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LINGVA LATINA PER SE ILLVSTRATA by Hans H. 0rberg PARS I: FAMILIA ROMANA PARS II: ROMA AETERNA INDICES COLLOQVIA PERSONARVM GRAMMATICA LATINA EXERCITIA LATINA PLAVTVS: AMPHITRYO PETRONIVS: CENA TRIMALCHIONIS Domus Latina, Hans H. 0rberg Skovvangen 7, DK-8500 Grenaa, Denmark www.lingua-latina.dk Focus Publishing, Ron Pullins P.O.Box 369, Newburyport, MA 01950, USA www.pullins.com

a/ab/abs/wp +abl ab-alienare ab-dere -didisse -ditum ab-ditus -a -um ab-ducere ab-errare ab-esse a-fuisse ab-horrere ab ab-icere ab-igere -egisse -actum ab-Tre -eo -iisse ab-olere ab-olescere -evisse ab-ripere ab-rogare ab-rumpere abs v. a/ab/abs abs-cedere absens -entis adi ab-solvere abs-terrere abs-tinens -entis abs-tinere -uisse -tentum abs-trahere ab-sumere abundans -antis abundantia - a e / abundare (+abl) abunde ab-utl +abl ac v. atque/ac ac-cedere ac-cendere -disse -ensum acceptus -a -um +dat accersere -ivisse -ltum accessio - o n i s / ac-cidere -disse ac-cingere ac-cipere ac-clre ac-clamare ac-colere ac-commodare ac-cubare ac-cumbere -cubuisse accurate ac-currere -rrisse -rsum ac-cusare acer -cris -ere acerbus -a -um acervus -i m acies - e l / ac-quiescere ac-quirere -sivisse -situm acta -orum n pi actio - o n i s / actor -oris m acutus -a -um ad prp+acc ad-amare

from, of, since, by turn away, alienate hide hidden, remote take away, carry off wander away, stray be absent/away/distant, fall short, be wanting be inconsistent with throw away drive away go away efface, obliterate be effaced/forgotten drag away, carry off repeal, cancel break off go away, withdraw absent free, acquit frighten away, deter self-restrained keep off remove, separate consume, waste, destroy overflowing, abundant overflow, abundance overflow, be rich (in) amply, more than needed use up, take advantage of approach, come near light, inflame well-liked, popular send for, fetch addition, accessory happen, occur, be heard gird, pass gird oneself receive, get, hear summon, send for shout, proclaim live near fit, adapt recline at table lie down at table carefully come running accuse keen, active, fierce sour, bitter heap, pile line of battle, battle, sight go to rest, die acquire, procure deeds, actions action, delivery pleader, advocate sharp to, toward, by, at, till fall in love with

ad-dere -didisse -ditum ad-ducere ad-eo a dv ad-esse af-fuisse (+dat) ad-hortarl ad-hortator -oris m ad-hoc ad-icere ad-igere -egisse -actum ad-imere -emisse -emptum ad-iplsci -eptum ad-Ire -eo -iisse -itum aditus -us m ad-iungere ad-iuvare ad-minister -hi m ad-ministra - a e / ad-ministrare ad-mlrari adm'iratio - o n i s / ad-miscere ad-mittere ad-modum adv ad-monere ad-monitus -us m ad-movere admurmuratio - o n i s / ad-nectere -xuisse -xum ad-nirl adnotatiuncula - a e / adolescere -evisse ad-optare adopt(at)io - o n i s / ad-orare ad-orlri ad-ornare ad-stare ad-suescere adulescens -entis m adulescentia - a e / adulter -eri m adulterlnus -a -um adulterium -i n adultus -a -um aduncus -a -um ad-vehere advena -ae m/f ad-venire adventare adventicius -a -um adventus-us m adversary adversarius -I m adversus/-um prp +acc adversus -a -um ad-vertere ad-vocare aedes - i s / aedificare aedificium -l n aedilicius -I m

add lead, bring (to) to such a degree, so, too be present, stand by encourage, urge on one who encourages so far, till now, still add drive, compel (to) take away (from), steal obtain go to, approach approach,access join to, add, attach help assistant, helper assistant, helper conduct, administer admire, wonder at wonder, admiration mix (in), add let in, admit very much, quite remind, advise, urge advice, prompting move near, put to murmur attach, connect exert oneself, strive short note grow up adopt adoption worship, adore attack equip stand by get accustomed young man youth adulterer forged, false adultery full-grown, adult hooked,curved carry, convey (to) immigrant, foreigner arrive approach from without, foreign arrival oppose, resist opponent, adversary toward, against facing, opposed, front, contrary, unfavorable turn, direct (towards) call, summon temple, pi house build building ex-aedile

aedllis -is m aedilitas - a t i s / aeger -gra -gram aegre aegrotare aegrotus -a -um aeneus -a -um aequabilis -e aequabilitas - a t i s / aequalis -is m/f aequare aeque aequinoctiurn -i n aequor -is n aequus -a -um aer -eris m aerarium -i n aeratus -a -um aereus -a -um aes aeris n aesculetum -I n aestas -atis / aestimare aestivus -a -um aestuosus -a -um aetas -atis/ aetemus -a -um aether -eris m aevum -i n affectare affectus -a -um affectus -us m af-ferre at-tulisse allatum af-ficere af-iingere af-firmare af-fllgere -xisse -ctum af-fluere Africus -I m age -ite +imp ager-gri m agere egisse actum agere (cum) agitur (res/de re) actum est (de) agger -eris m ag-gredl -ior -gressum agitare (vitam) agitare animo/secum agitare a ni tat id - o n i s / agmen -inis n agna - a / agnoscere -ovisse agnus -I m agrarius -a -um agrestis -e agricola -ae m ain' aid ais ait aiunt

aedile (magistrate) aedileship sick, ill with pain, unwillingly be ill sick of bronze/copper equal equality person of the same age make equal, equal equally equinox surface, sea level, equal, fair, calm air public treasury fitted with bronze of bronze/copper copper, bronze, money oak forest summer value, estimate of summer sweltering, seething age, lifetime, life eternal, everlasting heaven, upper air, ether time space, lifetime, life strive after, aspire to affected by illness, ill mood, feeling bring, report, announce, bring about, cause affect, stir, visit with add, fabricate assert, affirm, prove cast down, deject, afflict flow near south-west wind come (on)! well, now field drive, do, perform, act, spend, live, pass go on discuss, plead is at stake it is all up (with) rampart attack, set about, try move, stir, plan live think about, consider brandishing army on the march, file ewe lamb recognize lamb agrarian rustic, boorish, m peasant farmer, peasant you don't say? really? say

ala-ae / alacer -eris -ere alatus -a -um albus -a -um alere -uisse altum ales - i t i s / alias adv al-ibl adv alinenigena -ae m alienus -a -um alio adv ali-quamdiu ali-quando ali-quantum ali-qul -qua -quod ali-quis -quid ali-quot indeel aliter ali-unde alius -a -ud alii... alii alius alia via al-licere -id -lexisse -lectum al-ligare al-loqui altaria -ium n pi alte alter -era -erum altitudo - i n i s / altum -i n altus -a -um alveus -i m aiiians -antis m a mare amarus -a -um amatorius -a -um ambo -ae -5 ambulare a n i e n s -entis arnica - a e / amicitia - a e / amictus -us m amicus -i m amicus -a -um a-migrire a-mittere amnis -is m amoenitas - a t i s / amoenus -a -um amor -oris m amphitheatrum -i n amphora - a e / am-plectl -xum ampliare ampliflcare amplitudo - i n i s / amplius adv comp amplus -a -um amputare

wing lively, eager, keen winged white nurse, feed, nourish large bird at another time in another place, elsewhere foreigner, stranger someone else's elsewhere for some time once, at last a good deal some someone, something some, several otherwise from elsewhere, from others another, other some... others each in his own way attract tie, fasten (to) speak to, address altar deep, deeply one, the other (of two), second height, depth the open sea high, tall, deep trough lover love bitter of love both, the two walk out of one's mind, mad girlfriend friendship mantle, cloak friend friendly go away, remove lose river pleasantness, beauty lovely, pleasant love amphitheater amphora (jar) embrace, cling to enlarge enlarge size, extent, greatness more large, big cutoff or,... (really)? if

anceps -cipitis anclle -is n ancilla - a e / anfractus -us m anguis -is m angulus -I in angustiae -arum fpl angustus -a -um anima - a e / anim-ad-vertere animal -alis n animare animus -I m in animo est (mihi) annates -ium m pi annivcrsarius -a -um annus -I m annuus -a -um anteprp +acc, adv an tea ante-capere ante-cedere ante-cellere ante-ferre ante-hac ante-ire ante-ponere ante-quam ante-venire antlquitas - a t i s / antiquus -a -um antrum -i n anulus -i in anus - u s / anxius -a -um aper apri m aperlre -uisse -rtum apertus -a -um apis - i s / ap-parare apparatus -us m ap-parere appellare ap-pellere ap-petere ap-plicare ap-ponere ap-portare ap-prehendere ap-probarc ap-propinquare (+daf) aprlcus -a -um Aprflis -is (mensis) apte aptus -a -um apud prp +acc aqua -ae/ aquarl aqua tor -oris in aquila - a e / Aquilo -onis in ara - a e /

double, undecided sacred shield female slave, servant orbit (of the sun) snake, serpent angle, corner narrowness, pass, defile narrow breath, life, soul, ghost notice animal, living being give life to mind, soul, courage I have in mind, intend annals annual year for one year, annual in front of, before before, formerly anticipate precede,surpass surpass, excel prefer formerly precede, surpass place before, prefer before forestall, anticipate antiquity, ancient times old, ancient, former cave,cavern ring old woman worried, worrying wild boar open, disclose open bee prepare, arrange preparation, equipment appear call, address drive, bring (to) try to reach, seek, desire attach place (on), serve bring seize approve approach, come near sunny April neatly, aptly suitable, convenient beside, near, by water fetch water one who fetches water eagle north (north-east) wind altar

aranea - a e / arare arator -oris m aratrum -I n arbiter -tri m arbitrarl arbitratus -us m arbitrium -I n arbor - o r i s / arcere arcessere -ivisse -Itum arcuatus -a -um arcus -us m ardens -entis ardere -sisse -sum ardor -oris m arduus -a -um area - a e / argenteus -a -um argentum -I n arguere -uisse -utum argumentum -i n aridus -a -um aries -etis m arma -drum n pi armare armatura - a e / armatus -a -um armentum -i n armilla - a e / ar-rldere ar-ripere ar-rogare ars a r t i s / artifex -icis m articiflum -i n artus -a -um arvum -I n arx a r c i s / as assis m a-scendere -disse a-sclscere -Ivisse -itum asinlnus -a -um asinus -I m asper -era -erum a-spergere -sisse -sum asperitas - a t i s / a-spicere asscnsus -us in as-sentlre/-rl +dat as-sequl as-serere -uisse -rtum as-sldere assiduitas - a t i s / assiduus -a -um as-signare as-sumere as-surgere astrologus -I m astrum -i n asylum -i n at

spider, cobweb plow plowman plow eyewitness, arbitrator think, believe choice, decision decision, wish tree keep away send for, fetch arched bow, (triumphal) arch burning, ardent burn burning, fire, ardor steep open space, site silver-, of silver silver reveal, affirm, accuse proof, argument dry, barren ram, battering ram arms arm, equip armament, armed troops armed (herd of) cattle bracelet smile at grasp, take hold of claim art, skill craftsman, master, artist skill, art, cunning close, tight, deep (plowed) field hill-top, citadel as (copper coin) climb, go up, mount admit, adopt ass's ass, donkey rough, harsh, grievous sprinkle, scatter (on) roughness, ruggedness look at, look approval, assent agree with, assent attain to, achieve claim sit down perseverance constantly present assign, allocate take, lay claim to rise astronomer star, constellation refuge, asylum but, yet, at least

ater -tra -trum athleta -ae m atque/ac atqul atrium -I n atrox -oris adi attat! attentus -a -um at-tenuare at-terere at-tinere ad at-tingere -tigisse -tactum attonitus -a -um auctor -oris m auctor esse auctoritas - a t i s / audacia - a e / audax -Sets adi audere ausum esse audlre dicto audiens esse au-ferre abs-tulisse ablatum au-fugere augere -xisse -ctum augescere augur -is m augurium -i n augustus -a -um Augustus -i (mensis) aula - a e / aura - a e / auratus -a -um aureus -a -um aurlga -ae m auris - i s / aurora - a e / aurum -I n auspicarl auspicium -I n Auster -tri m austraiis -e aut aut... aut autem autumnus -i m auxilium -i n auxilia -orum n pi avaritia - a e / avarus -a -um a-vehere a-vellere -lisse -vulsum avere aversus -a -um 5-vertere avidus -a -um (+gen) avis - i s / avitus -a -um a-volare avunculus -I m

black, dark athlete, prizefighter and, as, than but, and yet main room, hall, house dreadful, atrocious ah! attentive make thin, reduce wear (down), weaken concern, relate to touch, reach, arrive at, adjoin stunned, stupefied originator, founder, advocate, guarantor advise, advocate, relate authorization, authority boldness, audacity bold, audacious dare, venture hear, listen obey carry off, take away run away, escape increase grow, increase augur augury, omen venerable, majestic August palace breeze, wind gilded gold-, m gold piece charioteer, driver ear dawn gold take the auspices omen taken from birds south wind southern or either... or but, however autumn help, assistance auxiliary forces greed, avarice greedy, avaricious carry off, pass go away tear away be eager, desire, long having the back turned turn aside, divert, avert greedy, eager bird of his grandfather fly off, rush off (maternal) uncle

grandfather B baculum -i n balare balneae - a r u m / p / balneum -i n barba - a e / barbarus -a -um basilica - a e / basium -I n beatus -a -um bellare bellator -oris m bellicosus -a -um bellicus -a- um helium -i n bellus -a -um belua - a e / bene beneficium -! n benignus -a -um bestia - a e / bestiola - a e / bibere -bisse bibliotheca - a e / biduum -i n biennium -i n binl -ae -a bis blandirl blandus -a -um boarius -a -um bonum -1 n bonus -a -um bos bovis m/f bracchium -i n brevi adv breviarium -I n brevis -e brutus -a -um stick bleat public baths bath, bathroom beard foreign, barbarian basilica kiss happy wage war, fight warrior warlike of war, military war lovely, pretty beast, wild animal well benefit, favor kind, benevolent beast, animal small animal, insect drink library two days two years two (each) twice coax, urge charming, ingratiating cattlegood, blessing good ox ami soon summary short brutish

cachinnus -i m cadere cecidisse cadiicus -a -um caecus -a -um caedere cecidisse caesum caedes - i s / caelestis -e caelites -um m pi caelum-i n caerimSnia - a e / calamitas -atis/ calamus -i m calcar -aris m calceus -i m calida - a e / calidus -a -um callidus -a -um callis - i s / calor -oris m

laugh, guffaw fall ready to fall, perishable blind beat, fell, kill killing, slaughter, blood celestial, m p / g o d s gods sky, heaven rite, ceremony misfortune, calamity reed, pen spur shoe hot water warm, hot clever, cunning track, path warmth, heat

campus -l m cancer -cri m candelabrum -i n candidus -a -um candor -oris m canere cecinisse canis -is m/f cantare cantus -lis m capere -io cepisse captum capillus -I m capitulum -I n capra - a e / captlvus -l m caput -itis n career -eris m cardo -inis in carere + abl carina - a e / caritas - a t i s / carmen -inis n caro c a r n i s / carpentum -I n carpere -psisse -ptum carus -a -um casa - a e / castellum -I n castlgare castigator -oris m castitas - a t i s / castra -orum n pi castus -a -um casus-us m catena - a e / caterva - a e / cauda - a e / caudex -icis m causa - a e / gen (/mea) + causa causalis -e cautus -a -um cavea - a e / cavere cavisse cautum cavus -a -um cedere cessisse celare celeber -bris -bre celebrare celebratus -a -um celebritas -atis / celer -eris -ere celeritas - a t i s / cella - a e / celsus -a -um cena - a e / cenare censere -uisse -sum censor -oris m censura - a e /

plain crab, Cancer candelabrum white, bright whiteness, brightness sing, crow, play, sound, sing of, prophesy dog sing, sing of singing, music take, catch, capture, get, hold hair chapter goat prisoner-of-war head, chief, capital, person, life, death penalty prison door pivot, hinge be without, lack keel, ship high price, love, esteem song, poem flesh, meat two-wheeled carriage gather, pick, crop dear cottage, hut fort, stronghold correct, reprove one who reproves chastity camp chaste fall, chance, accident chain band, troop, crowd tail trunk, blockhead cause, reason, case for the sake of causal cautious cage, coop beware (of) hollow go, withdraw conceal (from) crowded, well-known celebrate, extol celebrated crowding, reputation swift, quick speed, swiftness temple chamber, chapel tall dinner dine, have dinner think, decide, assess censor (magistrate) censorship

