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Major Works Data Sheet THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD AP Literature and Co !

osition Class Period: 2 Name: Alison Page Description of the Authors Style: Example that Demonstrates Style and Explanation: &itle of !ork: Their Eyes Were Watching God Chara"teristi"s o# the Genre$ &"e genre for Their as Eyes Were Watching God is a the envy The author uses her own lyrical taste and the southern dialect of Seeing the woman she was made them remember Aut"or: @ora Neale because it is a times. coming of age chewed stor$ for t"e main the characters in the *urston book to create an overall contrasting style of 5ildungsroman they had stored up from other So they up the c"aracter+ &"e stor$ follo#s "er life t"roug" t"ree writing throughout the novel. Her personal style is very back parts .anie% of their minds and swallowed with relish. They made Aate of Publication: September =BC; marriages and demonstrates .anie)sand 2ourne$ to tools becoming t"e intellectual and poetic, using lots of imagery and figurative burning statements with questions, killing out of #oman s"e is% &"e no(el can also be considered a Modernist language to outline the setting and outward details of the plot. laughs. It was mass cruelty. A mood come alive. Word walking Denre: Eegionalism+ Modernism andis 5ildungsroman because t"e narration goes in and of different The style of the characters dialogue much more colloquial and no(el without masters; walking altogether likeout harmony in a song. c"aracters) minds% &"e ma2orit$ of t"e no(el is narrated t"roug" informal, using slang and more personal diction to communicate What she doin coming back here in dem overhalls? Cant she a t"ird person omniscient narrator but at times t"e narrator the characters inner thoughts and outward behavior. This find no dress to put on?Wheres dat blue satin dress she left e>presses t"e consciousness of c"aracters suc" as &ea Cake and here in? (2). e(en t"e bu33ards "o(eredin o(er mule%and using lots of The author is very t"at descriptive thist"e passage Eegionalism is demonstrated in Their Eyes Were flowery word choice, similes, and metaphorical phrases to Watching Godher because t"e c"aracters speak in is a dialect common communicate idea to the reader. Her voice very appealing in certain region of t"e Fnited States #"ic" "appens to be t"e to a the senses and helps the reader identify with her own sout"% Also+ local color is illustrated in t"e no(el b$ focusing on emotions. This sophisticated introduction to the ladies thoughts a specific region and t"eir customs% gives their accusations validation, but at the same time contrasts Histori"a% and &io'ra!hi"a% In#or ation a(out the Period o# Pu(%i"ation : language to shed light on the true barbarity of their with their @ora Neale *urston is commonl$ linked to t"e *arlem Eenaissance+ #"ic" is an artistic and intellectual coming to allegations. fullness, in t"e =B=<)s and =B2<)s+ and is also referred to as t"e Ne# Negro Mo(ement,% &"is cultural mo(ement #as centered on *arlem area of Ne# 6ork+ #"ic" is #"ere t"e name *arlem Eenaissance originated from% 7t is also referred to as t"e Ne# Negro Memorable Quotations (5) Mo(ement, because t"is #as a time of de(elopment in African American