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1 INTRODUCTION Rationale No matter what society one lives in, all human beings depend on systems of production to survive.

For people in all societies, productive activity, or work, makes up the largest part of their lives- it takes up more time than any other single type of behavior. Work, in sociology, is defined as the carrying out of tasks, which involves the expenditure of mental and physical effort, and its objective is the production of goods and services that cater to the human needs. An occupation, or job, is work that is done in exchange for a regular wage or salary. Most people in full time employment work five days a week, although there has been an increase in the number of people working during weekends and part time. In recent years, the ability to work flexible hours has grown in importance. Man needs work in order to survive in the modern world. A decent job means financial security, which leads to quality life and secured future of the family. In a larger sense, the economic stability and progress of the society or country depends on its work force-the people available or needed to work. Throughout his life, especially in work, man develops his values. Values are principles or standards that are held in high esteem regarded by an individual and is related to all aspects of ones personal and work life.

(http://www.du.edu/career/media/documents/pdfs/workvalues.pdf- 12.8.2013). Values are deep-rooted motivations of behavior and they define what is important to man and the bases of his choices, decisions, reactions and behavior. Science does not tell us

2 what they should value most, nor does it prove that one value is better than another, and what the consequence are in choosing one value over another. To the sociologists, the distribution of value choices is one of the facts of social life. Values such as fundamental rights, patriotism, respect for human dignity, rationality, sacrifice, individuality, equality, democracy etc. guide their behavior in many ways. Values are the criteria people use in assessing their daily lives; arrange their priorities and choosing between alternative courses of action. In simple words, values may be defined as measure of goodness or desirability. Values are standards of social behavior derived from social interaction and accepted as constituent facts of social structure. They are objects that social conditions desire. These are culturally defined goals and involve sentiments and significance. These consist of aspirational reference. Values are expected to be followed for judging and evaluating social interaction, goals, means, ideas, feelings and the expected conduct. Without such evaluating standard, it would be difficult to judge individual behavior or social action. Values aim to integrate expected individual behavior and social action. It tends to forestall tension and as such have tension management role. (http://www.yourarticlelibrary.com) Whenever people go to work, they carry with them inherent values. They possess them all along. The office, the school, the factory, the plant, the hospitaleverywhere and anywhere a person works, one finds values in immeasurable quantity. It means that in any place where individuals congregate, they manifest a set of values which have nurtured them since infancy. (The Modern Teacher, August 2006.)

3 Work values are subset values that are essential to ones career. They are practiced by each employee in discharge of his/her duties and responsibilities. Work values are both intrinsic and extrinsic, relating to the by-products of an occupation. Work values are the guiding principles that are most important to men about the way that they work. Men use these deeply held principles to choose between right and wrong ways of working, and they help make important decisions and career choices. In all organizations, the employees are characterized by their work values. For the employers, the top ten work values that they are looking from their employees are strong work ethic, dependability and responsibility, possessing a positive attitude, adaptability, honesty and integrity, self-motivated, motivated to grow and learn strong self-confidence, professionalism and loyalty. Their work values are the perception toward their work in general that is - the employees themselves, management practices, outside facets and even state of communication. It is concerned as an influential factor in job performance. It is the goal, vision which motivates man to action. The level of success of certain productivity and motivation technique, therefore, depends upon the work values of the individual. Organization's work values set the tone for company's culture, and they identify what organization, as a whole, cares about. It's important that people's values are align with these. When this happens, people understand one another, everyone does the right things for the right reasons, and this common purpose and understanding helps people build great working relationships. One way to put values to work within an organization is to align, match, or fit individuals with organizations values, as every organization has a set of core work