assessment, registration census-us m hundredth centesimus -a -um a hundred centum century (unit of 100) centuria - a e / voting in centuries centuriatus -a -um office of centurion centuriatus -us m centurion (officer) centurio -onis m wax cera - a e / brain cerebrum -i n discern, perceive cernere crevisse cretum contest, fight certamen -inis n contend, fight certare certainly, at any rate certe for certain certo adv certain, sure certus -a -um inform certiorem facere my mind is made up certum mihi est stag, deer cervus -I m leave off, cease cessare the other(s), the rest ceterl-ae -a besides, however ceterum adv remaining ceterus -a -um paper charta - a e / annals chronic! -orum (libri) food cibus -i m scar cicatrix - i c i s / set in motion, move ciere civisse citum surround cingere -nxisse -nctum belt cingulus -i m ashes cinis -eris m -cipere-io-cepisse -ceptum round, round about circa prp +acc, adv games in the circus circenses -ium m pi of the circus circensis -e about circiter go round, outflank circu-Ire -eo -iisse -itum rotation, circumference circuitus -us m round, round about circum prp +acc, adv cause to turn round circum-agere surround, put round circum-dare lead round circum-ducere pour/spread round circum-fundere circum-ire -eo -iisse -itum go round/about, outflank besiege circum-sedere hop about circum-silire -uisse surround circum-sistere -stitisse stand round, surround circum-stSre beset, surround circum-vallare go round, travel round circum-vehl surround circum-venlre circle, orbit, circus circus -I m on this side of cis prp +acc speeded up, swift citatus -a -um nearer citerior -ius comp nearest citimus -a -um sup quickly cito adv, comp citius on this side of citra prp +acc to and fro, on both sides citro: ultro citroque civic, civil clvilis -e citizen, countryman clvis -is m/f state, city, citizenship clvitas - a t i s / disaster, defeat clades - i s /

clam clamare clamitare clamor -oris m clandestlnus -a -um claritudo - i n i s / clarus -a -um classiaril -orum m pi classis - i s / claudere -sisse -sum claudus -a -um clava - a e / clavis-is/ clemens -entis adi dementia - a e / clibanarius -i m clipeus -I m cllvus -I m cloaca - a e / co-alescere -aluisse cocus -I m coep- coept- v. incipere coepta -orum n pi co-ercere coetus -us m cogere co-egisse -actum cogitare cogitatio - o n i s / cognatus -a -um cognitio - o n i s / cognomen -inis n cognomentum -i n cognoscere -ovisse -itum co-horrescere -ruisse cohors - r t i s / cohortarl cohortatio - o n i s / co-Ire -eo -iisse -itum colere -uisse cultum col-labl col-lacrimare col-Iaudare col lectio o n i s / collega -ae m col-ligare col-ligere -legisse -lectum collis -is m col-locare col-loqul colloquium -i n col-lucere colliim -i n colonia - a e / colonus -i m color -oris m colossus -i in columba - a e / columna - a e / coma - a e / comes -itis m comicus -a -um

secretly shout shout loudly shout, shouting secret, clandestine fame, renown bright, clear, loud, famous marines fleet, class (of citizens) shut, close, enclose lame club, cudgel key mild, lenient clemency, mercy cuirassier round shield slope, sloping street sewer grow together, coalesce cook undertaking, enterprise keep in control, restrain gathering, society compel, force, summon think thought, reflection related getting to know, study surname surname get to know, recognize shudder cohort, bodyguard exhort exhortation come together, gather cultivate, foster, devote oneself to, worship fall down, collapse burst into tears commend, praise collecting, gathering colleague tie up, bind gather, collect hill place talk, converse conversation, parley shine neck settlement, colony (tenant-)farmer, settler color large statue, colossus pigeon, dove column hair companion of comedy, comic

comis -e comitarl comitatus -us m comitia -orum n pi commeatus -us m com-memorare com-mendare commendatio - o n i s / commentary commentarius -i m com-migrare com-mittere commodum -i n com-morarl commotus -a -um com-movere communicare communis -onis/ com-munire communis -e com-mutare commutatio - o n i s / comoedia - a e / com-parare(l) com-parare (2) comparatio - o n i s / (1) comparatio - o n i s / (2) com-parere com-pellere com-perlre -risse -rtum com-plecti -plexum com-plere -evisse -etum complexus -us m com-plorare complSratio -onis / com-plures -a com-ponere compos -Otis +gen compositum: ex c.o compositus -a -um com-prehendere com-primere -pressisse -pressum com-probare com-putare conari con-cSdere concentus -us in con-certare con-cidere -disse con-cidere -disse -sum con-ciere -civisse -citum concilia re concilium -i n con-cipere con-citare concititus -a -um con-clamare Concordia - a /

kind accompany escort, retinue assembly of the people supplies, provisions mention entrust, commit recommendation, praise think about, practice notebook, record move, go and live engage (in battle), entrust, expose (to) advantage, interest stay, linger excited, passionate move, excite, cause share partnership, sharing fortify common change (completely) change comedy prepare, provide compare preparation, provision comparison appear drive, force find out, learn, discover hug, embrace, surround, include fill, complete embrace lament, bewail lamentation several settle, arrange, compose in possession of by prearrangement well-ordered, compound seize, include compress, crush, suppress, rape approve, confirm calculate, reckon attempt, try go (away), yield, give up, concede, allow harmony fight fall (down), collapse kill, beat stir up, excite win over assembly, league receive, catch, conceive stir up, incite fast, rapid shout, cry out concord

concors -rdis adi concublna - a e / con-cumbere -cubuisse con-cupiscere -Ivisse con-currere -rrisse -rsum concursus -us in con-cutere -io-ssisse -ssum con-demnare con-dere -didisse -ditum conditio - o n i s / conditor -oris m co-nectere con-ferre con-tulisse col-latum se conferre arma/signa conferre confertus -a -um confessio - o n i s / confestim con-ficere con-fidentia - a e / con-fidere (+dat) conffnis -e con-firmare con-fiteri -fessum con-flagrare confllctare con-fEgere -xisse -ctum con-fluentes -ium mpl con-fluere con-fugere con-fundere confusio - o n i s / con-gerere con-gredl -ior -gressum con-gregare con-icere coniectura -ae/ con-iugium -i n con-iunctio -onis/ coniunctus -a -um con-iungere coniunx -iugis m/f con-iurare coniuratus -a -um con-iuratl -orum m pi con-iuratio - o n i s / con-quiescere con-quirere -sivisse -situm con-salfitare con-scendere -disse con-sciscere -Ivisse -itum conscius -a -um (+gen) con-scrlbere conscript!: patres c. con-secrare con-senescere -nuisse consensus -us m con-sentlre con-sequl con-serere -uisse -rtum

harmonious, concordant concubine sleep (with) desire, covet hurry together, clash concourse, encounter shake condemn put, hide, found, close condition founder join together bring (together), carry, confer, compare, apply betake oneself, go join battle, fight dense, compact admission, confession at once, immediately make, accomplish, exhaust, subdue, kill self-confidence trust, be sure adjacent, neighboring assure, encourage confess be burnt harass, distress clash, fight confluence flow together, meet flee for refuge mingle, upset, confuse disorder, confusion bring together, collect meet, join battle, fight bring together, gather throw, put inferring, conjecture marriage union, conjunction connected, associated join, connect consort, wife swear together, conspire sworn, joined by an oath the conspirators conspiracy, plot rest search out, investigate greet, hail mount, board decree, inflict (on) privy (to), accomplice enrol, compose, write senators consecrate, deify grow old concord, agreement agree (on) follow, overtake, achieve join

manum conserere con-servare conservator -oris m con-slderare consideratio - o n i s / con-sidere -sedisse consilium i n con-sistere -stitisse con-sociare con-solarl consonans -antis/ conspectus -a -um conspectus -us m con-spicere conspicuus -a -um consplratio - o n i s / constans -antis adi constantia - a e / con-stare -stitisse constare ex constat con-stituere -uisse -utum constitutio - o n i s / con-suetudo - i n i s / con-suescere -evisse con-suevisse perf consul -is m (cos.) consularis -e consulatus -us m con-sulere -uisse -ltum consulere +dat consultare consults adv consultor -oris m consultum -i n con-sumere con-surgere con-temnere -mpsisse -mptum con-templarl contemptus -a -um con-tendere -disse -turn contentio -onis / contentus -a -um con-ticescere -ticuisse continens -entis adi continens - e n t i s / (terra) continentia - a e / con-tinere -uisse -tentum con-tingere -tigisse -tactum continuare continub adv continuus -a -um contio onis / contionari contra prp +acc, adv

join battle preserve, maintain savior, guardian observe, reflect observation, reflection sit down, settle advice, decision, council, intention, plan, sense stop, halt associate, share comfort, console consonant conspicuous, remarkable sight, view, survey catch sight of, see conspicuous, spectacular agreement, conspiracy steady, firm steadyness, persistence stand firm, remain, cost consist of it is a fact, is is known establish, erect, set up, fix, decide organization custom, habit get used/accustomed to be accustomed consul consular, m ex-consul consulate consult, take counsel look after, take care of deliberate, debate deliberately adviser, counselor resolution use up, spend, exhaust stand up, rise despise, scorn look at, observe despicable strain, exert (oneself), hasten, contend tension, exertion, contest, comparison content fall silent unbroken, adjacent continent restraint, self-control keep, retain, contain touch, be close to, (+dat) be granted to, happen continue, prolong immediately continuous, successive meeting, assembly address a meeting against, facing, on the other side, in return

contra-dlcere con-trahere contrarius -a -urn con-tremescere -muisse con-tuerl contumelia - a e / contumeliosus -a -um con-turbare conubium -i n con-valescere -luisse convallis - i s / con-vehere con-venire

speak against, oppose contract, wrinkle opposite, contrary tremble, quake look at, contemplate insult, affront insulting, outrageous mix up, confound marriage, intermarriage grow strong, recover valley carry, gather come together, meet, be agreed, be settled fit, be fitting convenire (adV+daf) meeting conventus -us m rotation, revolution conversio - o n i s / con-vertere tum, change con-vincere find guilty, convict convlva -ae m/f guest convlvium -I n dinner-party con-vocare call together co-optare choose (as colleague) co-orlrl break out, arise copia - a e / abundance, means, control, pi resources, troops join, connect copulare copulatlvus -a -um copulative coquere -xisse -ctum cook cor cordis n heart cordl esse +dat be dear/pleasing coram prp +abl, adv before, in person cornicen -inis m horn-blower, bugler coriiu -us n horn, wing (of army) corona - a e / wreath corpus -oris n body cor-rigere -rexisse -rectum correct cor-ripere seize, rebuke se compere start up, hurry off cor-rumpere spoil, corrupt, bribe corvus -I m raven cotldie every day eras tomorrow thick, fat crassus -a -um hurdle (of wickerwork) cratis - i s / creare create, appoint creber -bra -brum frequent, numerous credere -didisse -ditum believe, trust, entrust cremare burn, cremate crescere -evisse grow, increase crimen -inis n charge, accusation crlminari accuse crlnis -is m hair cruciare torture, torment cruciatus -us m torture crudelis -e cruel crudelitas - a t i s / cruelty cruentus -a -um blood-stained, bloody cruor -oris m blood criis -Oris n leg crux - u c i s / cross cubare -uisse -itum lie (in bed)

cuhicu In in -I n cubile -is n cullna - a e / culmen -inis n culpa - a e / culter -tri m cultura - a / cultus -us m cum prp +abl cum coniunctio cum primum +perf cum... tum... cunabula -drum n pi cunae -arum//?/ cunctarl cunctator -oris m cunctus -a -um cuneus -i m cupere -io -Ivisse cupiditas - a t i s / cupldo - i n i s / cupidus -a -um (+gen) cur cura - a e / cflrae esse +dat curare curare +acc, ger. curia - a e / currere cucurrisse currus -us m cursus -us m curvus -a -um custodia - a e / custodlre custos -odis m

bedroom bed,couch kitchen summit, top, peak, roof blame, fault, guilt knife cultivation cultivation, care, mode of life, worship with when, as as soon as not only... but also cradle cradle hesitate one who hesitates whole, pi all wedge desire desire desire, passion desirous (of), eager (for) why care, anxiety, concern be of concern care for, look after, take care, undertake undertake curia (division of the people, Senate-house) run chariot running, race, journey, course, orbit, career curved, crooked, bent guard, custody, post guard guardian, guard

dacrylus -I m damnare damnum -i n dapes -umfpl dare dedisse datum se dare de prp +abl dea - a e / pi dat/abl -abus de-bellare debere debilis -e debilitare de-cedere decern December -bris (mensis) decem-virl -orum m pi decere de-cerncrc decies decimus -a -um dactyl ( o u ) condemn, sentence loss feast, meal, food give give oneself up (to) (down) from, of, about, for, after goddess finish the war, subdue owe, be obliged weak weaken go away, depart, die ten December commission often be fitting, become decide, settle, fight ten times tenth


de-cipere de-clam(it)are de-clarare declinare decor -oris m decorare decorus -a -urn decretum -i n decuma - a e / de-currere -rrisse -rsum decus -oris n de-cutere -io -cussisse -cussum de-decus -oris n de-dere -didisse -ditum de-dicare deditio - o n i s / de-ducere de esse de-fuisse {+dat) de-fendere -disse -ensum defensare defensor -oris m de-ferre de-fervescere defessus -a -um de-ficere de-ftgere de-fimre de-flere de-formis -e deformitas - a t i s / de-fugere de-fungi de-hinc de-icere dein deinceps de-inde/dein de-iurare de-labl delectare delectatio -onis m delere -evisse -etum de-IIberare de-liberatio - o n i s / deliciae - a r u m / p / delictum -1 n de-ligare de-ligere -legisse -lectum de-linquere delirare de-litescere -tuisse delphlnus -i m delubrum -i n de-mandare de-mens -entis demere -mpsisse -mptum de-mergere de-mittere de-monstrare demum adv

deceive make practice speeches show, declare, express decline, inflect beauty, grace adorn, glorify handsome resolution, decree tithe run down honor, ornament knock off disgrace, dishonor give up, devote dedicate surrender, capitulation lead/bring down, launch be missing, fail defend, maintain defend defender carry, bring, report.confer, denounce calm down worn out, tired fail, sink, wane, defect fix, thrust, paralyse delimit weep for ugly ugliness escape, avoid finish, have done, die next, then throw/bring down afterward, then in succession, next afterward, then swear slip down, descend delight, please delight, pleasure delete, efface, destroy deliberate deliberation delight, pet misdeed, offence tie up, fasten pick out, choose misbehave, do wrong be mad hide oneself dolphin temple, shrine entrust, hand over out of one's mind, mad remove sink, plunge let fall, drop, lower point out, show at last, only

denarius -i m deni-ae -a denique dens dentis m densus -a -um de-nuntiire de-nuo deorsum adv de-pellere de-ponere de-popularl de-populatio - o n i s / de-porta re de-poscere de-pravare de-precarl de-precatio - o n i s / de-prehendere/-prendere de-primere -essisse -essum de-promere depulsio - o n i s / de-relinquere de-rldere de-scendere -disse de-sclscere -ivisse -Itum de-scrlbere de-serere -uisse -rtum desertus -a -um deslderare deslderium -I n de-signare designatus -a -um de-sillre -uisse de-sinere -siisse -situm de-sipere -io de-sistere -stitisse de-sperare desperatio - o n i s / de-spicere de-spondere -disse -sum destinare de-struere de-tegere de-tergere deterior -ius comp de-terrere deterrimus -a -um sup de-trahere detrlmentum -i n de-urere deus -I m, pi dei/dii/di de-vehere de-venire de-vincere de-vinclre de-vocare de-vorare dexter -t(e)ra -t(e)rum dicare dlcere -xisse dictum dicio - o n i s / dictire

denarius (silver coin) ten (each) finally, at last tooth thick, dense announce, order anew, again down drive down/off, avert put/lay down, deposit sack, plunder plundering convey, bring back demand pervert beg, entreat entreaty, plea seize, come on, surprise press down, sink take out rebuttal leave behind laugh at, make fun of go down, descend defect draw, describe leave, desert deserted long for, miss desire, longing mark out appointed, designate jump down finish, stop, end be out of one's mind leave off, cease lose hope, despair (of) despair look down (on), despise betroth, engage designate, destine demolish disclose wipe off worse deter worst pull off harm, loss bum god carry, convey come, arrive defeat completely bind call away, divert swallow up, devour right;/right hand, the right dedicate say, call, speak dominion, power dictate 11

dictator -oris m dictatura - a e / dictitare dictum -i n diets audiens esse dies -el m ff) in dies dif-ferre dis-tulisse dllatum dif-ficilis -e, sup -illimus difficultas - a t i s / difficulter adv dif-fidere +dat dif-fluere digitus -1 m dignitas - a t i s / dignus -a -um di-gredl -ior -gressum dl-labl dl-lacerare dl-latare dllectus -a -um dllectus -us in dlligens -entis adi dlligentia - a e / dlligere -exisse -ectum dl-lucescere -luxisse dl-micare dimicatio - o n i s / dlmidium -1 n dimidius -a -um dl-mittere diphthongus - i / di-rigere -rexisse -rectum dir-imere -emisse -emptum dl-ripere di-ruere dlrus -a -um dis-cedere dis-ceptare discere didicisse dis-cernere discessus -us m discipllna - a e / discipulus -i in discordia - a e / di-scribere discrimen -inis n discriptio - o n i s / dis-cumbere -cubuisse dis-currere -rrisse -rsum disertus -a -um dis-icere disiunctlvus -a -um dis-iunctus -a -um dis-iungere dis-palari dis-par -paris adi dis-pellere di-spergere -sisse -sum dis-plicere +dat dis-ponere 12