literature% &"e main belief of t"e *arlem Eenaissance is t"at an$ group+ race+Quotation or nation t"at (anddemonstrates Speaker): artistic pro#ess #ill be respected and celebrated% Significance: *urston+ in contrast to t"e Dreat Migration in "er culture+ returned to ?lorida+ instead of mo(ing to#ard t"e nort"ern part of t"e Fnited continue andon gain being educated in t"e Nort" (S"e "ad !"en s"eStates got to to #"ere t"e$ ant"ropological #ere s"e turned #ork "er face t"eliterar$ inspiration &"is /uote after marks t"e return of .anie in 0aton(ille1 its to lie about "er age in order to finis" "ig" sc"ool)% *urston "as gro#n up in 0aton(ille+ ?lorida+ #"ic" is t"e main setting of "er no(el , bander log and spoke% &"e$ scrambled a nois$ 'good e(enin)) and significance lies in t"e re(elation of t"e reactions of t"e Their Eyes Were Watching God % 0aton(ille is also t"e Fnited States) first black incorporated to#ns"ip+ "o# *urston most likel$ left t"eir mout"s setting open and t"eir ears full of "ope% *er to#nspeople to "er return% &"is passage s"o#s 2ust "o# eager gained "er inspiration for t"e no(el% speec" #as pleasant enoug"+ but s"e kept #alking straig"t on to t"e$ are to "ear of #"at "appened to .anie+ and t"e aut"or *urston ne(er recei(ed an$ kind of profit from "er #ork+ due loop"oles+ and #as also buried in an "er gate,Fnfortunatel$+ (2)% demeans t"em b$to c"aracteri3ing t"eir reactions as animalistic unmarked gra(e in a segregated cemeter$+ until Alice !alker restored "er #ork and made "er #a$ to ?lorida to fi> t"at% Alice t"roug" t"e descriptions of t"eir mout"s and ears% &"e$ are seen !alker is also t"e reason *urston)s Their Eyes Were Watching God #as publis"ed+ since s"e redisco(ered *urston)s no(el% -&"e aut"or describing .anie as na4(e and s"allo# b$ t"eir greed$ attitudes% .anie is percei(ed to be content+ $et #orn+ t"roug" "er indifference of t"eir actions P%ot Su ar)$ and "er #ant to speak #it" no one% 5ecause s"e remains Main c"aracter .anie "as man$ rumors circulating about "er life untilcomposed a friend P"oebe o(er to listen to life stor$% .anie)s as s"e come faces "er neig"bors+ it"er is re(ealed t"at .anie stor$ begins as a $oung girl #"ere s"e gro#s up li(ing #it" "er grandmot"er in t"e back$ard of a #"ite famil$ until "er grandmot"er kno#s t"at s"e is better t"an t"eir meaningless gossip+ and s"e sa(es enoug" mone$ to bu$ t"em a "ouse of t"eir o#n% *a(ing gro#n upmuc" in sla(er$+ .anie)s grandmot"er is /uick to marr$ .anie off "as more important t"ings to take to mind t"an t"eir $oung to Gogan Hillicks% Alt"oug" Gogan is kind to .anie+ t"ere is no lo(e in t"eir relations"ip and s"e soon becomes distracted b$ a opinions of "er% s#aggering older man .oe Starks% S"e soon runs off #it" .od$ to li(e in a ne# all-black communit$ in 0aton(ille ?lorida% .oe)s commanding leaders"ip pus"es "im to t"e position of ma$or of t"e to#n lea(ing .anie to run t"e store% &"ere marriage is "app$ enoug" in t"e beginning+ but about ;it $ears in A" s"etold reali3es s"e is confined% .oe does letof "er engage in pla$ful con(ersation )Na# it ain)t neit"er% 6ou ain)t put #"ere $u" tu"% 7f being 5$ insulting .anie in not front t"e customer+ .od$ is insulting "er on t"e front porc" and al#a$s forces "er to keep "er "air tied up% After 2< $ears of