4 values that guide the inner-workings and culture of the organization whether they are articulated or not. Simply put, when there is a match between employee and organizational value systems, positive outcomes will result. Strong value alignment can result in increased job satisfaction, which is associated with greater levels of organizational commitment. Further, people who are more committed to the organization engage in fewer turnover-related behaviors such as tardiness, absenteeism, and actual job separation. Thus, the result is a more satisfied, committed and stable workforce with greater work productivity and quality. When values are out of alignment, people work towards different goals, with different intentions, and with different outcomes. This can damage work relationships, productivity, job satisfaction, and creative potential. The Luzong National High School in Barangay Baduang, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is a performing school in the Division of Ilocos Norte. It caters quality education to students coming from Barangay Baduang, Saguigui, Subec, Burayoc, Caunayan and Balaoi. But for the past years, the school have enticed students coming from farther barangays like Dampig, Saud, Pob. 1, Saud and Caparispisan. This is because of the outstanding performance of the school in various curricular and extra-curricular activities in the division, regional and national levels since its foundation in 1966. Today, the 16 faculty members and 4 administrative staff are bound to nurture the holistic growth and development of the 449 students of Luzong National High School for the school year 2013-2014. The vision of the Department of Education clearly states that the faculty and staff dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose competencies and values enable them to realize their full potential

5 and contribute meaningfully to building the nation. It is a learner-centered public institution that continuously improves itself to pursue its mission which is: To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based and complete basic education where: o Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe and motivating environment. o Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner. o Administrators and staff as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen. o Family, community and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners To realize this, there is a need for the faculty members and administrative staff to develop the right work values towards students, parents and co-workers. Luzong National High School acknowledges that the success of any school is largely dependent on their teachers with the aid of its administrative staff. It is therefore important, that information on how they feel about their job be known, as it is necessary that they feel happy and contented in their work if efficient and effective performances are to be expected from them. But as time goes by, there are many flaws observed in the work values of the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School especially the new members. Faculty and staff are too submissive to the administrator. Meanwhile, introvert work behavior of some employees and sycophantic employees are also obvious. It is also observed that

6 new members of the faculty are more idealistic and radical which is conflicting to the work culture of the school. Relative to this, activities must be conducted to further enhance the work values of the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School to create a harmonious working relationship among the members, hence this study.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STRATEGY PAPER This study proposes activities to enhance the work values of the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School. Specifically, this study sought to attain the following: 1. To identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities of and threats to the work values of the 20 Luzong National High School employees. 2. To formulate strategies to enhance the work values of the 20 Luzong National High School employees.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Specifically, this study will prove important to the following: School Managers. By adopting the activities formulated in this study, the school administrators will be able to address some of the problems and needs of the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School thereby unify them as one family and become more efficient mentors and colleagues. Enhancing the knowledge and awareness of their work values will surely contribute to the creation of harmonious relationship among employees. As a result, they will deliver excellent services to the students and build camaraderie and healthy relationship to the constituents.

7 Faculty and Staff. The results of this study will be of help to the faculty and staff as they will be enlightened to create an atmosphere favorable to teaching and learning and to promote updated and more suitable work values to develop good relationship among administrator, staff and stakeholders of Luzong National High School. This will also help in the attainment of the ultimate educational goal which is to develop the students into worthy and responsible citizens of the Philippines Department of Education. The recommendations formulated at the end of this study shall serve as an outline for the other schools in formulating similar programs and activities which they can adopt to enhance their employees work values. Other educational institutions. This study may serve as basis for other

educational institutions to evaluate and implement program on improving the work values of their Faculty and Staff. Students. By enhancing the work values of the faculty and staff, students will be catered with a quality education and professional approach. Parents. The results of this study will also benefit the parents. They will have confidence and trust to the faculty and staff who are considered second parents of their children. School Community. The results of this study will create a better atmosphere in the school community which will start from the faculty and staff and will radiate to the students, parents and stakeholders. Other Stakeholders. This study may serve as a guide to the stakeholders in formulating projects to help enhance the work values of the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School.

8 Researcher. The result of the study will be very beneficial to the researcher in the performance of her duties as an Administrative Assistant III and at the same time a Designated Personnel Officer of Luzong National High School. Other researchers. This study will serve as basis for future research works on enhancing work values.



