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The human body is constantly being attacked by many different kinds of bacteria, microorganism and viruses. Most diseases can be prevented or at least controlled. When we are ill or when we are hurt we need to see the doctor. Especially in winter we need the doctor because a lot of us suffer from a cold flu or fever. Everybody in our country has the right to choose the doctor. There are two types of them state and private doctors. Even before the birth ther is a prenatal care including medical check-ups and then maternity services. !oon after birth each child is vaccinated againts illnesses such as tuberculosis or tetanus. Everybody goes to preventive medical and dental check"ups. The most common disease of all is a cold ( or the flu). When you have the flu you#re hoarse you have a cough and a runny nose. $ou have a headache and you#re off-colour. %t hurts to swallow. $ou have a stuffed"up nose. $ou can have a temperature or a fever. %n this case you should visit your GP &general pracitioner'. They can prescribe you some medicine.

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When you go to se the doctor he will ask you about your troubles. He may listen to your heart or sounds in your chest &you should breathe deeply'. He#ll examine you tongue and throat. He can also feel your pulse and check your bloody pressure. %f needed the doctor can refer you to see a specialist or he will prescribe you a medicine. )r he ,ust say that you are ,ust simulating a let you go.

-owadays the only problem are not illnesses that % have mentioned but also obesity. More and more people are becoming overweight. And obesity is becoming a global problem. Many people mostly in the .!A are very fat they ,ust can#t stop eating. %t#s caused by many fast foods and little time. /eople don#t have enough time to buy some fresh food and cook something healthy so they go to fast foods and eat very 0uickly which is not healthy. Then they become addicted to this junky food and they eat more and more. .ntil they get to the point when they can#t even walk. They are ,ust sitting on the couch watching T1 and eating and eating. 2ut obesity is not the only problem with food intake. The opposite e3treme is anorexy. %t#s an eating disorder. Mostly it#s mental anore3y. %t#s a psychological disorder when people think that they are fat in spite of the fact that they are too thin. They don#t want to eat and they can die. Another disease is bulimia. %t#s when somebody is addicted to food. These people eat a lot but after eating they go to throw it up. The other topic is diet. To my point of view % don#t believe in diets. $ou can loose weight but when you end up with a diet you will gain the weight again. %t#s called the yoyo effect. The balanced diet should contain4 proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

E5E+*%!E A-( +ELA5AT%)%f you want to be in a good condition you should do some exercices or sport. %t#s healthier then being on the internet or watching T1. 2ut you shouldn#t overdo with sport because you can easily get in,ured. -owaday people are very stressed mostly due to their work. They should stop thinking about it and go relaxing for a while because they can have depressions from an3iety.

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There is a huge difference between medical care in developed and developing countries. The most dangerous are infectious diseases which cause about 789 of deaths in developing countries. The most serious of these are !"#$!%& more than 78 milions people have this disease in some countries in Africa about :;9 of population suffer from H%1. About <888 people die because of it every day. Another diseases are 'alaria and tuberculosis. )ne half of the children deaths is caused by malnutrition. /eople don#t have enough food to feed themselves and their children. %n developing countries is shortage of drinking water and doctors. /eople can(t afford the medicine because it#s too e3pensive for them.