dictator dictatorship keep saying saying, words obey day, date daily postpone, defer, differ difficult, hard difficulty with difficulty distrust, despair of overflow finger worthiness, dignity, rank worthy go away, depart fall apart, perish tear to pieces spread, expand beloved, dear recruitment careful, diligent carefulness love, be fond of dawn, become light fight fight half half send away, dismiss diphthong arrange, direct divide, interrupt plunder, loot, rob demolish dreadful go away, depart debate, discuss learn distinguish departure instruction, discipline pupil, disciple disagreement, discord divide up, distribute distinction, grave danger distribution take one's place at table run in several directions eloquent scatter, break up separative, disjunctive distant separate wander about unequal, different drive apart scatter, disperse displease, offend arrange, station

dis-putare disputatio - o n i s / dissensifl - o n i s / dis-sentire dis-serere -uisse -rtum dis-sidere -sedisse dis-similis -e dis-simulare dis-sipare dis-suadere di-stare di-stinguere -stinxisse -stlnctum dis-trahere dis-tribuere districtus -a -um ditare diu, comp diutius, sup diufissime diurnus -a -um diutinus -a -um diuturnitas - a t i s / diuturnus -a -um dlversus -a -um dives -itis/dls ditis adi dividere -isisse -Isum divlnitus adv divlnus -a -um divlsio - o n i s / divitiae - a r u m / p / divortium -I n di-vulgare divum -I n divus -a -um docere -uisse doctum doctor -oris m doctrlna - a e / doctus -a -um documentum i n dolere dolor -oris m dolus -i m domare -uisse -itum domesticus -a -um doml he domicilium -1 n domina - a e / dominarl dominatio -Onis/ dominatus -us m dominus -i m domum adv domus -us /,' abl -6 donare donee
cloiium -i n

argue, discuss argument, discussion disagreement disagree discuss disagree, differ unlike, different conceal scatter, spread advise not to be distant distinguish, mark, characterize pull apart, break up divide, distribute, share busy enrich long of the day, daily long, prolonged long duration long, prolonged opposite, different rich, wealthy separate, divide, share by divine will divine division riches divorce make public, divulge the open sky divine, m god teach, instruct, produce teacher teaching, instruction learned, skilled example, proof hurt, feel pain, grieve pain, grief guile, deceit, cunning tame, subdue domestic, householdat home dwelling, residence mistress be master, rule dominion, power dominion, power master home house, home give, present with as long as, until gift, present, reward sleep back, ridge doubt, be in doubt hesitate undecided, doubtful without doubt, certainly

dormtre dorsum -i n dubitare dubitare +inf dubius -a -um n: sine/procul dubio

du-centesimus -a -um du-cenfl -ae -a ducere -xisse ductum uxorem ducere ductor -oris m ductus -us m aquae ductus dudum adv duellum -I n dulcis -e dum dum-modo dumtaxat duo -ae -o duo-decim duo-decimus -a -um duo-de-triginta duo-de-vigintl duplex -icis adi duplicate durare dflrus -a -um duum-virl -orum m pi dux ducis m E e v. ex/e

two hundredth two hundred lead, guide, draw, trace, construct, consider marry leader leadership, command aqueduct a little while ago war sweet while, as long as, till, provided that, if only provided that, if only only,just two twelve twelfth twenty-eight eighteen double double harden, hold out, last hard board of two men leader, chief, general

ebrius -a -um ecce ecquid ec-quis/qul edepol e-dere -didisse -ditum e-dlcere e-disserere educare e-dpcere ef-ferre ex-tulisse e-latum se efferre ef-ficere effigies - e l / ef-fringere -egisse -actum ef-fugere ef-fulgere ef-fundere effusus -a -um egens -entis egere +abl ego me mihi/mi {gen mel) ego-met e-gredl -ior -gressum egregius -a -um egressus-us m eia e-icere se eicere e-lSbl e-laborare

that way, there drunk see, look, here is ...? if, whether (if) any(one)? by Pollux! emit, bring forth, make known, publish, do decree, fix set forth, expound bring up lead out, draw out carry/bring out, lift, elate exult make, effect, cause likeness, portrait break open escape, run away, avoid shine forth shed, overflow, loosen disorderly, headlong poor, needy need I, me, myself I (myself) go out, go beyond outstanding, excellent going out ah! hey! throw out rush out slip out, escape work out, prepare

electus -a -um elegans -antis adi elephantus -i m e-lidere -sisse -sum e-ligere -legisse -tectum eloquens -entis adi eloquentia - a e / e-loqul e-lucere e-lucubrare e-Iudere eluvio - o n i s / emere emisse emptum e-raergere e-minere e-mittere emptor -oris m e-munlre en e-nervare enim enim-vero e-nitl -nisum ensis -is m e-numerare eo adv eo abl +comp eodem adv epigramma -atis n epistula - a e / epulae - a r u m / epularl eques -itis m equester -tris -tre equidcm equitare equitatus -us m equus -i m erga prp +acc ergo e-rigere -rexisse -rectum e-ripere -io -uisse -reptum errare error -oris m e-rubescere -buisse e-rudlre erudltus -a -um e-ruere -ruisse -rutum e-rumpere eruptio o n i s / erus -i m e-scendere -disse esse sum fuisse futurum esse/fore esse edo edisse esum et et... et et-enim etiam etiam atque etiam etiam-nunc et-sl

selected, picked refined, skilful elephant omit, elide choose, select eloquent eloquence express, tell shine forth prepare by lamplight deceive, mock flood, inundation buy come out, emerge stick out, project send out, emit, utter buyer fortify look, here is weaken, enervate for truly, certainly strive, exert oneself sword count up, enumerate to that place, there so much to the same place epigram letter meal, feast dine, feast horseman, knight cavalry-, equestrian indeed, for my part ride on horseback cavalry horse toward therefore, so lift, erect, cheer snatch away, deprive of wander, stray wandering, error blush instruct, educate well-instructed, learned unearth, clear up break out sally, sortie master ascend, go up be eat and, also both... and and indeed, for also, even, yet again and again still even if, although


euax! Eurus -I m e-vadere -sisse -sum e-vanescere -nuisse e-vehere e-venlre eventus-us m e-vertere e-vincere e-vocare e-volare e-volvere ex/e prp +abl ex-aequare ex-agitare ex-animare ex-ardescere -arsisse ex-audlre ex-cedere excellens -entis adi ex-cellere excelsus -a -um ex-cerpere -psisse -ptum excessus-us m ex-cidere -disse ex-cldere -disse -sum excidium -I n ex-cipere ex-cire -civisse ex-citare excitatus -a -um ex-clamare ex-chldere -sisse -sum ex-cogitare ex-cruciare ex-currere -rrisse -rsum excursio -onis/ ex-cusare exemplar -aris n exemplum -I n

exercitare exercitatio -onis/ exercitatus -a -um exercitus -us m ex-haurire ex-igere -egisse -actum exiguus -a -um ex-imere -emisse -emptum eximius -a -um ex-Ire -e6 -iisse -itum ex-Istimare exitus -us m ex-onerare exordium -i n ex-orlri ex-ornare exorsus-us m 14

bravo! south-east wind get out, escape, pass, turn out vanish, disappear carry out, pass ride out happen, fall by lot outcome, result overturn, overthrow persuade, bring about call out, summon fly out unroll out of, from, of, since, after, according to make equal stir, worry, harass kill, pass die flare up hear go away, depart outstanding be outstanding, excel lofty, high pick out departure, death fall out, be dropped destroy destruction receive, catch call out, summon wake up, arouse loud, shrill cry out, exclaim shut out, cut off think out, devise torture, torment run out, rush out sortie, sally excuse pattern, model example, model exercise, practice, worry train, exercise exercise, practice practiced, proficient army drain, empty, exhaust, endure drive out, exact, require, pass small, scanty take away, remove choice, outstanding go out consider, think exit, way out, end unburden beginning rise, arise adorn, decorate beginning

ex-pavescere -pavisse ex-pedire expedltio -onis/ expeditus -a -um ex-pellere ex-perglsci -perrectum ex-perirl -pertum ex-pers -rtis adi +gen ex-petere ex-planare ex-plere -evisse -etum expletlvus -a -um ex-plicare -uisse -itum ex-plorare explorator -oris m ex-ponere ex-portare ex-poscere ex-pugnare ex-pugnatio -onis/ ex-qulrere -sivisse -situm exqulsitus -a -um ex-sanguis -e ex-scindere exsecrandus -a -um ex-secrarl ex-sequl exsequiae -aefpl ex-silire -uisse exsilium -i n ex-sistere -stitisse ex-solvere ex-spectare exspectatio -onis/ ex-splrare ex-stimulare ex-stinguere -stlnxisse -stlnctum ex-struere exsul -is m/f exsulire ex-sultare ex-suscitare extemplo ex-tendere -disse -turn exter -era -erum externus -a -um ex-terrere extimus -a -um sup ex-tollere ex-torris -e extra prp +acc, adv ex-trahere extraneus -a -um extremus -a -um sup ex-uere -uisse -utum ex-urere exustiS -onis/ exuviae -arum/p/

become frightened (at) make ready, extricate, explain foray, raid, expedition ready for action dive out, expel wake up try, experience having no share in request, demand, desire explain fill, complete, satisfy expletive extricate, unfold, explain reconnoitre, investigate scout, spy put out, put ashore, expose export ask for, demand conquer conquest ask about, examine studied, meticulous bloodless, lifeless demolish, destroy accursed curse pursue, go on, execute funeral jump up exile appear, arise set free,release wait (for), expect exspectation breathe one's last, die stir up, incite extinguish, put out, kill, annihilate erect, build banished person, exile live in exile rejoice greatly, exult rouse, kindle at once stretch out, extend external, foreign external, extraneous scare, terrify outermost, farthest raise, praise, extol exiled, banished outside pull out, extract foreign, stranger outermost, utmost, last, n end, utmost danger take off, deprive of bum up conflagration clothing, armor

F faber -bri m fabricare fabula - a e / fibular! fabulosus -a -um facere -io fecisse factum facere +gen facessere fades - e l / facile adv. sup -illime facilis -e, sup -illimus facilitas -atis/ facinus -oris n factio - o n i s / factiosus -a -um factum -i n factus -a -um facultas -atis/ facundus -a -um fallax -acis adi fallere fefellisse falsum falsus -a -um, adv -6 falx - c i s / fama - a e / fames - i s / familia - a e / familiaris -e famula - a e / famulus -i m fanuni -i n farl fas n indecl fas est fasces -ium m /)/ fasti -orum m pi fastus -a -um: dies fastus fatalis -e faterl fassum fatlgare latum -i n fauces -ium/p/ faustus -a -um fautor oris m favere favisse +dat favor -oris m fax facis/ Februarius -i (mensis) fellcitas -atis/ fellx -Icis adi femina - a e / fenestra - a e / fera - a e / fere feriae -aefpl feriatus -a -um ferlre ferme ferocitas -atis/ ferox -oris adi ferratus -a -um ferre tulisse latum

artisan, smith forge, build, construct story, fable, play talk, chat fabulous, celebrated make, do, cause esteem, value go away, be off appearance, form, face easily, readily easy, complaisant ease, complaisance deed, act, misdeed party, faction factious, scheming deed,act wrought possibility, pi resources eloquent deceitful deceive, fail to keep false, deceived, wrong sickle rumor, reputation hunger, famine household, family, slaves intimate, m close friend servant-girl, maid servant, slave shrine, consecrated spot speak divine law, right it is right, it is allowed bundle of rods, fasces list of festivals, calendar court-day, workday fateful, destined admit, confess, profess tire out, weary, worry fate, destiny, death pass, defile fortunate, favorable supporter favor, support goodwill, favor torch February good fortune, luck fortunate, propitious woman window wild animal about, almost, usually festival days, holidays keeping holiday strike, hit, kill about, almost fierceness, ferocity fierce, ferocious tipped with iron carry, bring, bear, endure,

ferreus -a -um ferrum -I n fertilis -e ferus -a -um fervens -entis fervere/-ere ferbuisse fessus -a -um festinare festus -a -um: dies festus fetialis -e fetus -a -um -ficere 46 -fecisse -fectum fictilis -e fictus -a -um fidelis -e fldere fisum esse +dat fides - e l / fides -ram fpi fidicen -inis m fiducia - a e / fidus -a -um fieri factum esse flgere -xisse -xum figura - a e / fflia - a e / pldat/abl -abus filiola - a e / filiolus -i m fflius -i m filum -i n fingere finxisse fictum flnlre finis -is m ftnitimus -a -um firmamentum -i n firmare firmitudo - i n i s / firmus -a -um fiscus -I m flagitare flagitiosus -a -um flagitium -i n flagrare flamen -inis m flamma - a e / flare flatus-us m flebilis -e flectere -xisse -xum flere -evisse fletus-us m florere flos -oris m ductus -us m fluere -uxisse flumen -inis n fluvius -I m foculus -i m focus -I m foederatus -a -um

report, propose of iron, ironiron, steel, sword

wild hot, boiling, ardent boil, seethe, swarm tired, weary hasten, hurry holiday, festival fetial having young earthen, earthenwareuntrue, made up faithful, loyal trust, rely on trust, faith, loyalty, promise lyre lyre-player trust, confidence faithful, reliable be made, be done, beome happen, result fix, fasten, pierce form, appearance daughter little daughter little son son thread, fillet form, make up, invent limit, finish, delimit boundary, end, pi territory adjacent, neighboring support, strength reinforce, strengthen stability, firmness strong, stable, firm public treasury demand insistently disgraceful disgrace burn flamen (priest) flame blow blowing, breeze plaintive bend,turn cry, weep (for) weeping bloom, flourish flower wave flow river river brazier hearth federated, allied


foeditas - a t i s / foedus -a -um foedus -eris n folium -i n tons fontis m foras adv fore fn//ur < esse fori -Oram m pi foris - i s / foris ai/v forma - a e / formldo - i n i s / formosus -a -um formula - a e / forsitan/forsan fortasse forte adv fortis -e fortitude - i n i s / fortulto adv fortuna - a e / fortunatus -a -um forum -l n fossa - a e / fragilis -e fragmentum -T n fragor -oris m frangere fregisse fractum frater -tris m fraus - a u d i s / fremere -uisse fremitus -us m frendere frequens -entis adi fretum -i n fretus -e -am +abl frigere frigidus -a -um frigus -oris n frons - o n d i s / frons - o n t i s / fructus -us m fruges -um / p i frul +abl frumentarius -a -um frumentum -I n frustra frustrari fuga - a e / fugare fugere -io fugisse fugitivus -a -um fulclre -sisse -turn fulgere -sisse fulgor -oris m fulgur -uris n fulmcn -inis n fumus -i m funda - a e / fundamentum -i n fundere fudisse liisum funditor -oris m

ugliness, shame ugly, hideous, shameful treaty leaf spring, source out seats (in the circus) leaf of a door, door outside, out of doors form, shape, beauty dread, terror beautiful terms, formula perhaps, maybe perhaps, maybe by chance strong, brave strength, bravery by chance, fortuitously fortune fortunate square ditch, trench fragile, frail fragment, piece crash break, shatter brother deceit, guile growl rumble, growl gnash one's teeth numerous, frequent strait relying on, confident of be cold cold, chilly, cool cold foliage, leaves forehead, brow, front produce, fruit fruit, crops enjoy corncorn, grain in vain deceive flight put to flight, rout run away, flee runaway hold up, support flash, gleam flash flash of lightning flash of lightning smoke sling foundation pour, shed, rout slinger

funditus adv fundus -i m funestus -a -um fungi functum +abl vita fungi funis -is m (Onus -eris n fur -is m furca - a e / furere furor -oris m furtum -I n futurus -a -um (v. esse) (tempus) futurum G gallus -I m gaudere gavlsum esse gaudium -i n gaza - a e / gemellus -I m gemere -uisse -itum geminare geminus -a -um gemitus -us m gemma - a e / gemmatus -a -um gena - a e / gener -eri m generare generdsus -a -um genetrix - i c i s / genialis -e genitor -oris m gens g e n t i s / genu -us n genus -eris n genus hominum gerere gessisse gestum

to the bottom, utterly bottom grievous, sinister discharge, complete die rope funeral, death thief fork, forked frame be mad, rage, rave madness theft future future