The following is a brief SWOT analysis on the Work Values of the Faculty and Staff of Luzong National High School, Baduang, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

STRENGTHS The following are the strengths of the Faculty and Staff of Luzong National High School: Dedicated and committed employees. If dedication and commitment are measured by the accomplishments, awards and citations of the mentors and their students, the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School are undoubtedly highly dedicated and committed. The latest result of the National Achievement Test alone speaks for the dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff of the school for it has improved from number 18 to number 12 spot this year. Throughout the years, winning in the academic and extra-curricular events has been enjoyed by the school. In the Division Level, the school often times if not always, lands in the top five and even in the number one spot. In the National Level, the school has produced seven participants in the National Schools Press Conference and eight athletes in the Palarong Pambansa Athletic Meet since its establishment. In addition,

10 the institution was awarded a certificate of commendation for achieving the highest number of Chief Girl Scout Medalists for the Triennium 2009-2012. Without doubt, the Luzong National High School is among the top performing schools in the Division of Ilocos Norte and throughout the country because of dedicated and committed mentors and staff who sharpen the skills, talents and potentials of the students. Professionalism. The faculty and staff of Luzong National High School possess the skills and qualifications for their chosen career, a good judgment to all circumstances and polite behavior to their co-worker, to the students, parents, administrators and stakeholders. The faculty and staff immediately and professionally handle all problems with the presence of the concerned individuals. This eradicates doubts and bias judgment and promotes transparency, thereby the school live up to the virtue of professionalism. Camaraderie. The faculty and staff of Luzong National High School show camaraderie amongst themselves in many ways. They work together during school programs, athletic activities and other related tasks. They also conduct necrological services together despite the diversity of religious affiliation, celebrate ones birthday in school, conduct regular team building and help as well as empathize to ones problems around the school. These, among other intangibles build, maintain and strengthen mutual trust and a spirit of friendly good-fellowship among the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School. Supportive management. The vital role of the administrators can spell the success and failure of any organization. In Luzong National High School, the

11 administrator, Mrs. Evelyn F. Cimatu is an epitome of a successful management. No teacher has more load than the other. Staff work based on their work description. Also, each teacher has a role aside from being a teacher. For example, a teacher at the same time a school paper adviser. The others, a liaison, a supply officer, a sports coordinator etc. During programs, each faculty and staff has also a specific duty, say, incharge of decoration, invitation, lights and sound, food, accommodation, master of ceremonies and other related tasks. Luzong National High School has also come up with an effective strategy to raise fund- the popularity contests. Throughout the year, the school have generated fund from instant popularity contests like, Mr. & Ms. Intrams, Mr. & Ms. Nutrition, Most Popular Boy Scout and Girl Scout and King and Queen of JS Promenade. The proceeds are used to finance facilities for the school like concrete fence, comfort rooms, sink for drinking , cottages, concrete benches and tables while the other are for feeding programs. All in all, the good management of the school can be reflected by the available facilities and the efficiency of every faculty and staff. Practice of ecumenism of the faculty and staff. The diversity of religious affiliation of the faculty and staff of Luzong National High School does not harm their harmonious relationship. During necrological services, collective prayers and school mass, respect for ones belief is an unwritten rule. Belief to one God as well as mutual respect is the strongest bound that hold them as one force in the various undertaking. Openness among faculty and staff. Positive attitude towards criticism is an essential ingredient for ones professional growth. In a place where a number of individuals work together, there is always a feedback from the persons around. They are praises and of course, criticism. In Luzong National High School, they treat each

12 member as a member of a family. During faculty and staff meetings or informal gatherings, there is always an exchange of ideas. In such, there is no room for heated argument because anybody from the group can accept criticism and can learn from other regardless of age or rank in position. For example, an older faculty member can teach the new members on how to work with forms and reports while the latter can teach the former with new teaching techniques and strategies. The administrative staff who is older in service can also impart his/her knowledge to those new in the service. Strict Adherence to DepEd Memo No. 291, s. 2008. All teachers in Luzong National High School have equal number of teaching hours and workload. Unlike other schools, no teacher in Luzong National High School is neither under load nor overloaded. The administrative staff also have ideal workload and are not given tasks that are not related to their work description. In this case, each can efficiently fulfill his work as a faculty and staff. Luzong National High School is a performing school. As reflected by the National Achievement Test results and other indicators, Luzong National High School is among the performing schools in the Division of Ilocos Norte, an integrity that is being maintained since its establishment in 1966. The challenge for the faculty and staff is to maintain the elite status of the institution. Close relationship with the alumni and benevolent personalities in the town. The Luzong National High School started from the humblest beginning. During its early years, it was called Luzong Barangay High School, by then it has only four classrooms. It shared its school premises with Luzong Elementary School. Then a group of good-hearted individuals donated the 1.5-hectare lot where Luzong National