marriage+ t"ings finall$ fall apart #"en .oe it in $ou)d git $o) mind out de streets and keep it on $o) business and "er freedom e(en more deepl$ in comparison to doing becomes old and sick and isolates "imself+ causing t"e couple to essentiall$ become strangers% !"en .oe is in t"e t"ro#s of deat"+ ma$be $ou could git somet"in) straig"t sometimes% 8 !id $ou seclusion% *e is using "er small mistake to release "is anger at .anie finall$ gi(es "im a piece of "er mind+ and "e dies% .anie does not in#ardl$ mourn "is deat"+ but keeps up a s"o# of mourning "ea"+ A" oug"tn)t tu" "afta do all dat lookin) and searc"in)% A" "er for not meeting "is e>pectations as a #ife in general% &"e in front of$ou t"e time to#n% Si>time mont"s .oe)sall deat"+ man dialect named emplo$ed &ea Cake b$ #"o respects and speaks to "er as done told and aginafter tu" stick dem.anie apersmeets on data $ounger realistic t"e aut"or "er establis"es a "armful an e/ual% &"eir relations"ip gro#s+ to t"e disma$ of t"e to#n+ until t"e$ finall$ run off to .ackson(ille and get married% &ea Cake nail9 All $ou got tu" do is mind me% *o# come $ou can)t do lak degree of malice in .od$)s accusations+ and "elps t"e reader to "appil$ suggests t"at t"e$ go to li(e in da muck, of t"e 0(erglades% reall$ *e kno#s t"is is t"e a fun place t"e$ can "a(eoppression an eas$ life A" tell $u":), (;<-;=)% relate #it" pain felt#"ere b$ .anie% ?eminine is picking beans making friends% &"e$ do 2ust t"at% .anie "as a run in in establis"ed t"e 0(erglades #it" a #oman s"e belie(es &ea Cake c"eating as a centrali3ed t"eme of t"e no(el in t"is is scene+ as on "er #it"+to but it soon becomes apparent t"at &ea Cake onl$ lo(es .anie% After in t"ein 0(erglades about a $ear+ #arning signs -.oe Starks .anie marriage toli(ing .oe Starks .anie)s second encounter #it" t"e appear t"at a "urricane is coming% .anie and &ea Cake ignore t"e #arnings and soon find t"emsel(es in t"e midst of a "orrible storm% "ars" realities of committed lo(e% .oe uses "is mean #ords to &"e$+ along #it" t"eir friend Motor 5oat make a run for it and escape t"roug" t"e rising #aters% Along t"e #a$+ .anie is s#ept a#a$ create dominance o(er .anie+ and "urts "er feelings and pride as and forced to cling to a co# #it" an angr$ dog on it)s back t"at is t"reatening to kill "er% &ea Cake comes to t"e rescue but is bitten a result% b$ t"e dog% &"e$ make it to Palm 5eac" #"ere &ea Cake spends se(eral #eeks in t"e clean-up process+ and t"e$ t"en run a#a$ back to t"e 0(erglades% &"e$ settle back do#n into a "ome and are reunited #it" man$ friends% &"ree #eeks after t"eir return+ &ea Cake comes do#n #it" a m$sterious illness t"at makes "im unable to drink #ater and fills "im #it" rage% .anie calls for t"e doctor+ #"o tells "er it is rabies from t"e dog and it is too late to sa(e "im% 7n "is cra3e and paranoia+ &ea Cake takes a pistol and aims it at .anie #"o "as a pistol% .anie tries to stop "im+ but #"en &ea Cake s"oots+ .anie s"oots back+ killing "im% S"e is put on trial+ and #"ile t"e black communit$ blamed "er for t"e deat"+ t"e doctor pleaded "er case t"at &ea Cake #as out of "is mind% .anie lo(ed &ea Cake and built "im an elaborate tomb% S"e t"en returned to 0aton(ille #"ere t"e frame stor$ ends #it" "er e>plaining "er life and its lessons to P"oebe%