cock, rooster be glad, be pleased joy, delight treasure twin groan (for) double twin groaning precious stone, jewel set with a jewel cheek son-in-law beget, produce noble mother marriage-, conjugal father people, race, family knee kind, sort, race, gender human race, mankind carry, bear.carry on, do, act as, pass go on gestare carry gignere genuissegenitum beget, create, bear glacies - e l / ice gladiator -oris m gladiator gladiatorius -a -um gladiatorial gladius -I m sword globosus -a -um spherical, round globus -I m globe, sphere, ball, band gloria - a e / glory gloriarl boast gloriosus -a -um glorious, boastful gnavus -a -um diligent, active gracilis -e, sup gracillimus slender, slim gracilitas - a t i s / slendemess, thinness gradl -ior gressum walk, proceed gradus-us m step, degree Graecus -a -um Greek grammatica - a e / grammar grammaticus -a -um grammatical grandaevus -a -um aged grandis -e big,large grandb - i n i s / hail


grates/p/ gratia -ae / gratia (/mea) +gen gratiam habere +dat gratias agere +dat gratificari +dat gratuitus -a -um gratulari +dat gratus -a -um gravidus -a -um gravis -e gravitas -atis / gremium -I n grex -egis m gubernare gubernator -oris m gurges -itis m gustare H habere se habere +adv habilis -e habitabilis -e habitare habitus -us m hac adv haerere -sisse -sum haesitare hasta - a e / haud haud-quaquam haurire -sisse -stum hebes -etis heia hendeca-syllabus -a -um herba - a e / hercule hereditarius -a -um hereditas -atis/ heres -edis m herl hesternus -a -um heu heus hexa-meter -trl m hlbern(acul)a -oram n pi hlbernare hlbernus -a -um hie haec hoc hie hiems -mis / hinc historia - a e / historicus -i in liodie hodiernus -a -um holus -eris n homo -inis m honestas - a t i s / honestus -a -um

thanks favor, goodwill, popularity, gratitude for the sake of be grateful thank oblige, gratify gratuitous, futile congratulate pleasing, grateful pregnant, laden heavy, grave, low weight, gravity, dignity lap flock, herd, band steer, govern steersman whirlpool, flood taste

honor v. honos honorare honorificus -a -um honos/honor -oris m hora - a e / horrendus -a -um horrere horribilis -e horror oris m hortarl hortus -I m hospes -itis m hospita - a e / hospitalis -e hospitium -I n hostia -ae / hostllis -e hostis -is m hue humanitas -atis / humanus -a -um liumi loc humilis -e, sup -illimus humus i / I iacere -io iecisse iactum iacere iactare iactura -ae / iacularl iaculum -i n iain iambus -i m ianitor -oris m ianua -ae / Ianuarius -I (mensis) ibi ibi-dem leere icisse ictum -icere -io -iecisse -iectum ictus -us m Idem eadem idem identidem id-eo idoneus -a -um Idus -uum fpl iecur -oris n igitur ignarus -a -um ignavia - a e / ignis -is m ignobilis -e ignominiosus -a -um ignorare ignoscere -ovisse +dat ignotus -a -um Ilico il-lacrimare +dal ille -a -ud illecebra - a e /

have, hold, make,regard get on, be fit, appropriate inhabitable dwell, live, inhabit state, condition this way stick, cling hesitate, be uncertain lance not by no means draw, bail, drink, engulf dull, blunt ah! come on! of eleven syllables grass, herb by Hercules! really inherited, hereditary inheritance heir yesterday of yesterday o! alas! hey! hello! hexameter winter camp/quarters spend the winter winter-, of winter this here winter from here, hence account, story, history historian today today's, of today vegetable human being, person honesty, virtue honorable, n virtue

honor honorable honor, high office hour dreadful bristle, stand on end, shudder (at) horrible, terrifying dread, horror encourage,urge garden guest, guest-friend (female) guest, stranger hospitable, guestguest friendship/house sacrificial animal enemy-, hostile enemy here, to this place human feeling, culture human on the ground low, humble, lowly ground, earth

throw, hurl, utter, lay lie throw, toss, hurl, utter throwing away, loss throw (the javelin) throwing-spear, javelin now, already iamb (w) doorkeeper door January there in the same place strike, make, conclude stroke, blow the same repeatedly for that reason fit, suitable, capable the 13th/15th (of the month) liver therefore, then, so ignorant, unaware idleness, cowardice fire unknown, of low birth disgraceful not know forgive unknown at once weep over that, the one, he attraction, allurement


iliac il-licere -io -exisse -ectum illinc illuc il-lucescere -luxisse il-ludere illustrare illustris -e imago - i n i s / imbecillus -a -um im-bellis -e imber -bris m imitarl im-manis -e immanitas - a t i s / im-matiirus -a -um im-memor -oris adi (+gen) im-mensus -a -um im-mincre +dat im-minuere im-miscere: se i. (+dat) im-mittere immo im-mobilis -e im-molare im-mortalis -e im-munis -e (+abl) im-par -aris adi im-partlre im-patiens -entis adi impatientia - a e / im-pavidus -a -um impedlmcntum -i n impedire impedltus -a -um im-pellere im-pendere +dal impensa - a e / imperare (+dat) imperator -oris m imperatorius -a -um im-perfectus -a -um imperitare (+dat) imperltia - a e / im-perltus -a -um imperium -i n im-pertlre impel rare impetus -us m im-piger -gra -grum im-pius -a -um im-plere -evisse -erum im-plicare -uisse -itum im-plorare impluvium -i n im-ponere impraesentiarum im-primere -pressisse -pressum im-probus -a -um im-provisus -a -um 18

there entice, attract from there there, thither dawn, grow light make game of, fool illuminate, make clear brilliant, illustrious picture, portrait, vision weak unwarlike, cowardly rain, shower imitate savage, fierce brutality, fierceness unripe, premature unmindful, forgetful (of) immeasurable, endless overhang, be imminent make smaller, reduce mingle, merge (into) send in, send (into) no, on the contrary immovable, motionless sacrifice, immolate immortal exempt (from), tax-free unequal give a share of, impart not enduring, impatient impatience fearless obstacle impede, obstruct obstructed, encumbered strike, drive, compel impend, threaten cost, expenditure command, order, levy, requisition, rule general, emperor of a general unfinished govern, be in command inexperience, ignorance unskilled, ignorant command, empire give a share of, impart obtain (by request) onset, attack, charge active, industrious impious fill, fulfill, achieve enfold beseech, implore water basin place (in/on), put at the present moment press (into), stamp, impress bad, wicked unforeseen, unexpected

ex/de improviso im-prudens -entis adi im-pudens -entis adi impudentia - a e / im-pudicus -a -um im-pugnare impulsus -us m impune impunitas - a t i s / Imus -a -um sup in prp +abl prp +acc in-ambulare in-animus -a -um i nan is -e in-audltus -a -um in-calescere -luisse in-cautus -a -um in-cedere in-cendere -disse -ensum incendium -i n inceptum -I n in-certus -a -um in-cidere -disse in-cldere -disse -sum in-cipere -io coepisse coeptum in-citare incitatus -a -um in-clamare in-cllnare in-cludere -sisse -sum inclutus -a -um in-cognitus -a -um incohare incola -ae m/f in-colere incolumis -e incolumitas - a t i s / in-commodum -I n inconditus -a -um in-conspectus -a -um in-consultus -a -um in-credibilis -e in-crepare -uisse -itum in-crescere in-cultus -a -um in-cumbere -cubuisse incumbere ad/in in-currere -rrisse -rsum in-cursio - o n i s / in-cusare inde in-demnatus -a -um index -ids m in-dicare in-dlcere indicium -I n indigere indignari indignatio - o n i s / indignitas -atis/

unexpectedly, suddenly unwise, incautious shameless, impudent shamelessness unchaste, immoral attack, oppose impact, impulse with impunity impunity, licence lowest in, on, at into, on (to), against walk up and down lifeless, inanimate empty, gaping unheard (of) become heated incautious, unsuspecting walk, advance, occur set on fire, inflame fire, conflagration undertaking, enterprise uncertain occur, present itself cut begin set in motion, stir up fast-moving, rapid shout (at) turn, bend, incline shut up famous unknown start work on, begin inhabitant inhabit unharmed, safe, intact safety disadvantage, misfortune unpolished, rough unfounded thoughtless, rash incredible, unbelievable rattle, clash, scold grow, increase uncultivated, untilled lie down on apply/devote oneself to rush in, make an inroad incursion, inroad reproach, accuse from there, thence(forth) uncondemned list, catalog make known, declare notify, declare information, disclosure be without, lack resent, be indignant indignation, resentment indignity, humiliation

in-dignus -a -um in-doctus -a -um indoles - i s / in-ducere induere -uisse -Qtum indutus (+abl) industria - a e / industrius -a -um indutiae -aefpl in-eluctabilis -e in-ermis -e in-ers -ertis inertia - a e / in-esse in-explorato adv in-expugnabilis -e in-exspectatus -a -um in-famis -e In-fandus -a -um infans -antis m/f In-fectus -a -um In-fellx -icis adi Infensus -a -um inferior -ius comp Infernus -a -um In-ferre in-tulisse il-latum Inferus -a -um Inferl -orum m pi Infestare Infestus -a -um In-fldus -a -um In-figere infimus -a -um sup Infinltus -a -um Inffrmare Infirmatio - 6 n i s / Infirmitas - a t i s / In-firmus -a -um Infitiari In-flammare Iii-flare In-flectere In-fluere In-formis -e Infra prp +acc, adv In-fringere -fregisse factum in-gemescere -muisse ingenium -i n ingens -entis adi in-gratus -a -um in-gredi -ior -gressum in-liospilalis -e in-humanus -a -um in-icere in-imicus -i m in-inimlcus -a -um inlquitas -atis / in-Iquus -a -um in-Ire -e6 -iisse -itum initium -i n injuria - a e /

unworthy, shameful ignorant character, nature lead, bring (in), introduce put on (clothes) dressed (in) hard work, industry diligent, industrious armistice, truce inescapable, inevitable unarmed, defenceless inactive, idle idleness,sloth be (in) without reconnoitering impregnable unexpected disgraced horrible little child, baby unwrought, not effected unlucky, unfortunate hostile lower, inferior of the underworld bring (in), cause, inflict lower the underworld make unsafe, infest unsafe, infested, hostile faithless fix, fasten lowest, the bottom of unlimited, infinite weaken, refute, annul invalidation, rebuttal weakness weak deny kindle, inflame inflate, puff up, elate bend, turn, inflect flow into unshapely, ugly below break,crush groan, moan nature, character huge, vast ungrateful enter, begin, walk inhospitable inhuman throw/lay on, instil (personal) enemy unfriendly unfairness uneven, unfair enter (upon), begin beginning injustice, wrong

niunosus -a -um in-iussu +gen in-iustus -a -um in-nocens -entis adi nnocentia - a e / in-numerabilis -e inopia - a e / inquit -iunt inquam in-qulrere -sivisse -situm in-sanabilis -e (nsaiiia - a e / In-sanus -a -um In-satiabilis -e in-sciens -entis adi In-scius -a -um In-scrlbere InscrlptiS - o n i s / In-sepultus -a -um In-sequI In-sidere -sedisse -sessum In-sidere -sedisse Insidiae - a r u m / p / Insidiari (+dat) insidiator -oris m Insigne -is n Insignis -e In-sistere -stitisse In-solens -entis adi Insolentia - a e / in-solitus -a -um In-sons -ontis adi In-speratus -a -um In-spicere In-stare In-staurare Instigare Instlnctus -a -um In-stituere -uisse -Qtum institutum -i n In-struere instrumentum -I n In-suescere -evisse -etum Insula - a e / In-super insuper habere in-tactus -a -um integer -gra -gram intel-legere -lexisse -lectum in-tendere -disse -turn intentio - o n i s / intentus -a -um inter prp+acc inter se inter-cedere inter-cludere -sisse -sum inter-diu inter-dum inter-ea inter-esse

unjust, wrongful without orders unjust, unfair innocent, blameless innocence, integrity countless, innumerable lack, scarcity (he/she) says/said I say inquire, make inquiries incurable madness mad, insane insatiable not knowing, unaware not knowing, unaware write on, inscribe, entitle inscription, title unburied follow, pursue occupy, settle, be fixed hold, occupy, be seated ambush, plot, wiles lie in wait, lie in ambush waylayer, bandit mark, token, symbol noted, remarkable stand (on) haughty, arrogant arrogance unusual, unwonted innocent unhoped for, unexpected examine, inspect press, urge, insist renew incite, urge roused set up, establish, start, appoint, train, instruct practice, custom, usage draw up, arrange, equip tool(s), instrument become accustomed island in addition overlook, neglect untouched, uninjured intact, unhurt, blameless understand, realize strain, direct, strive charge, accusation intent, attentive between, among, during (with) one another intervene, intercede cut off, block by day now and then meanwhile be between


interesse +dat interest inter-ficere inter-icere interiectus interiectis... (ab!) interim inter-imere -emisse -emptum interior -ius comp inter-Ire -eo -iisse interitus -us m inter-mittere internicio -onis/ internus -a -um inter-pellare inter-ponere inter-regnum -t n inter-rex -regis m inter-rogare inter-rumpere inter-vallum -i n inter-venire (+dat) interventus -us m intra prp+acc intrare intro-ducere intro-Ire -eo -iisse -itum intuerl intus adv in-ultus -a -um in-utilis -e in-vadere -sisse -sum in-validus -a -um in-vehere invehiin in-venlre inventi<> -onis/ in-vestlgare in-veterascere -ravisse in-vicem in-victus -a -um in-videre +dat invidia -ae/ in-violatus -a -um in-vlsere invlsus -a -um invltare invltus -a -um in-vius -a -um in-vocare iocosus -a -um ipse -a -um Ira -ae/ Irasci Iratus -a -um Ire eo iisse itum irrltare ir-ritus -a -um ir-ruere ir-rumpere irruptio -onis/ 20

attend, take part in it matters kill place between, insert, add situated between after..., at the end of... meanwhile kill interior, inner (part of) die, perish death interrupt, discontinue annihilation, massacre inner, internal interrupt place between interval between reigns intermediary regent ask, question break up, cut, interrupt interval, space, distance turn up, occur, disturb arrival inside, within enter lead/bring in, introduce go inside, enter look at, watch inside unavenged useless enter, attack, invade infirm, weak import, pass ride in attack in words, inveigh find, meet, devise, invent art of devising arguments inquire into, investigate grow old, become fixed mutually, one another unconquered, invincible envy, grudge envy, ill will, dislike unhurt go to see odious, disliked invite, entertain unwilling, against ...'swill trackless, impassable call upon, invoke humorous, funny himself, that very anger be angry angry go excite, stimulate invalid, ineffectual rush in, charge break, force one's way violent entry, assault

is ea id iste -a -ud ita ita-que item iter itineris n iterare iterum iubere iussisse iussum iucundus -a -um iudex -icis m iudicare iudicatio -onis/ judicium -I n iugalis -e iugerum -i n iugulare iugulum -i n iugum -i n liiiius -I (mensis) Omentum -I n iungere iunxisse iunctum iuniores -um m pi Iunius -i (mensis) iurSre ius itiris n iure ius iurandum iuris -i n iussu abl +gen iussum -i n iusta orum n pi iustitia -ae/ iustus -a -um iuvare iuvisse iutum iuvenalis -e iuvencus -i m juvenilis -e iuvenis -is m iuventa -ae/ inventus -utis/ iuxta prp +acc, adv K kalendae -arum /p/ kalendarium -i n L labefactare labes -is / labl lapsum labor -oris m laborare laboriosus -a -um labrum -i n labyrinthus -i m lac lactis n lacerare lacertus -i m lacessere -ivisse -Itum lacrima -ae/ lacrimabilis -e lacrimare

he, she, it, that this, that (of yours) so, in such a way therefore likewise, also journey, march, way repeat, renew again, a second time order, tell pleasant, delightful judge judge, try, decide point at issue judgement, trial, court marriage-, conjugal area of 2500 m2 kill, slaughter throat yoke, ridge July beast of burden/draught join, combine, form younger men (17-45) June swear law, right, justice, court justly, rightly oath by order of command, order the last honors justice just, fair, due, proper help, delight youthful young bull youthful young man youth youth, young men by, next to, after, alike the 1st (of the month) calendar shake, undermine stain, disgrace slip, drop, fall work, toil work, take trouble, suffer hard, laborious lip labyrinth milk tear (upper) arm challenge, provoke tear mournful, pitiful shed tears, weep

lacrimSsus -a -um lacteus -a -um lacns-us m laedere -sisse -sum laetari laetitia - a e / laetus -a -um laevus -a -um Iambere -bisse lamentatio - o n i s / lana - a e / lancea - a e / laniare lapideus -a -um lapis -idis m laqueus -I m larglrl largitio - o n i s / largltor -oris m largus -a -um lasclvia - a e / latebra - a e / later -eris m latere latericius -a -um Latlnus -a -um latrare latro -onis m latrocinium -I n latus -eris n latus -a -um laudare laureatus -a -um laurus - I / laus laudis/ lavare lavisse lautum Iaxare lectlca - a e / lectulus -i m lectus -I m Icctus -a -um legare legatio -onis/ lcgatus -i m legere legisse lectum legi5 - o n i s / legionarius -a -um legitimus -a -um lembus -I m lenlre lenis -e Ientus -a -um leo -onis m levare levis-e lex l e g i s / llbare libellus -I m libens -entis adi libenter liber -bri m liber -era -erum