13 High School is situated at present. They and the other stakeholders helped in the transformation of the institution from rugs to riches. Today, Luzong National High School has almost all the facilities. Concrete fence replaced the wooden fence that enclosed the premises of the new site. Each classroom has a comfort room. Other stakeholders donated concrete benches and tables, stand fans etc. These among others, manifest the tremendous support from stakeholders and benefactors to the institution, more so to the faculty and staff. Symbiotic Relationship with the Local Government. The neat and symbiotic relationship between the school and the Local Government has been proven through the years. With its Local School Board, each school in the municipality receives financial aid from the LGU every year. Aside from that, each faculty and staff receives cash gift from the LGU during year ends. Meanwhile, the LGU can always count on the faculty and staff during town activities such as fiestas, programs and even political affairs. This mutual understanding between the two government sectors boasts confidence among their employees. Active Involvement of Alumni. The Luzong National High School has produced successful alumni. They have provided the school with resources through cash and donations. While other batches sponsored scholarship programs. The active involvement of alumni helps in the school facility improvement and provide inspiration to the students.

14 WEAKNESSES Submissive faculty and staff. Oftentimes, the presence of the administrator is very intimidating. Her authority influences the democratic atmosphere of the school. As a result, the faculty and the staff members are hesitant to speak his/her mind in fear of being discouraged or denied. In other words, it is always the word of the administrator that must be followed despite the fact that two or more heads are better than one. Sycophantic members. In order to impress the administrator or to gain her attention and approval, other faculty and staff members tend to talk behind about the other. This negative habit oftentimes leads to confrontation and thereby harming the camaraderie, trust and confidence amongst themselves. Introvert work behavior of some employees. Although almost all the

members are getting along well, a few choose to isolate themselves and prefer to work alone. This is not only a selfish act, but also hinders the so called espirit de corps of the group. Negative attitude of newly-hired faculty and staff. The K to 12 program has become an avenue to hire new teachers and staff. Being new to the service, it is expected that these new teachers and staff might not be as efficient as those with more experience. Also, it is observed that new teachers and staff are more radical and idealistic than those older in service who know more about dealing with students and parents behavior. Indifference of parents. The faculty and staff do not only mingle with students with individual differences but also with their parents. Like the students, the behavior,

15 mentality and actuation of the parents also vary. Therefore, the faculty and staff should exercise maximum tolerance and professionalism at all times. Reshuffling of Principals. The reshuffling of principals is yet to take its effectivity but the impact of this DepEd Order is felt tremendously prior to the actual implementation. The pressure is felt by the principals who will be leaving their current post and will be adjusting to his/her new assignment or new environment. Also, the faculty and staff are apprehensive of the change of administration thereby affecting their work performance.

OPPORTUNITIES K-12 Education System. The new education system will surely provide professional growth to both teaching and non-teaching staff of Luzong National High School. More trainings and workshops will be conducted to update the skills of all teachers and staff. They are also given more financial benefits which would entice them to be more dedicated to their work. Open High School Program (OHSP). The OHSP is an alternative mode of secondary education that uses distance learning which caters to learners who are unable to attend the regular class program due to financial difficulties, work, physical impairment and distance of home to school. This is a great help to learners who qualified for this program. Faculty members and staff are also benefited by this program because since its implementation in school year 2013-2014, their dilemma on drop-out and absenteeism among students were solved thus, making them more relaxed and have more focused on their works.

16 Scholarship Programs. Scholarship programs like Iskolar ni Manang Imee, LGU Scholarship Programs, 4 Ps and Scholarship Programs from private individuals have helped and inspired students in their education. The beneficiaries of these

programs strive hard to meet the average grades thus, lessening the burden of the teachers on laxity among students. Values Orientation Workshop by the Civil Service Commission. This workshop helps the faculty and staff to go through a process of self-clarification, examination, self-visualization and analysis of realities for them to relate to the expectations of other people and the society as a whole. It gives opportunities for them to clarify their own values and how they can align them to their own vision.

