPTIONAL - default value is "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver", Driver for ODI repository odi.db.driver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver #OPTIONAL - default value is "BIAPPS_WORKREP", work repository name odi.repo.name=<WORK_REPO_NAME> #ODI supervisor user odi.user=<ODI_SUPERVISOR_USER> odi.user.password=<ODI_SUPERVISOR_PASSWORD> #ODI home path odi.home.path=<ODI_HOME_PATH> patch.location=<PATCH_ZIP_LOCATION> bi.admin.username=<BI_ADMIN_USER> bi.oracle.home=<BI_ORACLE_HOME> # BI Admin URL http://host:port/console bi.admin.url=<ADMIN_URL>

For e.g. on my system the apply-patch.properties looks like:

# URL - jdbc:oracle:thin:@host:port/serviceName odi.master.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@adc2140196.us.oracle.com:15992/db2852.us.oracle.com # ODI repository schema user odi.repo.user=fusion_BIA_ODIREPO odi.repo.password=welcome1 # work dir for logs and backup work.dir=/scratch/aime1/work/mw6799/Oracle_BI1/biapps/patch/PATCH_DIR

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# OPTIONAL - default value is "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver", Driver for ODI repository odi.db.driver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver #OPTIONAL - default value is "BIAPPS_WORKREP", work repository name odi.repo.name=BIAPPS_WORKREP #ODI supervisor user odi.user=Administrator1 odi.user.password=Admin12345 #ODI home path odi.home.path=/scratch/aime1/work/mw6799/odi6610 patch.location=/scratch/aime1/work/mw6799/Oracle_BI1/biapps/patch/1234567.zip bi.admin.username=Administrator bi.oracle.home=/scratch/aime1/work/mw6799/Oracle_BI1/ # BI Admin URL http://host:port/console bi.admin.url= http://adc2140196.us.oracle.com:7001/console

Command: ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre/bin/java -cp ORACLE_HOME/biapps/patch/biappspatch.jar oracle.as.biapps.patch.orchestrate.OrchestrateBIAppsMetadataPatching Standard.Metadata.Patching.Command=ApplyAndSynchPatch props.file=<PROPERTY_FILE_PATH>

Note: During Apply Phase it will prompt you to provide the bi.admin.password. e.g : In my case I give : bi.admin.password=Admin123, so please provide accordingly.

3) Rollback of a Patch : Detailed steps

Patch rollback will do rollback first on instance and then on ORACLE_HOME. property file which is used in patch apply needs to passed here Command ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre/bin/java -cp ORACLE_HOME/biapps/patch/ biappspatch.jar oracle.as.biapps.patch.orchestrate.OrchestrateBIAppsMetadataPatching Standard.Metadata.Patching.Command=ApplyAndSynchPatch rollback.instead.of.apply=true props.file=<PROPERTY_FILE_PATH>

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