tearful, sad milky lake injure, hurt rejoice, be glad joy glad, happy left,/the left (hand) lick, wash wailing, lamentation wool, wool spinning lance, spear tear of stone, stonestone, milestone loop, noose give generously largesse, bribery who gives generously generous wantonness hiding-place brick be hidden, hide of brick Latin bark brigand, robber robbery side, flank broad, wide praise adorned with laurel laurel praise, merit wash, bathe loose, untie, release litter, sedan (little) bed bed,couch select, picked bequeath, send, delegate embassy, deputation envoy, lieutenant, legate read, choose, gather legion legionary legal, lawful small boat placate, appease gentle, mild slow lion lift, raise light, slight law, condition, term make a libation, pour little book willing, glad with pleasure, gladly book free

llberare liberator -oris m libere: libet (+dat) llberi -orum m pi llbertas -atis/ llbertinus -i m libido - i n i s / libra - a e / licentia - a e / licere: licet +dat llctor -oris m ligare ligneus -a -um lignum -i n lTIium -I n llmen -inis n limes -itis m limus -i m linea - a e / lingua - a e / linquere liquisse lictum linter -tris m lis l i t i s / littera - a e / litus -oris n lituus -i m loca -drum n pi locare locuples -etis adi locupletare locus -I m (pi -a -orum n: v. supra) longe longinquitas -atis/ longinquus -a -um longitudo - i n i s / longus -a -um loqui locutum lucere luxisse lucerna - a e / lucrum -i n luctarl luctus-us m lucus -i m ludere -sisse -sum ludibrium -i n ludic(er) -era -cram ludicrum -i n ludus -i m lugere -xisse lugubris -e lumen -inis n lima - a e / lunaris -e lupa - a e / lupus -i m lustrare lustrum -i n lux l u c i s / luxuria - a e / luxuriirl luxus -us m

free, set free, deliver deliverer, liberator it pleases children freedom, liberty freedman desire, lust balance, pound (327 g) wantonness, licence it is allowed, one may lictor bind wooden wood lily threshold path, track mud string, line tongue, language leave small boat dispute, lawsuit letter beach, shore augur's staff, trumpet regions, parts place rich, wealthy enrich place, position, rank, room, opportunity far, by far remoteness remote length long speak, talk shine lamp profit, gain wrestle grief, mourning sacred grove play toy, laughing-stock of sport, of games show play, game, school moum, grieve (over) sad, grievous light moon of the moon, lunar she-wolf wolf irradiate, purify, survey ceremony of purification light, daylight extravagance, luxury revel, live in luxury extravagance, luxury


M maceria - a e / machina - a e / machinal! macte virtute (esto) macula - a e / maculare ma ere re maeror -oris m maestitia - a e / maestus -a -um magis magister -tri m magister equitum magistratus -us m magnificentia - a e / magniflcus -a -um magnitude - i n i s / magnus -a -um maior -ius comp maiores -um m pi Mains -i (mensis) male adv male-dlcere +dat maleficium -I n malitia - a e / malle maluisse malum -I n malum -i n mains -a -um mamma - a e / manare mandare mandatum -I n mane indecl n, adv manere mansisse Manes -ium m pi manifestos -a -um manipulus -i m mansuetudo -inis/ manus - u s / mare -is n margarlta - a e / maritimus -a -um marltus -i m marmor -oris n marmoreus -a -um Martius -T (mensis) mater - t r i s / materia - a e / maternus -a -um matrimonium -I n matrona - a e / matronalis -e maturare mature maturitas -atis/ maturus -a -um mausoleum -I n maxime maximus -a -um sup mecastor 22

stone wall, garden wall machine devise, plot well done! bravo! stain, blemish stain, defile grieve grief sadness, sorrow sad, sorrowful more schoolmaster, teacher master of the horse office, magistrate magnificence magnificent, splendid size, greatness big, large, great bigger, greater, older ancestors May badly, ill abuse, insult evil deed, crime wickedness prefer evil, trouble, harm apple bad, wicked, evil mummy flow, be wet, drip assign, order order morning, in the morning remain, stay Manes, spirits of the dead flagrant, plain maniple mildness, clemency hand, power, force, troop sea pearl sea-, coastal husband marble made of marble, marbleMarch mother material, occasion maternal matrimony, marriage married woman of a married woman make haste, hurry quickly, early ripeness, maturity ripe, mature, timely ,early mausoleum most, especially biggest, greatest, oldest by Castor!

mederl +dat medicus -i m mediocris -e meditari meditatio - o n i s / medium -I n medius -a -um meherc(u)le mel mellis n melior -ius comp melius adv mellitus -a -um membrum -i n memento -tote imp me-met meminisse +gen/acc memor -oris adi (+gen) memorabilis -e memorare memoria - a e / m.ae tradere/mandare post hominum m.am mendum -i n mens m e n t i s / mensa - a e / mensa secunda mensis -is in mentis - o n i s / mentiri mercarl mercator -oris m mercatorius -a -um mercatura - a e / mercatus -us m merces -edis/ merere/-rl bene m. de mergere -sisse -sum meridies -el m meritum -i n meritus -a -um merum -i n merus -a -um merx -rcis / metallum -i n inetari metere messum metiri mensum metuere -uisse metus -us m meus -a -um, voc mi mica re migrare miles -itis m miliarium -i n mllitare mllitaris -e militia - a e / militiae (loc) mllle, pi mllia -ium n minae -arum f pi minarl

heal, cure, remedy physician, doctor moderate, ordinary think about, contemplate reflection, practicing middle, centre mid, middle by Hercules! honey better better, rather sweet limb remember! don't forget! me, myself remember, recollect mindful, reminding memorable mention, speak (of) memory, record put on record in human memory mistake, error mind table dessert month mention, reference lie buy, purchase merchant merchanttrade, commerce market, fair wage, fee, rent earn, deserve behave well toward dip, plunge, sink midday, noon, south merit well-deserved neat wine pure, neat, undiluted commodity, pi goods metal measure off, lay out reap, harvest measure fear fear my, mine flicker, flash move, migrate soldier milestone serve as a soldier military military service in the field, in war thousand threats threaten

minime minimum adv minimus -a -um sup minister -tri m ministerium -I n ministra - a e / minitarl minor -us comp minuere -uisse -utum minus oris n, adv si minus mlrabilis -e mlrabundus -a -um mlraculum -l n Tiiirari mlrus -a -um misccrc -uisse mixtum misellus -a -um miser -era -erum miserabilis -e miserari miseratio -onis / misereri +gen miseria - a e / misericordia -ae/ missile -is n mltigare mltis -e mittere misisse missum moderarl moderatio o n i s / moderator -oris m moderatus -a -um modestia - a e / modestus -a -um modicus -a -um modius -i m modo modo... modo modus -i m nullo modo huius/eius modi moenia -ium n pi moles - i s / molestus -a -um moleste pati/ferre molirl molllre mollis -e momentum -1 n monere monitus -us m mdns montis m monstrare monstrum -i n monumentum -i n mora - a e / morari morbus -i m mordere momordisse -sum mori mortuum

by no means, not at all very little smallest, youngest servant attendance female servant threaten smaller, younger diminish, reduce less if not marvelous, wonderful wondering marvel wonder (at), be surprised surprising, strange mix, mix up, stir up poor, wretched unhappy, miserable pitiable feel sorry for, pity compassion, pity feel pity for misfortune, misery compassion, pity missile soothe gentle, mild, tame send, throw temper, moderate moderation, restraint ruler restrained, moderate restraint restrained, modest moderate peck (8,75 1) only, just now... now manner, way, measure, size, amount, limit by no means of this/that kind walls mass, bulk, effort troublesome be annoyed (at) labor, strive make soft, soften soft moment remind, advise, wam advice, prompting mountain point out, show monster memorial, monument delay delay, stay, stop disease, illness bite die

moribundus -a -um mors mortis/ mortalis -e mortuus -a -um (< mori) mos moris m motus -us m movere movisse -turn mox mugire muliebris -e mulier -eris/ multare mulfi -ae -a multitudo - m i s / multo +comp/sup multum -i n, adv multum diei multus -a -um in/ad multam noctem mundus -i m mundus -a -um munimentum -i n miinlrc munitio - o n i s / munltus -a -um miinus -eris n murmur -uris n murus -i m mus muris m Musa - a e / mutabilis -e mutare mutatio - o n i s / mutus -a -um mutuus -a -um mutuum dare/sumere N nam -nam namque nanclsci nactum nare narrare narratio - o n i s / nascl natum nasus -i m nata - a e / natare nfitio - o n i s / natu abl: maior/minor n. natura - a e / iiaiui alis -e natus -a -um (< nasci) XX aiiuds natus natus -i m naufragium -i n nauta -ae m nauticus -a -um navalia -ium n pi navalis -e navicula - a e /

dying death mortal, human dead custom, usage, manner movement, rising move, stir, ponder soon low, bellow of a woman woman punish many, a great many large number, multitude much, by far much, a good deal late in the day much, a good deal of till late in the night world, universe clean, neat fortification fortify, guard, construct fortification well fortified, secure gift, task, duty mutter, murmur wall mouse Muse changeable change, exchange change dumb on loan lend/borrow

for ... ever? for get, obtain, find, meet swim relate, tell narrative be born nose daughter swim people, nation older/younger nature natural, of nature born 20 years old son shipwreck sailor nautical, naval dockyard naval boat


navicularius -l m navigare navigatio - o n i s / navis - i s / -ne ne ne... quidem ne multa nebula - a e / nee v. ne-que/nec necare nec-/neque-dum necessarius -a-um, adv -6 necessarius -i m necesse est necessitas - a t i s / nectere -x(u)isse -xum ne-fandus -a -um ne-fas indeel n ne-fastus -a -um: dies n. negare negitare neglegens -entis adi neglegere -exisse -ctum negotiarl negotiator -oris m negotium -i n nemo, ace -inem, dat -ini nepos -Otis m nequam adi indeel sup nequissimus ne-quaquam ne-que/nec n.... n. ne-qulquam ne-qulre -eo -Ivisse nervus -i m nescio-quis ne-scire neu v. ne-ve/neu neuter -tra -trum ne-ve/neu n.... n. nex n e c i s / nl v. nisi nidus -I m niger -gra -grum nihil nil nihilo +comp nihilo minus/setius nimbus -i m nl-mlrum adv nimis nimium -i n, adv nimius -a -um nisi/nl nltl nisum niti in niveus -a -um nix n i v i s / nobilis -e nobilitare 24

shipowner sail sailing, voyage ship ...? if, whether that not, lest, that not even to be brief, in short mist, fog kill and (/but) not yet necessary relative, friend it is necessary, one must need, necessity attach heinous impious act, crime public holiday deny, say that... not deny repeatedly careless neglect, disregard do business, trade trader business, activity, affair no one, nobody grandson worthless, bad by no means, not at all and/but not, nor, not neither... nor to no effect, in vain be unable to sinew, muscle someone or other, some not know neither and (that) not, nor (that) neither... nor killing, murder nest black nothing, adv not at all no, by no means none the less rain-cloud without doubt, evidently too, too much too much, too too big if not, except, but exert oneself, strive depend on snow-white snow well known, famous make famous

nobilitas - a t i s / nocere +dat noctu nocturnus -a -um nodus -i m noli -Ite imp (< nolle) +inf nolle noluisse nomen -inis n nomen dare nominare non nonae -arum / p / nonagesimus -a -um nonaginta non-dum non-gentl -ae -a non-ne non-nihil non-null! -ae -a non-numquam nonus -a -um nos nobis noscere novisse noscitare noster -tra -trum nostrum gen nota -ae / notare Notus -l m notus -a -um novellus -a -um novem November -bris (mensis) novisse (< noscere) novissime novissimus -a -um novitas - a t i s / novus -a -um nox n o c t i s / noxa - a e / noxius -a -um nubere -psisse +dat nuptum dare nubes - i s / nubilus -a -um nudare nudus -a -um nugae - a r u m / p / nullus -a -um num numen -inis n numerare numerosus -a -um numerus -I m nummus -i m numquam nunc nuncupare nuntia - a e / nuntiare nuntius -i m nuper

renown, nobility, nobles harm, hurt by night, at night nocturnal, at night knot don't...! be unwilling, not want name, fame, nation offer oneself, enroll name, call not 5th/7th (of the month) ninetieth ninety not yet nine hundred not? not a little, something some, several sometimes ninth we, us, ourselves get to know, perf know recognize our, ours of us mark, sign, slur mark, note, censure south wind known new,young nine November know quite recently last novelty, inexperience new, inexperienced night harm, guilt guilty marry give in marriage cloud cloudy bare, leave unprotected naked, bare, unarmed idle talk, rubbish no ...? if, whether divine will count numerous, many number, class coin, sesterce never now designate, call messenger announce, report messenger, message recently

nupta - a e / nuptiae -arum//?/ nurus - u s / nusquam nutrire nutrlx - I c i s / nutus-us m nux n u c i s / Nympha - a e / O

wife wedding daughter-in-law nowhere feed, suckle nurse nod, gravitation nut nymph

obprp +acc ob-ducere ob-equitare ob-icere ob-iectare ob-ire -eo -iisse -itum obitus -us m ob-ligfire obllquus -a -um obllvio - o n i s / obllvlscl -Htum +gen/acc ob-mutescere -tuisse ob-niibere ob-oedlre +dat ob-oriri ob-repere ob-rigescere -guisse ob-ruere -ruisse -rutum obscurare obscurus -a -um ob-secundare +dat ob-sequI+<te ob-servare obses -idis in ob-sid ere -sedisse -sessum obsidio - o n i s / ob-sistere -stitisse ob-stare obstinatus -a -um ob-struere ob-stupescere -puisse ob-surdescere -duisse ob-temperare +dat ob-testari ob-tinere -uisse -tentum ob-trectare obtrectatio - o n i s / ob-ti u iii-arc obtunsus -a -um ob-venlre ob-viam Ire (+dat) obvius -a -um obvius esse/fieri +dat occasio - o n i s / occasus-us m occidens -entis m oc-cidere -disse oc-cidere -disse -sum occultare

o! on account of, before draw over (to cover) ride up to place before, expose expose meet, visit, go into, enter upon, set death bind slanting, indirect oblivion forget become speechless veil, cover obey spring up creep up, steal up become stiff cover up, bury, crush obscure, darken dark, obscure, uncertain comply with, obey comply with, obey observe, respect hostage besiege siege resist stand in the way stubborn, obstinate bar, block be stunned/astounded become deaf obey beseech, implore hold, gain, obtain criticize, disparage criticism, disparagement slaughter, kill blunt, dull fall to the lot of (go to) meet, oppose coming to meet meet opportunity, chance setting west fall, sink, set, die, end kill hide

occultus -a -um occupare oc-currere -rrisse +dat oc-cursarc oceanus -i m ocellus -i m ocissimS sup ocius comp octavus -a -um octies octingenti -ae -a octo October -bris (mensis) octogesimus -a -um octoginta oculus -i m odisse odium -i n odor -oris m of-fendere -disse -ensum offensa - a e / offensio - o n i s / of-ferre ob-tulisse -latum officium -i n olim omen -inis n o-mittere omnlno omnis -e onerare onus -eris n opacus -a -um opem -is -e ace gen abl opera - a e / operam dare (ut, +dat) operae non est (mihi) operarius -i m operlre -uisse -rtum opes -wafpl opifex -icis m oplmus -a -um oplnari opinio -onis/ oportere: oportet opperlri -ertum oppidan! -orum m pi oppidum -I n op-plcrc -evisse -etum op-ponere opportunitas - a t i s / opportunus -a -um op-primere -pressisse prcssum op-pugnare oppugnatio - o n i s / optare optimates -ium m pi optimus -a -um sup opulentia - a e / opulentus -a -um opus -eris n

hidden, secret occupy, take possession of meet run to meet ocean (little) eye most quickly more quickly eighth eight times eight hundred eight October eightieth eighty eye hate hatred smell come upon, find offence, resentment setback, misfortune offer, present duty, task once, long ago, one day omen, augury abandon, leave off/out altogether all, every load burden,load shady power, aid, assistance effort, pains, service apply oneself (I) can't spare the time labourer cover resources.wealth, power, influence workman, artisan

think, believe opinion, belief it is right, you should wait (for), await townspeople town fill up, cover put in the way, oppose convenience, advantage convenient, exposed press on, overwhelm attack attack, assault wish the nobles/conservatives best, very good sumptuousness wealthy, powerful work, task


