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Office : 138/11/18, Laxmi Garden, Gurgaon-122001

Resident : Plot No. 343, Sector-10, Gurgaon.
Mobile : 9811194722 (N.K. Verma)
Mobile: 9810305212 (Naveen Verma)
Tele Fax : 91-0124-2306434
Email : peenay7@rediffmail.com

Sub: Proposal for Liaisons works in Shop & Commercial

Act/ESIC/PF/ Factory Act/Bonus Act/Labour Contact Act and
Labours Metter.

Respected Sir,
Here I would like to introduced my firm as the most competent,
efficient & professional industrial Consultancy. PEE NAY INDUSTRIAL
CONSULTANCY is a total solution of consultancy as desired by you

PEE NAY INDUSTRIAL CONSULTANCY is being managed by the most

competent professional Mr. N.K. Verma. He has been dealing with
ESI, PF, Factory Act and other liaison work since 1974.

P.F. (Employee Provident Fund and Misc. Provision Act, 1952).

(a) Registration under P.F. Act, 1952.
(b) Preparation of P.F. Challans for monthly payments.
(c) Maintenance of P.F. Records.
(d) Arranging periodical inspections.
(e) Filling of Monthly/yearly returns.
(f) Guidance of latest rules and amendments of P.F.

ESI ACT (Employees State Insurance Act, 1948)

(a) Registration under E.S.I.C. Act, 1948.
(b) Preparation of monthly challans for deposit of ESI contribution.
(c) Maintenance of Accident Book : Filling of accident reports to ESI
Authorities for Claiming compensation of the injured employee
during the course of employment.
(d) Maintenance of Registration forms.
(e) Dealing with ESI Officer.
(f) Arranging periodical inspection.
(g) Maintenance of inspection books.
(h) Solving problem of employee’s workers in getting their benefit
under the scheme.
(i) Submission of nomination form for getting ESI Cards.
(j) Submission of Half-yearly return with the ESI authorities.
(k) Guidance to the latest amendments.

Factory Act, 1948.

(a) Registration under Factory Act, 1948.
(b) Registration under Factory Act/Renewal of Factory License.
(c) Maintenance of All registers under the Factory Act inclusive of as
(i) Adults Registers.
(ii) Leave with wages Register.
(iii) Casual & sick leave Register.
(iv) Accident & Dangerous Occurrence Registers.
(v) Overtime Registers.
(vi) Fine/Deduction Register.
(vii) Fitness certificate for Safe-Smooth function of the machines
such as lifts chains/ropes & Air compressors etc.
(viii) Lime Washing Painting Register.
(ix) Compensatory Holiday Register.
(d) Filling of Half Yearly/Annual returns.
(e) Guidance to latest rule and amendments.

Labour Contact Act

(a) Registration under contact Act.
(b) Amendment /Renewal
(c) Register of contract.
(d) Register of person employee.
(e) Employment Card.
(f) Registers of Fines/Advance/Ded/O.T.
(g) Wages Slip.
(h) Half yearly returns.
(i) Guidance to latest rules and Amendments in contract Labour Act.

Bonus Act.
(a) Maintenance of Registers A, B & C.
(b) Arranging assessment under Bonus Act.
(c) Guidance to latest amendments in Bonus Act.

Gratuity Act 1972.

(a) Working out Gratuity of employee at the time of resignation/
(b) Guidance for taking up Gratuity scheme as per the requirement of
the Gratuity Act.

Labour Welfare Fund Act.

(a) Register of wages
(b) Register of unpaid accommodation
(c) Submission of return.
(d) Guidance to latest amendments in Labour welfare Act.

Payment of Minimum wages Act.

(a) Maintenance of Registers.
(b) Guidance to latest amendments and providing notification
regarding changes in minimum wages.
(c) Filling annual returns.
Helping in any labour Act to be enforced.
Monthly retainer ship fees under the agreement.
Rs. ___2500/- per month
Hoping for your valuable response and feel pleasure to add your company
as our esteemed client (List of clients enclosed for your perusal)


(Handling and Maintaining Labour Liaison Works)