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Curriculum Vitae

Alistair Whyte 80 Scotchmans Creek Road Warburton Victoria Australia 3799 phone/ a! "03# $9 %%$&9&' email( a)*hyte+iprimus,com,au -9$. /orn 0elbourne' Australia Education -97& Completed Secondary studies at 1eelon2 Colle2e 1eelon2 -97337$ -978380 -979 -98-38& -989 -993 -99. @in2uistics &0-0 /endi2o 4nstitute o 5echnolo2y' 6iploma Ceramic 6esi2n 7yoto 8ni9ersity o Arts' :apan' ;ost 1raduate Studies in Ceramics <saka 8ni9ersity o =orei2n Studies' :apanese 0onbusho Scholarship 7atsuno >irokuni Workshop' "0aster ;orcelain ;otter# 7yoto' 6eshi "disciple#

1ippsland 4nstitute o Ad9anced ?ducation'1raduate 6iploma o ?ducation 0onash 8ni9ersity' ;ost 1raduate 6iploma 3 Applied :apanese @in2uistics 0onash 8ni9ersity' 0asters 6e2ree 3 Applied :apanese Certi icate 4V in 5rainin2 and Assessment

Group exhibitions -980 0atsuya 6epartment Store' 5okyo' :apan -98- 1allery Washio' 5okyo' :apan -983 A;otters Cotta2e ;riBe Sho*A' Warrandyte' Victoria -98. 6istel ink 1allery' 0elbourne 5he Cra t Centre' 5oorak' 0elbourne Australian Cra t*orks' 5he Rocks' Sydney -98$ 1ryphon 1allery' 0elbourne =orm and =unction ?!hibition' 0eat 0arket Cra t Centre ' 0elbourne >ar2ra9es Street 1allery' Castlemaine' Victoria -98% 5he ;otters Society 1allery' 6arlin2hurst' Sydney Castlemaine Art 1allery 3 Ceramic AcCuisition A*ard ?!hibition

-987 5*o 0an Sho*' A5he :apanese ConnectionA' 1ryphon 1allery' 0elbourne ;aint Spot 1allery' /endi2o' Victoria ;otterDs 1allery' /risbane' E@6 =orm and =unction &' A5he /o*lA at the 0eat 0arket Cra t Centre' 0elbourne -988 5he ;otterDs 1allery 3 /risbane' E@6 5he ;otters 1allery' 6arlin2hurst' Sydney /ea9er 1allery' Canberra /ack to the =uture' 5ra9ellin2 ?!hibition' Victoria Arts Cra t D88 /icentennial ?!hibition ?!po 88' E@6 6iamond Valley Artists A*ard ?!hibition' Victoria Victorian Ceramic 1roup' ?!hibition' 0elbourne Arts and Cra ts Society ?!hibition' 0elbourne -989 =orm and =unction 3' 0eat 0arket Cra t Centre' 0elbourne ?therlin2Ds o 0almsbury' ?!hibition Victoria Ceramic 1roup ?!hibition 3 A0; /uildin2' 0elbourne A;recious @ittleA "porcelain bo!es# ?!hibition Victorian Ceramic 1roup' 0elbourne =letcher Challen2e Ceramics A*ard' Fe* Gealand -990 5eapot Sho* A1oin2 ;ottyA' 6istel ink 1allery' >a*thorn' 0elbourne Australian Cra ts -990' 0eat 0arket Cra t Centre' 0elbourne 5ea or 5*o ?!hibition' 0eat 0arket Cra t Centre' 0elbourne Alice -&$ ?!hibition' Curated by 1ryphon 1allery' 0elbourne 5eapots and <ne < 5eacups' Victoria Ceramic 1roup' 0elbourne -99- ;otters 1allery E@6' A5o A Smaller ScaleA and A5eapotsA Winter ?!hibition' 1rey Street 1allery' >amilton' Victoria -99& Winter est ?!hibition' Warburton' Vic 1roup Sho*,' 1allery AArte actA' Chapel Street' 0elbourne -993 5eapot ?!hibition' 6istel ink 1allery' >a*thorn' 0elbourne ;orcelain ?!hibition' 0acCuarie 1alleries' Sydney 5easet ?!hibition' Customs >ouse 1allery' Warrnambool' Vic Fational Ceramic 5eapot A*ard' @D8niCue 1allery' Adelaide' SA A<ut o the kitchenD 5able*are ?!hibition' @ismore Art 1allery' FSW -99. 5>? 5?A;<5 S><W, 6istel ink 1allery' 0elbourne 5he /o*led and the /eauti ul' Fational /o*l Sho*' 5>? 6<<R ?!hibition =remantle WA -99% 5ea or 5*o ?!hibition o teapots at the China 5ea Club' Canberra 6urin2 the 8th Fational Ceramics Con erence -99% 5he 0adhatterHs 5ea party , =ramed, 5he 6ar*in 1allery Space'