THREATS Misuse of technology. The advancement of technology has shaped the life of the people and literally changed the world in many aspects. In the field of education, students and teachers alike use modern gadgets as references and teaching devices. This makes the teaching-learning situation more interesting. To the administrative staff, the use of computer and internet makes their work easier and more efficient. However, the use of modern gadgets, which are products of advancement in technology, can make the teachers and staff too dependent or addictive to such. For instance, teachers and staff spend their vacant and leisure time in browsing the internet or playing computer games instead of preparing for their next lessons or working on related tasks.

17 Child Protection Policy of the Department of Education. This DepEd policy makes the students more difficult to deal with. They have become more hard-headed and have more guts to disrespect their teachers because they know that they are protected by this policy. As a result, negative attitudes of students degrade the work values of the faculty and staff. Presence of Fraternities and Gangs. The school is a place where groups are formed, worst kind of such are fraternities and gangs. Clash of fraternities and gangs poses threat to the peace and order of the school and stirs intimidation to students and to the faculty and staff.

18 PROPOSED STRATEGIES TO STRENGTHEN THE WORK VALUES OF THE EMPLOYEES OF LUZONG NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL In the light of the observations made through the SWOT analysis, the researcher recommends the following. 1. In order to empower the faculty and staff, the administrator must create a democratic atmosphere whereas, self-confidence and self-assurance of each member are developed. For instance, the administrator should encourage each member to voice-out their suggestion or sentiments during faculty meeting. 2. To eradicate the sycophantic attitude among employees, the school administrator must encourage every member to help each other and instill team spirit to them so that they stand for each other and work for the common goal. The school should emphasize these essential traits during team-building activities. 3. To further strengthen the camaraderie among the faculty and staff and to discourage isolation, they should hold socialization program outside the school such as Lakbay- aral and retreats annually during summer vacation. 4. To help the new teachers and staff to be efficient, they are encouraged to openly accept constructive criticism from those older in the service to improve their skills, work product, and relationships and to help them meet the expectations that the school head and others have on them. They are also encouraged to take graduate studies to further widen their horizon in the

19 field of education. Furthermore, mentoring program and peer teaching should be practiced. 5. In order to easily deal with the indifference of parents, each employee should learn to exercise maximum tolerance at all times. The school administrator should encourage the faculty members to check family background of the subject individuals in order to find out the cause of such negative behavior. Further, the school guidance counselor should hold a school-based seminar to impart pointers and re-echo latest policies on guidance and counseling to the faculty members. 6. To overcome the members apprehension to the on-going reshuffling of principals, they are encouraged to view change as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. 7. To evade if not totally eradicate the negative impact of the advancement of technology to the work values of all the employees of the school, the administrator should impose a school policy that prohibit the use of social media during school hours if is not related to their teaching loads. 8. In order to abate the impact of the Child Protection Policy of the Department of Education to the work values of the faculty and staff, the DepEd officials shall conduct a thorough information dissemination and a in-service training on the best practices for teachers which are intended to promote new techniques and methodologies related to positive and non-violent discipline. 9. In order to control or minimize the presence of fraternities and gangs, the school head together with the FPTA officers shall formulate a clear policy

20 sanctioning the students who are member of such. Closer supervision of the students by the parents, teachers and other stakeholders are also encouraged. 10. To boast employees morale of the faculty and staff, the School Principal should encourage quality work by rewarding them for their good performance. The administrator should recognize their effort and sacrifices through incentives, commendations and tokens of appreciation (e.g. certificate) 11. To strengthen the professionalism and commitment of the faculty and staff, they are encouraged to constantly go over the domains and strands of the National Competency- Based Teacher Standards (NCTBS) and honestly accomplish the Teacher Strengths and Needs Assessments (TSNA) tool, which will further determine their personal and professional strengths. Also, the assessment of the students of the faculty and staff is also vital, hence, they should let the students evaluate them at the end of each school year. 12. Values Assessment and Values Enhancement Program should be conducted regularly. The Values Enhancement Program aims to increase the morale and productivity of employees. 13. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to attend Values Orientation Workshop to further enhance their work values. The school should shoulder any expenses for this workshop to entice them in attending such.


Acio, Eurysthenese Erna P. (2011) Strategies to Strengthen the Work Values of the Employees of Banco De Oro Universal Bank Robinsons Place San Nicolas Branch. Unpublished Strategy Paper, Divine Word College of Laoag.