)A")m older t"an &ea Cake+ $es% 5ut "e done s"o#ed me #"ere it)s de t"oug"t dat makes de difference in ages% 7f people t"inks de same t"e$ can make it all rig"t% So in t"e beginnin) ne# t"oug"ts "ad tu" be t"oug"t and ne# #ords said% After A" got used to dat+ #e gits 'long 2us) fine% *e done taug"t me de maiden language all o(er) (==5)% -.anie to P"oeb$

.anie is breaking do#n t"e barriers of age t"at defined t"e idea of a relations"ip during t"e setting of t"e no(el% *o#e(er+ .anie is also re(ealing "o# s"e "as found "erself in &ea Cake b$ declaring "o# "e "as been t"e one to teac" "er t"at t"oug"t makes de difference%, .anie and &ea Cake)s relations"ip differs+ in a positi(e #a$+ from .anie)s pre(ious marriages because of "er personal freedom ac/uired and t"e foundation of "er o#n nature to t"ink% .anie admits to t"e reformation s"e under#ent as a result of "er relations"ip from &ea Cake+ but t"e lig"t-"earted diction used b$ t"e aut"or re(eals t"e good nature of t"e c"anges% &"e #a$ .anie speaks of &ea Cake in t"is passage s"o#s t"e respect s"e "as for "im+ but also t"e e/ual understanding t"e$ s"are as partners #it"out one)s (oice trumping t"e ot"er)s% &"e simplicit$ of t"is con(ersation)s structure gi(es t"e content of t"e e>c"ange all t"e more (alue% 5ecause &ea Cake and .anie are able to so casuall$ speak of t"eir future+ fate+ past+ and mistakes s"o#s 2ust "o# strong t"eir bond is and "o# muc" t"e$ trul$ lo(e one anot"er% &ea Cake)s compassionate nature is re(ealed t"roug" "is suggestion t"at .anie deser(ed to be li(ing "er pre(ious lifest$le rat"er t"an being stuck in a storm #it" "im% .anie)s fast response s"o#s "er matter-of-factness t"at s"e #anted not"ing more t"an to be #it" &ea Cake+ regardless of t"eir circumstance% &"e simple s$nta> gi(es t"e dialogue a muc" more personal tone+ and familiari3es t"e reader #it" t"e c"aracters t"roug" t"e use of indirect c"aracteri3ation% 7n addition+ t"e aut"or)s allusion to deat" at t"is point connects .anie)s relations"ip #it" &ea Cake #it" "er pre(ious marriageIlife #it" .oe Starks% &"e aut"or concludes .anie)s stor$ (t"e acti(e plot of t"e no(el) #it" t"is reflection to create an atmosp"ere of content in t"e to#n of 0aton(ille% 5ecause .anie "as no# been to de "ori3on and back, s"e can finall$ be content #"ere s"e is1 "er constant /uest for "appiness in all of "er marriages is ironicall$ ac"ie(ed in t"e deat" of "er true lo(e+ &ea Cake+ and t"e return to "er old life% 7t is notable t"at .anie constructi(el$ looks at "er past relations"ips as lessons to be learned from rat"er t"an feeling spite to#ards "er e>"usbands% &"e "ouse t"at s"e li(es in and t"e emptiness t"at once possessed it represents "er relations"ip #it" .oe Starks and t"e lack of substance in t"eir lo(e to#ards eac" ot"er% .anie and &ea Cake)s marriage taug"t "er "o# to be independent and an indi(idual #"ile depending on anot"er person% &"e reference to t"e bedroom relates back to #"en .anie finall$ concluded t"e absence of "er feelings of lo(e to#ards .od$ #"en t"eir bedroom #as no longer t"eir pla$ground,+ connecting+ once again+ .anie)s lessons about life learned t"roug" &ea Cake #it" t"e "ars" realities re(ealed t"roug" "er ot"er relations"ips%

7n a little #ind-lull+ &ea Cake touc"ed .anie and said+ 'A" reckon $ou #is" no# $ou "ad of sta$ed in $o) big "ouse '#a$ from dis+ don)t $u:) 'Na#%) 'Na#:) '6ea"+ na#% People don)t die till de$ time come no"o#+ don)t keer #"ere $ou at% A")m #id ma" "usband in u" strom+ dat)s all), (=5B)% 'Con(ersation bet#een &ea Cake and .anie

) So A")m back "ome agin and A")m satisfied tu" be "ea"% A" done been tu" de "ori3on and back and no# A" kin set "ea" in ma" "ouse and li(e b$ comparisons% Ais "ouse ain)t so absent of t"ings lak it used tu" be befo) &ea Cake come along% 7t)s full u" t"oug"ts+ 'speciall$ dat bedroom), (=B=)% -.anie to P"oeb$

C"aracter)s Name: =% .anie


.o"nn$ &a$lor


Motor 5oat


Ar% Simmons




&ea Cake (Lergible !oods)