0elbourne 0eat 0arket Christmas Sho* 0elbourne 5o*n >all =oyer *ith 5e!tile Artist >eather /eech -998 Ceramics I 1lass Circle o Aust, J KWillo*s and WindmillsL 5ra9ellin2 e!hibitionM /allarat' >amilton I 1eelon2 Art 1alleries -999 Contempory Australian ;orcelain ?!hibition' /ea9er 1alleries Canberra Various 2roup sho*s J ;erth' durin2 Fational Ceramic Con erence &000 Australian Ceramic Collection 3 1allery 4chibankan 3 =ukuoka' :apan Fational 5rust 3 6ame Fancy /utt ield A*ard or 6ecorati9e Arts 4nau2ral ?!hibition &00- /o*led <9er3 e!hibition' =reemantle Arts Centre WA ;orcelain Art into the Fe* 0ellennium 3 Canberra 0useum and 1allery @ucky ?scape 3 t*o man e!hibition' Wyreena Arts Centre Croydon Vic Southern 4ce ?!hibition' 6aimaru 6epartment Store 0elbourne &00& K< 5his CountryL 3 6ar*in ?ntertainment Centre 0asters e!hibition N Skepsi 1allery 0elbourne &003 4mperial ;orcelain ?!hibition 3 Skepsi 1allery 0elbourne &00$ :apanese Consulate 1eneral 0elbourne &00% Cudgegong Gallery NSW - Porcelain exhibition based on light &007 ?ast West Art 1allery N 5hree person e!hibition K?ase 0eets WestL Solo Exhibitions -980 1allery So*are' 7yoto' :apan -98& 1allery 0aronie' 7yoto' :apan Sturt Workshops' 0itta2on2' FSW -983 ;otters Society 1allery' 6arlin2hurst' Sydney -98. 6esi2n 3 1allery' 0elbourne -98$ Rosies 1allery' South 0elbourne -98% 5he Cra t Centre' 5oorak' 0elbourne -988 6istel ink 1allery' >a*thorn' 0elbourne 5he ;otterHs 1allery' 6arlin2hurst' Sydney -989 /almoral 1allery' 1eelon2 -990 Ciclopii 1allery' Armadale' 0elbourne 1ul Station' Fational 5rust ;roperty' Oarra 1len' Victoria -99- Victoria Ceramic 1roup A;otter o 5he 0onthA ?!hibition 0eat 0arket Cra t Centre' 0elbourne -99& 6istel ink 1allery' >a*thorn' 0elbourne -997 6istel ink 1allery' >i2h St, Armadale' 0elbourne -998 /ethany Art 1allery SA &000 Foels 1allery' 0ornin2ton Victoria &00- Southern 4ce ?!hibition' 6aimaru 6epartment Store 0elbourne &003 :apanese Consulate 1eneral 0elbourne &00$ Steps 1allery N 30 year ?!hibition


-979 -98-983 -998

7yoto 8ni9ersity o Arts' 0onbusho Scholarship Australian Cra ts /oard Study 1rant, 3 7atsuno >irokuni Studio' 7yoto, Australian Cra ts /oard 3 Workshop 6e9elopment 1rant, Arts Victoria ' Arts @eaders &0-- 1rant