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Letter to the School Principal IV of Luzong National High School

January 6, 2011

EVELYN F. CIMATU School Principal IV Luzong National High School Baduang, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Madam: Greetings of Peace!!! The undersigned is a Master in Business Administration student of the Divine Word College of Laoag Graduate School. She is presently finishing her masteral studies by conducting a Strategy Paper on Enhancing the Work Values of the Faculty and Staff of Luzong National High School. In this regard, may she request you and humbly ask permission to allow her to conduct an observation and evaluation on the work values of the faculty and staff of your school. May she also request a copy of your Vision-Mission and Core Values to be her basis. Rest assured, all information will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Thank you very much for your favorable response to this request.

Sincerely yours, (Sgd) RHEA RIOGA-BALICTAR Researcher

Noted by: (Sgd) SYLVIA LALAINE GRACE L. FORONDA, PH.D Dean, Graduate School

23 APPENDIX B DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION VISION-MISSION VISION We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose competencies and values enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation. We are a learner-centered public institution that continously improves itself to pursue its mission.

MISSION To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based and complete basic education where:

Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment

Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner Administrators and staff as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen

Family, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners


Maka-Diyos Makatao Makakalikasan Makabansa


2012-13 NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST - YEAR FOUR DIVISION OF ILOCOS NORTE School Code 300001 320820 300002 320801 320802 300003 300004 300005 320803 320804 300006 300007 300008 300009 300010 300011 300012 300013 320805 300014 320806 Name ILOCOS NORTE Adams NHS Adriano P. Arzadon NHS Bacarra NCHS BANBAN NHS Bangui NHS (Lanao Campus) Bangui NHS (Main) Banna NHS Batac NHS (Bungon Campus) Batac NHS (Payao Campus) Batac NHS (Poblacion Campus) Burgos Agro-Industrial School Cadaratan NHS Caestebanan NHS Carasi NHS Caribquib NHS Catagtaguen NHS Crispina Marcos Valdez NHS Currimao NHS (Main) Currimao NHS (PiasGaang Campus) Davila NHS Dingras NHS/Lt. Edgar Foz Mem. NHS (Barong Campus) Dingras NHS/Lt. Edgar Foz Mem. NHS (Poblacion Campus) 23 30 400 73 86 135 66 120 70 308 124 81 55 34 52 66 48 50 83 89 52 N Filipino MPS 58.37 46.59 50.06 62 64.18 68.28 66.38 56.46 57.57 61.26 55.79 50.51 53.68 49.7 65.98 51.28 55.58 53.06 45.5 58.31 61.55 65 Mathematics MPS 52.27 38.52 81.47 64.76 87.32 85.81 73.44 36.67 31.15 52.54 35.81 32.4 46.07 29.89 46.06 34.19 32.94 28.13 40.84 62.1 70.22 41.96 English MPS 56.43 40.36 66.44 61.53 68.29 66.86 78.42 47.53 50.53 53.45 47.9 59.65 51.11 44.36 63.09 55.61 48.81 41.35 46.37 55.86 60.15 45.35 Science MPS 44.25 30.22 52.06 41.31 58.13 51.05 70.22 31.04 32.58 30.88 35.2 47.27 34.73 30.52 39.8 33.4 34.04 29.51 63.67 48.35 63.63 35.77 A.P. MPS 60.1 55.14 52.22 61.99 66.58 72.97 78.28 52.17 57.54 56.76 55.75 51.81 58.37 48.36 70.59 51.76 54.22 50.03 51.37 56.43 68.31 59.84 Critical Thinking MPS 41.97 30.87 29.83 43.9 52.81 59.77 68.81 39.39 38.25 38.36 35.19 33.27 38.58 36 33.24 35.19 36.97 32.29 35.5 36.87 65.9 52.88 Overall MPS 53.55 41.56 57.8 57.18 67.26 67.85 73.05 44.69 45.86 50.12 45.72 47.87 48.22 40.62 55.92 44.96 44.99 40.29 48.92 54.77 64.67 50.04










