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Unit Test 3
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.


1 Add a prefix from A to a word from B to make verbs connected with change, and complete definitions 1 1!. A downdeupretrain organise grade centralise 1______________: size locate develop assess B regulate launch

to move responsibility, services or jobs away from a central place to several different smaller places.


to thin about something again carefully in order to decide whether to change your opinion or judgement about it.


to ma e a computer, machine, or piece of software better and able to do more things.


to reduce the number of employees and levels of management that a company has.


to ma e an area more modern by putting in new buildings or changing or repairing the old ones.


to start or present a product again in a new or different way, often involving changes in advertising, pac aging, etc.


to learn new s ills or to teach someone the s ills needed to do a different job.


to reduce the number of government controls on a particular business activity, done to ma e companies wor more effectively and to increase competition.


to move to a different place.

PHOTOCOPIABLE !"! Pea#s$n L$n%man ELT


to arrange or organise something in a new way.


" #omplete the message from $runel%s #&' with the past simple or present perfect forms of the verbs in brackets. ) *11+______________ *receive+ our company,s end-of-year results yesterday, and ) am delighted to announce that it *12+______________ *be+ an e-cellent year for .runel. /s you all remember, we only *1!+______________ *start+ ten years ago in a suburb of 0renoble where we *1"+______________ *employ+ si- people, two of them part-time. 1oday, that number *1#+______________ *grow+ to over 1,#((. )n more than !( countries, people now associate the .runel brand name with trendy and trendsetting clothing designs. /t the beginning of the new century, we *1$+______________ *begin+ targeting the 2apanese and 3orth /merican mar ets for future growth, and things *1%+______________ *improve+ considerably since. 4ou will be pleased to hear that we *1&+______________ *just 5 ac6uire+ full control of our 7anada-based joint venture. / lot of other positive changes *1'+______________ *ta e place+ recently despite signs of a global downturn. 8arlier this year, our staff *2(+______________ *e-pect+ redundancies9 instead, we *21+______________ *ta e on+ 1# new shop assistants since :ay. ;esides, we *22+______________ *open+ our new flagship store in 1oronto three wee s ago. ) now that our success is down to all your hard wor . 7ongratulations to you all.


( #omplete the expressions. )rite one word in each blank. 2! 2" <tarting: =>?. @et,s get ______________ to business., <etting objectives: =1he ______________ of this meeting is to map out a new mar eting strategy., 2# 2$ 2% 2& /s ing for reactions: =Aow do you ______________ about this suggestionB, Cealing with interruptions: =7ould you let him finish, ______________B, ?eeping to the point: =.erhaps we could get ______________ to the point., <peeding up: =) thin we should move ______________ now.,

PHOTOCOPIABLE !"! Pea#s$n L$n%man ELT

2' !(

<lowing down: =Aold ______________, ) thin we should loo at this in a bit more detail., <ummarising: =Dight, let,s go ______________ what we,ve agreed.,

PHOTOCOPIABLE !"! Pea#s$n L$n%man ELT

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