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Analysis of Interviews on Ancillary Tasks and Main Task!

I conducted some nal target audience research in the form of three interviews on my ancillary and main tasks. This was get some nal ideas on how to improve my these products in a way that would satisfy my target audience. Five main point arose from these interviews.! Question - Are there any scenes that could afford to be lost as they are not crucial to the story?! Answer - The journey to the shop and back from the shops quite long, I do feel like you could edit some out..! The interviewee that gave the these answers was the only one who mentioned losing footage from the initial journey. All three participants gave different answers to this question but this participants views were the same as my own so this is the part I have decided to lose the most footage from. After braking down the quote I understand that the interviewee doesn't want an entire scene from this beginning sequence to be lost they feel it can be edited down without being detrimental to the story and enhancing the lm. Milgrom said that in a short lm there is no time for any scene that isnt contributing to the story or some kind of representation. When this participant was also asked Are there any other places where I can afford to lose footage? she replied Maybe when she gets home as she takes quite a long time to make the drink. I took this to mean that the shots in this sequence can be shortened to up the editorial pace. This follow up question really beneted me as this was a point a hadnt thought could lose footage. To conclude The responses gven by this participant were the most relevant and constructive when it came to this question and I will take theyre advice and shorten the two parts mentioned. I will shorten and even take out shots from the journey to the shops sequence as I agreed and also thought this was way to long and also try and lose some footage when Charlotte gets home as the answers given made me realise the issues with some of the long takes used when it comes to tting the lm into a time frame. !

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Question - Are there any shots that are less effective from a technical point of view?! Answer - Perhaps, at the start when hes playing with the toy it has a bit of a grainy effect.! This response made me notice the problem with the opening sequence of my lm. As it was shot using lighting and the rest of the lm is all natural light the footage has come out with a slight grain. But this participant added however, I quite like this.. When we compare the responses we can see that the effect on the opening sequence might add some kind of benecial element to the sequence. I did want the inside of Sams house to appear dark with the blinds closed but I feel a middle ground can be found. The use of lighting is key in creating representations according to many lm theorists so a lot thought may be needed on this matter. Overall I feel that the shots in the rst scene will need to be corrected slightly, maybe not so they are lighter just a little it clearer. This can be done by using colour correction. !

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Question - At the point where Sam is met by the other two characters, do you think the footage could be changed at all?! Answer - Perhaps it could be made a little bit shorter. As the lm is running over the 5 minutes. ! From this I gathered support for my own views on this sequence. The editorial pace can be improved there to bring more tension to the scene. And as the participant mentioned it will help bring the lm down to t the 5 minute time frame. The other interviewees gave similar answers to this question, however they didnt bring the reasoning of the time frame behind it. The other answers given were more along the lines of getting rid of entire shots rather than cutting the shots down, and I felt that it was more the pace of the cut that needed to be changed rather than getting rid of some of the shots. When I have looked at the editing on lms its clear to see that at the point of danger and where the audience is supposed to feel the action, short takes are used. In conclusion I will cut down the length of some of the shots in the part of the lm when Sam is met by the other two characters, to make the audience feel the signicance of the scene as well as the suspense. This in turn should help my lm get down to closer to the 5 minute mark. !

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Question - What product would you improve the most and why?! Answer - All said the lm review. Participant 1 The layout is very poor. Participant 2 To be fair I think you could use a different programme for it. Participant 3 At the moment the layout, its a bit basic. ! Overall I gathered that the audiences views alined with my own as they also thought it was the lm review that needed the most work as a whole. Each participant delivered a different answer but they all really boil down to the fact that the layout is the problem. The layout is poor interns of missing dividing lines and cast list and wells the font sizes and missing headers. However participant two delivered a way to solve the problem that I hadnt thought of before. She mentioned that I could use a different programme to complete the task on. The answers combine as using a new programme could solve the problem that the other participants mentioned. The specication of this tasks points out how important the use of industry layout standards is on the effectiveness of this task. I asked another question on how effective one of the paragraphs on the lm review was in offering insight into the story as well as offering critique of the lm. The participants mentioned the sight and sound style of the writing and were able to pick out points were the review offered subtle critique. When this information combines it is clear to see that the layout of the lm review needs to be solved and is bringing the good writing on the task down. The writing is abiding by industry standards but the layout is not. The use of a more professional product like inDesign by Adobe would help me achieve a more professional product. I plan to explore my options in the area of software and see what is available to me while I change the layout of the product and add the missing elements.!

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