320808 Dingras NHS/Lt. Edgar Foz Mem. NHS (San Marcos Campus) Dingras NHS/Lt. Edgar Foz Mem. NHS (Sulquiano Campus) Don Salustiano Aquino Memorial NHS Dumalneg NHS Ilocos Norte Agricultural College Isic-isic NHS Luzong NHS Marcos NHS (Agunit Campus) Marcos NHS (Main) Marcos NHS (Santiago Campus) Nagrebcan NHS Nueva Era NHS Pagsanahan NHS Pagudpud NHS Pallas Integrated School Paoay Lake NHS Paoay Lake NHS (Poblacion Campus) Pasaleng NHS Pinili NHS San Marcelino NHS San Nicolas NHS San Nicolas NHS (Bingao Campus) Sarrat NHS Solsona NHS (Bagbag Campus) Solsona NHS (Maananteng Campus) Solsona NHS (Talugtog Campus) Sta. Rosa NHS SuYo NHS VINTAR NHS St. Andrew Academy Badoc Junior College, Inc. Juan Luna Memorial Academy, Inc. 57 61.43 47.44 45.96 41.55 60.32 39.47 50.7










300016 300017 300018 320821 300019 320811 300020 320812 300021 300022 300023 300024 320819 300025 320814 300026 300027 320807 300028 320815 300029 320817 300030 320818 320816 320810 300031 400001 400002 400004

106 20 235 62 103 64 170 61 54 130 57 118 72 122 168 64 168 91 344 151 261 81 180 82 172 67 57 11 41 129

65.09 71.42 48.94 38.28 64.42 59.66 54.73 55.6 50.62 52.91 64.04 60.16 55 52.36 55.13 58.41 54.85 58.92 69.29 61.57 61.92 65.74 66.18 72.36 62.59 70.7 64.21 35.91 49.72 58.4

79.72 60.1 31.35 42.1 56.16 55.59 62.54 75.97 32.67 57.55 47.96 65.75 54.33 37.46 69.67 35.25 48.51 45.82 87.01 58.53 62.87 77.16 71 72.71 44.33 76.57 86.53 26.73 34.39 49.15

68.85 72.83 42.04 42.15 72.85 45.21 53.89 58.8 43.09 60.68 65.15 57.2 60.83 52.76 51.26 49.04 59.86 41.14 73.46 60.6 59.15 58 69.3 70.45 56.42 59.23 74.71 36.52 43.54 57.35

44.1 60.83 32.37 29.76 61.18 38.18 51.55 41.15 30.19 30.12 58.8 70.9 39.17 35.96 44.31 40.96 59.13 36.08 61.93 46.03 55.57 62.26 59.95 69.02 43.25 49.3 66.61 24.24 34.92 35.83

61.08 83.08 49.46 38.44 65.06 61.28 66.55 46.26 56.6 53.59 66.58 59.92 64.77 55.55 57.74 58.65 57.3 56.43 74.64 64.83 68.49 73.97 71.8 73.03 63.3 75.35 77.22 31.97 52.52 57.27

49.58 38.75 32.98 26.77 56.55 37.5 45.26 37.7 32.22 42.46 46.32 37.33 32.85 36.76 35.8 36.88 33.81 35.27 57.44 38.18 44.31 44.32 53.36 56.1 45.2 46.04 68.68 23.64 37.93 45.19

62.34 67.97 40.63 37.28 63.71 50.93 56.89 53.74 42.28 50.21 59.99 61.05 53.42 46.47 53.89 48.14 54.74 46.94 71.8 57 60.44 65.62 66.61 70.48 53.72 64.59 73.11 30.73 42.97 51.27

