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Unit Test 2
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.


1 Complete the text with the correct British English option a), b) or c). My last overseas business trip was highly enjoyable. I set off fairly early in the morning, so there was hardly any traffic on the (1)______________, and I got to the airport very uic!ly. I drove straight to the multi"storey (#)______________. $evel four was practically empty so I par!ed very easily. I then too! the (%)______________ down and made my way to departures. &s usual, I had (')______________ my tic!et online. (his allows me to use one of the e)press chec!"in des!s, where there is hardly ever a (*)______________. &s I just had one piece of (+)______________, it too! only a couple of minutes to chec! in, and then just a little longer to go through security. I was relieved to see that there were no delays or cancellations. I boarded my plane and set about doing some wor!. ,hat-s great about .antol &irlines is that even if you fly (/)______________ as I usually do, there is plenty of wor! space for the business traveller. I finished my report and then just rela)ed until landing. I made my way to the (0)______________ station, chec!ed the (1)______________ and the platform number, and too! the first train to the (12)______________. I got off at 3pera, which was within easy wal!ing distance of my hotel. 1 # % ' * + / 0 1 12 a) runway a) car par! a) elevator a) reserved a) ueue a) travel bag a) coach a) underway a) timetable a) downtown area b) motorway b) par!ing lot b) lift b) chec!ed b) line b) hand luggage b) savings b) subway b) diary b) city centre c) freeway c) par!way c) carousel c) boo!ed c) row c) carry"on baggage c) economy c) underground c) schedule c) district



!n"erline the correct #erb $orm in italics.

"HOTOCO"IABLE # 2$%$ "ea&s'n L'n(man ELT


&4 I can-t believe it5 3ur flight-s just been cancelled. 64 3h no5 ,hat will we do 7 are we going to do8


&4 3ur travel e)penses claim system isn-t wor!ing properly. 64 I !now. ,e-ve got it all planned. Were going to introduce 7 Well introduce a new procedure.


&4 I hear you-re off to 9eng:hou ne)t Monday. 64 (hat-s right. 6ut I-ll come and see you before I leave 7 Ill leave.


&4 I-ve been trying to e"mail them my invoice but I can-t get connected to the Internet. 64 ;ot to worry. If you give me their details Im going to fax 7 Ill fax it over for you.


&4 &re you free on (uesday8 64 ,ell, Ill see 7 Im seeing our new .ales Manager in the morning, but the afternoon is 3<.


&4 9ave you chec!ed the timetable8 64 =es. (he ne)t train leaves at 12 a.m., but it doesnt stop 7 wont stop at $in:.


&4 ,hat are your plans for ne)t wee!8 64 We are visiting 7 Well visit our >hinese subsidiaries.

% Complete the sentences using the correct $uture $orm o$ the #erb in brackets. !se contracte" $orms where possible. 10 I-m afraid Ms &ydin can-t see you on (hursday. .he ____________________ our annual sales conference. (attend) 11 If I could just ta!e down your phone number, I ____________________ Mr ?i @ietro to call you bac! as soon as possible. (ask) #2 I-ve just received our schedule. 3ur train ____________________ from >entral .tation at 0.1* a.m. tomorrow. (leave) #1 ## I-ll contact you as soon as I ____________________ my itinerary. (receive) If you accept that job in Aietnam, you ____________________ it. (never regret)
"HOTOCO"IABLE # 2$%$ "ea&s'n L'n(man ELT


&4 9ave you boo!ed our tic!ets8 64 .orry, I forgot. I ____________________ the travel department now. ( phone)

#' #*

$oo! at this fog5 Blights ____________________ just li!e last time. (be delayed) ,e won-t start the meeting until everyone ____________________ here. (get)

& 6 & 6 & > 6




& Complete the con#ersation. 'rite one wor" in each blank. (ravel .ection. Cood afternoon. 9ow can I help you8 I-d li!e to spea! to Dehra <adic, (#+)______________. (hat-s e)tension #11. (han! you. ,ho-s calling, please8 Ean ?egraaf, from .mets Flectronics. Eust one moment please, Mr ?egraaf. I-m putting you through. 9ello, Dehra <adic spea!ing. 9ello, Dehra. Ean here. (he (#/)______________ I-m calling is that I-d li!e to fi) another

time for our Briday meeting. I-m afraid something-s (#0)______________ up, and I-m tied up all day. .orry about that. > 6 > 6 > 6 ;o problem. 9ow (#1)______________ (hursday morning instead8 I can-t (%2)______________ it then, I-m afraid. 6ut I-m free in the afternoon after 1*.22. 3<. .hall we say 1*.%28 (hat-s fine for me. Cood. .o I-ll see you on (hursday at 1*.%2. (hat-s great. .ee you then5

"HOTOCO"IABLE # 2$%$ "ea&s'n L'n(man ELT

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