opus est ora -ae/ oraculum -i n orare oratio -onis/ orator -oris m oratorius -a -urn oratrlx -icis/ orbis -is m orbis (terraram) orbitas -atis/ orbus -a -um ordinare ordlrl orsum ordo -inis m (ex) ordine oriens -entis m orientalis -e orlgo -inis/ orirl ortum Srnamentum -i n oriiare ornatus -a -um ortus-us m os ossis n os oris n oscitare oscular! osculum -i n ostendere -disse ostentare ostiarius -i m ostium -l n otiosus -a -um otium -i n ovare ovis - i s / ovum -i n P pabularl pabulum -! n pacare pacisci pactum pacto: quo pacto paelex -icis/ paene paen-tnsula -ae/ paenitere: p.et me (+gen) pagina -ae/ palam palam facere palari pallere pallescere -luisse pallidus -a -um pallium -i n palma -ae/ palpitare paludamentum -i n palus -udis/ palus -i m 26

it is needed border, coast oracle pray, beg speech speaker, orator, envoy oratorical female suppliant circle, orbit, sphere the world loss of children/parents childless, orphaned arrange, regulate begin (to speak) row, rank, order, class in order, in sequence east eastern beginnings, origin rise, appear, spring ornament, jewel equip, adorn ornate, distinguished rising, sunrise, origin bone mouth, face gape, yawn kiss kiss show, demonstrate display ostentatiously door-keeper, porter door, entrance leisured, idle leisure, peace exult, rejoice sheep egg forage fodder subdue contract/stipulate for how concubine nearly, almost peninsula I regret/repent page openly, publicly make generally known stray, be dispersed be pale grow pale pale cloak, mantle palm, hand beat, throb military cloak fen, swamp

spread out bread,loaf papae! hey! papaver -eris m poppy papyrus - I / papyrus equal, adequate par paris adi prepare, provide, get parare ready paratus -a -um spare parcere pepercisse +dat father.mother parens -entis m/f parentes -um m pi parents parere -io peperisse -rtum give birthto,lay, produce parere (+dat) obey paries -etis m wall (of a house) pariter equally, together parricida -ae m parricide parricidium -i n murder of near relation pars -rtis/ part, direction, party particeps -ipis adi +gen having a share in in part, partly partim partim... partim/alii some... others partiri share, divide, distribute parturire bereadyto give birth to partus -us m (giving) birth parum too little, not quite parum-per for a short while parvulus -a -um little, tiny parvus -a -um little, small pascere pavisse pastum pasture, feed, feast passer -eris m sparrow passim far and wide,everywhere passus-us m pace (1.48 m) pastio -onis/ pasturage pastor -oris m shepherd pate-facere open, reveal pate-fieri be revealed patens -entis adi open pater -tris m father, pi senators patera -ae/ bowl patere be open, spread paternus -a -um of the father, paternal patescere -tuisse open pari passum suffer, bear, allow aegre/moleste pati resent, be indignant patiens -entis adi patient patientia -ae/ forbearance, patience patrare carry through patria -ae/ native country/town patricius -a -um patrician patrimonium -i n patrimony, fortune patrius -a -um of the father, paternal patrocinium -I n protection, defence patronus -I m patron, pleader, advocate patruus -i m father's brother, uncle paucl -ae -a few, a few paucitas -atis/ small number, paucity paulatim little by little, gradually paulisper for a short time paulo +comp, ante/post a little paululum a little paulum a little, little pauper -eris adi poor

pandere -disse passum panis -is m

pavere pavidus -a -um pavor -oris m pax p a d s / peccare peccatum -i n pectus -oris n pecua -um n pi pcculatus -us m peculium -i n petunia -ae/ pecuniosus -a -um pecus -udis/ pecus -oris n pedes -itis m pedester -tris -tre peior -ius comp pellere pepulisse pulsum -pellere -pulisse -pulsum Penates -ium m pendere pependisse pensum pendere pependisse penes prp + ace penetralia -ium n pi penetrare penitus adv penna -ae/ pensare pensio -onis/ pensitare pensum -I n penta-meter -tri m penuria -ae/ per prp+acc perse per-agere per-agrare per-angustus -a -um per-blandus -a -um per-brevis -e per-celer -is -e per-cellere -ulisse -ulsum per-censere perceptio -onis/ per-contari percontatio onis/ per-currere -rrisse -rsum per-cutere -io -cussisse -cussum per-dere -didisse -ditum per-domare perduellio -onis/ peregrinus -a -um perennis -e per-errare per-exiguus -a -um perfectus -a -um per-ferre per-ficere perfidia -ae/ perfidus -a -um

be terrified terrified terror, fright peace

do wrong

error, offence breast farm animals embezzlement money given to slaves money wealthy farm animal, sheep livestock, sheep, cattle foot-soldier pedestrian, infantry worse push, drive (off) Penates, tutelary gods weigh, pay hang in the possession of the interior penetrate from within, deep, far feather weigh, ponder, consider payment, installment pay task pentameter scarcity, want through, by, during by oneself, single-handed carry out, complete travel over very narrow very charming very short very fast strike (with fear) enumerate gathering inquire (about), ask interrogation, question run over, pass over strike, hit destroy, ruin, waste, lose subjugate treason foreign, alien enduring, perpetual wander through very small perfect carry, endure complete, accomplish faithlessness, treachery faithless, treacherous

perfuga -ae m per-fugere per-fugium -i n per-fundere per-fungl +abl pergere per-rexisse per-gratus -a -um per-hibere periculosus -a -um perlculum -I n per-imere -emisse -emptum periocha -ae/ per-Ire -eo -iisse peristylum -i n peritus -a -um +gen per-iucundus -a -um per-magnus -a -um per-manere per-miscere per-mittere permixtio onis/ per-molestus -a -um per-movere per-multi -ae -a per-munire per-mutare permutatio -onis/ pernicies -ei/ perniciosus -a -um per-orare per-paucl -ae -a per-pellere perpetuus -a -um

per-saepe per-sequi per-severare per-solvere persona -ae/ per-spicere per-stare per-suadere -sisse +dat per-territus -a -um per-timescere -muisse per-tinere (ad) per-turbare per-vadcre -sisse -sum per-vastare per-vemre per-volare pes pedis m pessimus -a -um sup pessum dare pesti-fer -era -erum pestilentia -ae/ pestis -is/ petasus -1 m petere -Ivisse -Itum petltio -onis/ phalerae -arum//?/ phantasma -atis n

deserter take refuge place of refuge, shelter wet, drench, imbue, fill carry through, finish proceed, go on very pleasing report, say dangerous, perilous danger, peril destroy, kill summary perish, be lost peristyle practiced, expert very agreeable very large remain, continue mix, blend allow, permit, leave disturbance, chaos very troublesome move deeply a great many fortify thoroughly exchange exchange destruction destructive, disastrous conclude very few enforce continuous, permanent ask in turn very often follow, pursue persist, continue pay in full, fulfill character, person survey, recognize stand firm, persist persuade, convince terrified be frightened (of) relate, pertain (to) upset spread, pervade devastate completely get to,reach move rapidly, rush, fly foot worst destroy, ruin disastrous, pernicious plague, pestilence plague, disaster hat make for, aim at, attack, seek, ask for, request pursuit, candidature military decoration ghost, apparition 27

pharetra -ae/ philosophia -ae/ philosophus -I m pietas -atis/ piger -gra -gram pigere: piget me (+gen) pignus -oris n pila -ae/ pilleus -I m pilum -! n pingere pinxisse pictum tabula picta plpiare pirata -ae m ptraticus -a -urn pirum -i n piscator -oris m piscis -is m pius -a -um placere + dat placidus -a -um placitus -a -um plane planus -a -um plaudere -sisse (+dat) plausus-us m plebeil -orum m pi pleb(e)s - i s / plenus -a -um (+gen/ab!) pleri-que plerae- pleraplerumque adv plerus-que plera- pleramplorare pluma -ae/ plumbum -i n plures -a comp plurimi -ae -a sup plurimum -i n, adv plurimus -a -um plus pluris n, adv poculum -i n poema -atis n poena -ae/ poenas dare poeta -ae m/f poeticus -a-um pollens -entis adi pollere pollicerl pollicitarl pollicitatio -onis/ polluere -uisse -utum pomerium -i n pompa -ae/ pondo indecl pondus-eris n ponere posuisse positum positum esse (in) pons pontis m pontifex -icis m pontus -i m 28

quiver philosophy philosopher respect, devotion, piety lazy,torpid I am displeased, I regret pledge ball felt cap spear, javelin paint, embroider painting chirp pirate of pirates pear fisherman fish dutiful, devoted, pious please quiet, calm, gentle pleasing, agreeable plainly, clearly plain, clear clap, applaud applause plebeians the (common) people full (of) most, most people mostly most (of),the greater part cry feather lead more most, a great many most, very much very much, a lot of more cup, glass poem punishment, penalty suffer punishment poet poetical strong be strong promise promise promise soil, violate, degrade open space round town ceremonial procession in weight, pounds weight place, put, pitch, lay down, take off, give up be situated, lie, depend bridge high priest sea

populari popularis -e popularis -is m populus -i m porcus -i m por-rigere porro porta -ae/ portare por-tendere -disse -turn portentum -I n pnrticus -us/ portuosus -a -um portus -us m poscere poposcisse posse potuisse possessio -onis/ possidere -sedisse post prp +acc, adv post-ea postei-quam poster! -drum m pi posterior -ius comp posteritas -atis/ posterus -a -um posthac postlcum -I n post-quam postremo adv postrSmum adv postrSmus -a -um sup postrl-die postulare postulatum -i n potare potens -entis adi potentia -ae/ potestas -atis/ potio -onis/ potior -ius comp potlri +abl/gen potissimum adv sup potius adv comp prae prp +abl praebere prae-cedere praeceps -ipitis adi praeceptum -I n prae-cipere praecipitare praecipue praecipuus -a -um prae-clarus -a -um praeco -onis m praeda -ae/ praedarl praedatorius -a -um prae-dicare prae-dlcere praedictum -i n praedinm -I n prae-dlves -itis adi

ravage, plunder of the people, popular fellow citizen people, nation Pig stretch out forward, ahead gate carry portend, presage portent, prodigy portico, colonnade having many harbors harbor demand, call for be able possession, occupation possess, own behind, after, later afterward, later after, since descendants, posterity back-, hind-, later future, posterity next, following from now on, hereafter backdoor after, since finally for the last time last on the following day demand, require demand drink powerful, mastering) power power drinking, drink preferable, better take possession of, hold preferably, especially rather before, for present, offer, show go on ahead, precede headlong, precipitous instruction, order anticipate, advise, order throw/fall/rush headlong especially, above all outstanding, exceptional splendid, excellent crier, announcer, herald booty, prey plunder, loot plundering declare foretell, prophesy prediction, prophecy estate very rich

praedo -onis m prae-esse (+dat) praefectus -I m prae-ferre prae-ficere prae-mittere praemium -I n prae-nomen -inis n prae-occupare prae-parare prae-ponere (+dat) prae-potens -entis adi praesens -entis adi (tempus) praesens prae-sentlre praesertim praeses -idis m/f praesidium -I n praestans -antis adi prae-stare -stitisse praestat prae-sumcrc praeter prp+acc praeter spem praeter-ea praeter-Ire praeteritus -a -um (tempus) praeteritum praeter-mittere praeter-quam quod praeter-vehl prae-texta: toga p. praetextatus -a -um praetor -oris m praetorium -i n praetorius -a -um praetorius -I m praetiira -ae/ praeverbium -i n prat(ul)um -i n pravus -a -um precari preces -umfpl prehendere -disse -ensum premere pressisse pressum pretiosus -a -um pretium -i n pridem prl-die prlmo adv prlmores -um m pi prlmum adv quam primum primus -a -um princeps -ipis adi, m prlncipium -I n prior -ius prlstinus -a -um prius adv prius-quam prlvatim adv

robber, pirate be in charge (of) prefect, commander prefer put in charge of send in advance reward, prize first name preoccupy prepare put in charge of very powerful present, instant present have a presentiment of especially guardian protection, aid, garrison outstanding furnish, fulfill, surpass it is better take for oneself, assume past, besides, except contrary to expectation besides pass by, pass, pass over past the past omit, neglect, let pass apart from the fact that ride/drive/sail past toga with purple border wearing a toga praetexta praetor, commander general's tent of the commander ex-praetor praetorship prefix meadow, lawn faulty, wrong pray prayers grasp, seize press, harass, press hard on,repress precious price, value, reward long ago the day before atfirst,first leading men, front ranks first as soon as possible first first, chief, emperor beginning, origin, basis first, former, frontformer, previous before before privately, personally

pnvate property private, holding no office before, on, for, instead of, as, according to pro! o! probare approve of, prove probatus -a -um acceptable, pleasing probus -a -um good, honest, proper pro-cedere advance, go on,succeed procella -ae / violent wind, gale procerus -a -um tall, long pro-cidere -disse fall forward, collapse pro-clamare cry out pro-consul -is m (procos.) proconsul, governor pro-creare engender, beget procul far away, far (from) procul dubio without doubt pro-cumbere -cubuisse lean forward, bow down pro-curare attend to, administer procurator -oris m manager, superintendent pro-currere -rrisse -rsum run forward, charge pro-dere -didisse -ditum hand down, betray prod-esse pro-fuisse +dat be useful, do good prodigium -i n prodigy prod-Ire -eo -iisse -itum come forward, go forth proditio -onis/ betrayal proditor -oris m traitor pro-ducere bring forth, extend proelium -i n battle profecto indeed, certainly pro-ferre fetch, produce, extend pro-ficere progress, be successful proficlscl -fectum set out, depart pro-fiterl -fessum declare, offer pro-fllgare defeat decisively, crush pro-fugere run away, flee profugus -a -um fleeing, m fugitive pro-fundere pour out, shed progenies -elf offspring, descent pro-gnatus -a -um (+ abl) born, son (of) pro-gredl -ior -gressum go forward, advance progressio -onis/ advance pro-hibere keep off, prevent, forbid pro-icere throw (forward) pro-inde (+ imp) accordingly pro-labl slip, overbalance proles - i s / offspring prolet aril -orum m pi lowest class of citizens promere -mpsisse -mptum take out pro-minere project, stick out promissum -i n promise pro-mittere promise pro-movere push forward, advance promptu: in p. within reach, easy promptus -a -um prompt, keen, ready pro-mulgare announce, publish promunturium -i n headland, promontory pro-nuntiare proclaim, announce pronus -a -um leaning forward, inclined propatulum -i n forecourt prope prp +acc, adv near, nearly properare hurry

privatum -i n prlvatus -a -um pro prp+abl


propere propinquus -a -um propior -ius comp propius adv comp pro-ponere propositi -i n pro-praetor -oris m proprius -a -um propter prp +acc, adv propter-ea prora - a e / pro-scrlbere prosequi pro-sillre -uisse prosperus -a -um pro-spicere pro-sternere pro-tegere protinus pro-trahere pro-vehi -vectum proventus -us m pro-videre provincia - a e / pro-vocare provocatio - o n i s / pro-volare proximus -a -um sup proximus -i m prudens -entis adi prudentia - a e / prulna - a e / pubes -eris adi piiblicanus -I m publicare publicum -i n publicus -a -um res publica pudens -entis adi pudere: pudet me (+ gen) pudibundus -a -um pudicitia - a e / pudlcus -a -um pudor -oris m puella - a e / puer -eri m puerllis -e pueritia - a e / puerulus -I m pugna - a e / pugnare pugnator oris m pugnus -I m pulcher -chra -chrum pulchritudo - i n i s / pullus -I m pullus -a -um pulmo -onis m pulsare pulsus -us m pulvlnar -aris n pulvis -eris m

quickly near, close, m relative nearer, closer nearer set up, propose objective, point propraetor own, proper because of, near therefore prow proscribe, outlaw accompany, honor spring forth successful, favorable look out, look ahead knock down, overthrow protect at once pull out, draw out sail out growth, crop, harvest see to it, take care province, charge challenge, appeal appeal rush forth nearest, next close relative prudent, clever intelligence, proficiency hoarfrost, rime mature, grown-up tax-gatherer, publican confiscate public funds public, stateaffairs of state, the state modest, virtuous I am ashamed (of) shamefaced chastity, virtue chaste shame, decency girl boy, slave,/)/ children of children boyhood small boy fight fight fighter, combatant fist beautiful, fine beauty young one, chicken somber, grey lung strike, hit, knock (at) thrust, impulse couch for the gods dust

punctum -i n punlre puppis - i s / ace -im, abl -i purgare purpura - a e / purus -a -um putare Q qua (sl/ne/num) qua qua-cumque quadragesimus -a -um quadraginta quadratus -a -um quadriennium -i n quadrigae -arum / p i quadringentesimus -a -um quadringentl -ae -a quaerere -sivisse -situm quaeso quaestio - o n i s / quaestor -oris m quaestorius -a -um quaestura - a e / quaestus -us m qualis -e qualis-cumque qualitas - a t i s / quam quam +sup quam-diu quam-ob-rem quamquam quam-vls quando (sl/ne/num) quando quantitas - a t i s / quants +comp (tanto...) quantum -l n, adv quanti gen pretii quantus -a -um quantus-cumque -a- -umqua-propter qua-re quartum quarto adv quartos -a -um quarta pars quasi quassare quater quatere -io quaternl -ae -a quattuor quattuor-decim -que quercus - I / querella -ae / querl questum querimonia - a e / qui quae quod qui quae quod (...?)