Mrs% &urner


Gogan Hillicks

=<% .od$ Starks

Major Chara"ters Eole (!"at role does t"is person Significance (!"$ is t"is "a(e in t"e stor$:): c"aracter significant to t"e stor$:): Protagonist S"e is t"e main c"aracter and all of t"e e>ternal conflict of t"e no(el re(ol(es around "er and "er actions+ s"e de(elops t"e t"emes of feminism and indi(idualism #it" "er actions ?irst bo$ .anie kisses *is kiss transitions .anie from c"ild"ood into #oman"ood+ "e prompts Nann$ to force .anie to marr$ Gogan Hillicks A friend of &ea Cake and .anie C"ooses to sleep in an old "ouse as t"e$ are tra(elling to escape t"e "urricane and defies all odds b$ sur(i(ing #it"out a scrape after t"e storm passes ?riendl$ #"ite doctor from t"e Confirms t"e ine(itabilit$ of &ea muck Cake)s deat" after being bit b$ t"e mad dog+ counters t"e cruelt$ of racism t"at is so pre(alent at t"is time b$ assisting so man$ black families .anie)s best friend S"e is t"e recipient of .anie)s recounts of "er life+ s"e offers .anie clarit$ as s"e makes decisions regarding "er relations"ips #it" .oe and &ea Cake .anie)s t"ird "usband *elps .anie find "erself t"roug" "is uncon(entional #a$ of li(ing+ alt"oug" "e is =2 $ears $ounger+ "e is t"e onl$ man #it" #"om .anie feels a real connection and real lo(e .anie)s grandmot"er Eaises .anie and #ants "er to lead a comfortable life+ forces "er to marr$ Gogan Hillicks #"ic" crus"es .anie)s "opes of lo(e in marriage .anie)s landlad$ in t"e muck Nbsessed #it" "er #"ite features and "ates black people+ becomes friends #it" .anie because of "er Caucasian looks and e(en sees .anie as an aut"orit$ because of "er et"nicit$ .anie)s first "usband *is relations"ip #it" .anie is #"at re(eals to .anie t"e fact t"at marriage does not al#a$s impl$ lo(e+ tries to make "er "app$ but gi(es up .anie)s second "usband+ ma$or Nffers .anie a life of e>citement and founder of 0aton(ille and passion+ but ends up as anot"er sour relations"ip+ disrespects .anie and sees "er as an inferior

C"aracter &raits (!"at sort of person is t"is:): Curious+ ne(er gi(es up on "er dreams+ doesn)t let ot"er people get "er do#n+ confident

S$mbolic+ e>plorati(e+ pro(oking Content+ strong-#illed+ confident #it" "is o#n intuition

Caring+ selfless+ "as a good "eart+ "elpful

Go$al+ non-2udgmental+ good listener+ s$mpat"etic

Eesourceful+ "opeful+ indifferent to t"e opinions of ot"ers+ understanding

Caring+ #ants #"at is best for .anie+ religious+ traditional

S"allo#+ ignorant+ racist

Plain+ indifferent+ uses .anie to gain personal ad(antage

Eude+ controlling+ go-getter+ moti(ated b$ #ork and popular opinion of "imself+ leader

Des"ri!tion o# the Settin'*s+ and the Mood the Settin'*s+ Create$ =% West ,%orida- to#n #"ere .anie is broug"t up+ societ$ is ruled b$ racism and traditional (alues1 t"is setting creates t"e feeling of opportunit$ t"at lies in t"e rest of t"e #orld because of .anie)s seclusion "ere 2% Eaton.i%%e- black to#n built from t"e ground b$ .oe Starks+ (er$ small and e(er$one kno#s eac" ot"er)s business1 not"ing in .anie)s life is pri(ate+ keeping "er under t"e constant e$e of t"e to#nspeople+ (er$ nos$ and secluded C% The E.er'%ades */da u"k0+- place #"ere .anie and &ea Cake go after t"e$ get married+ (er$ poor+ di(erse #it" its population1 creates a comf$ atmosp"ere around t"e life of &ea Cake and .anie because t"e$ are no longer under t"e scrutin$ of 2udgmental people #"o kno# e(er$ detail of t"eir li(es+ rela>ed and opportunistic for t"e couple to build a life of prosperit$ t"roug" t"eir "ard #ork+ simplistic J% Pa% &ea"h- #"ere t"e population of t"e 0(erglades go to reac" suffrage from t"e de(astating "urricane+ #orn do#n+ beat up+ o(er populated1 creates a tone of desperation to sta$ ali(e because of t"e un#elcoming li(ing conditions+ lots of sorro# establis"ed t"roug" t"e bur$ing of t"e dead in t"is place and t"e re/uirement for t"e in"abitants to "elp #it" t"e burials

