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6BUS1062 Social Networking and Enterprise Assignment 2 Group Presentations on YouTube

Submission deadline:

Friday 13th December 2013 at 17:00 Group working assignment

All employers are keen to recruit graduates who are able to co-operate, solve problems and work in teams to bring cost-effective ideas to measure their presence in Social Networking sites. As less hierarchical organisations have emerged with project teams, self-managed work teams and management teams, so the requirements to Communicate well with people and to work with and through others become increasingly important. Teamwork involves working confidently within a group, contributing your own ideas effectively, taking a share of the responsibility, being assertive rather than passive or aggressive, accepting and learning from constructive criticism, listening and giving constructive feedback to others. For this presentation you are required to work in a group to develop a social networking campaign with a viral piece of content for the businesses in your case study. The piece could be video, image, audio, Tweet, Facebook post, Blog post etc. The business can be the same one you have used for your first individual assignment. Based on the nature of the business you need to identify appropriate channels to use for your campaign. Your plan could start with your viral piece of content and then you would present your strategic approach to start and manage your marketing messages on the social networks. Your campaign needs to have clear objectives that you are aiming for which could be specific and around influence, keyword analysis, retweets, hashtags, ratings, likes, fans, followers, pins, clicks, viewthroughs, tags etc. In addition, your campaign needs to provide a clear time frame to achieve your objectives. Your objectives need to be realistic for the key metrics that you are focusing for your social activities. Within the group, you then need to show how your objectives will be met for every social networking site you decide to integrate in your campaign. This will help you to build an overall plan for your social networking campaign and your efforts. Questions that you might raise within your teams could include but not limited to: Why do you feel these were more effective social networking channels than others? What criteria did you use to decide on your key metrics for your campaign? What will these key metrics mean to the business? Assignment information You will be working in groups of 4 or 5 students. You are advised to form a group within your allocated tutorial group but this is not essential. You are required to notify your tutor of your group members by the end of week four. If necessary, please use the group discussion on Studynet to form your groups.

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You will be required to develop and deliver a short presentation describing your social networking campaign for the business. There should be no more then 10 minutes duration. Content beyond 10 minutes will not be watched, assessed or contribute to your assessment grade. There is no minimum time limit. You are required to record a video presentation of up to 10 min and upload this onto your own YouTube channel. You must submit a link to your YouTube video on StudyNet. Every member of each group is required to submit the link/embed on the assignment two on StudyNet. Standard Business School penalties for late submissions will apply. I.e. -10% for each day late. Submissions over seven days late will not be marked.

The details of the members of the group will be included in the credit of your video (see lecture entitled Create YouTube videos: http://goo.gl/JpPnyI). All group members must appear in the video at least once and have individual performances. Groups should not exceed five members. Each member of the group must explain his or her role in this project. The same mark will be given to all group members and therefore it is your own responsibility to ensure that everyone in the group is fully engaged. All group disputes should be reported to your team leader and then can be escalated to your tutor or module leader if no agreement has been reached within your group. You will also be required to keep a group log of your meetings and actions. Your progress needs to be reported back to the tutors and class using 2-3 minute group video uploaded on !"##$%&'() (iPhone or Android) using your Twitter account and module hashtag. No effort to the group work will result to zero marks!

Designing Presentations Some popular tools that you might want to consider using when designing your presentations are PowerPoint (Windows), Keynote (Mac), Prezi (online), Google Docs (online), Slideshare (online), iMovie, ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Sliderocket (online) or use Google to find other tools. You are free to use whatever application you want to create a movie. Those of you aiming for a first class honours degree will need to consider designing Infographics like presentations. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Some popular tools include Visual.ly, Creately, Bubbl, Cacoo, Stat Planet, Inkscape, Charts Bin and Google for more. Please note that you can use PowerPoint and other software to design Infographics as well.

Marking for this assignment If you do not submit a video, you will not receive any marks. If there are extenuating circumstances for you not submitting, then you should notify Hajr Hyseni before the deadline. All members of the group would normally be awarded the same mark. Should it become evident to the tutor marking the presentation that any member of the group has not participated fully in the development of the presentation, then the mark for that student(s) may be adjusted accordingly. Your grade will be released at the end of the module on StudyNet. The module learning outcomes assessed for this assignment are: 1. Work individually and in groups to develop strategies for business improvements using online social networking 2. Recommend the most effective social networking channels to use for improving performance of different departments in an organisation and overall business growth. Breakdown of marks for your learning outcomes can be found in Appendix 2. The following marking criteria for assessing presentations at the Business School will be used as well: Content and Quality of Argument (e.g. accuracy and relevance; clarity of argumentation/explanation; currency of information; level of interest; level of independent research) Planning/Organisation of the Material (e.g. evidence of prior planning; logical order of the content; introduction/ summary/ conclusion) Linkage/Signposting (e.g. the use of signposting and frames; explicit linking between different parts of the presentation) Use of Language (e.g. is the language grammatical; well articulated and understandable by others; is it audible) Use of Body Language (e.g. appropriate use of gestures; facial expressions; eye contact; posture; personal appearance) Support materials (how appropriate are the materials for supporting the delivery of the content; how well are they used?) Use of time (e.g. how well is the presentation timed and paced?) Group functioning (e.g. how well are the roles defined and executed; how cohesive and coordinated does the group present itself?) Overall impression (e.g. how does the entire presentation hang together/ present itself?) Additionally, the overall assessment may include an assessment of the process of preparation. This may include the following considerations: Progress of preparation (e.g. video log, numbers of meetings; progress of preparation) Relative inputs of members of the group (e.g. documentation of input; peer assessment of input) Roles of group members in preparation (e.g. project manager; reporter etc.) Resolution of conflict situations The level of team building Further info on the Appendix 2: Marking criteria matrix.