dot, point, speck punish stem, poop clean, purge, excuse purple clean, pure think, suppose which way, where by any road, anywhere wherever fortieth forty square four years team of four horses four hundredth four hundred look for, seek, ask (for) I ask you, please inquiry, question quaestor fit to be a quaestor quaestorship income, profit what sort of, (such) as of whatever sort quality how, as, than as... as possible how long, (as long) as why although however, although when, seeing that at any time, ever quantity, size how much, the... (the...) how much, (as much) as of what worth how large, (as large) as however great/much why why, therefore, hence for the fourth time fourth fourth, quarter as, like, as if shake, damage, batter four times shake four(each) four fourteen and oak complaint complain, grumble complaint, protest who, which, he who what, which


qui qua quod (si/ne...) quia quic-quam -quid v. quidqul-cumque quae- quodquid (v. quis) quid adv qui-dam quae- quod-/quidquidem ne quidem quidnl quid-quam/quic-quam quid-quid/quic-quid quies - e t i s / quiescere -evisse quietus -a -um qui-Iibet quae- quodquln quin (etiam) (non...)quin+coni qui-nam v. quis-nam quln-decim qulndecim-viri -orum mpl qulngentesimus -a -um quln-gentl -ae -a qulnl -ae -a qulnquagesimus -a -um qulnquaginta qulnque quinquennium -I n qulnque-remis (navis ) qulnquies Qulntllis -is (mensis) qulntum/qulnto adv quintus -a -um quippe (qui/quae) quire -eo -Ivisse Quirites -ium m pi quis quae quid quis quid (si/num/ne...) quis-nam (qui-) quid-nam quis-quam quis-que quae- quodquis-quis qul-vls quae- quodqu5 adv quo +comp(eo...) quo +coni quo-ad quo-circa quo-cumque adv quod (= quia) quod si quod n quo-modo quondam quoniam quoque quot indecl quot-annls quoties quoties-cumque quo-usque

any because whoever, whatever, any what, anything why a certain, some(one) indeed, certainly not even why not anything whatever, anything that rest, repose, sleep rest quiet no matter what/which why not, do...! come! indeed,even (but) that fifteen board of fifteen priests five hundredth five hundred five (each) fiftieth fifty five five years having five banks of oars five times July for the fifth time fifth inasmuch as, for be able to Roman citizens who, what anyone, anything who/what ever? anyone each anyone who, whoever no matter what, any where (to) the... (the...) in order that (thereby) until hence,therefore wherever because,that if however, but if what, which, that which how once, some day since, seeing that, as also, too how many, (as many) as every year how often, as often as every time that how long? till when?

rage, fury ray root, foot, base branch, bough carry off, pass rush off rushing, rapid carrying off, plunder hurriedly rarely, seldom rare account, consideration, reason, method, affair rationem habere +gen take into account rationalis -e of reasoning ratis - i s / raft ratus -a -um valid, fixed, certain pro rata parte in proportion re-bellare reopen the war, revolt re-cedere go back, retire recens -entis adi fresh re-cidere reccidisse fall back re-cldere -disse -sum cut off, remove reciperare recover, recapture re-cipere receive, admit, accept se recipere retire, return, recover recitare read aloud re-cognoscere recognize re-conciliare win back, reconcile re-cordari call to mind, recollect recordatio - o n i s / recollection re-creare restore, revive rector -oris m ruler, governor rectus -a -um straight, direct, straightforward, right, correct recta (via) straight re-cumbere -cubuisse lie down re-cusare reject, refuse red-dere -didisse -ditum give back, render red-igere -egisse -actum drive back.bring, reduce red-imere -ernisse-emptum ransom redimlre encircle, surround red-Ire -eo -iisse -itum go back, return ad se redlre return to one's senses return reditus -us m re-ducere lead back, bring back red-undare overflow, be exuberant re-fellere -lisse refute re-ferre rettulisse rebring back, return, report, latum enter, refer referre (de) make a proposal re-ferre: re-fert (mea) it is important (for me) re-ficere restore, repair re-fugere flee back, escape, recoil regalis -e royal regere rexisse rectum direct, guide, govern regia - a e / royal palace regtna - a e / queen regio - o n i s / region, district regius -a -um royal regnare reign, rule regnum -i n kingship, kingdom, reign

R rabies - e l / radius -i m radix -Icis/ ramus -i m rapere -io -uisse -ptum rapidus -a -um rapina - a e / raptim raro adv rarus -a -um ratio - o n i s /


re-gredl -ior -gressum regula - a e / regulus -i m re-laxare religio - o n i s / religiosus -a -um re-linquere reliquiae - a r u m / p / reliquum -! n reliquus -a -um re-mandare re-manere remedium -I n remex -igis m remigare re-minlsci +gen/acc remissio - o n i s / remissus -a -um re-mittere re-morari remotus -a -um re-movere remus -I m re-nascl re-novare re-niintiare re-parare re-pellere reppulisse -pulsum repens -entis adi repente adv repentlnus -a -um repere -psisse -ptum reperlre repperisse repertum re-petere res repetere re-ponere re-portare re-prehendere re-primere -essisse -essum repudiare re-pugnare repulsa - a e / re-putare re-quiescere re-quirere -sivisse -situm rerl ratum res r e i / res (publica) re-scindere re-sldere -sedisse re-sistere -stitisse +dat re-sonare re-spergere -sisse -sum re-spicere re-spondere -disse -sum responsum -i n re-stare -stitisse restat (ut) 32

go back, return ruler petty king, prince relax, relieve fear of the gods, religion sacred leave remnants, remains remainder, future remaining, left send back word remain, stay behind remedy oarsman, rower row recollect relaxation gentle, relaxed send back, relax delay remote, distant remove oar be reborn, be re-created renew, resume report, renounce repair, restore, renew drive back, repel, rebuff sudden, unexpected suddenly sudden crawl find, discover, devise, invent return to, repeat, claim back, recall claim return of property put back carry back, bring home blame, censure check, repress, restrain reject, refuse to accept fight back, resist defeat (in an election) think over, reflect on rest seek, ask reckon, think, believe thing, matter, affair affairs of state, the state demolish, cancel, annul sink back, subside halt, resist resound sprinkle, splatter look back (at), heed, regard, have regard for answer answer remain, be left it remains

re-stinguere -stlnxisse -stinctum restis - i s / re-stituere -uisse -utum re-surgere re-tardare rete -is n re-ticere re-tinere -uisse -tentum re-trahere retro reus -I m re-vehere re-venire revert! -tisse -sum re-vincere re-vlsere re-vocare rex regis m rhetor -oris m rldere -sisse -sum rldiculus -a -um rigare rigere ripa - a e / -ripere -io -uisse -reptum rlsus -us m rite adv rltus -us m rivus -I m rixa - a e / robur -oris n robustus -a -um rogare rogatio - o n i s / rogitare rogus -i m Romanus -a -um rosa - a e / rostra -orum n pi rostratus -a -um rostrum -i n rota - a e / rotundus -a -um ruber -bra -brum rubere rudis -e ruere ruisse ru'i'na - a e / rumor -oris m rumpere rupisse ruptum rupes - i s / ruptor -oris m rurl loc rursus adv rus ruris n rusticus -a -um rutilus -a -um S sacculus -I m saccus -i m

put out, extinguish rope rebuild, restore, reinstate rise again, be restored delay, hold up net keep silent hold back pull back, bring back back defendant, accused bring back come back return, come back conquer revisit, visit call back, recall, revoke king teacher of rhetoric laugh, make fun of ridiculous irrigate be stiff bank laughter, laugh with due rites, properly rites, ceremonies brook, channel quarrel, brawl oak, strength, force strong, robust ask, ask for proposed law, bill ask (repeatedly) funeral pyre Roman rose speakers' platform having a beaked prow beak, beaked prow wheel round red be red, blush crude, rude rush, tumble down collapse, ruin rumor burst, break, break off crag, rock one who breaks in the country again the country rural, rustic, farmred

purse sack

sacer -era -cram sacerdos -Otis m/f sacrare sacrarium -i n sacrificare sacrificium -5 n sacrum -i n saeculum -I n saepe -ius -issime saepire saevitia - a e / saevus -a -um sagitta - a e / Sagittarius -I m sal salis m salinae - a r u m / p / salire -uisse saltare saltern saltus -us m saluber -bris -bre salus -Otis/ salutem dicere +dat salutare salutaris -e salvare salve -ete salvere iubvrv salvus -a -um sanare sanctus -a -um sane sanguineus -a -um sanguinulentus -a -um sanguis -inis m sinus -a -um sapere -io -iisse sapiens -entis adi sapientia -ae / sarcina - a e / sarmentum -I n satelles -itis m satis satius comp < satis saucius -a -um saxum -i n scaena - a e / scaenicus -a -um scalae - a r u m / p / scalpellum -i n scamnum -I n scandere -disse -ansum sceleratus -a -um scelestus -a -um scelus -eris n sceptrum -i n scions -entis adi +gen scientia - a e / scilicet scindere -idisse -issum scire sclscitarl

holy, sacred priest, priestess consecrate sanctuary make a sacrifice sacrifice sacred object, sacrifice generation, age, century often surround savageness, cruelty fierce, cruel arrow archer, bowman salt, wit salt-pans, jump dance at least, anyhow wooded hills healthy, salutary health, salvation, safety greet greet wholesome, salutary save hallo, good morning greet safe, unharmed heal, cure holy certainly, quite blood-stained, bloodshot blood-stained blood, race, relationship healthy, well be wise, have sense wise wisdom pack, kit brushwood, branch henchman, attendant enough, rather better, preferable wounded rock scene, stage theatrical ladder scalpel, surgical knife stool climb, mount accursed, criminal criminal, wicked crime sceptre having knowledge of knowledge of course tear, tear up know inquire, ask

scopulus -i m scortum -i n scrlbere -psisse -ptum scrlptor -oris m scriptum -I n scriptQra - a e / scrutarl scutum -i n se/sese acc/abl, dat sibi secare -uisse -ctum se-cernere secrets adv secrctum -I n secundo adv secundum prp +acc secundus -a -um securis - i s / ace -im, abl -I secus adv sed sedare se-decim sedere sedisse sedes -is / seditio - o n i s / sedjtiosus -a -um segnis -e se-iungere sella - a e / semel semen -inis n se-met semi-animis -e semi-ermis -e semi-somnus -a -um semper sempiternus -a -um senator -oris m senatus-us m senecta - a e / senectus -utis / senescere -nuisse senex senis m sent -ae -a senior -oris comp sensim sensus-us m sententia - a e / sentire sensisse -sum sepellre -ivisse -ultum septem September -bris (mensis) septen-decim septenl -ae -a septentrionalis -e septvntriones -ummpl Septimus -a -um septingentesimus -a -um septin-gentl -ae -a septuagesimus -a -um septuaginta sepulcrum -I n sequi secutum

rock prostitute, whore write, describe, enroll writer writing, book tax on grazing rights examine, search shield himself, each other cut separate, detach in private seclusion, privacy for the second time along, after, according to second, favorable axe otherwise but allay, appease, calm sixteen sit seat, abode, dwelling discord, insurrection seditious slothful, inactive separate stool, chair once seed, offspring himself, themselves half-alive half-armed half-asleep always everlasting, eternal senator senate, assembly, sitting old age old age grow old, weaken old man six (each) older gradually, little by little sense, sensation opinion, sentence feel, sense, think bury seven September seventeen seven (each) northern north seventh seven hundredth seven hundred seventieth seventy tomb, grave follow


serenus -a -um serere sevisse satum serius comp adv < sero serius -a -um sermo -onis m sero adv, comp serius serpens -entis m serus -a -um serva - a e / servare servator -oris m servllis -e servlre +dat servitium -i n servitfls -Qtis/ servus -I m sescentesimus -a -um ses-ccnti -ae -a sese v. se sestertius -i m setius: nihilo setius seu v. sl-ve/seu severus -a -um sex sexagesimus -a -um sexaginta sexies Sextllis -is (mensis) sextus -a -um si sic siccare siccus -a -um slc-ut/-ufi sldere sedisse sessum sldus -eris n signare significare significatio - o n i s / signum -1 n silentium -I n silere silva - a e / silvestris -e similis -e (+gen/dat), sup -illimus veri similis simplex -icis adi simul simul (atque) +perf simulacrum -1 n simulare si mult as -atis/ sin sine prp +abl sinere sivisse situm singularis -e singull -ae -a sinister -tra -trum sinus -us m si-quidem

clear, cloudless, calm sow, plant later, too late serious talk, language late snake,serpent late female slave preserve, save savior of a slave, servile be a slave, serve slavery slavery slave, servant six hundredth six hundred sesterce (coin) none the less stern, severe six sixtieth sixty six times August sixth if in this way, so, thus dry, drain dry just as, as sit down, settle star, heavenly body mark, seal, stamp indicate, mean intimation, meaning sign, seal, signal, statue, ensign silence be silent wood, forest of the woods, wild similar, like probable, convincing simple, single, plain together, at the same time as soon as image, statue pretend enmity, quarrel but if without let, allow single, singular, unique one (each), each left,/the left (hand) bay, fold (of toga),breast seeing that, since

sistere sitlre sitis - i s / situs -a -um situs -us m sl-ve/seu s.... s. socer -eri m socialis -e sociare societas -atis/ socius -i m socordia - a e / sol -is m solar! solere -itum esse solitudo - i n i s / solitus -a -um solium -i n sollicitare solum -i n solum adv solus -a -um solutus -a -um: oratio s.a solvere -visse solutum navem solvere somnium -I n somnus -I m sonare -uisse sonitus -us m sonus -1 m soplre sopitus sordes -mm fpi sordidus -a -um soror -oris/ sors -rtis/ sortlrl sospes -itis adi spargere -sisse -sum spatium -i n species - e l / spectaculum -i n spectire spectare ad spectator -oris m spectatus -a -um specular! speculator -oris m speculum -i n specus-us m spelunca - a e / sperare spernere sprevisse -etum spes -elf sphaera - a e / -spicere -io -spexisse -spectum spirare

halt, stop be thirsty thirst situated, based,dependent position, situation or, or if whether... or father-in-law of allies, social join, unite partnership, alliance companion, partner, ally sluggishness, indolence sun comfort be accustomed loneliness, lonely place usual throne solicit, incite soil, ground, floor only alone, lonely prose untie, loosen, dissolve, abolish, discharge, pay cast off, set sail dream sleep sound noise, sound sound cause to sleep, stun sleeping, asleep dirt dirty, mean, base sister lot, drawing lots, fortune draw lots safe and sound scatter space, distance, interval, walk, time, period sight, appearance, shape, semblance, sort, species sight, spectacle, pi seats watch, look at face, tend to, aim at spectator manifest, undisputed spy, reconnoiter scout, spy mirror cave, grotto cave, grotto hope (for) disdain, scom hope globe, sphere

breathe, blow


splendere splendidus -a -um splendor -oris in spolia -drum n pi spoliare spondere spopondisse sponsum spondeus -I m sponsus -i m sponte (mea/sua) stabilis -e stabulum -I n stadium -I n stagnum -I n stare stetisse statim statio - o n i s / stativa -orum n pi statua - a e / statuere -uisse -utum status -us m Stella -ae/ stellifer -era -erum sterilis -e sternere stravisse stratum viam sternere stillare stilus -i m stimulare stipcndium -i n stipes -itis m stirps - p i s / strages - i s / stramonium -i n strenuus -a -um strepere -uisse strepitus -us in stringere -fnxisse -ictum strophe - a e / struere -uxisse -Actum studere +dat studiosus -a -um (+gen) studium -i n stultitia - a e / stultus -a -um stupe-factus -a -um stupere stuprare stuprum -i n suadere -sisse -sum +dat sub prp +abl/acc sub-agrestis -e sub-dere -didisse -ditum sub-ducere sub-icere sub-iectus -a -um +dat sub-igere -egisse -actum sub-inde sub-Ire -eo -iisse -itum subito adv subitus -a -um sub-legere

shine shining, splendid brightness, splendor spoils, booty strip (of arms), rob pledge, promise, betroth spondee ( ) fiance of my/his own accord firm, stable stable running-track pool, pond stand, endure, cost at once post, guard, anchorage permanent camp statue fix, determine, decide state, condition, order star star-bearing barren, sterile spread, knock down pave a road drip stylus, writing spur on, stimulate soldier's pay, service stake, stick origin, stock, offspring slaughter straw active, vigorous make a noise noise, din draw, unsheathe verse, stanza arrange, contrive, devise devote oneself to interested (in) interest, study stupidity, folly stupid, foolish amazed, stupefied be aghast violate, rape rape advise under, near somewhat boorish set (spurs to) draw up, beach, lead off put under, subject, add situated under subdue, drive, force immediately afterward go under, undergo suddenly sudden appoint

subllmis -e sub-mergere sub-mittere sub-movere sub-nlxus -a -um +abl sub-scrlbere subsellium -i n subsidium -i n subter adv sub-terraneus -a -um sub-urbanus -a -um sub-venire +dat suc-cedere (+dat) successor -oris m successus-us m suc-cingere suc-clamare suc-cumbere -cubuisse +dat suc-currere -rrisse +dat sudor -oris m suf-ficere suffixum -i n suf-fragarl suffragium -i n sumere -mpsisse -mptum summa - a e / summus -a -um sup sumptus -us m su-ove-taurllia -ium n pi super prp +acc, adv prp +abl superare superbia - a e / superbus -a -um super-cmincrc super-esse super-fundere superior -ius comp superus -a -um super-venire (+dat) suppeditare supplementum -i n sup-plere -evisse -etum supplex -icis adi supplicatio -onis/ supplicium -i n supra prp +acc adv supremus -a -um sup surdus -a -um surgere sur-rexisse sur-ripere sursum adv sus s u i s / sus-cipere suscitare suspectus -a -um sus-pendere -dissc -ensum suspicar!