Major S) (o%s1 Moti#s1 I a'es$ S) (o%sPear tree$ #"at .anie "opes "er life and lo(e in life #ill be like+ .anie)s dreams and aspirations to be "app$ and life t"e perfect life one da$+ .anie c"ases after t"is t"roug"out t"e no(el onl$ to find "er ans#ers t"roug" multiple instances of de(astation Hurri"ane: t"e "ars"ness of nature and t"e realit$ t"at life is not al#a$s #"at .anie #antsIpictures it to be+ causes t"e c"aracters to /uestion t"eir being and look to Dod for strengt" because of t"e great magnitude of de(astation it causes Disease$ t"e "uman aspect of .anie and &ea Cake)s lo(e affair+ s"o#s .anie t"at all good t"ings "a(e to come to an end and t"at s"e cannot al#a$s control #"at "appens in life Moti#sCo unit)$ t"e importance of communit$ and t"e ine(itabilit$ of t"e closeness felt bet#een t"e occupants+ be it good or bad Ra"is $ t"e less fortunate lifest$le of t"e black people is a direct reflection of #"ite dominance at t"is time+ specificall$ seen in t"e assignment of caskets to #"ite folk after t"e "urricane blo#s t"roug" t"e 0(erglades Si'ni#i"an"e o# the Endin'2C%osin' S"ene$ &"e closing scene relates back to t"e opening scene in order to remind t"e reader of t"e origins of t"e stor$ and #"$ it #as being communicated in t"e first place% .anie is finall$ able to feel content in "er o#n mindset because of t"e mistakes s"e made and t"e gro#t" s"e e>perienced in eac" of "er marriages+ and "er final product of a person is e>perienced t"roug" "er concluding recollections1 t"e #a$ s"e is able to accept &ea Cake)s deat" and become comfortable in t"e "er occupied life re(eals "er ac"ie(ed maturit$ as a #oman #"o does not need a man to define "erself%

Si'ni#i"an"e o# the O!enin' S"ene$ &"e opening scene uses .anie)s final e(entual return to 0aton(ille to introduce t"e main plot of "er life in t"e form of a recollection% 5$ using t"e conclusion of .anie)s searc" to find "erself t"roug" "er perils+ t"e aut"or creates a tiresome+ $et "opeful+ mood to ease t"e reader into a relations"ip #it" t"e main c"aracter% &"e .anie t"e aut"or sees in t"e beginning is used as a comparison in t"e mind of t"e reader as t"e plot unfolds to re(eal .anie)s life stor$% The es$

Indi.idua%it) .s3 Identi#i"ation in a Re%ationshi!- .anie faces a constant struggle of finding "er identit$ t"roug"out t"e no(el% S"e begins as a $oung girl searc"ing for lo(e as "er purpose in life% *er (oice is stiffened b$ "er first t#o marriages+ as "er dream for passionate lo(e and understanding to be felt bet#een a man and a #oman is crus"ed b$ "er "usbands% 7t is onl$ t"roug" "er relations"ip #it" &ea Cake t"at .anie is able to reali3e t"e true content of "er o#n (oice and "o# to control t"e po#er s"e no# is a#are of% O!!ression- .anie is constantl$ bossed around b$ t"e people in "er life1 t"roug" "er Nann$ forcing "er to marr$ Gogan Hillicks+ .oe Starks ordering "er around+ and t"e opinion of t"e people of 0aton(ille dri(ing "er decisions+ .anie struggles to be "er true self amongst t"e oppression from e>ternal forces% 5eing set free of t"e commitment of marriageOa marriage t"at s"e (alued more t"an an$t"ingOis #"at ultimatel$ sets .anie free to be "erself% &"roug" "er struggles and t"e suffocation of "er (oice+ .anie is able to find "er "ori3on and be content #it" "er life at t"at point in time% Possi(%e To!i"s24uestions #or Dis"ussion$ 7s t"ere an$ e(idence of racism in 0aton(ille: !"at ot"er relations"ips in t"e no(el re(eal oppression+ ot"er t"an .anie)s