400006 400007 400009 400012 400013 400015 400016 400017 400019 400020 400021 400023 400026 140003 140008 140010 140011 140018 140022 140025 St. Lawrence Academy Batac Institute, Inc. Eureka HS St. Joseph Institute of Dingras, Inc. Banna Academy, Inc. St. Jude HS Paoay North Institute Pasuquin Academy Roosevelt HS Saint Anne Academy Pinili Institute Gov. Roque B. Ablan Sr. Mem. Academy, Inc. Vintar Academy, Inc. IGAMA Colleges Foundation, Inc. Batac Junior College Immaculate Conception Academy Dingras Faith Academy, Inc. St. James Academy Sta. Rosa Academy St. Nicholas Academy 22 17 27 80 47 57 28 39 74 76 98 54 98 93 150 129 15 44 34 57 69.09 57.06 48.95 64.46 47.3 57.25 50.6 46.67 51.58 51.91 50.75 56.23 44.88 54.16 57.2 53.18 64.33 56.4 56.86 48.27 36.18 28.94 27.56 39.15 29.28 31.02 32.64 27.23 33.59 30.26 36.39 36.81 28.33 39.23 35.63 38.53 38.8 37.91 85.24 30.11 64.17 42.84 34.69 56.77 38.55 50.64 44.7 39.96 56.76 46.69 41.73 47.07 41.77 50.09 61.64 53.31 59.67 50.11 71.47 43.3 42.05 25.98 28.64 37 28.55 31.78 28.1 31.79 45 29.19 31.24 40.03 29.54 34.18 33.24 33.27 38.89 35.11 61.37 28.54 64.92 62.75 42.41 64.02 44.86 56.08 50.83 49.19 49.08 53.36 47.48 56.7 42.41 54.41 55.98 52.64 63.44 57.5 63.24 44.47 45.91 24.12 29.44 49.06 31.28 35.26 28.04 32.05 37.43 32.17 30.15 36.48 27.65 37.85 40.3 37.17 47.33 37.95 58.97 29.91 55.29 42.73 36.28 52.5 37.56 45.17 40.79 38.9 47.01 42.02 40.95 47.01 37.05 46.09 48.62 45.85 53.12 47.1 66.51 38.64




1. Jacqueline Rafol 2. Hilario A. Espiritu, Jr. 3. Mark Sagario 4. Joel C. Paleracio 5. Dianne Shayne P. Faylogna 6. Daniel Levi P. Agullana 7. Julio R. Manrique, Jr.

Editorial Writing Sports Writing- Filipino Sports Writing- Filipino Sports Writing- English News Writing (Filipino) Sports Writing (Filipino) Sprots Writing (English)

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1. Fernando Quitoriano 2. Rommel Calivoso 3. Remigio Liberato, Jr. 4. Maritess Lagundino 5. Melanie Mateo 6. Mark Bonoen 7. Vincent Calivoso 8. Mark James Cimatu 9. Gilbert Gonzales 10. Dominick Ezra Molina

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Name Age Birthday Civil Status Address Email Address Cellphone #

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RHEA R. BALICTAR 31 yrs. old August 23, 1982 Married Pob.#2, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte balictarrhea@yahoo.com 09218417603


Luzong National High School, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte Administrative Assistant III (Senior Bookkeeper) September 23, 2013-present

Luzong National High School, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte Administrative Assistant II (Disbursing Officer) January 25, 2008 September 22, 2013

SM Supermarket, Baguio City Front-End Cashier July 6, 2004- December 10, 2004


TRAININGS AND SEMINARS Training/Workshop on the Revised Guidelines in the Submission of Quarterly Accountability Reports (FARs) Training/Workshop on the Roll-Out of Budget Monitoring System (BMS) Training on Appointment Preparation (TAP) Seminar/Workshop on the Preparation of CY 2012 Mid-Year Financial Reports Seminar/Workshop on the Preparation of FY 2013 Budget Proposal Seminar/Workshop for the Reconciliation of Accounts/Preparation and Submission of Financial Statements and Budget Reports for the 2 nd Quarter, CY 2011 Seminar/Workshop on the Preparation of FY 2012 Budget Proposal BIR Form Briefing and Tax Update Seminar Briefing/Workshop on the FY 2012 Budget Preparation and FY 2011 Budget Execution Seminar on the Rules & Regulations in the Settlement of Accounts, The Revised Rules of Procedures of the Commission and the Guide in the Audit of Procurement Seminar/Workshop on Cash Control System and Effective Fund Management Reports on Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations and Disbursements and Reconciliation of FY 2013, 1st Quarter Financial Accountability



Masters of Business Administration Divine Word College of Laoag April 2009 to March 2014



Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Management Divine Word College of Laoag June 2000 to March 2004 Cum Laude


Bangui School of Fisheries- Pagudpud Campus June 1996 to March 2000 Salutatorian


Pancian Elementary School June 1990 to March1996 First Honors