high (up), aloft sink lower remove, drive off resting on, relying on write underneath bench support, help, resource below, underneath underground near the city come to help enter, succeed, follow successor success surround shout in response yield, submit (run to) help sweat appoint, substitute suffix vote for, support vote take, take up, adopt, assume total, sum, main part highest, greatest, top of expenditure, expense purificatory sacrifice on , on top (of), above on, about cross, surpass, overcome, defeat, remain arrogance, pride haughty, proud stand out above be left, be over, survive pour over, spread higher, superior, former upper appear, surprise supply reinforcement fill up, reinforce suppliant thanksgiving (capital) punishment above, on, over above, further back highest, sovereign deaf rise, get up steal up, upwards Pig take up, receive, adopt wake up, rouse suspected, suspect hang, suspend guess, suspect


su-spicere suspicio - o n i s / sustentare sus-tinere -uisse -tentum suus -a -um syllaba - a e / synSnymum -i n

look up (at) suspicion sustain, maintain, endure support, sustain, maintain, endure his/her/their (own) syllable synonym

tenebricosus -a -um tener -era -eram tenere -uisse -ntum tenuis -e ter terere trivisse tritum tergere -sisse -sum tergum -I n terminus -i in term -ae -a terra - a e / terrere terrestris -e terribilis -e terror -oris m tertium/tertio adv tertius -a -um testamentum -i n testart testis -is m/f thalamus -i m theatrum -I n thema -atis n thermae -arum//?/ thesaurus -i m tibiae - a r a m / p / tiblcen -inis m tigris - i s / timere timidus -a -um timor -oris m tingere tinxisse tinctum tiro -onis m titulus -l m toga - a e / togatus -a -um tolerabilis -e tolerare tollere sus-tulisse sublatum tonare -uisse tonitrus -us m torquatus -a -um torquis -is m torrere -uisse tostum torridus -a -um torus -I m tot indecl tot-idem indecl toties totus -a -um trabs - b i s / tractare tra-dere -didisse -ditum tra-ducere tragicus -a -um tragoedia - a e / tragula - a e / trahere -axisse -actum tra-icere

T tabella - a e / (writing-)tablet tabellarius -I m letter-carrier shop, stall taberna - a e / tent tabernaculum -I n shopkeeper tabernarius -i m waste away, decay tabescere -buisse (writing-)tablet, painting tabula - a e / record-office tabularium -i n be silent (about) tacere silent tacitus -a -um taedere: taedet me (+gen) I am tired/sick of foul, horrible taeter -tra -tram talent talentum -i n such talis -e so, as tam so long, as long tam-diu nevertheless, yet tamcn although tam-ets'i as, like, as though tam-quam at last, do...! then (...?) tandem touch tangere tetigisse tactum so much tantum -I n of such worth tanti gen pretii twice as much alteram tantum so much, only tantum adv only, merely tantum-modo just as much tantun-dem so big, so great tantus -a -urn delay tardare slow, late tardus -a -um daddy tata -ae m bull taurus -i m tectum -I n roof, house tectus -a -um covered, decked tegere texisse tectum cover, conceal tellus - u r i s / earth telum -i n spear, weapon temerarius -a -um reckless temere adv heedlessly temeritas - a t i s / recklessness temperantia - a e / self-control, moderation temperare moderate, temper, refrain temperatio - o n i s / organizing power temperatus -a -um moderate, restrained tempestas - a t i s / storm, period tempestlvus -a -um timely, suitable templum -i n temple, (sacred) space temptare try (to influence), attack ternpus -oris n time, opportunity tendere tetendisse stretch,spread,lay, make one's way, insist tentum/tensum darkness tenebrae -aram//>/

dark tender, delicate hold, keep (back), reach, hold one's course, sail thin three times wear out, use up, spend wipe back boundary(-stone) three (each) earth, ground, country frighten earthly, terrestrial terrible fright, terror for the third time third will, testament call to witness witness bedroom theater stem, theme public baths treasure flute flute-player tiger fear, be afraid (of) fearful, timid fear wet, soak recruit title toga wearing the toga tolerable bear, endure raise, pick up, remove, abolish, put an end to thunder thunder wearing a collar collar scorch, parch scorched, parched bed so many as many so many times the whole of, all beam, ship handle, treat, manage hand over, deliver, tell move (across), pass tragic tragedy spear, javelin drag, pull, draw, derive, draw out, protract take across, cross, pierce


tra-natare tranquillitas - a t i s / tranquillus -a -um trans prp +acc tran-scendere -disse trans-ferre trlns-figere trSns-fuga -ae m trans-fugere trans-gredi -ior -gressum trans-igere-egisse -actum tran-sillre -uisse trans-Ire -eo -iisse -itum transitio - o n i s / transitus -us m trans-marlnus -a -um trans-mittere trans-portare trans-vehere trans-versus -a -um trcccntesimus -a -um tre-centl -ae -a tre-decim tremere -uisse trepidare trepidatio - o n i s / trepidus -a -um tres tria tribuere -uisse -titum tribunal -alis n tribunatus -us m tribunus -i in tribus - u s / tributum -i n tricesimus -a -um triclinium -i n tridens -entis m tri'duum -I n triennium -i n (Hens -entis m trigeminus -a -um trlginta trlnl -ae -a triremis -e trlstis -e trlstitia - a e / trlticum -i n triumphalis -e triumphare triumphus -i m trium-virl -orum m pi trium-viralis -e trochaeus -i m trucldare trux -ucis adi lii te tibi (gen tui) tuba - a e / tubicen -inis m tueri tiilum tugurium -i n turn cum... rum...

swim across calmness calm, still across, over, beyond climb across, cross transfer, convey, carry pierce deserter go over, desert cross carry through, finish jump over cross, pass, go over crossing over, defection crossing, passage from beyond the seas send over, cross carry across, transport carry (pass sail) across placed crosswise three hundredth three hundred thirteen tremble be in panic, tremble alarm, panic alarmed, in panic three grant, attribute dais, platform office of tribune tribune tribe (division of citizens) tax thirtieth dining-room trident three days three years third of an as triplet thirty three trireme sad sadness wheat triumphal celebrate a triumph triumph commission of three of the triumvirs trochee ( u) slaughter savage, grim you, yourself trumpet trumpeter guard, protect, look at hut then not only... but also...

tumere tumidus -a -um tumulosus -a -um tumultuari tumultuarius -a -um tumultus -us m tumulus -t m tunc tunica - a e / turba - a e / turbare turbidus -a -um turgid(ul)us -a -um turma - a e / turmatim turpis -e turris -is, ace -im, abl -\ tutarl tut5 adv tutor -oris m tutus -a -um tuus -a -um tyrannis - i d i s / tyrannus -i m U uber -eris n uber -eris adi ubertas - a t i s / ubi ubi (primum) +perf ubi-cumque ubl-que udus -a -um ulclscl ultuni iillus -a -um ulterior -ius comp ultimus -a -um sup ad ultimum ultor -oris m ultra prp +acc, adv ultrix -Icis adif ultrS ultro citra(que) ululare ululatus -us m umbra - a / umcrus -i m umidus -a -um umquam una adv unda - a e / unde un-de-centum iin-dceim undecimus -a -um un-de-trlginta un-de-vicesimus -a -um mi -dc-viginti undique unguis -is m lini -ae -a

swell swollen hilly make an uproar casual, unplanned uproar hillock, burial-mound then tunic disorder, throng, crowd stir up, disturb, upset agitated, stormy swollen squadron in squadrons ugly, foul, shameful tower protect safely guardian safe your, yours tyranny tyrant

udder fertile fruitfulness where as soon as wherever everywhere wet revenge, avenge any farther, more distant most distant, last finally avenger beyond, further avenging spontaneously back and forth howl howling shade, shadow shoulder wet, moist ever together wave from where ninety-nine eleven eleventh twenty-nine nineteenth nineteen from all sides nail, claw one


unice unions -a -um universus -a -um Onus -a -um ad unum unus-quisque urbanus -a -um urbs - b i s / urere ussisse ustum urgere -sisse usquam usque usus-usm usu venire usui/ex QsO esse ut/utl ut +coni ut (primum) +perf ut-cumque uter utra utrum uter-que utra- utrumutl v. ut utl usum +abl utilis -e Qtilitas - a t i s / utinam utpote utrimque utroblque utrum... an Ova - a e / uxor o r i s / uxorius -a -um V vacuus -a -um vadere vadum -I n vagarl vagina - a e / vaglre vagltus - u s / vagus -a -um valde vale -ete valens -entis adi valere valetudo - i n i s / validus -a -um vallare vallis - i s / vallum -1 n vallus -I m vanus -a -um varietas - a t i s / varius -a -um vas vasis n, pi -a -orum vastare vastus -a -um vates -is m/f -ve vectlgal -alis n

particularly one and only, sole the whole of, entire one, only without exception each one of the city, urban city burn press, oppress anywhere up (to), all the time use, practice, usage occur be ofuse like, as, how that, in order that, to as soon as no matter how, however which (of the two) each of the two, both use, enjoy useful interest, advantage I wish that, if only...! namely on/from both sides in both places ... or...? whether... or grape wife attached to one's wife empty advance, go ford, pi shallows wander, roam sheath wail, squall wail, squall wandering, roaming strongly, very (much) farewell, goodbye strong be strong, be well health, illness strong fortify, defend valley rampart stake (for a palisade) empty, useless, vain variety, diversity varied, different vessel, bowl lay waste, ravage desolate.vast, huge prophet(ess), seer or (indirect) tax

vcctlgalis -e vehcmens -entis adi vehere vexisse vectum vehiculum -I n vel vela re velle void voluisse velox -oris adi velum -I n vel-ut vena - a e / venalis -e venari venator -oris m ven-dere -didisse venenatus -a -um venenum -1 n venia - a e / venire venisse ventum ven-Ire -eo -iisse venter -tris m ventitare ventus -I m venun-dare venustus -a -um ver veris n verbera -um n pi verberare verbum -i n vererl vergere vero neque/nec vero versare versa rl versiculus -I m versus -us m versus: ad... v. vertere -tisse -sum vertex -icis m verum verum -I n veri similis verus -a -um vescl +abl vesper -eri m vesperl adv vester -tra -trum vestibulum -i n vestigium -I n vestlmentum -I n vestlre vestis - i s / vestrum gen vetare vetus -eris, sup -errimus vetustas - a t i s / vetustus -a -um vexare vexillum -! n via -ae f

tax-paying, tributary violent carry, convey, pass ride sail, travel waggon, vehicle or, even cover want, be willing swift, rapid sail like, as vein for sale go hunting, hunt hunter sell poisoned, poisonous poison favor, leave, pardon come be sold belly, stomach come frequently wind put up for sale charming spring lashes, flogging beat, flog word, verb fear slope, point, turn really, however, but but not turn over, ponder turn, move about, be short verse line, verse toward turn, change whirlpool, peak, pole but truth probable, convincing true, real, proper feed on, eat evening in the evening your, yours forecourt footprint, trace garment, clothing dress clothes, cloth of you forbid old age ancient, old harass, trouble, ravage standard, ensign road, way, street


provision for a journey in turn, mutually twentieth neighborhood, vicinity neighboring in turn victim conqueror, victorious victory victorious street, village evidently, of course see, pass seem widow be vigorous wakeful, watchful waking, wakeful be awake night watch, vigil twenty vlginti vigor vigor -oris m cheap vilis -e vilitas -atis/ cheapness, low price villa -ae/ country house, villa vincere vlcisse victum defeat, overcome, win tie vinclre -nxisse -nctum vinc(u)lum -i n bond, chain vindicare claim, avenge vlnea -ae/ vineyard, mantlet vlnum -i n wine violare violate violentus -a -um, adv -nter violent, impetuous vir -i m man, husband vires -iumfpl strength virga -ae/ rod virginitas -atis/ virginity virgo -inis/ maiden, young girl virllis -e male virltim man by man, evenly virtus -Otis/ valor, courage vis, ace vim, abl vi force, violence, power, value, quantity, number viscera -um n pi internal organs

viaticum -i n vicem: in/per vicem vlcesimus -a -um vicinitas -atis/ vlcinus -a -um vicissim victima -ae/ victor -oris m, adi victoria -ae/ victnx -icis adi f vlcus -i m videlicet videre vldisse visum vidua -ae/ vigere vigil -is adi vigilans -antis adi vigilare vigilia -ae/

visere -sisse visum -I n visus -us m vita -ae/ vltare vltis - i s / vitium -i n vituperare vlvere vlxisse vlvus -a -um vix vix-dum vocabulum -I n vocalis - i s / vocare vocare in +acc volare volitare volucris -is/ voluntarius -a -um voluntas -atis/ voluptas -atis/ volutare volvere -visse volutum vorago -inis/ vorare vos vobis vos-met vovere vovisse votum vox vocis/ vulgaris -e vulgo adv vulgus -i n vulnerare vulnus -eris n vultur -is m vultus -us m zephyrus -1 m zona -ae/

go and see, visit sight


life avoid vine, centurion's staff defect, fault, vice criticize, blame live, be alive living, alive, live hardly scarcely yet, only just word vowel call, summon, invite bring into, expose to

fly about, flutter bird voluntary will pleasure, delight roll, pass whirl roll, turn (over), ponder, pass turn, revolve abyss, whirlpool swallow, devour you, yourselves you, yourselves promise, vow voice common, everyday commonly the (common) people wound wound vulture countenance, face west wind girdle, zone


LATIN ablatlvus (casus) accusatlvus (casus) actlvum (genus) adiectlvum (nomen) adverbium -I n appellatlvum (nomen) casus -us m comparatio - o n i s / comparatlvus (gradus) coniugatio - o n i s / coniunctio - o n i s / coniunctlvus (modus) datlvus (casus) decllnatio - o n i s / demonstraflvum (pronomen) deponentia (verba) ieminlnum (genus) futurum (tempus) futurum perfectum (tempus) genetlvus (casus) genus (nominis/verbl) gerundium -I n/ gerundivum -i n imperatlvus (modus) imperfectum (tempus praeteritum) indeclinabile (vocabulum) indefinltum (pronomen) indicatlvus (modus) mfinltivus (modus) interiectio - o n i s / interrogativum (pronomen) locSHvus (casus) mascuRnum (genus) modus (verbl) neutrum (genus) nominatlvus (casus) optativus (modus) pars orationis participium -i n passlvum (genus) perfectum (tempus praeteritum) persona - a e / personate (pronomen) pluralis (numerus) plusquamperfectum (tempus praet.) positlvus (gradus) possesslvum (pronomen) praepositio - o n i s / praesens (tempus) praeteritum (tempus) pronomen -inis n proprium (nomen) relatlvum (pronomen) singularis (numerus) superlatlvus (gradus) suplnum tempus (verb!) verbum vocati'vus (casus) ABBREVIATIONS abl ace act ENGLISH ablative accusative active adjective adverb appellative case comparison comparative conjugation conjunction subjunctive dative declension demonstrative deponent feminine future future perfect genitive gender/voice gerund/gerundive imperative imperfect indeclinable indefinite indicative infinitive interjection interrogative locative masculine mode neuter nominative optative part of speech participle passive perfect person personal plural pluperfect positive possessive preposition present preterite, past tense pronoun proper name relative singular superlative supine tense verb vocative


comp coni coni dat did dep

f.fim Jut
futperf gen

imp, imper imperf indeel ind

he m, masc n, neutr nom

part pass perf pers pi, plur plusqu pos prp, praep praes praet pron rel sg. sing sup

vb voc

LINGUA LATINA is a complete, universal series that allows students to read and understand Latin immediately. All words and forms are made clear in the context of reading, illustrations, or marginal notes.

The series itself consists of a first year book, Part I: Familia Romano, covering the essentials of Latin grammar and 1500 vocabulary words through a story of a Latin family in the 2nd Century A.D. The second book, Part II, Roma Aeterna, covers Roman History and the city of Rome, including a prose version of Vergil's Aeneid I-IV, adapted texts from Livy, and unadapted texts from Livy, Aulus Gellius, Nepos, Sallust, Cicero and Horace. Further information can be found on this widely adopted series at www.pullins.coni/txt/LinguaLatina.htni.

Focus P u b l i s h i n g / R . Pullins C o m p a n y Newburyport MA

ISBN 1-58510-052-8


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