Awards -980 7yoto 8ni9ersity o Arts' 5omimoto ;riBe -983 ;otters Cotta2e ;riBe' Warrandyte' 0elbourne 3 Commendation -988 Art Cra t D88 ?!hibition' 0elbourne Sho*2rounds' =irst ;riBe I Special ;riBe or /est ?!hibit o Ceramic Art Cra t D88 Represented Fational 1allery o Victoria >amilton Re2ional 1allery' Victoria 6iamond Valley ArtistsD Collection' Victoria Eueensland ;ottersD Society Collection Victoria ceramic 1roup ;ermanent Collection Eueen Victoria 0useum' @uanceston' 5asmania Art 2allery o 5asmania' >obart Publications -98& ;ottery in Australia' Vol/&-' Fo&, -98$ 7nottenbelt R' Alistair Whyte' Cra t Victoria' :uly -990 :elbart' 0ary @ou' Arts I ?ntertainment 1uide' 0elbourne A2e April &%, "Also in A2e Fo9, &-# -99$ Contemporary ;orcelain by ;eter @ane' Cra tsman >ouse ;ublishers' Sydney Contempory Ceramic Art by :anet 0ans ield' Cra tsman >ouse ;ub, -997 Ceramics 5echnical 4ssue Fo, $ K5ools and 5oolmakin2 or ;orcelainL, Cra t Arts 4nternational .-999 ;ottery in Australia Vol 38 Fo, 3 &000 Ceramics 5echnical 4ssue Fo, -0 K<n2laBe ?namel 6ecorationL ;ottery in Australia Vol 39 Fo, & KShibui in the Australian /ushL ;ottery in Australia Vol 39 Fo, . KAustralian ;orcelainsL I K5echniCues and 2laBes or porcelain &00- Ceramics Art and ;erception 4ssue .. K7atsuno >irokuniL 0an o 6i9ersity ;ottery in Australia Vol .0 Fo,. K;oetry and Clay at 6aimaruL Australian Ceramics I ;ottery Oearbook Vol 3 no,% 3 K4nner /eautyL 3 pro ile Australian ;orcelain 6ecorator, 4ssue 8& 6ec &00- KAn Australian ;otter in :apanL &00& Ceramics 5echnical 4ssue Fo, -. KA 0entorship in ;orcelainL Ceramics Art I ;erception 4ssue $0 KFo Shy Fo9iceL ;ottery in Australia Vol .-Fo, & K Connie 6ridan <bituaryL Residencies -99% Artist in Residence + St, AnneHs I 1ippsland 1rammar Artist in Residence + 1eelon2 Colle2e durin2 Arts Week

-997 0aster class *orkshop 3 Cra ts Council 6ar*in -998 Artist in Residence + @uther Colle2e Croydon -999 4n9ited demonstrator and dela2ate at ?61? "9th Fational Ceramic Con erence' ;erth # Summary of Qualifications and Experience -97& 1eelon2 Colle2e, Completed Secondary School studies, -97337$ /endi2o 4nstitute o 5echnolo2y, 6iploma Ceramic 6esi2n, -97%378 -978380 ?!perience, 3 Ceramic studios 3 9arious " in Victoria #, 7yoto 8ni9ersity o Arts' :apan, ;ost 1rad, Studies 3 Ceramics,

-979 <saka 8ni9ersity o =orei2n Studies, 0onbusho Scholarship, ":apanese lan2ua2e studies# -98-38& 7atsuno >irokuni Workshop' "0aster ;orcelain ;otter# 7yoto' :apan, 6eshi "disciple# -983 ?ast Warburton, Set up Workshop, 1eelon2 Colle2e, Ceramic teacher , "lon2 ser9ice lea9e -988 1eelon2 Colle2e, Ceramic teacher , "as be ore# -989 1ippsland 4nstitute o Ad9anced ?ducation, 1raduate 6iploma o ?ducation, -993 0onash 8ni9ersity, ;ost 1raduate 6iploma, Applied :apanese @in2uistics, 0onbulk Secondary Colle2e, :apanese 5eacher, -99. 0onash 8ni9ersity, 0asters 6e2ree 3 Applied :apanese 0onash 8ni9ersity, -st Oear 5utor "si! months# 8pper Oarra Secondary Colle2e, 5eacher, "si! months# @in2uistics, replacement#

-99$ St, AnneDs and 1ippland 1rammar School, Sale, Victoria, :apanese 5eacher"Oears 7 to -&# /oard o Studies 3 <ral e!aminer or VC? :apanese, Victoria, -99% F?4S 5rainin2 or the Visual and ;er ormin2 Arts, Clarke Carthe* I Associates' 0elbourne, Artist in Residence + St, AnneHs I 1ippsland 1rammar Artist in Residence + 1eelon2 Colle2e durin2 Arts Week

-997 0aster Class Workshop' Cra t Council o F5' 6ar*in -998 Artist in Residence + @uther Colle2e Croydon Vic &007 Artist in Residence + Oarra Valley 1rammar Rin2*ood Vic